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From Cindy B:




My name is Cindy and I am a 26 year old legal assistant working on finishing law school. I would like to share with you the story of how I progressed into a Dominant woman, and how I have trained my once "Alpha Male" husband to be my slave.



I grew up in the country, and led a somewhat sheltered life. When I went off to college, at the age of 18, I was quite sexually naive. As a freshman, I met my current husband, Brian, who was 3 years older than I. We fell madly in love very quickly. We were young, rebellious, and in love so we decided to get married.


At the time, our sex life was very active. We had sex almost everyday, and I was very generous when it came to performing oral sex and hand jobs. Its important to point out that he had a very macho persona. He was a very typical jock, with lots of testosterone. Of course, this was just his natural personality, and I loved him with all my heart.



Everything seemed perfect. He finished school and got a great job. I became pregnant when I was 19, and again when I was 21. We have a beautiful son and a beautiful daughter. This forced me to put my schooling on hold, but his income was enough for all of us to live comfortably.


Then one day, everything changed. About ten months ago, our children were at their Aunts house, and I was out shopping with my friends. My husband was home alone, and didn't expect me to return that early. Well, much to my SHOCK, I walked into our bedroom and saw him masturbating wearing a pair of my pantyhose. He freaked out, obviously embarrassed. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I did leave though. I was very confused. We talked over the phone that night and the next day we sat down and had a talk about the situation. He confessed to me that he had a fetish for girls in pantyhose, tights, and stockings. He also confessed that he was very submissive, and liked the idea of me being in charge.


Fetish? Submissive desires? I was just a small town girl, I didn't know anything about these subjects.


So I set out to do some research. With the help of your site and many others I came to terms with these subjects, all of which I was previously ignorant about.



I should have guessed about his pantyhose fetish - on several occasions he bought me things from the lingerie shop to wear - all of which included stockings. And, looking back I can remember that every time I wore tights or stockings, it would drive him crazy. He said he did not tell me about having a "fetish" earlier, because of his own embarrassment, but in my research I found out that many, many men have the same fetish.



As far him being submissive...the more I read about the subject, the more it appealed to me. I hadn't thought about it before, but the idea of my big-shot, macho husband being my slave and me being a Dominant queen who got everything she asked for turned me on greatly.


Time for a lifestyle change. The first thing I let him know was that his days of masturbating were over. I now make sure he doesn't indulge in this little selfish habit by keeping him locked in a CB-2000.


This should go without saying, but the days of me performing oral sex on him are over. And no need for intercourse. We already have two beautiful children, and we had not planned on having any more. At first, he begged, cried, and pleaded with me to not deny him this, but I am in charge now, and I make the rules. It took him awhile to fully accept it, but he is now comfortable with the fact I control when and if he is allowed to have an orgasm. Of course I have my own sexual needs, which he takes care of by servicing me orally or with one of my sex toys. He does a marvelous job at these tasks and my desires are being fulfilled.



On to his pantyhose fetish. I use his love of pantyhose as a reward for good behavior. However I strictly monitor and regulate his access to his little fetish. First off, I locked away all of my own hosiery. He obviously liked the idea of wearing it, so I took all my pantyhose, tights, stockings, and garter belts and locked them away. They are in a container with a combination lock. Secondly, I wear hosiery quite often, but I do not let him touch me in it.



I will sometimes tease him by "accidentally" rubbing my leg against his and then smiling at him as if nothing happened. Or sometimes I will wear pantyhose underneath my trousers. I will let him rub my trousers and say things like "Ohh that feels nice. The pantyhose I'm wearing under my pants are so soft. They feel so good against my legs when you rub them. Isn't a shame you can't touch them though?" the end of the week (or more occasionally if he has been VERY good) if the house is perfectly spotless, If the kids have been put to bed right, if dinner was good each evening, I will let him indulge. There are a variety of ways I do this, but they include wearing pantyhose and letting him kiss and rub them, or maybe letting him wear pantyhose himself for awhile.



As much as I love to deny him orgasms, I do not find the idea of milking a man appealing. So for his prostate health, I let him have an orgasm about every six weeks. He masturbates by putting on a pair of pink tights and rolling them down below his penis. He then lies on the floor and jerks off (no lube allowed) while telling me how beautiful I am and how much he loves me and how I am a Goddess.



As you can imagine, abstinence and orgasm denial have changed my husband so much for the better. He is much more caring, attentive, and loving. There are virtually no arguments, and we are both happy and content. We love each other so very much and this lifestyle is perfect for us.



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