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I clean my wife after her lovers have cum in her pussy (she lets the two long time lovers make love to her without condoms but the newest one must wear protection) but I have only sucked cock once.  


She was heading out of town when one of her lovers called and she broke the news to him that she would be away and then walked into another room so I couldn't hear the conversation except for "But would you still like a blow job tomorrow?" as the door closed.


The next night she called and told me to get into my cockold uniform. which are pink stockings, my pink high heels, and little pick ribbons that hang from my pierced nipples.  I was already in my CB3000 before she left on her trip.  I was told to kneel just inside the unlocked front door at 7:55 and to wear blindfold.  I was nervous because I knew what was going to happen.  Sure enought after about 5 minutes there was a knock on the door.  It was a hard loud knock that made me jump.  The door opened before I could say come in.  I heard a zipper and a semi hard cock rubbed against my lips.  I took it into my mouth and began sucking.  I tasted precum.  The cock got harder.  I was embarassed how much I was enjoying it, but I was enjoying it.  I was sucking a man's cock and it was fun and exciting and I loved the taste of precum.  His hand held my hair between pinching fingers and he began to fuck my mouth - a whore mouth.


He came without warning.  It was less cum than I had expected, but there was a lot and it tasted humiliating and great and salty.  I continued to kneel there as he walked away into the powder room.  As I heard water running I slowly swallowed the load that the anonymous lover of my wife had left in my sissy mouth.  He left without a word.  I continued to kneel there waiting.  The phone rang a few minutes later and I walked on my knees to it.  It was my wife who said she had heard from her lover and I had done a decent job as a cocksucker.  She used the word cocksucker a few more times in the conversation.  She told my to sleep in my cuckold uniform that night, including the high heel pick shoes.  She told  my not to brush my teeth until just before I left to work in the morning so I could have taste of cum in my mouth as long as possible.


I still don't know which of her three lovers shot his cum into my mouth since my wife's pussy was not available to him.   













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