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From Brian M:




I have read your site for several months now, and while I do not agree with every aspect of the female superiority philosophy you espouse, I have great respect for the service you provide in helping many people understand the complex and seemingly contradictory aspects of their dominant or submissive nature.  I certainly include myself in that group, and thank you deeply for your compassion and insight.


I have been in a long distance relationship with my true love (she lives in another country) for three years now.  Our situations prevent us from being together full time right now, but we are deeply committed and I hope it will not be long before I can make her my wife.  She has two young children from a previous marriage and so it is I that do the majority of the traveling to her - as often as my finances and responsibilities allow.


I recently returned from the last trip, which I made in secret to surprise her for her birthday.  A friend of hers borrowed her keys on an excuse, letting me in while she was working.  I left a dozen roses on her bed and a letter by the door, telling her how much I loved her, worshipped her and was convinced I was the luckiest man alive, and ended by telling her that her birthday present was waiting in her room upstairs.  I hid in the closet and awaited her arrival.  When she came upstairs, I waited just long enough for her to think that the surprise was the roses, then said, coming out of the closet, "one more present" and took her in my arms.  It was a beautiful moment we will both remember for a long time. 


Coming out of the closet was quite an appropriate metaphor, because, for the last six months or so, I have been sharing more and more of my submissive feelings with her, partly due to what I have learned about myself reading your site.  She has had a difficult time with this, in spite of the fact that she is, without doubt, one of the most naturally dominant women I have ever met.  She is smart, beautiful, stylish, highly accomplished, confident to the extreme, and very comfortable giving orders.  She loves to be pampered with gifts, foot massages, hates housework, is a natural tease, has issued many requests for changes in my dress, get the picture.  Even before I shared any overtly submissive feelings with her, I began to massage her, cook for her, clean house, get her drinks, flowers, etc.  At first I was in conflict with this aspect of my own nature, my ego is strong, and wanted simply the sexual aspect, but more and more I try to serve her in what ever way I can.  This pleases me, but I desperately crave acknowledgement and nurturing of my submissive nature.


But she has the common dilemma that many "dormant Dom" women do, as you well know.  First, she is not comfortable with any overt acknowledgement of her own dominance, seeing it as somehow unladylike or negative, and, second, seeing me as too submissive (she fears) will diminish her respect for me and therefore diminish her sexual attraction to me. She still feels she needs a man to take charge, dominate her, ravish her, in spite of the fact that almost every aspect of her behavior indicates she wants exactly the opposite.  So unfortunately, in spite of my efforts to seduce her dominant nature, my admissions have had a damping effect on our sex life, which went from mild flirtations with Femdom in the bedroom, to complete vanilla.  I have tried to avoid pressuring her and have backed off sharing my submissive feelings overtly, but she still senses my desire for more, and my lack of complete enthusiasm for vanilla sex, and it saddens (or sometimes angers) her.


This was the background to my surprise visit.  I stayed for two weeks, which meant that I was there for my birthday as well.  She had to work out of town, but I went with her and we stayed after at a beautiful old hotel on the coast.  She managed to cut her work day short and returned to our room, where we had drinks, talked, kissed.


She stopped talking suddenly and looked at me with a look that sent shivers down my spine, her eyes narrowing and her mouth forming an amused grin.


"Take off your clothes" she said calmly.  I did as asked, growing shy as I removed my underwear while she watched lounging on the bed.


"Lie down" she ordered, and I immediately complied.


She moved to sitting cross-legged next to me on the bed and just stared silently, amusedly, at my cock as it grew fully erect.  She began to laugh, looking back and forth from my reddening face to my straining penis, saying "I'm not even touching you!"  She had never looked so beautiful, so fully embracing her femininity and power. 


She brought her hand close to my cock without touching, amusing herself with how I eventually could not help straining upwards to try and meet her hand.  She began lightly rubbing the head with two fingers, keeping her eyes locked on mine, the smile always on her face.  After a few moments of this I was close to begging, but I didn't for fear it would push her away.  She then told me to grab the head board with my hands and she spread my legs apart and kneeled between them, pushing them even further open with her knees.  She began to tickle me, which she knows drives me crazy, and when one hand began to tickle the area around my anus, I had a very difficult time keeping my hands up.  She of course noticed and continued, the other hand lightly teasing my cock.  Then something happened I would have only dreamed of.  She wet her finger and shoved it deep inside me, a kind of predatory glee on her face.  I covered my mouth to muffle the loud groan that it drove from my chest.  She began moving in and out, never taking her eyes from my face, whispering "I know, I know" over and over in response to my growing desperation.  She moved deeper and faster, till It really did become too much to take. I crossed the line and began to lower my hands to stop her in spite of my best attempt not to.  She stopped then, kissed me, and took me inside her and rode me to orgasm (maybe just slightly to my disappointment).


It might not be the most intense D/S scene ever played out, no leather, no whips, she was wearing shorts and a tee short, in fact, but I couldn't have cared less.  The sight of the hunger on her face, the relentlessness, the amusement she took in driving me over the edge - it was a moment of such profound intimacy, and I will remember it the rest of my life.  I would not have fantasized that scene on my own, and, in spite of its commonness, I have not had a strong desire for anal penetration.  But that was the point.  She did what SHE wanted, and drove me into true submission with HER desire, HER will.  And, of course, I am turned on by anal penetration, now, thanks to her.  I have played out fantasies with lovers before, but I felt it was the first time I truly submitted.  Later I massaged her, kissed her entire body and orally pleasured her until she orgasmed, then held her till she fell asleep.


The only downside was that later she confided that she wished we could just "be close like normal people.” We made love several more times that trip, all vanilla, and I made sure not to complain one bit, or even allow myself to hope for a repeat, for fear of inadvertenly pressuring her.


I hope we will grow and deepen this aspect of our love and that she can become comfortable with her dominant nature, and I hope I can be patient and continue to serve her the way she deserves, with or without overt nurturing of my submission, but no matter what, I am grateful for that moment we shared - a moment I can relive in my mind again and again.  I have done my best to share this experience exactly as it occurred, and hope it gives encouragement to others on their own paths.  Thank you for the opportunity.

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