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Dear All,


Since I married my wife I have been subserveant, pandering to her every desire and whim in order to please her. I have never really come to terms with the fact that she married me, I always thought she was way out of my league. Since we have been married our relationship has changed from an even balance of power to her having the upper hand, always. I cook for her, clean, run her baths and massage her at her request. I buy her expensive gifts and beautiful jewellery when she asks for it. I have become totally submissive.


In the last year we have stopped having sex. She would always protest when we previously had sex and would regularly ridicule my technique and stamina. I did know when I married her that she was used to much more dominant men.


My wife is eight years younger than me and I guess I pander to her needs and spoil her because of that but now there is nothing in return. I can remember clearly the last sexual contact we had was 11 months ago when she jerked me off at a friends party, but even that was at the behest of one of her friends and it wasn't for my enjoyment but for hers and her best friend who seemed to get off on seeing me standing there with a limp, wet cock.


I'll get to the point. My wife had a long standing boyfriend before we married and I know that she is seeing him at least once a week. Last Wednesday she came in, excited and glowing, wearing the type of clothes she never wears for me any more. In fact she seems to take greater pleasure in seeing me in her lingerie than showing her own body off.


As she came in I jumped up to greet her and went to kiss her. She turned her face away and offered me her hand. I noticed her long nails were painted red I had asked her for so long to paint them again like they were when we were dating, I find them so erotic, but she has always said no.


She offered me her left hand and I saw her large diamond engagement ring glistening, snuggly behind it was her white gold and diamond wedding ring. I bent to kiss them and noticed they were sticky. I didn't question her and kissed her rings as permitted.


I think the rings were covered in semen, probably from the hand job she had given her ex-boyfriend before returning home.


That night I felt so aroused. She had begged me to buy her the biggest diamond I could possibly afford and I am still paying for it on credit. Her wedding ring was bold and expensive. She openly flaunts to all that she is married but that very sign of marriage was covered in the the semen of another man and she hadn't even cleaned it off.


I have long had a ring fetish, I love wedding rings and engagement ring / wedding ring combinations and ever since that night I have been aroused by pictures of her I feel totally disempowered and submissive but the thought of it happening again, perhaps her allowing me to lick the rings clean on her finger make me so hot.











I have gotten what I have always wished for, which is to be in chastity, be treated like a girl, be denied orgasms, and to have a Bull in control of me along with my beautiful wife/Mistress. It has just gotten so intense recently with my Mistresses' latest lover being the perfect man for both of us. He loves to control me and use me and it used to be just when we were all together but now he has taken to controlling me even when we are not together.


He sends text messages to my Mistress and tells her to make me do things for him. Examples of this are that he will tell to make me milk myself and then lick up the contents which I love to do anyway but last night he called her and I was in the shower covered with soap. He made me get out of the shower right then and there and milk myself in the bathroom. Mistress brought in a bowl and my toy and said get out of the shower now and do this. She put him on her cell phone's speaker phone and he spoke to me the whole time I did this telling me what a pussy I am and how I will never agin be allowed inside of Mistress.


He also brought over some tupperware with frozen cum in them and instructs me to heat them in the microwave and swallow every drop. This can happen any time of the night or day and I have to do it. It does not taste as good as when I swallow his fresh cum while sucking his cock or when I lick his cum out of Mistress. It tastes kind of nasty actually.


I love being spanked but not too hard but he bought this wooden paddle and it is really big and packs a hell of a wallop and I get a text message at least once a day that reads "present the paddle to Mistress". She then calls him and he tells her how many times I will be spanked. Oh god it hurts so badly! This happens at least once a day or more.


Now the latest thing is that last weekend when he came over he brought a belt which locks a butt plug inside of me and than along with my chastity device has me locked up completely. Now I cant even pleasure my ass which is all I had left. He said that the only time that I should receive any pleasure like that is when he is with me. That way I will want him even more than I already do. Mistress has one key to that belt and he has the other but Mistress has to call to get permission to unlock me even when I have to go to the bathroom. Let me tell you...I almost had a serious accident recently when Mistress could not get a hold of him and still would not allow me out. As a result of that I now have a very lengthy process of getting ready each morning.


This is because in order to keep this belt on and the plug in I have to use an enema every morning to make sure I wont have to go. So now I have to shave myself every morning and do the enema too. This takes a lot of time. I  have to do all of this with the bathroom door open so that Mistress can keep an eye on me. It is so humiliating giving yourself an enema in front of your wife! I wanted all of this, yes, but it has overtaken my whole existence.


It is my life now. He is coming over today and said he has something very important to discuss with me. I cant even imagine whats next. What a ride!











in my experience there is nothing, nothing more humiliating than having a Mistress tell Her freinds that i'm adicted to licking used Lady's panties, especially the laughter. what's even worse is when Lady's start sending used panties for my training with the intention of increasing my addiction!













A husband desires (but doesnt get) sex with his wife to satisfy two needs 1) to share some form of intimacy with her and 2) to get sexual release. Both of these can easily be replaced in other ways without allowing him inside her. For example:


* date preparation: When the cuckold helps his wife get ready for a date, including shaving her glory for her lover, it is an intensely intimate experience for them both. Another intimacy they can share is when she helps him achieve his sexual release in other ways.

* jerking him off: she can excite his penis manually herself while they discuss the intimate details of her previous or next encounter and in a sense drain his penis. This can be a lot of fun for the wife who can delay his orgasm as long as she chooses and keep him in an aroused state for an extended period.

* Outercourse: This when the wife mounts her cuck who lays beneath her and rubs herself along the length of his penis (what little length there is). This stimulates both his penis and her clit while still denying him penetration.


What all these cuckolds have in common despite the variety of ways they practice their lifestyle is submission. These are all very submissive males - especially sexually. Accepting their wife's sexual adventures with other men is the first serious step into openly accepting a submissive position in the relationship. Being denied sex and even having his penis locked in a chastity device while his wife remains available to other males greatly magnifies that sense of submission, which is exactly what the male cuck seeks, giving over all power to Her and being totally submitted to Her power.


It's true that the majority of cuckolds have a small penis, but I think it can be even more erotic when a wife chooses to deny her well hung husband out of a desire to dominate him.


Cuck's penis exists to be erect for her as a symbol of his submission only, he loves this life and so does She, thus both win!


Many couples find that enforced chastity greatly enhances their relationship and further deepens the cuckold's attentiveness, submission, love and appreciation, and total devotion to his Wife.











In my case my cock is actually slightly longer than my Master's cock but his is much thicker than mine. I know that my Mistress still enjoys using my cock for her pleasure but there are rules now that go along with that. I agreed to never again be inside my wife's pussy without a condom on. That is now reserved for her lover and my Master only. This whole lifestye bringing much more intimacy to the relationship. We were very happy before but I always wanted to be submissive and serving her, I always felt this internal struggle but had to be the "man" in our relationship.


Now she has a "real man" in her life with her lover and this has allowed me to become more submissive, dress more often, and just be the sissy I always wanted to be. In public I am still her "man" but behind closed doors and sometimes beyond them when her, myself, and my Master go out I am in a totally submissive role and am treated that way.


I love preparing her for dates, shaving her legs, giving her a pedicure and painting her nails (I have gotten really god at that!). I help her pick out outfits and basically wait on her hand and foot as she gets ready for Master. My reward is that I get to serve and I am also taken care of sexually in a variety of ways. Both their goals are that I am denied from orgasm completely unless she chooses to use my cock for intercourse and that my pleasure is derived solely from my ass. When they make love, I usually am at the side of the bed collared and restrained until they need me to clean them or fetch something for them.


I am more in love with her than ever .











I feel that keeping a cuck highly aroused but denied is very important. In my case, my sissy is never allowed to penetrate me as this is reserved for my boyfriends. In fact I love to have sissy in the room and remind him that the priviledge is reserved for real cocks. Some boyfriends like to be licked clean afterwards and I always make sissy lick me clean.

As far as orgasms are concerned, I never permit them. I prefer the occasional clinical milking resulting in a slow, non-spasmodic dribbling of the seminal fluids which is calming but non-orgasmic.













My wife and I have been married for three years. Before we were married we slept together sporadically but she used to give me regular hand jobs. I have a real hand fetish and she always had long painted nails and wore chunky silver rings and bracelets.


To this day I fantasise about those days and still masterbate over pictures of her hands that she let me take. Since we married (including the wedding night) we haven’t had sex and the handjobs have stopped. She wears only her diamond engagement ring and white gold wedding band and no silver jewellery and her nails are no longer painted. It is as if all of my pleasures have been stopped with the marriage.


I am sure she is having sex with one of my friends and won’t let me near her. I masterbate regularly up to four times a week but have to do it when she is out of the house as she doesn’t allow it. I have developed very strong sexual fetishes over the last three years and am starting to get turned on by the fact that my wife denies me sex and sleeps with other men. I am a cuckold and get hard even writing this. I have been away with my wife in Rome, city of romance for two weeks and been totally denied an orgasm of any nature. I am so horny but also turned on by the fact that I haven’t orgasmed in two weeks. I am thinking of putting myself into chastity.











It was my idea to eat creampies made by my wife's lover.


The first time I was allowed this privledge I got an ass beating because I tried to do it a wrong way. Yes, there is a right and wrong way as far as my wife is concerned


I learned that after a night of my wife's lovemaking with her boyfriend, my duty, if allowed is to only clean up all remains of that lovemaking. I was to first concentrate on licking her pussy clean and the surrounding area. I was not allowed to try and pleasure her orally. After a night of fucking, my wife was too tired to want any more pleasure, especially from me.


After cleaning her pussy and surrounding area, I then focused my attention to licking her asshole clean of any cum that might have dripped onto her asshole. Once that was finished that was the END.


Remember-Pussy first-then surrounding area next- and lastly ass hole.

It is cleanup duty only. The pleasure a cockold gets is only from cleaning up.











Last night was one of those times that takes you to a new level of being more submissive. I know you have all had those moments. Where you realized that becoming a sissy was not a game anymore, that you truly do not own your own orgasm anymore, that you are doing everything around the house and more and that you are a real slave, not just role playing.


When this all started it was done for fun, as a way to spice up our sex life (not that it needed it but we always are exploring). Well everything else that we have explored has been just that...a game. Becoming a slave for my wife, becoming a sissy for her and her lover, and becoming a cuckold whose pleasure isnt what is important anymore...those things are so real and so much a part of our lives now. Kissing her feet and bowing to her all the time. These have become commonplace but last night took things to that next level.


I was getting ready for bed and was really tired from work and all the housework I have to do. I knew mistress was not going to release me and she showed little interest in letting me please her. I was resigned to just cuddling and falling asleep. Then she comes in with this big smile on her face and says "you know that guy I have been chatting with on the internet? He is coming over in 20 minutes". I begged her not to have him over and told her how tired I was. She said "well you can sleep on the couch or go somewhere else but I want him tonight and I am going to have him".


My wife has several boyfriends now, one more serious that she sees often and a few others that she sees once every two weeks or so. This guy is new, rides Harleys, is 10 years younger than me, is muscular and has tatoos. A real bad boy but also a nice guy too. He talked to me on the phone once just to make sure I was going to be ok with the whole thing. I told him I was and that it really isnt my choice anyway. He liked that.


Anyway, I left the room and heard our back door close and knew mistress had let him in. I soon heard them in the bedroom talking quietly and then only silence. About 15 minutes later I hear more noise, like movement on our bed. I couldnt help myself and pressed my ear to the wall. I could hear my beautiful wife moaning and him grunting a little. Suddenly I heard the bed really rocking and him saying "you want a real man dont you". She creid out yes and was getting pounded by his muscular body. I could hear him slamming into her and heard her literally screaming "God Scott, fuck me, fuck me!" To my amazement this went on for a long time, like 30 minutes. I used to be able to last a long time like that but now with my cock cut off from the world and 10 days worth of cum in me I am lucky to last 2 minutes before I cum.


They stopped and there was quiet again. A little later I heard the back door shut again and then my wife saying "get in here slave". I entered the room and it smelled like an orgy had taken place. She told me that he was incredible and that she came so many times. She sadi that I better be prepared for him to come back soon. I swear I have never felt so used like that. here was my wife, who is now my mistress, kicking me out of my bedroom for another man. Nothing so unusual mind you but when I had told her how tired I was and was going to sleep. It has come so far from being that game I mentioned. I am really a cuckold now. I am really her slave now. I really do not have any control of my own cock or orgasms. And on top of everything else she ordered me to my knees and made me tilt my head back and open my mouth. She held the condom up to my face that he had filled and filled very well. She said, "look how much cum he left for you. Beg me for it". I sighed and I did as I was told and begged. Not once but about ten time before she said "ok, open up". She then poured the entire contents of that condom into my open mouth. So much of it, I couldnt believe it! It did taste incredible though. For good measure she took her finger and put it inside the condom and rubbed his juices on my lips and face and told me to go to bed without wiping my face. I awoke this morning with a crusty face and was quickly reminded of my place.


I have become what I wanted and am going deeper into it every day.  



femdom party




Although my Wife thouroughly enjoys teasing and denying me (while She enjoys her lovers) i am happy to say that She also enjoys giving me the relief i need on occasion. What is most important to me is that She decides when and if i am allowed to have an erection or an Orgasm.


We entered this "lifestyle" with my Wife establishing control of my orgasms. This was originally to accommodate her health issues. As Her health improved, so did Her sexual appetite. Rather than use Her improved health for my benefit, She decided it would be more fun to take a lover. For several years She has decided when i was allowed to cum. At first it was once or twice a week, but as She only had enough energy for so much sex, She decided Her boyfriend should be the one to benefit. Thus i found myself tied to our bed and being told about Her encounters. So actually i went from sex once or twice a week to once or twice a month. i would love to be allowed more sexual contact but Her health and comfort are most important. my main sexual relief is to receive a handjob while She tells me about Her dates as i am tied to the bed. Actual sex is rare indeed.


A while back She added the cb-3000 to my training regime. She loves controlling my orgasms but controlling my ability to have an erection makes Her giddy. Recently after one of Her dates She said to me "Gee, my boyfriend didn't have any trouble getting an erection." She has incresed the use of the cb-3000 but uses it differently than many of those i read about here. She prefers to use it to show my willingness to obey Her. She has me put it on on Her whim. If She thinks i am getting frisky, She will have me put it on. Just when i think i will be made to wear it overnight or for days, She may remove it. She has also started using a combination lock so that i cannot use the emergency key to get free.


It is true that before you realize what is happening, things change and you have a new life....


For example, today my wife has an afternoon date with Her friend. She will leave Her office early to go and spend the evening with him. As She was leaving today She said to me, "oh yeah, my bathroom needs to be cleaned." i cringed with the thought that later i will be on my knees, in my cb3K, cleaning Her toilet, while She is having sex with Her boyfriend. Only to be followed later with me on my knees removing Her wet panties. Does it get any better than this?












You would be very pleased to know that my Master and Mistresses lover spent the night last Saturday and I was restrained the entire night. It started out with me helping Mistress get ready for her night with Master. She was looking so incredible and sexy and as she did her makeup I bowed at her feet and kissed and licked them as she stood there with her high heels on. Just before Master arrived I was put into a chair next to the bed and tied up by Mistress. Upon arrival Master looked at how I was tied and was not happy with the methods used so he not only cuffed my hands behind my back, he then used this tape called bindage tape which sticks to itself but is not sticky. It is really good for tying someone because you can put it on any part of your body and it wont tear your flesh off when removed but it does keep you in place very well.


When he was done with me I literally could not move. He gave me a sip of water before gagging me with a ball gag. He then played with me while Mistress finsihed getting ready. He pulled out his cock and rubbed it on my face while telling me how pathetic I am. I was so hard in my CB3000 as he did this. He then pinched my nipples so hard that it almost made me cry as he whispered to me that my Mistress is now his wife, not mine anymore. For the next 3+ hours I watched as they made love. Master is truly superior to me in bed. He is very large at almost 9" and thick too and he can come again and again with very little time in between. It seems unfair that he is able to do that. For me, I cum once and it takes me a long time to recover.


Normally after they make love I am allowed to clean them but not that night. I was kept in that chair squirming. They left the room a couple of times and each time I was left tied up. I do not know what it is but being completely helpless and used turns me on so much! God, what is that all about? It is so deeply seated inside of me to be the helpless one that I love it. I love being told by a man that I have to call Master that I am a sissy and a pussy right in front of the woman I used to call my wife...and I love every second of it! Later they came back in and Master spent the night in our bed and I was made to sleep on the floor next to him. My hands were tied to the leg of the bed and I was left that way all night. It was so uncomftable I hardly slept. In the morning when they woke up, he wanted a blowjob but Mistress was not in the giving mood and suggested my mouth. I love sucking his cock and god did he taste good. It was my only reward.


Well I have been locked up since then up until last night when Mistress played a somewhat cruel game on me. Dont get me wrong, I loved it but it cost me. She said it had been too long since I was inside of her so she said I was going to get to do that. I was of course honored and excited. She tied my hands to the headboard and put a ball gag in my mouth. She then blindfolded me and unlocked my CB. I was rock hard immediately and she played with my cock and then used a rubber flogger on my chest, legs, and then my cock and balls. I was going crazy. I then felt her putting a rubber on me and then she starddled me and I was inside of her. I forgot how good it felt! She started to ride me and whipped my chest as she did this. She then said something that made me worried. She said that I was not allowed to cum. That if I did that I would be locked up with absolutely no release for 20 weeks. There is no way that I could not cum and she knew that and by putting the gag in my mouth there was no way I could tell her that I was going to cum. Every time she told me not to cum it made me get closer and of course I came like crazy. I hadn't cum for long time and I filled that condom completely.


After she fed me the contents of the rubber (which tasted incredible!) she released me and told me to shower. I was then put back into the CB and this morning she told me that she was serious about the 20 weeks. I complained and you know what? She did what any mistress would do and added 3 more weeks. Oh my god!


Just another step in becoming more of a slave.












To explain why a Woman would want a man if He was no use to Her, there are many more uses for a Woman than just sex and masculinity. If a Woman can have it both ways, having a man who can take care of Her sexual needs and can be a real man to Her as well as pamper Her and treat Her like the Queen that She is, that would be the ideal husband. Unfortunately, men like that are very few and far between. In fact, i'd say that nine times out of ten, men are either good for sex only or service only, but not both.


At this point in my marriage, my Wife does think i can be everything to Her. And i do try my hardest. But She has chosen first and foremost that i stay in chastity and am subservient to Her in every way. The problem with this is that She also wants to be taken sexually in an agressive way by me, which cannot happen when i'm in my submissive state that is magnified by my chastity. For this, i've offered that She is allowed with my knowledge to meet someone with whom She would be sexually satisfied. i think this is an advantage that cuckolding brings to a marriage.





 slave training










The combination of chastity and cuckolding go together so deliciously. I have always known that I was a crossdresser and that I loved being submissive. My crossdressing and my telling my wife about it led to her desiring a stronger man in our relationship. She and I still make love when she allows me and believe me if I want to be the macho guy or whatever I can be and it is up to her to tell me when she wants that side of me.


However, when she met a man who wanted to be the alpha male with her, it made her so much happier about me being really submissive and a sissy. Sissies make better housecleaners and are way more in touch with their mistresses needs and desires than a masculine man. There is no comparison. Sorry to say that but I have far superior lovemaking skills when my mistress alows me to make love to her than any macho or masculing male. Even though she loves being with her new bull/boyfriend, she has admitted that I am still better in bed than him.


So she has the best of both worlds. A "real" man and her husband. I love her so deeply and would do anything for her...and quite often do!












My cockolding experience began in 1990 and lasted over 2 years. It took years for me to get my wife to cockold me but wow once she did she really got into it. It was before I had even heard the term cockolding.

Anyway, here are the good and bad about it for anyone considering it.



The good:

Preparing my wife for her dates was fantastic. Sometimes that even began about a week in advance buying her clothes she would wear on her date. Helping her decide what to buy for her to wear for another man is very erotic.

Then helping prepare her for the actual date. Helping wash and dry her hair, trimming her pussy hair, doing her nails.

Sometimes, I got to watch her on her date, watching her dance, flirt, and kiss.

Most of the time if she came home she would let me do clean up duty by licking her pussy and asshole clean. I usually would be allowed to jerk off afterward, though not all the time. Not if she was too tired. Usually, I did this on my own, but occasionally she would help me jerk off. Sometimes she would let me cum on her ass but only if I promised to lick my cum off of her.



The bad:

Once the cockolding began I lost control. She did what she wanted, when she wanted.

In the 2+ years, I figure her and I only made love 3-6 times.

The not really knowing if she would leave me for the other guy was a bummer. Oh yes, she said she loved me but was in love with him.

Sometimes she would tell me not to jerk off while she went on a date, that she had plans for us when she got home. The whole time she was gone I'd be going crazy in anticipation, only to find out she would not come home chosing to stay at his place for the night.

Sometimes, I'd get down when she would decide to do something with her boyfriend at the last minute canceling plans we had made over a week ago.

I know of some cockolds that actually lost their wives to other men.

I was lucky. She commited herself back to me and our marriage is even stronger because of the experience. The funny thing is her affair ended when he asked her to marry him. Like she told me; She already had the perfect husband, ME.












My first wife cuckolded me and I miss it. I walked in on her and she was on her knees sucking a guys cock. My response was to get very hard, totally submissive and naked. We all went to our bedroom, I handed my wife a length of rope, turned around and she tied my hands behind my back. I laid down on the far edge of the bed and watched them the rest of the night.


She turned to him and he undressed her. She stepped into his arms and started kissing him. His remaining clothes fell away and she turned to the bed holding his hand, she laid down, spread her legs wide apart and drew him down to her. On his knees between her legs, he pointed his cock at her swollen pussy and I watched as he positioned it and sank into her. I watched it start fucking her and I watched her fucking back. I watched his butt cheeks flinch and him driving deep into her to dump his sperm in her. They lay in each others arms, kissing, her gently playing with his soft cock. They fell asleep.


In the middle of the night, he entered her again, this time from behind. He fucked her again and filled her with more of his sperm. When daylight finally happened, he got on his knees above her face and she sucked his cock. I got up on my knees and shuffled over between her legs and fell forward to her pussy. I started sucking his cum out of her. She held my head to her.


She would come home and go to our toy drawer and get the length of rope. I would put my hands behind my back and she would tie them. She would lay back and I would suck cum out of her pussy while she told me what happened yet again.


I wish I could have been locked up and tortured then. I wish I could have been teased and humilated being locked up.





 financial slave husband










When I was being cockolded in the early 90's my wife would make it a point

that I saw her panties after a night of making love to her boyfriend.

Usually they were black bikini panties. They would always be laying on top of the laundry, or on the floor. I could see the cum stains in the crotch area. She made a point one time telling me that after they made love she would put her panties back on and not clean her pussy with a wet washcloth as she does when we make love.

I must say I jerked off many times sniffing her panties and the results of their lovemaking. I remember once, keeping one pair of her panties several weeks hidden, so that I could jerk off while she was at his house making love.












I like to lick the crotch clean from my wifes panties after she returns from a date ,she usually just tells me to come into the bedroom and pull her panties down and then i look to see how much is in them and start licking . after doing her panties i begin to lick her pussy clean when she straddles my face , i'm really over joyed when after cleaning out her pussy she informs me that i'm not through yet and slides ahead a bit so i can suck another load out of her sweet little butthole mmmmmm .i can never wait till the next time she goes out on a date ..............












I've only seen my wife's main lover once, and that was from a distance. You could say, however, that he is a part of our lives because she often talks about him without going too deep into his personal life. She goes on about what a great lover he is, and how cute and sexy he looks, how much younger he is than me, his great genes, his stamina, etc. She thinks about him alot. Sometimes she accidentally calls me by his name. She came to my office last week and boldly asked for money to fix "Tom's" car. I've taken her shopping when she'll be looking over lingerie, heels, or whatever and she'll say to the sales lady something like "God, that's gonna drive my boyfriend wild."


She was an openly dominant woman when I met her, so I can't blame her for doing what I hoped she would. When fantasy becomes reality, though, it takes some getting used to. But I'm definitely not complaining.














My Lady left for the weekend. I have been playing dress up and using our big dildo on myself all weekend, my ass is so puckered and swollen from riding it hard. Of course she left me home locked up. It's sunday morning and my cock is burning from all the ass fucking. Have been up since about 6:30, my cock aching in his cage. Sitting hear now watching over and over cuckold fantasies video trailers while ramming my ass. Very sure My Lady is having a much better weekend than I with my locked up cock an swollen aching balls.


Keep thinking she is getting a real man cock to satisfy her, like the ones in the video's, hearing the wife say "Look at that man cock slamming my pussy because you have such a sorry little dick that can't fuck his own wife". Yes Ma'am!!


I hope when she gets home that their is still some of her lovers cum for me to taste


I am a worthless sissy husband that loves to worship her pussy. I love her for making my balls swollen and ache for her. I don't deserve to have my wifes pussy, her hot pussy is just for a real man.


Pussy whipped sissy












I love to show a couple of my "kinky" girfriends some of my XXX video

tapes that we make on occassion. I make hubby model his chastity cock

harness for these tapes and a couple of times have filmed my husband

serving me and my lover/boyfriend. I love to see my husbands

reaction as we all sit together to watch these tapes. It's like

the Mastercard commercials...the look on his face is "Priceless"!




I'm very tempted to show my XXX tapes to some of hubbies friends

tooooo. Though I actually would not do this without at least

forcing permission out of him first. I bet he would if I let him

have an orgasm!



dominant wife  


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