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  Financial Control




My wife and I made a bit of a production of her taking financial control. Her basic premise was that, in order for me to be sub, she had to control all of the money. With the premise that she had decided I was "spending money improperly and frivolously" she and I visited with my bank and brokerage to have her put onto the account. She also had the brokerage account changed so that I could not make any withdrawals without her written permission. With my bank account, it was made joint and new checks were printed that specified that her signature was always required on the check. She even had printed "bobbies good boy allowance account" on the checks.


These actions did not have a sexual or cuck tone to them as much as a mother overseeing her son type of tone. Very humiliating for me and everytime I sign one of the checks (which she has pre-signed) and give it to the cleaners or grocery clerk and note to them that my wife has signed the check, they always read the check and then smirk.


Finally, my wife and I visited our Human Resources person at my firm to have my payroll and business expense checks automatic deposit changed for a deposit into her account, not mine. The woman at HR openly congratulated my wife for taking over financial management and was quite gung ho about implementing the changes, even asking for my wife's email address so that she would get copies at her home and office email address box of any deposits made and asked my wife if I she wished my email notifications to be stopped, since she was managing the money and I probably didn't really need to know when she was receiving my funds. Of course, my wife thought that was a great approach.


While this is more severe than some may wish, every time money comes up, which is practically daily, it reminds me of my position in our marriage. Having to get a weekly cash allowance, based on my housework and obedience, is very, very sub. I do like it. A lot.




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