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From Doreen B:




I have been in a femdom relationship for the past 15 months and I wanted to tell you my story and how it came about. I am a 56 year-old widow of 10 years living in the UK. Since my beloved husband died, I have not had a relationship with another man. Indeed, I have only been out with a male work colleague on a strictly formal basis to company functions a half-a-dozen times. My husband left me well provided for and after coming to terms with his loss, I decided to sell our house and buy something smaller. I restarted work on a part-time basis and, with my salary, widow’s pension and investments, I am financially comfortable.


Just over two years ago my daughter left her husband and went to live abroad with another man. Naturally, my son-in-law was devastated and I have kept in touch with him as part of the family. Some months after my daughter left, Timothy called me and asked if he could take me out to dinner as he had something he wanted to discuss with me.


Over the meal he told me that he had always admired me and that he found me very attractive (despite my being more than 20 years older than him) and I wondered what was coming next! He then shocked me by telling me that he had always considered me to be dominant and controlling (I had never looked at myself in that way) and that he had had a desire for years to submit to me and become my personal servant! He wanted to wash, clean, iron and cook for me!


I’m afraid that I told him I had never heard anything so ridiculous in my life. He was, naturally, extremely embarrassed and kept apologising and asking my forgiveness. I told him that the matter was closed and that I would not hold it against him in the future and he took me home.


Then something weird happened – I found I could not stop thinking about what he had said. It just kept going through my mind. I also realised that it had taken some sort of mad courage for him to admit his feelings to me in this way. I decided I couldn’t leave it like this, so I called him and asked him to come to the house so that we could clear up any misunderstandings and get our normal relationship back on track. At least that was the idea!


When he came by, I asked him to tell me a little more about what he had been thinking over the years and it all came out. It transpired that he was a regular reader of various Internet sites relating to female domination and that your site was among these. He was very earnest and sincere and I found myself, despite the preposterous nature of the conversation beginning to become more and more interested! I thought I was going mad!


I told him I would consider whether there was some way he could help me by running errands and doing odd jobs and that I would call him when I had made a decision.


I went on to your site and started to read the letters, questions and most importantly, your thoughts and advice on the various subjects covered. Suddenly, I could see the advantages that a female dominated relationship could bring and the more I read the more excited I became.


There were, of course, some problems not the least of which was my daughter and what she would make of her ex doing my washing!


Timothy at this time was involved in completing the sale of their house and during this period had taken time out of his career. I suggested to him that he came over to me when possible and that I would show him what chores I needed doing and how I wanted them done.


I told him categorically that there would never be anything sexual in our relationship (he had indicated that he was not asking for an ‘affair’ from the outset) and that his satisfaction would have to come from my pleasure with his efforts on my behalf.


He started coming to me about 3 or 4 times a week when he wasn’t working or dealing with the house sale and I set him odd jobs to do around the house (things I had been wanting done for ages but hadn’t got round to arranging).


I noticed that when I asked him to do the more domestic things like washing floors, vacuuming and dusting or cleaning bathrooms he became flustered and a little excited. I soon began to train him to do things the way I wanted and to the standard I expected.


To make a long story slightly shorter, for the past fifteen months I have been enjoying a 24/7 femdom lifestyle.


When Timothy sold the house he moved into my smallest bedroom and he offered me his share of the sale proceeds. I invested this for income and capital growth and placed it in joint names so that if anything happened to me he could get it back without trouble.


Timothy started to work part-time and his salary was paid into my account. He recently gave up work completely as we didn’t need his income. He is now able to concentrate all his energies on serving me.


A typical day for him starts at around 6 am as gets his early chores done and then at what ever time I have indicated he wakes me with breakfast of toast fruit and coffee in bed.


Whilst I am eating breakfast, he prepares the shower and ensures there is a warm towel waiting. He lays out the clothes I have indicated I’m wearing for the day and then goes to get my car out and to check that everything is tidy for me. When I am ready, he serves me more coffee downstairs and I run through any errands, phone calls or extra chores that I require for the day while he takes notes.


While I am away working, shopping or meeting with friends he spends the day cleaning, washing, ironing and household-shopping making sure that everything is sparkling for when I return. He has a routine now for making sure that the house is properly cleaned from top to bottom every week and that things are checked and ‘topped up’ every day.


When I come home he has coffee or a glass of wine waiting depending on the time. In the evenings, while I read, listen to music or watch TV, he cooks my evening meal and then bustles around waiting on me and ensuring I have everything I need.


I have taken control of his orgasms and restrict him to once or twice a month depending on his behaviour. He wears a chastity device all the time. We tried a couple I purchased over the Internet, which he found uncomfortable and didn’t provide the level of security I required. So, about eight months ago I had him pierced and I had one made to measure which works perfectly.


Each week I appraise his efforts for the week just gone by and explain to him where I require improvement or more effort. I then decide whether he deserves punishment (he always does!) and inform him of how many strokes with my strap or cane and/or extra days in his device that I have decided to award him.


He has to keep the date of this next release on the calendar and update it if days are added. He knows better than to say anything if extra days are awarded but his disappointment is obvious as he walks over to cross out the old and mark up the new date.


I am always amused as the release day approaches at how even more attentive he becomes and the effort he puts in to make sure he doesn’t upset or annoy me!


I also award summary punishment for misdemeanours, which occur during the week, and which annoy me for any reason but the weekly appraisal has become an important part of our relationship. It lays down the standards I expect and closes off one week and starts a new one with a clean sheet.


Timothy says this is particularly important for him, as he feels ‘cleansed’ and forgiven for any mistakes or faults and able to concentrate on getting things right for the coming week.


Needless to say I rarely have to comment on the same fault twice as he knows how severe the punishment would be if that happened!


At the beginning I was unsure about corporal punishment but over the months I have discovered by trial and error that Timothy can take quite a severe beating and that he actually seems to need it to reach a peaceful state at the end of the appraisal. Nowadays, I don’t spare the rod and although I say it myself, I have become quite expert in laying on strokes with my cane in an ordered and neat fashion! When I am finished he kneels at my feet and thanks me for correcting him and promises to work even harder for me in the future.


Despite what I said to Timothy about sex at the beginning of our relationship we have become much closer as the months have passed and the relationship has deepened and become more intimate. Now, two or three times a week I have him go down on me and bring me to a delicious climax with his tongue. I have come to enjoy his attention very much and I feel more relaxed than at anytime in my life.


Although I keep details of my relationship from most of my acquaintances, I have told one very close friend about Timothy and she enjoys coming over for a nice lunch or dinner, which he cooks and serves very respectfully. He is actually very proficient in the kitchen and enjoys serving food, which looks good as well as tasting good. She teases him unmercifully about his domestication and he always ends up beetroot red with humiliation by the time she’s finished. In a strange way, I know that despite his blushes he loves the whole thing and looks forward to her visits with a mixture of excitement and apprehension.


When we talk, as we do often Timothy tells me he has never been happier and I believe him. He is an intelligent and well-educated man and I enjoy having him around to confide in and relate to. It is good, also, to have a man about the house after all these years.


From my viewpoint, although I still have problems with my daughter who can’t understand what is going on (but who I believe is gradually coming round to accepting things as they are) I feel the happiest I have been for years -  certainly since my husband died and I believe that your work in helping women to achieve this lifestyle can only do good in the long run.



It’s good to be Queen.



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