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What's the most exciting thing/part you love or want to see happen to your spouse when becoming a cuckold?




Answered by real cuckold husbands:



Hearing my wife cum in her lover's arms. Even he has acknowledged that this is the ultimate, intimate "gift" she gives him.




Having her ring me to tell me she is having a date, going home see her getting ready, listening to her on the phone, taking her to meet him looking at those stocking tops knowing she is freshly trimmed no knickers, getting a glimpse of her shaved bare cunt as she gets out of the car, her ass wiggling with those heels clicking on the footpath, watching her walk in his place or hotel,,,,,,,,,,,,,the waiting,,,,,,,,, the call to say shes ready for me to pick her up........ watching her walk back to my car, her hair ruffled lipstick smudged, the smell of sex when she gets in the car, her showing me her stocking tops covered in cum her cunt leaking,,,,,,,,, rushing home to enjoy the sloppy seconds and listen to all the details MMMMMMMMMM




The most incredible part for me is being able to witness my wife experiencing things that she has never done before & would never do with me.

I have watched her boyfriend strip her naked in front of a complete stranger, finger her under the table at a club, lick & finger her asshole, fuck her in positions we have never tried, and I especially love the dirty talk between them which again is something we have never done.




When she comes home and spreads her legs on the bed so I can see just how wet her panties are from the sperm leaking out of her. Then her lifting her butt off the bed as I slide them off her and look into her eyes as I lick the panty crotch clean. As I'm doing that, the smell of her used fuckhole is wafting up toward me and I quickly drop the panties on the floor and bury my face into her wet and slimy cunt and feast on what he left for me.




The most exciting part of being a cuckold is having the woman you love come home and tell you all the details of her sexual encounter and then licking her used pussy clean while she comes on your face.




The most exciting thing my wife does when she cames home from her date is to wake me up by sitting on my face. She then tells me how much of a slut she was all night. Usually she won't let me fuck her that night.. She says she is "too tired".






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