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My wife has denied me sex for years because of the fact that I am much older than her, my cock is not that big and now I have reached the age where it is not very hard when erect.


The other day she suggested - to my surprise - that I ask her doctor (a woman) for a prescription of Cialis. I thought, great I am finally going to get to have a fuck with my own wife.


Then a few nights ago she said OK take the pill. I did, expecting the fuck of my life. She left the room and when she came back she was dressed for a date. She told me to take off all my clothes and when she looked at my cock it immediately stiffened, she brushed past me in her black dress and as she did so it touched my already hard dick. I was aching to fuck her.


She looked me straight in the eye and said:" Sorry old man. I am going out with the girls tonight. We are going to a night club for branded cougars. You can stay here lying on the bed until iI get home - I want to see if you still have a hard on. If you jerk off - and you can jerk as much as you like, please use this handkerchief to clean up your come."


"Enjoy your hard on you little wanker," she said as she laughed walking out the door. It was a long night. She came home at 6AM looking totally fucked.


She asked me to undress her and put her clothes away in the closet. She hopped into to bed and fell asleep straightaway.


Leaving me with my hard on jerk off one more time as I looked at her exposed pussy which still had come dried up in the pubes.








I have had to kiss my wife's feet in public places, in different supermarkets, at the airport when she was coming home, outside a pub. Always I have to look serious and keep my eyes down - when I tried once to laugh and pass it off as a dare, she just made me do it again till I got it right.


Less embarrassing but still not so nice is having to adjust the elastic bands on my knee socks in front of people, I just feel stupid.


But even worse is when she slaps my ass in the street in a kind of "I own you" way, or she prods me forwards with her finger through my shorts and into my hole, and I get an instant little erection which I have to hide.


Another public thing which I really don't like is that she has "decorated" my white All Stars I use for jogging with humiliating words (in French, we live in France) like PEDE (queer) and PETITE BITE (small cock) but the good thing here is that at least it makes me run much faster so people have no time to read the words!









I know the feeling of public humiliation...My wife has made me go into the stores and buy myself panties and she stands near enough to make sure I tell them they are for me...then she makes sure that i try them on as she is very humiliating when they laugh.









My wife emailed me this morning saying that she was horny and wanted to fuck me when I got home. Now, it's been about 6 months since I've been allowed to have sex with her. She has gotten fucked regularly in that time, but I've had nothing but my hand. So this was great news to me. I got regular emails from her talking about getting naked and fucking me when I got home. By the time I pulled in the driveway, I was about to explode.


I walked in and she led me upstairs. We got naked and she laid back and spread her legs. She said "you know the rule." She won't touch my dick until I lick her to orgasm. I ate her pussy with enthusiasm and she soon had a huge orgasm. She said that I had done a great job. She went to the bathroom to get my reward. All I wanted was to put my aching dick in her pussy. I knew I would cum in about 10 seconds but I didn't care.


She came out of the bathroom wearing one of her strapon cocks. I figured she wanted to have a little play before we fucked. She had me kneel in front of her and suck her "dick". After a bit of that, she bent me over the bed and started fucking me. When she started talking dirty and saying how she was fucking me, I realized that all day she said she was going to fuck me. She never said it any other way. She tells me that she wants me to cum while she fucks me. My dick was still hard as a rock, so I start to stroke it and of course cum within a minute. She laughed and said I must really enjoy her cock. After she finished I told her that I thought she was wanting me to fuck her. She laughed and said that if she was horny for cock, it certainly wouldn't be my little nub.








About my beautiful wife: She is a mature, escort who specializes in rimming her clients. She has been escorting for about two years and a major milestone is about to be reached...she will be having her 1,000th client soon.


She tells me that most of her clients cum twice with her and sometimes more. She is in her fifties, but looks much younger. When she got into the business, we were worried that she would have mostly older guys as clients. However they are mostly in their 20's, 30's and 40's.


Over the past 30 years she has rimmed me about 5 times, however she loves to rim most of her clients. This means she has licked about 1,000 assholes of strangers.


I often read about new cuckolds or wanabee cuckolds. Well, i am the real deal. This is 100% true. She also informs me that almost all of the 1,000 have had larger cocks than me. I don't have a puny cock ...a slightly less than normal 5 1/2 inches.


She is also dating a number of the guys she started out with as clients. One guy in particular is her "2nd husband". in another country where she works.I have met him many times and we get along. However i am not allowed to see any sexual activity between them. She tells me his cock is about 3 inches longer than mine, and that his cock head is "bulbous" and big and fat and she loves it when he pops it in her. He has spent many nights with her.


However she is madly in love with a former client whom she rarely gets to see because of his travel schedule. She openly tells me that when she masturbates or cums with me or just about any other guy, she thinks of him as she orgasms.


My fondest wish is to live in a situation where i would be the household servant and she could live with her lover or maybe a series of lovers. We talk about it all the time, and i think it may happen.




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