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When my Wife met one of her lovers last week, she presented me as her TOILET... When we met the guy in a restaurant, he asked... "And this, is it your husband?"... "No, no," she said.. "its my private toilet"... They called me just toilet for the evening, and as soon as we come to the hotel-room, her lover wanted to see her use her toilet, if it was true... And it was!


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What a day. Duchess and I are off and she was feeling very Dom. She is out of commission due to that time of the month and to be honest it irritated her. 


With all of our cuckold talk she is getting more and more aggressive sexually and that is a lot because she has always been aggressive to begin with. The sub in me is on fire with lust at every step she takes and she knows it. 


She informed me this morning she had plans for me and went about her day. About 3 hours later she ordered me upstairs and handed me a pair of pink ruffle back panties, instructing me to put them on and wait in the bedroom. I watched as she picked out and ordered me to put on a short jean skirt and a hot pink stretch silk T top. I want you to look barfly slutty she said. She loves this look on me and says it shows the true slut she has. She had me lay on my stomach on the bed and roughly pulled my skirt up over my ass to then caress the ruffles of the panties she picked. 


I was lost in her touch till the first whack of the paddle came down with non stop repeats after making me moan out sharply with each one. She whispered in my ear some of my infractions of this last week as she paddled again and again. She stopped in between each burst to rub and sooth the burn with her hand. During these times she would whisper in my ear about how much I loved this, that I am her slut and how my burning ass will make sure I think of her all day; right now I can tell you she was right. 


She had me roll over and spread my legs wide as she lay next to me. She once again jerked my skirt up and rubbed me through my panties. "I want you to look ravaged" she said then pulled my top up over my tits and licked my nipples. She ordered my to pull my panties aside then swallowed me whole in on motion. Coming up she said "pinch your nipples slut". I was lost in lust, top pulled up, legs spread, skirt up, panties to the side as she worked her mouth on me till I was about to burst. 


Suddenly stopping she rolled to her back pulling her top down. " First you are going to worship these tits and get my nipples hard, then you are going to get on your knees and jerk all over them, do you understand slut?"; "Yes Duchess" is all I could say as she pulled my head into her chest. 


She stroaked me slowly as I licked every inch. Rising up to my knees she looked so lovely. She watched as I jerked my rock hard cock. Believe me, it only took a minute till I exploded from left to right on me, covering both tits, her arm and even the bed on the far side. "That's it slut, cum all over me like a good girl" and things like that in the background as my head swirled. 


"Now lick me clean slut" rang through the haze. We have just started playing in this direction and this is a huge fantasy of mine in our new cuckold path, she loves the idea of me being a cleaner and so do I. I bent in and started licking, my cock still dripping. She went wild, grabbing the back of my hair and moaning louder and louder with each pass of my mouth. I licked for all I was worth getting every drop. 


As if that wasn't hot enough, the whole time she is telling me she never knew she would love it this much and how she is going to make sure I do this for her all the time real soon. We both know what that means. She has already told me how much she looks forward to cuckolding me and she has a list of things she can't wait to do. There are a few things she wants to do before finding a date or two and for now she says she is more then loving teasing and training me. She has been reading several dom and cuck books and believe me they must have been good. 


That was my morning and she tells me my day isn't over yet. I can't wait.




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For the longest time, my hubby was embarrassed. Embarrassed that other people would know that I lock up his little penis. Embarrassed that other people would know why I do it. He used to beg and plead with me, not to tell anybody. And, for the longest time, I honored his request. I promised him that our private bedroom activities would remain our private bedroom activities.


Until one night, over drinks, I told my friend Gina. I told her everything. I told her about the Hotwife/Cuckold lifestyle that my husband and I share. And how I later discovered FemDom and introduced FemDom Principles into our marriage.


I told her that I had sex with other men, and that my husband was a cuckold. I told her that I enjoyed making him lick me out and clean me up afterwards. I told her that I have always been sexually attracted to black men, and I told her about my special relationship with Johnny. I explained to her what a Bull was, and that Johnny was my Bull. I told her that my husband has a small penis, that he used to have a chronic masturbation problem, and that I now keep it locked up in a male chastity device, and that I control and severely restrict his orgasms. I shared with her how my husband spoils and pampers me, and worships and pleases me orally with his mouth. I told her about the strap-on, and how much I love to fuck my husband with it. And I told her that I occasionally enjoy making my husband suck cock for me, that I make him suck off my Bull.


I just felt that I needed and wanted to tell someone. And I felt that Gina, being one of my closest girlfriends, would understand, and that I could share this with her.


When he found out that I had shared all of this with Gina, my husband was upset, anxious, and embarrassed, and felt hurt that I had shared some of our most intimate bedroom secrets with someone else.


But ultimately, our relationship had progressed and evolved to the point where he also realized that that wasn’t his decision to make, which took him to a deeper level of submission to me. It also brought us closer.



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