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From Jason R:


I just want to share my somewhat amazing journey my wife and I have been on.


From the very beginning, ours was a marriage of oddity. My wife is 45 years young and 15 years my senior. She is also two inches taller than me at 6ft. However these are merely physical attributes. We started off as a traditional couple with virtually no femdom overtones. I worked and had a successful career while she became a homemaker. We had a happy if somewhat non-eventful marriage for the first 5 years.


Like all couples, we tried many ideas in order to spice up our sex life. One of which was oral sex. Believe or not, we did not try oral sex for the first 5 years of marriage. I have thought about it but was always too proper to ask. One day I did and she agreed to try it. The surprise came when our misunderstanding came to light. Apparently, my proposal was for me to pleasure my wife and after which she would reciprocate. Her idea was for me to pleasure her alone with no reciprocation on her part. She actually said that the only way the both of us were to enjoy oral sex equally was if I pleasured her.  It struck me as a lot of crap but I agreed to pleasure her first, hoping she would change her mind. She came despite my clumsy first time efforts.


When it came for her to reciprocate, she said she did not feel like it. I was surprised and asked why. She hesitated and just blurted out that an uncircumcised penis is dirty and gross. She said to go have a circumcism and 'we'll see''. I was just taken aback. However I was not that desperate as to go through a circumcise for a blowjob so I left it like that. As time went on, my wife started to favor oral sex over penetrative sex. When I asked why, she said it felt better and that the pleasure could be prolonged. My wife actually holds her orgasm back regularly just so I could serve her longer orally. Soon penetrative sex became rarer and rarer. In fact we were down to once every month. My frustration and arousal grew. I often masturbated alone to relieve the pressure of constant arousal but the relief was very short-lived. At the same time, I found myself getting more and more emotionally bonded to my wife. This was most strange since we rarely made love conventionally anymore. I thought about it for a long time but was still clueless.


The only respite from my arousal and frustration was to orally pleasure my wife which was now the only few acts of intimacy she allows. I also give her footrubs and body massages. In fact her pussy became not only my object of desire but also my relief from the sexual arousal and frustration. I found myself thinking of her scent and taste whenever I become aroused. When she is not around the frustration only grew. The problem started when she started to also hold back oral sex. I did chores, errands and bought her gifts, dinners all just to be able to pleasure her orally! It made no sense but I was just compelled to do so. One day in a moment of aroused haze, I went straight to the doctors for a circumcism. I foolishly thought that if I could not enjoy penetrative sex as often then I could at least enjoy blowjobs.


The deed was done and when I told my wife, she broke into a large mirth. She smiled and said she was actually considering sex but then I was now not able to. I only groaned inwardly. Soon my penis healed and I waited for an opportune time after a romantic dinner and drinks at home to ask her for oral sex. She agreed and spread her legs, asking me to kneel. I was a little irritated then and said 'no honey I mean I went for a circumcism and you promised to you know what.' Her expression showed nothing. She just asked for me to strip and stand before her. When I finally stood naked and aroused before her, she stood up and walked to me. She looked down on me and said " I think its amusing that you actually went for a circumcision just to get a blowjob.' She held my erect penis and said ' it is certainly more hygienic, looks better and probably smells better too but the thought of sucking that is still disgusting to me.'


It was then that the frustration, humiliation just got to me. After all I endured a circumcision only to be rejected by my wife so casually. I called her a bitch and slapped her. My outburst shocked me as well as her. However I regretted it as soon as I did it. Her face grew darker than I had ever seen before. I was about to apologize when I felt the sting of her slap against my face. The slaps did not stop as she rained slap after slap. She finally stopped and said ' Who do you think you are? If I wanted you to dance naked for me, you will. If I wanted to deny you for a year, you will be denied." While her aggressive outburst and retaliation shocked me, something stirred in me. I realized that what she said was true. I realized that I was ready to do anything for her, as I never felt crazier about her. I was then overcame by a sudden and overwhelming urge to submit before her.


I knelt down and apologized. As she glared at me, I became more submissive and declared how much I love her, how sorry I was and that I was prepared to do anything for her. She pushed me to the ground on my back with her foot and before I could react she took off her panty and straddled me. She sank herself on me. I could only gasped in abject submission and pleasure. She raised herself after a few seconds and sat back on the sofa. She looked at me and it was instinctive. I crawled to her and begged to be allowed the privilege of serving her. She wordlessly held my head and lowered me to her pussy.


If oral sex is not therapeutic then this is the first. As I felt my lips pressed against her pussy, I felt all my resentment, anger and humiliation washed away. I only became aware of her scent and taste. And that was all I needed and cared about. When she came, my only thoughts were that this was actually meant to be. I wondered why I had never realized how charming and powerful my wife is.


I still find it hard to imagine how any man can be so crazy over a woman who denys him and have him humble himself by pleasuring her exclusively. I only acknowledge the power and intensity of what had transpired between my wife and I. That one incident shifted our positions in our relationship forever. I find satisfaction in submitting to her demands and desires. Now my wife exerts her control over our sex life and our finances and I could not be happier.


submissive husband



From Alan R.


I am an admirer of dominant women. I am married to a wonderful woman but it is a regular marriage with no kinky sex and no D&S. My wife is really old fashion and I hesitate to try to seduce her dominant nature. It's not that I don't think it would work, as there are times when she displays a very dominant side to her otherwise submissive personality. But I do not want to share with her my submissive desires toward women. We have a great marriage as it is now and she seems very happy in the traditional wife role and I do not want to risk harming our relationship in anyway. I do worship her in my mind as I make love to her and our love making sessions over the years have developed so that they consist primarily with me performing oral sex on her in a worshipful manner and then we have intercourse.


My worshipful attitude toward my wife was developed when I got to worship a dominant woman in my past. At least I consider her a dominant woman. She never wore leather or whipped me or anything like that but she dominated me none the less. At the time, neither of us knew anything about female domination, female supremacy, or D&S but my first girlfriend sure knew about using a man to fulfill her selfish desires. Here is what happened.


When I was seventeen, I was still a virgin and although I had dated a few girls, I really never had a girlfriend. My best friend had an older sister who was twenty-three. She was an absolute Goddess. Her name was Amber and I mean this girl was as beautiful as any actress and she was built better than any model I have seen. She was tall with blonde hair and she had the most perfect body, especially her perfectly shaped long legs and her perfect ass. I am not exaggerating at all, she was a Goddess.


She had dated many men, mostly older, and she was quite experienced when it came to sex. So imagine my surprise when she took a liking to me. I don't recall exactly how she approached me but she basically asked me out. I was so nervous around her. She had just broken up with one of her many boyfriends and as I think back on it now, she must have desired something different and that is why she set her sights on me, a young seventeen year old, inexperienced boy. A raw piece of clay, if you will.


Our relationship was pretty much a secret to most people. Of course, I told all of my friends about it as I wanted everyone to know that I was dating this twenty-three year old knock out of a woman. Most of my friends didn't believe me but they would occasionally see us out together at a movie or at the local pizza parlor. She never took me to any of the places where her friends hung. Actually, we rarely went out in public together. We mostly spent time at her place or at my house when my parents would go out of town.


She was very aggressive with me. I remember on our first date she asked me if I had ever had sex. I lied and told her that I did but she told me that she didn't believe it and she finally got me to admit that I was still a virgin. On our early dates, Amber began to tease me as we would make out and she would take my hands and place them on her breasts and her ass but she was just playing with my hormones and my mind. I was so ready to have sex with this Goddess but she just enjoyed getting me aroused and teasing me. What she was really doing was preparing me to become her sex slave.


After a few months of being with her, I turned eighteen. For my birthday, Amber told me that she had a very special present. I thought that this would be the night that I lost my virginity. Well, I was half right. It was the first time I had sex with a woman but I didn't lose my virginity. After dinner in public (where I made sure that a few of my friends saw us together), Amber took me back to her apartment. Her roommate was over at her boyfriends, which was usually the case so we had the place to ourselves again. Amber went to slip into something more comfortable. She returned wearing very sexy lingerie. I almost fainted. My hands were shaking and my mouth was so dry I couldn't even talk. Amber's boobs were sticking out of the bra and her ass was ninety percent exposed. She was so beautiful and I knew that I was not worthy to be in her presence.


Amber guided my hands all over her body and allowed me to fondle her breasts and the rest of her body. She slowly guided my hand down to her crotch and slowly slid one of fingers into her pussy. I was rock hard and so excited. Amber removed my shirt and kissed me very passionately but she never undid my pants. After fondling her for what had to be an hour and kissing her mostly naked body all over, I tried to undo my pants to free my penis. But Amber stopped me and told me to leave my pants on. I was confused but I obeyed. After all, she was the teacher and I was the pupil when it came to sex.


That night, I made love to Amber's beautiful body with my mouth and tongue only. She taught me how to perform oral sex on a woman and although I was clumsy having no idea what I was doing down there, she did have an orgasm or two. However, she never removed my pants and she rarely touched my penis. When we were done, I asked her why she didn't want me to screw her. She just giggled and teased me that she had no need for my Dick. I got a little upset and then she explained to me that she wanted a boy (that was the word she used, boy) she wanted a boy who could worship her body on a regular basis without being self-centered about his sexual gratification. She told me that if I didn't want to worship her body, then she would find someone who would but those were her terms. No orgasms for me, only for her. Of course I agreed because I wasn't about to lose her. I loved worshipping her body with my hands and my mouth.


This went on for a number of months. I would go over to her place and I would perform oral sex on her until she had many orgasms and was satisfied and then she would send me home. I was allowed to take off my shirt as she did like to suck my nipples some but I was never permitted to remove my pants or shorts. Most of the time she would order me to lay on her bed and she would hump my face with her pussy. She would move her crotch around over my mouth and I would just lick her. She wore me out. I use to gasp for my breath during some of her marathon sessions but I never complained. I was so taken by her beauty and so intoxicated by tasting her juices. I truly worship this woman.


She also had me tongue her ass. This was hard at times because I remember really having difficulty breathing as she would grind her ass in my face. Usually after she was tired from humping my face, she would lay on her back and order me to crawl between her legs to lick her some more and give her more pleasure and orgasms. However, I was never allowed to orgasm. I came close a couple of times by humping the bed as I was pleasing her but she would yell at me when she saw me humping the bed and she warned me that if I came, she would never allow me to worship her body again. This threat was enough to keep me in line.


I did beg her on a number of occasions if I could have intercourse with her just once so I could lose my virginity. She would giggle and tease me that the fact that I was a virgin made her orgasms more intense. I guess it was like a power thing to her knowing that a virgin male was orally servicing her.


We dated for about six months and I probably worshipped her body and performed oral sex on her thirty to forty different evenings. In that entire time, I never had an orgasm in her presence. I always went home and masturbated as I replayed the evening in my mind. I think it is a good thing she didn't know about male chastity devices or I believe that she would have put me in one to prevent me from masturbating. She did ask me occasionally if I jacked off and I always told her no but I am sure she knew better because she would tell me that if I did, that I had better not think of her when I was doing it. I thought that was rather an odd thing for her to say.


She finally ended our relationship after about six months and I was devastated. I really loved this woman and I had grown so attached to her. I found out later that she did date a few other men while she was dating me. This angered me at the time but I shouldn't have been surprised. It didn't take me long to realize that she was just using me for her own human sex toy. She was probably allowing her other boyfriends to screw her but she got a kick out of having this young virgin boy being her sex slave. But I can't complain. I knew that I was not worthy of her. She was six years older and her looks made her way out of my league. I was very fortunate to get the opportunity to worship such a Goddess in such an intimate way.


I have never told my wife about what really transpired between Amber and I. I told my wife that I dated this older girl when I was eighteen but that I never lost my virginity to her. I remained a virgin until I dated my wife three years after Amber. The last time I heard, Amber was still single but was living with a Millionaire out in California. She would be about forty years old now. I heard that she was a career woman working as a consultant for some fashion company.


tease denial - orgasm denial  



From Mark H:


I would like to share my real life female domination story with you. In my case, female domination was not a one-time event but it encompassed most of my adult life. I gave up much and missed out on a lot but as I look back I also realize that I received more than I gave up.


I visit a young thirty-something professional Dominatrix once a month. I wish I could afford to see her more often but my limited income will only allow me this pleasure once a month. My monthly session with her satisfies my submissive nature. The Internet and particularly your website feeds my submissive nature between visits with my beautiful Mistress. I can tell that she really enjoys her session with me also. I may not be young and handsome as I once was but I am a very experienced submissive and she knows that I have few limits. This enables her to do things to me that few other men will consent to. She can sense my true adoration and worshipful attitude of her, which she says is rare and refreshing.


I was not always such a submissive male who had a reverence for the female gender. As a matter of fact, I was your typical macho and insensitive male when I met my future wife. I was a Navy man on leave when I met my Monica. What a beautiful woman. She was a natural redhead, spunky, feisty and full of life. She was a Goddess with a perfect figure, fair skin and emerald eyes. She was tall at about five feet, ten inches with very shapely legs and a perfectly round behind. I fell under her spell the first night I met her.


To save space and time, let me jump to our marriage. Our dating and courtship was typical and wonderful. We married and the first two years were normal and vanilla. I was happy but my Monica viewed marriage as a prison. She was an independent spirit and she loved the dating and the engagement but marriage was too much responsibility and not enough fun for my wife. I didn't know this at the time but she later told me what she was feeling during our early years of marriage. I thought things were great as she was being the good and submissive wife. I thought we had both filled our Ozzie and Harriett roles and life was great. I worked and Monica waited for me at our new home playing housekeeper and cook.


Now this was in the 1960's and the female liberation movement was starting to get cranked up. Monica was feisty and independent but she came from a very conservative home. She was not a sixties flower child by any stretch of the imagination. She didn't protest anything. Then one day, our lives and destinies would be forever changed. A couple moved in across the street from us. The wife's name was Janet. Janet was a staunch feminist and woman's libber. I worked all day long and unknowingly to me, Monica and Janet became very good friends. That was like throwing gasoline on fire, taking a woman with my wife's natural out going personality and mixing it with Janet's feminist philosophy. In a short time, my wife became a feminist who believed in female supremacy.


Monica kept a lot of this to herself at first. I knew she had joined some organizations with Janet but I didn't pay much attention to what they were or what they were all about. Before long, the cooking and housework stopped and she proclaimed to me that she did not want to have children, ever. That is when Monica and I began to fight and argue. I hated those months when we were at such odds with each other. There is nothing worse than an unharmonious home. Then to my surprise and relief, Janet moved away and Monica began to do her wifely duties again. What I didn't know was that Monica had met another woman at one of her feminist groups and this woman had Monica approach her home life differently. This woman knew about the female domination lifestyle and she gave Monica some reading material.


Monica was being the good housewife again purely as a smoke screen. She had developed a plan. To this day I do not know if she came up with this plan all by herself or were her female supremacist friends guiding her? I suspect both were happening. She had some women she could bounce things off of but I know Monica was ahead of her time and she decided to take her female supremacy beliefs farther than most her feminist sisters. She became obsessed and dedicated to female domination and male submission.


The first thing she did was she withheld sex from me. She didn't let on about her plan but every time I initiated sex, she would have an excuse. I was frustrated by this but I didn't protest too much because she was not cold to me and I was happy to have my home maker back. This went on for close to a month. Then one night I got home from work and Monica was dressed in sexy lingerie that emphasized her gorgeous legs and ass. Needless to say, I was more than turned on. I started to grab her and kiss her but she pulled away. She shook her finger at me and told me that we had to do this her way or no way. I instantly agreed to do it her way. She was using her sexual power and my arousal to her advantage.


She took out a pair of handcuffs. I have no idea where she got them. After she removed my shirt, she cuffed my hands behind my back. Now this was almost forty years ago, but I remember it very well. I recall that she teased me mercilessly. She had me beside my self, wanting to touch her so bad but being denied access to her body. Finally, she forced me to my knees and she had me kiss her shoes and slowly work my way up her legs. I was too eager and moved too fast, so she kept grabbing my head and forced it back to her shoes until I slowed down, worshipping every inch of her as I climbed her legs. I also remember that as she did this, she was forceful and demanding with her voice. I was use to her temper but this was different. This was firm but sexual at the same time. She was very authoritative and I found myself becoming submissive toward her.


I finally slowed my pace to what she wanted and I worshipped every inch of her legs with sweet kisses and sensual licks. My hands were still cuffed behind me. After I climbed her legs, she took my head and pressed it into her crotch. I will never forget this. Up to this time, my wife would not allow me to orally please her during our entire marriage. She did not feel right about oral sex. She never did me and I never did her. This was the first time my mouth and nose was pressed against her pussy lips. I started to lick but she forbad me and ordered me to just hold still and smell her feminine aroma. It seemed like time stood still as she held me there. She told me to worship her with my sense of smell. She took my head and rubbed my nose against her clitoris and inserted it into her pussy. My nose became wet from her juices that began to flow. Finally, she gave me the order to worship her by tasting of her femininity. This was the first time I ever performed oral sex on my wife. I explored her pussy with my tongue and she guided it to her clitoris as she spread her lips apart. Monica had multiple orgasms for I had never heard her so loud and so intense as she climaxed. I later found out that she never had orgasms during all those times we had intercourse. She couldn't achieve them through intercourse so she faked them. But this time it was very real as Monica convulsed with pleasure as she was sensually dominating me.


She held my face to her pussy and would not allow me to stop licking. I was becoming short of breath and I was wearing out. Monica showed me no mercy and for the first time in her sex life, she was totally focused on her pleasure. I was there to please her and she would only release me when she was satisfied. Finally, she stepped back and released her firm grip on my head. I gasped for air and I remember how stiff my neck was. I didn't feel discomfort while I serviced her for I was under her spell but once she released me, I noticed the pain in my neck and in my knees. But Monica was not done. She allowed me to catch my breath but she then took me to our bed and had me lay with my head at the bottom of the bed. She guided me on my back as my hands were still cuffed.


Monica then proceeded to sit her beautiful ass on my face. She reached and spread her cheeks and she sat on me so my nose was in her crack and my mouth was pressing tight against her hole. All I could hear was her demanding voice ordering me to lick. Here I was going from never having performed oral sex on my wife to orally servicing her pussy and her ass on the same day. I don't recall what I tasted or smelled as I licked her ass that day. This activity would become a regular occurrence in my life so when I close my eyes, I can taste and smell her beautiful behind. It is not always the most pleasant of taste and smell but it was always intoxicating.


The lines in my mind have been blurred by time and so many experiences that I cannot recall for certain how I felt physically. But what I can recall as if it were yesterday, was the wave of submission that filled my body as I tongued my wife's ass. I remember looking up at her and seeing her removing her bra as she began to play with her own breasts. I remember seeing her over her beautiful ass and seeing her lovely back and the back of her head as she jerked it in ecstasy and pleasure. I recall her red hair flowing and hearing her loud moans of fulfillment. I am sure I was gasping for air as this was a regular part of our face sitting sessions but what I vividly recall about the first time was how Goddess-like my wife appeared. As I gazed up at her, I slipped into total submission to her. Perhaps it was the lack of oxygen, as I must have struggled for air, turning my head from time to time to draw in enough air to survive before returning to the task of pleasuring her. Whatever the cause, I know that a spirit of male submission entered my body. Perhaps it was in me all the time but this act caused it to be released.


When she was satisfied, she stood to her feet. I remember that she climbed on top of me and kissed me with a fiery passion. She looked at me with such love and I remember that I viewed her differently. Who was this Goddess and who was I to be married to her? I was always in love with Monica but from this day on, I was possessed by her. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She giggled and told me that she wanted to give me an orgasm but she said that she couldn't on this day. I didn't understand at the time and I begged her. I could tell that she wanted to but I now know that she was dedicated to her goal and she had pre-ordained that she would be pleasured and I would be denied this day.


I would love to write in detail about the rest of my training but I know you do not have the time to read all of this as I digress back in time. I will try to sum things up as quickly as possible. Monica continued my training by denying me sex for long periods of time. It would be years until she got me a chastity belt so she left me to my word. I tried to obey but there were times I masturbated behind her back. I couldn't help myself. I didn't do it often and when I did I felt guilty and ashamed. Once she got me a chastity device, this ended my dirty little habit and greatly increased my arousal and frustration level.


Monica began to require that I do the housework when I got home from my regular job. She did it in increments. I started out vacuuming, then she added the dishes, then she taught me how to clean the bathroom, and eventually she taught me how to cook. Regularly, my wife sat on my face or laid on her stomach and had me worship her ass. She made me do this multiple times a week and it always stirred my submission to her. I orally serviced her whenever she requested it as we rarely had intercourse again but sex was primarily me going down on her. Female liberation had taken permanent residence in our home.


Monica entered the work force and got a job. She went through a number of them until she finally found one that she loved. I continued to take on more and more chores. Eventually, I did all of the housework. Her dominance over me was sensual domination in the beginning but as she read and educated herself, she introduced discipline into our marriage. We had weekly discipline sessions where she used her hairbrush or a cane she had bought on my ass. She would grade my weekly performance in my domestic chores as well as my sexual service of her. If I did not excel in her opinion, I would receive a more severe spanking or canning. Most of the time she was fair and kind but there were some occasions when she left welts and bruises and my ass was sore for a week.


The 1970's came and went and our life was one of total female domination. The 1980's came and she continued to learn from a few women she kept in touch with as well as the ever-increasing reading material and videos about female domination that became available. As Monica learned, she introduced new things into our marriage. It was in the 1980's that she got her first strap-on harness and she began to discipline me with a strap-on dildo. I remember wearing butt plugs for weeks at a time as she used them to prepare me for her strap-on.


 domestic discipline



In 1988, my wife turned 50. I had no idea what cuckolding was and I do not think she knew about this term as well. She had been dominating me for twenty years. My wife was still very beautiful at 50. My wife got out of the work force at age 50. She had enough of the business world. Of course I had to keep working and I still had to do the household chores. We needed some extra income to maintain our lifestyle so we rented our finished basement out to a college student. A nineteen year old male stayed with us. I will not go into all the details but my wife and this young boy were attracted to each other and this boy tried to seduce my wife. She was flattered but she did not accept his advances. However, she decided to tell me about it and she told me that she wanted to have sex with a nineteen year old. By this time, she had totally cut me off from intercourse with her. I was stunned but I also got excited about this thought. I don't know why, perhaps it was because a nineteen year old found my wife to be desirable.


She could have just done it since I was in total submission to her and I would have accepted it. But she loved me and asked for my opinion. I told her it was Ok but then I changed my mind and told her that I did not give my consent. This made her mad and even more determined to put me in my submissive place.


To sum this up, she had a two year affair with this young man in my house and in my bed. In the beginning they only had sex when I was at work but my wife eventually told this boy about our Female domination marriage. From that point, they would go at it all night with me in the house and I had to sleep in the spare bedroom, listening as I was locked in my chastity device, unable to touch myself. Talk about being aroused and frustrated at the same time.


I got to watch one time but my wife said her young lover was so inhibited in his performance that she never allowed me to be present again. He eventually moved out and my wife got over it. She told me that she enjoyed it primarily because of how it humiliated me and this added to her arousal and pleasure. She said it also showed her how well trained I was since I accepted her having a lover without complaining or becoming jealous. The truth is that I was plenty jealous but I submitted to it nonetheless. As I look back at it, I have to give my wife credit. A fifty year old having sex with a nineteen year old. That was quite a sexual achievement. From what I heard from the spare bedroom, she would wear him out first. Also, my wife had orgasms during intercourse with this young man, a feat I was never able to achieve. At least that is what she claims. Sometimes I wonder if she was faking those orgasms with her lover in order to add to my humiliation and shame. Probably not, I guess I will never know and that is exactly what she wanted to accomplish. She loved the mind games that came with this lifestyle.


cuckold husband  






From Sarah Beth:


My husband showed me your site and I must say that I am impressed with you. I agree with your overall philosophy because I have always known that I was superior to men. I have never doubted that fact. However, I have no interest in D&S or leather sex. If a man wants the honor of submitting to me, he must do it on my terms and my terms alone.


I use a sensual form of domination on my husband. I never raise my voice and I never bark out bitchy commands. That just isn't my personality. I don't like fetish clothing as I think they are too bizarre looking. I like to wear sensual lingerie or I wear nothing at all. I would never spank or whip him and I sure would never torture him. Like I said, that is not in my personality.


I told my husband my demands and he seemed disappointed because I know that he desires me to do these things to him. But I told him my terms and he could take it or leave it. He took it. My terms were that he has to do all the household chores, without me feminizing him or standing over him with whip in hand. He must come home from work and do his chores period or I will no longer dominate him. He must do all the cooking. I can come and go as I please but he must always get my permission before he does anything. If he does a good job with his chores, his reward will be to worship my body and to orally please me. If he displeases me, he will not get access to my female body for that entire week. He will be allowed to orgasm once a week by masturbating in my presence. If I ever find out that he has ever had an unauthorized orgasm, he will lose access to my body for an entire month and I will buy him a chastity device.


Those were my demands and he accepted them. Thus far, he has obeyed all of my demands. I am loving our new life as I do live like a Queen. I expect him to submit to me just because I am a superior female. No D&S and no S&M. I felt it was important to write to you to tell you that a wife can enjoy the benefits of this lifestyle without all the hardcore domination.


 submissive husband



From James T:


It took me long while to bring myself to write this mail. In fact up till two weeks ago, i would never have considered writing such a mail. It cannot be said enough times - how easy it is for woman to overwhelm a man with her sexuality.


I'm a 28yr old man who considers himself happily married to a beautiful lady of 35. However please allow me to describe myself in a way that's relevant to this story before focusing on my wife. As far as lifestyle goes, I'm quite well off as a highly paid finance consultant. I lead an active life with a high social circle and possess a physique that anyone would not mind being pictured in the nude. Most would even say I'm well endowed, if you'll excuse my arrogance.


The unusual point about my year old marriage besides my wife being slightly senior, is that I'm Chinese while she's Caucasian (Italian American). This is by no means any reason for friction but in some cases the cultural differences in terms of expectations may create misunderstandings.


What attracted me to Sarah was her confidence and assertiveness. Not that she wasn't physically attractive. In fact she with her 'dancer's' body never fail to turn heads wherever she goes. It was foolish of me to think that she would be strong and assertive only when it suited me and that she would be meek and submissive when I wanted her to be. In a Chinese household, the husband is always boss. The wife stays home to clean, cook and serve her husband when he returns from work at the end of the day? WRONG!


Well Sarah was doing all that for a while. She was even accommodating when I wanted sex.  In many ways, I'm guilty of taking her for granted even though I truly love her. Recently, she became distant and cold towards me. Naturally all things ran through my mind - whether she was having an affair, whether she had problems with our in laws, her diminishing social circle (she was once working). Finally I sat us down and spoke to her. She said she needed more control over her life, she spoke of her needs even sexual needs. At the time, my reaction was one of shock, surprise and hurt. I had assumed she was happy and that I was sexually satisfying her. Of course the overriding point was that she was unhappy and that I wanted to make her happy at any cost.


For a start, she mentioned that she wanted to start working and that with her good money sense, she could handle our finances even my allowances. I also wanted to get a maid to accommodate her job but she rather have me do the chores. It's strange but I never really have an issue with doing the chores or allowing my wife to make the financial decisions since she was clearly capable. From my conservative upbringing, I just assume that men just naturally handle such things while the women took on roles of homemaking.


Anyway, it was easier said than done. My day always ended late after the chores and I always acceded to my Sarah's request of a body massage before turning in. All in all I was tired at the days end. However Sarah's mood changed. She became happier and I was happy to obliged her requests because the truth is I'm glad to see her happy.


It would have been a happy ending but I have problems adjusting to Sarah's change in sexual needs. She would want sex only when and where she felt like it. Many times, I've approached her in bed only to be rejected. She would say she's tired or not in the mood for it. However when she felt like it, my instant arousal (erection) made it impossible to say no. On an occasion, after a period of hugging and cuddling, I became frustrated when she said she was tired. I blurted something I shouldn't have. I said if she was tired of doing it like we've always done, she could always give me a blow job. At that, her eyes widened. I saw a flash of anger before she said she never enjoyed giving blow jobs because it always made her feel submissive and subservient so she would not be giving me one ever and I should not expect one. From my position of sexual denial, all I heard was that she had given blow jobs before to other guys but I was denied such treatment now. To further aggravate the situation, she suggested that if I was into oral sex, I COULD go down on her.


My male pride rose that day and I said I've eaten many pussies before but I had no wish to go down on her unless she gave me a  blowjob. The truth is that I've never eaten pussy before but am ashamed to tell her that. Certainly after learning she had given blow jobs before, my pride did not allow me to confess that I did not know how to satisfy a woman orally.


You may think it's childish but this is the line for me which if I went over, I would be completely submissive to Sarah. I want her to be happy and yet I'm afraid to lose all control. Must a man surrender all male pride in order to please a woman? Is that right? That episode spoilt our sex life for sure.


I was mulling over this for weeks, not getting any relief until I relented. I thought I could please her once and perhaps she'll take a step forward with me. So two nights ago, I prepared a candle lit dinner at home, arranged a hot bubble bath for her. When Sarah got home, she was clearly surprised and pleased. We had a silent dinner staring at one another. Nothing was said but her looks spoke volumes. Later as she sat on the couch sipping wine, I whispered that I've prepared a hot bubble bath for her and what I wanted to do for her.  I told her I wanted to even if she did not return the favor.


She said it was so sweet of me and to my surprise she raised her skirt and removed her panties immediately. I asked if she would be more comfortable after a warm bath and got a shock when she said she needed it now. I smiled and hesitantly moved my face to her crotch. The next half hour or so was mind blowing. Her scent and taste was so strong that my senses were completely overwhelmed. Although it was not unpleasant, I felt my sense of smell invaded by her musky aroma. Her creamy taste filled my mouth. All the while, I felt her fists squeezing my hair pushing me harder against her thick bush. I didn't think I did much except to lick and suck her as best as I could. I could hear her moaning and used her moans to guide my oral ministrations. Twice I felt a thick flow to a spurt of her salty juices entering my open lips.

oral submission  


After what seemed like an eternity, I felt her hands releasing their grip on my head and I pulled my face up. Sarah looked at me grinning, her face flushed. She patted me on the head and said I was such a good pussy eater. I did not know how to respond except to smile foolishly. In truth, I felt a little humiliated at being patted on the head and being called a pussy eater, especially since it became apparent that Sarah might have guessed it was my first time.


On the other hand, I felt a sense of pride that I made Sarah happy. I gave a startled jump on my knees as I felt Sarah's toes pinched the head of my erection.  When she said she wanted her bath, I carried her to her bath and slowly rubbed a soft sponge over her body at her request. She seemed to enjoy my constant arousal and erection as much as my pampering of her.


After her bath, I was so light headed with desire that I was prepared to do anything for her. Later that night as we were lying on bed, she thanked me for a wonderful evening and suggested that I did this everyday. I got an amused look from her when I said I would have to take a half day leave from work everyday to prepare a dinner and bath like that. She smiled coyly and said she did not mean the dinner and bath but pleasing her orally.


I still feel a little resistance at giving in to her demands. Did she not guess I had never eaten pussy before? That I still harbor hopes of her pleasing me especially since I've taken a step forward to please her.  Actually, I do not know if I can say no to her. I gave a half hearted comment to salvage some pride and control by saying she had better shave herself for me to consider going down on her again. Sarah laughed and said the thick bush made her feel wild and she had no intention of shaving it. She said "Don't worry dear, you'll get used to that!!"  Before I could protest, she moved over me, kissed me and we made love. It was a big release for me. She wanted me to wait for her 'wet spot' to form before having me clean her with a warm towel. Only then we slept.


Now I feel happy she's so happy but I feel as if my pride has been slighted. I'm not sure how to react to my wife's growing sexual aggressiveness. Placing my lips on a woman's genital area was a first for me that evening and in many ways submitting to my wife is a first for me. Should I retain some control or authority over her as a balance in the relationship? I know what is the right course of action to take. The decision is mine and yet I'm still standing at the crossroads knowing that my decision to submit to my wife would be permanent.


 dominant wife




From Brooke A:


Two years ago, I was a divorced woman who was afraid to face the world on my own after a failed marriage. I was unsure of myself and I had developed a resentment toward the male gender. That all changed one day when I happened upon your site.


I needed to join a gym, lose weight and to squeeze the flavor out of life. Within six months, I was a new woman. I was fit, I felt good about myself and I must say that I never felt sexier. I got a new hairstyle and I began to dress sexy, showing off my feminine features. Heads began to turn when I walked down the street or through a mall. Men began to ask me for my phone number and for the first time since I was a teenager, I was in demand.


I studied your site and I was on the lookout for that perfect submissive man. I understood that there was no such thing and that it was up to me to train the perfect submissive man but I was mindful of those certain qualities that made a man attractive to me. This time around I was not seeking a macho male who thought he was God's gift to women. This time around I was looking for a humble and sweet man, a man who was no match for my female power.


About a year ago, I met John. He was everything I was looking for in a man. He was handsome, kind and definitely submissive. The only problem was he was dating another woman at the time. We met by chance and I could sense what you call D&S energy between us. He became helpless in my presence and he was captivated by my beauty.


We became friends and spent some time together. Unfortunately, he did not want to end things with his girlfriend of over three years. He confessed to me that he would love to be my boyfriend but he did not have the heart to end things with her. I knew we were meant for each other and I knew that if I did not want him to get away, I had to act fast. What was going against me was the fact that he was getting sex from his girlfriend and that kept that bond between them. Other than sex, they had little in common. He confessed this to me or else I would have never come between them. There were plenty of fish in the sea and I was confident in my femininity. However, I knew he was special and I knew he was the one for me. Therefore, I decided to capture his loyalty and his heart before he made the mistake of settling for less than the best. Since she was giving him sex, I decided to give him what she could not. I decided to sexually dominate him.


Keep in mind that I had never done this live with a man.


I convinced John to have dinner with me. We were supposed to meet at a restaurant but I made up a last minute excuse about having all this food at my house so I invited him over. I was taking a chance here because at this point, he had never confessed to me about wanting to be dominated by a woman. I was taking a step of faith that he would respond to my dominance. I figured I had nothing to lose and if it did not work out, at least I would have given it my best effort.


I fixed us dinner and while we ate, I kept bringing the conversation around to feminism and the roles of the sexes in our society. I made comments about how I felt the world would be a better place if women were in charge. As I expected, he agreed to my philosophy and he confessed to me that the thought of women running everything appealed to him. This set the stage for phase two of my plan.


After dinner, we sat in my living room and continued our conversation. At this time, I asked John if he would like to be in a relationship with a woman who dominated him sexually, socially and domestically. He squirmed some but I could tell he was getting excited by my forward questions. He danced around my line of questioning some but eventually he admitted that he would enjoy such a relationship. I then asked him is he was aware of the book "Venus in Furs" or if he knew much about Female Domination? John about froze and he could hardly answer me. His face turned flush and looked as if I had just cast some sort of hypnotic spell over him. I had to repeat the question about three times before he answered me.


Finally, he told me that he was not familiar with 'Venus in Furs" but he knew about Female Domination. I asked him to describe to me what he knew about it. He told me that he had seen pictures in magazines and read stories about women wearing leather and whipping men. He classified that as Female Domination. I asked him if he often read magazines like that and he said No, but he was aware of them. I then asked him if the image of a woman wearing leather and whipping a man excited him? He hesitated and squirmed some more but he finally confessed that he use to fantasize about such things. I pressed him on this and asked him if was sure that he use to fantasize about such things or did he still fantasize about dominant women?


It was so cute to watch him squirm and being uncomfortable about my probing into his secret fantasies. I felt powerful and I could feel his excitement and submission growing. He was fighting it but he was losing. He eventually admitted to me that he occasionally (I loved it how he tried to spin it as if it was no big thing) fantasized about being sexually dominated by a woman. I knew at this point that I had him and it was now time to move in for the kill.


I excused myself and told John that I had to use the bathroom. I re-appeared in ten minutes wearing my new leather lingerie I had purchased over the Internet. I was wearing the following outfit. I had on a leather bra, a leather thong, a leather garter belt, sexy hose and high heel pumps. In my hand I was holding a short riding crop. John froze and was again speechless.


I just stood before him and I gave him a choice. He could join me in my bedroom or he could leave. But if he left, he was to never contact me again. And if he joined me in my bedroom, he had to promise to end his relationship with his girlfriend and agree to be my submissive boyfriend. I further explained to him that if he joined me in my bedroom and did not end things with his girlfriend, then I would contact her myself and tell her what transpired between us. He had his choice but he had to choose now.


It did not take John more than two minutes to decide. He kind of rolled out of his chair and dropped to his knees before me. He told me that he had never been more excited than he was at this moment and he knew that he could not live without me. I placed my hand under his chin and gazed deep into his eyes. I told him that once he walked through my bedroom door, there was no turning back. I gave him one last chance to change his mind. He didn't hesitate and reaffirmed his commitment to me. I made him beg me for the right to be my slave. John begged me to enslave him and I had never felt such a twinge in my crotch like I did the moment he was begging me.


I took him by his hand and led him to my bedroom. I took it easy on him that night as I was still an inexperienced Dominant woman. John did not know that and I could tell he was in seventh heaven. I think we both were. I had him strip for me and I pulled him over my lap and spanked his butt with my crop and my bare hands. The rest of the night was John worshipping my body and performing oral sex on me. While he was worshipping my body, I made him proclaim his devotion and commitment to me. He was so turned on but I did not allow him the privilege to have an orgasm. For the first time in my life, I focused all my attention on receiving pleasure instead of giving it and I must admit that it was the best sexual experience of my life.


female domination  


John left excited, frustrated and I believe he achieved subspace. I was still a little worried that he would change his mind about his girlfriend (men are such promise breakers) but he was a good obedient submissive and he broke things off with her the next day. He was back at my house the next night and we re-played the previous night's events, complete with me being pleasured and him being denied.


I did not want this relationship to be totally based on sex so I told John that I decided that we would not have any further sexual contact for the next month. Instead, we would focus on building a friendship and a lasting relationship. I knew he was not happy about this but I had to see if he would stay true to me. He did and the next month consisted of us dating and getting to know each other better. I was always in charge and I made all the plans. John learned to check in with me before he did anything.


I allowed him to propose to me and I made him sign that contract. He now lives with me and we are scheduled to be married next spring.


dominant bride  






From Holly C:


My husband and I have been living a FemDom lifestyle for the past year.


I am not nor have I ever been a kinky woman. I enjoy reading the different things women do to their husbands but I cannot see myself participating in the kinkier FemDom activities. Our FemDom lifestyle revolves around the following activities. Discipline for him, body worship for me, orgasm denial for him, domestication for him. I dominate my husband once a week on average and all of our sessions are similar. Thus far, I feel no need to change things because all of our sessions are exciting. We have found what works best for us and the power exchange is there. A once a week session is what my husband needs to keep him in submission to me throughout the rest of the week. It works and it has made us both the happiest we have been since we've been married.


One important thing that I have discovered is that our FemDom play needs to occur when I am in the mood. It is not so important whether he is in the mood or not because I find that I can get him in the mood rather quickly. I have to be in the mood for a successful session because I cannot fake it or pretend. I need to feel the need to dominate him and I have learned to act on my desire, no matter what he is doing. This makes for the most powerful sessions and I believe that is why I have been so successful with him.


My husband may be out in the garage working or out in the yard or watching television or doing work on the computer but it does not matter to me. When I am overcome with the desire to dominate him, I do it. I don't care what his frame of mind is because I can refocus his mind in a short time. What I usually do when I get in the mood is I dress up in a sexy outfit. Since I have assumed the dominant role, I find myself feeling sexier and more sexual. I buy sexy underwear and outfits, some fetish, some feminine but most are provocative.


It is interesting how the desire to dominate my husband comes over me. I may be getting dressed or pampering myself with a bubble bath or applying body lotion and all of a sudden, I look at myself in the mirror and I get aroused and I get the urge to dominate my husband. Other times the desire comes over me out of the blue. I may be interacting with my husband about the mundane things of life (paying bills, talking about our jobs, discussing the house) and all of a sudden I will feel the urge to dominate him. This does not happen every day, but it seems to happen at least once a week. So whatever I am doing and whatever he is doing, when this urge comes upon me, I act upon it.


When the mood strikes, I dress in a sexy outfit and I either call for my husband or if he is in the house, I will walk into the room he is in, dressed sexy and carrying one of my whips. I love seeing his reaction when he catches that first glimpse of me. I need not say a word and he stops what he is doing and awaits my command. I usually point to the floor and he knows he is to kneel and kiss my feet, shoes or boots (depending if I am wearing any). I will then order him to follow me (still on his knees) into our bedroom.


I always start out by allowing him to plant passionate kisses all over my body. He starts at my feet and works up my body. It is during this phase of body worship that whatever was on his mind will vanish and he becomes lost in my world. He becomes erect and I know that I have him in the palms of my hands. After he worships me with kisses, I will then discipline him. I might order him across my lap for a spanking or I might tie him to the bed for a whipping. It depends on my mood and this is the only part that varies from session to session.


dominated husband  


I now have a nice collection of whips, floggers, crops and paddles. I buy a new toy about once a month. I will discipline my husband and I softly scold him about what it is I am pleased and displeased about his behavior and servitude. I get into the role of Dominatrix and Punisher. I love to get his behind nice and red and warm. I love feeling the heat coming from his butt after I have spanked or whipped it. I find touching his warm ass with my hands to be a real turn on. 


After I've disciplined my husband, I then have him perform more body worship on me. This is my favorite FemDom activity. After my husband has been spanked or punished, he gets in a real submissive mode and his approach to worshipping my body becomes almost a spiritual experience. I guess he enters into what people refer to as sub space. I like your description of calling it the submissive zone because it is like he is in a different zone after I punish him. He becomes a like a little boy, soft, sweet and reverent toward me.


I love it when he is like this and he begins to worship my body and I become enthralled in pleasure. I have learned to relax and receive pleasure. I get goose bumps as he kisses and orally worships my body. I allow him to perform breast worship, as he must suck my breasts for as long as I say. I love having my breasts sucked and nibbled on and I have been known to make him perform breast worship for over an hour at a time. I call it tit worship, as that sounds sexier.


After he performs tit worship, I then have him service my ass. My favorite position is for me to lay on my back and to bring my legs up in the air so he can access my hole with his tongue. He must plant sweet kisses on my firm ass cheeks and then he must rim my hole for as long as I say. I make him clean it first but then he will give me a rim job, complete with inserting his tongue as deep into me as he can. I like for him to fuck me with his tongue by plunging it in and out of my ass. This sends shivers up and down my body.


ass worship  


Between the tit worship and the ass worship, I am now ready to have my pussy worshipped. I will lay back and he must crawl between my legs. I have taught him exactly how I like it but each time might be different, depending on my mood and how my body is reacting. I love it when he sucks my clit and I may have him suck it for over an hour. Then he will lick my clit and tongue my pussy, also fucking my hole with this tongue. I have orgasm after orgasm.


After he finishes orally servicing my pussy, I will have him get a dildo and then he has to fuck me with it, while he continues to lick and suck my clit. I can take a very thick dildo and my favorite one is ten inches long and twice as thick as any penis I have ever seen. I think using such a big and thick dildo humiliates my husband because he knows his penis could never fill me like this. I have great orgasms while he fucks me with my big toys. The entire body worship scene might last between two and three hours. My husband use to complain about his neck hurting or his wrist hurting from using my toy for so long, but not any more. He has developed the endurance I desire from him.


Once I am totally satisfied, I ask him to join me and to cuddle with me. We are usually exhausted. His penis is rock hard and dripping cum but I deny him most of the time. If I am in an extra generous mood, I might allow him to hump my leg or masturbate for me but most of the time I keep him denied and here is why. I learned that he stays in his submissive zone for close to a week if I deny him. For the next week, he is so easily bossed around. He is so agreeable with me and I can get him aroused and eager to serve me at the drop of a hat. When I give him an orgasm, he falls off to sleep and the next day he is more self-centered and difficult.


What I have just described is pretty much our FemDom sessions. They vary slightly but each session is basically the same. I enjoy such sexual fulfillment and my husband drifts off into submissive land. The rest of the week, I assign him chores and boss him around and he is usually obedient and willing. It works for us.


Perhaps one day I will need to try strap-on play or water sports or experiment with my sadistic side by doing C/B torture but for this first year, male discipline and female body worship seems to be all we need to enjoy a wonderful female run marriage.


female domination  



From Tim S:


It took me a long time to muster up the courage to write this to you. At first I thought it was my sense of vulnerability and humiliation at confessing some dirty secrets to my wife but now I'm beginning to realize it's mostly because my wife is also changing. She is becoming more demanding, methodical and single minded in getting what she wants. And from a husband's point of view, it was tough.


However, even before we got into femdom lifestyle, I felt the effects of several major changes in our lives. I found myself doing housework and spending almost all my free time doing chores for her. My wife use to give me oral sex but now for reasons she refuses to give, she rejects violently to any requests for a blow-job. In fact, I risk a slap for even suggesting the act to her now. On the other hand, I used to be squeamish about the way my wife smells and taste so I never went down on her. However in that moment of vulnerability, guilt and shame with my confessions to her, I found myself kneeling before her and placing my lips on her sex.  A part of me knew what was happening and yet I felt so secure and at peace touching her intimate part. I think she sensed this and now asks for oral sex frequently.


My wife being 10 years older than me and of shall I say, a more assertive culture and race, used to tease me about being exhausted sexually by her since I was unable to 'get it up' after the fourth time during the same night. She started being really verbal where she would humiliate me verbally. I try to tell myself it was just play and acting but her words and tone got to me in the end. You know she really shattered my confidence in my manhood and what I thought of my masculinity.  After a while, I started to feel inadequate with my manhood. I became nervous approaching her for sex and fumbled when trying to initiate sex. Another time she told me about this other guy she knew who was well endowed and a better lover, I just broke down.


She showed me her dildo which was almost 10 inches to my 6 inches.  I realized then that my only hope of really pleasing her was through my lips and tongue. Subconsciously, I started to desire going down on her to the point where I started begging her to allow me to orally service her. Although she allowed me to service her frequently everyday, she made me work hard for it by doing chores, working out, pampering her with massages, gifts, dinners, bubble baths, etc.  But whenever I have the urge to kiss her and just make love to her traditionally by penetrating her from the top, her verbal abuse starts and I become so nervous that I even lose my erection.


I'm comforted by the fact that her taunts are never malicious. But my manhood is given no mercy. In fact, every urge I have to initiate penetrative sex with her is now purged. I'm convinced she does not really need my penis to satisfy her.  This makes me feel humble and submissive before her.  She allows me to reach orgasm only once a week and for the most part, I'm left feeling sexually unsatisfied. The irony is that the harder my erection and the higher my arousal, the higher will be my desire to serve her.


When I apologized for ever refusing to orally serve her in the past and worse being offended by her scent and taste, I incurred her wrath or so I thought it was. I was given a severe beating and spanking on my buttocks and thighs. This became her excuse to spank me whenever her mood was bad. Even though I swore to her that I crave her intimate essence now. I even proved this by begging to serve her all the time, even when she finished her aerobics or evening jog. On one occasion, I did cough and really wrinkled my face in disgust. However that was because we had sex and she asked for me to orally service her after I had come in her. The taste of my seed was horrible. My wife did not accept my explanation and I got a bad spanking again that time. She insisted we did this until I could please her with pleasure. It is really strange that the minute I submitted to her by serving her orally the first time, I gradually grew to crave her scent and taste. Maybe being a submissive man means automatically loving whatever scent and taste his lady exudes.

 female domination


When she showed me her strap on dildo for the first time, I was shocked. She told me to lie down and put my legs up in the air. I felt uncertain and afraid, as being penetrated in the ass for a man was tantamount to being a sissy or broken man. I told her I did not want to be penetrated but she only threatened to not allow me to service her and I became half hearted. When she straddled my face, facing my feet in a 69 position, I lost track of what was going on as I started licking her. Soon I felt wet slippery liquid and her fingers probing my anus. I wanted to protest but was afraid she would lift her pussy away from my mouth. I soon grew accustomed to her fingers and then it happened. I felt the enormous dildo sliding slowly into my ass. The feeling was excruciating. I felt as if I was being torn open and the sensation of being penetrated was not pleasant. It was like being invaded in my most vulnerable and concealed part. The discomfort even caused me to stop licking her. However I felt her rubbing herself on my face even as she slid the dildo in and out of my ass. As I felt her coming on my face, I felt my insides turning to liquid and flowing out.


After a long while, my wife dismounted and I realized that I had ejaculated on my tummy. My wife started laughing at my discovery. She asked me if it felt so good being fucked by a woman on the face and in the ass simultaneously, that I came. I was of course humiliated by what had happened. However I shocked her and simply told her what I felt then. I said I was happy to be fucked by her on the face and even up my ass because I love and worship her. And more importantly because she enjoyed it. After the words left my mouth, she was stunned for a few seconds before she regained her composure and said " we'll be doing a lot more of that then".


Recently, she showed me the marriage contract and I was so surprised by the details and conditions. She told me to read it after handing it to me. I was aware of the fact that she wanted all my money and future wages put into her account amongst other conditions like surrendering my earthly possessions and waiving rights to sexual gratification.  However, I was really not comfortable with consenting to her right to taking on other lovers and pleaded with her to relent on that point. She said she promised not to engage in sexual relations with other men as long as I honored the other points. To which I was relieved. I knelt before her and signed the contract. She smiled and told me to place the contract on the table and bring my wallet and a pair of scissors to her. When I returned, her skirt was pulled up and her legs wide open. I could see her wet pussy and I fell to my knees and just as I was about to touch her with my lips, she pushed my forehead back with her finger and crossed her legs. She said "aren't we forgetting something?" I look puzzled and then she took my wallet and pulled out all my credit and visa cards. She handed me the scissors and watched as I cut them all up. Finally when I was done, she opened her legs and I feasted on her womanhood.


This is by no means an exhaustive account nor is it a perfect account. However it reflects the changes in our lifestyle and mutual consent as well as satisfaction. My wife has complete control over my time, money and sexual release. I could never say No to her and would never even if I could. We no longer have arguments about expenditures, on where to eat, where to go on a holiday, what to do on weekends, what movies to watch...etc. All I need to say is a simple 'yes dear' and let her lead. Things have changed so much that the memory of me trying to ask my wife for oral sex and me finding her scent repulsive seem so foreign and unthinkable! As she grows more dominant, I grow more submissive.


Just for the record, my wife is a beautiful woman who is voluptuous, intelligent and sophisticated as much as she is dominant. I enjoy submitting to her in any and every way possible. I never thought I could be happy kneeling before her and servicing her orally. I'm glad she took the step to change me. Thank you for your indirect assistance.


 female domination



From Katrina D:


Dear Elise, I want to ask you if this is Female Domination...I am young and a college student at UGA.  I am curious as to whether this is really domination?  I have an extreme oral fetish.  I love to be kissed and licked on my vagina...and I guess you could say it is my favorite sexual activity.  Anyhow, the oral fetish goes even further.  I am a swallower and I enjoy giving oral sex on a man as well. 


I work at a tanning salon and hair cuttery.  This really cute guy named Edward started getting his hair cut here and he had all I like...short black hair and tan skin...tall, dark and handsome.  He told the girl who cuts his hair that he had a "little crush on me."  Anyway, I was working closings and he came in there and I knew he liked me and what turned me on so much was his shyness.  He blushed when he saw me and would not look in my eye.  He talked really softly and said that he was going to tan.   I told him which bed to go use.  He came out and I felt really catty and cocky.  I kind of said sternly..."come here."  He walked really slowly over and I said COME HERE!  He did and I said "Now look into my eyes." He did and was blushing.  Almost scared.


I said to him, "did you say you have a crush on me."  He said he did and I said, do you think I'm pretty?  He said he did, and I don't know where this came from, but I had to say.  "Of course you do, but you can't have me.  I'm too pretty for you."


He just looked like he was going to cry, but I loved it!  Then I walked up to him and put my hands down his pants and felt his penis and it was rock-hard!  I told him to come with me...I locked up the salon and I lead him into my car and left for my apartment.  He kept asking me questions, I had no idea what I was doing, felt crazy, and I didn't answer any of the questions.


I didn't even talk to him though, I told him to come in.  He walked in and I told him to take off his clothes.  He just turned red and did.  Then I scolded him for having pubic hair.  He started to talk and I interrupted him and told him I wanted him to take a bath.  He went back there and I walked in and took one of my razors and some shave gel.  I told him I was going to shave his penis and pubic area, scrotum, etc.  When he was done, I told him to shave me.  He did.  Then I dried him off and told him to go into my bedroom. 


He did and I walked in with a bathrobe on.  He was laying on my bed, scared.  He had an erection and I told him to get up and get on his knees.  He did and I walked over and said, "Now...lick me."  I told him to kiss my feet and lick his way up my legs, onto my belly and finally down to my nether lips to lick me.  I pointed with my fingers where I wanted him to lick and he obliged.  I let him do this for some time and I loved the feeling of standing taller than him and watching him service me with his mouth.  It was sexually satisfying of course, but it made me feel powerful.


I eventually came and then climbed into bed with him...  I asked him if he wanted oral sex.  I told him that he was to wait for me to ask if he wanted something.  Then I knelt down and took him into my mouth...and finished up on him and swallowed.


I have been keeping him as slave for a few months now.  I shave him sometimes as much as once a week and command him to wash and shave me.  This is where I question if it is complete fem dom.  About once a week I like to give him a blowjob.  This is his reward for being good.  I bring it up and do it.  The way I do it is not what I would call dominant.  I prefer to do it on my knees in front of him (Kneeling) so that he can stroke my hair...I give him eye contact.  I like doing this and it actually makes me feel dominant and powerful.  I also have sex with him, but only me on top.  I like to ride him and  almost use him as an object.  He does what I say.  He gives me his paycheck and I give him an allowance.  His main job is to take care of me and satisfy me with his mouth. 


Is performing oral sex on a man submission?  I mean...I love doing this and it makes me feel powerful knowing I have his guy parts in my mouth and he is trusting me with them, and for me kneeling is just a part of it.  In part it appears to be a submissive act, kneeling to a man and putting his penis in your mouth.


But I enjoy this.  Is this true domination?


 female domination




From Bernard B:


I have recently met a woman who just blew my mind. Although she is a matured lady well into her forties, she still possesses the figure to turn heads of even guys in their twenties including me.


Through the occasional porn surfing and literature I've come across, I know that my lady friend is a dominant lady. The thing I don't understand is how a woman who demands, takes all the time from me but promises nothing in return can make me so crazy with desire and lust. To be precise, she has never allowed nor promised sex with me. I don't see myself as submissive but I knelt and even performed oral sex on her whilst on my knees. I've never even done that to any woman on a first date and much less after being told in the face that I would get no release or sex from her! Most times I would be told to stay in the nude while she would be fully clothed doing her own things. This made me feel even more vulnerable.


Actually I have been quite obedient except on one occasion when I merely asked that she reciprocated my oral service. I asked politely but got two hard tight slaps from her as if I was asking such a disgusting and vile favor. She said oral sex is not the same for men and women. She insisted it was an act of love and humility for a man to kneel before a woman to orally worship her. In fact she said that a real man would enjoy the experience of going down on a woman more than the woman herself. Is this true? On the other hand, she maintained that it is an insult and a most degrading act for any woman to even touch a man's penis with her mouth. I don't understand this because she seemed to take interest in seeing me in the nude and touching my penis, making me so aroused all of the time. Obviously she is interested in my manhood right? Although not to suck it. The idea of being dominant is only when you can get what you enjoy right? I thought being a woman would make any lady enjoy masculinity naturally. I mean the feel, taste, smell of a healthy endowed penis must appeal to a woman just like the taste and smell of my friend's pussy makes me aroused and light headed?


One day she surprised me by allowing me to masturbate. She had to go on a business trip and gave me an egg carton with 12 condoms in each section. My task was to fill each condom up by masturbating. The condition being that I had to recorded my voice over a tape recorder saying how much I adore, miss and worship her. All of this had to be completed within 2 1/2 days after which she will return. As I was so aroused, I completed the first three without much trouble. However gradually it got more difficult and all I had was a single fully clothed photo of her to fantasize whilst bring myself to orgasm as instructed. I do not know how but I completed the task. It wasn't perfect as I only produced tiny spurts during my last few orgasms. Even worse was the recordings where my tiredness and waning desire became evident through my choice of words and creativity in my attempts at poetry.


You won't believe what she did when she came back. I showed her the egg carton but she promptly threw it into the trash bin without looking inside. She said all she wanted was that tape to listen to when she was taking a bath and relaxing. I was too tired and shocked to protest. After her bath, I served her orally as I could not even manage an erection. This she noticed and chided me for the lack of virility. For the first time she wanted penetrative sex but I could not perform. I felt quite desperate and useless to the point of crying but then she started to soften and suggested I put more effort in my oral service as that might put some life into my limp penis. It did not make sense to me but in that embarrassed state I complied. Also because I knew my lack of sexual arousal has diminished my sexual ardor in serving her orally. I remember being so proud when my manhood did become erect after a long session of licking her. Although it was more semi erect than erect I was proud nonetheless and even showed it to her. She smiled and said her leash has come to life again!


I really adore my lady friend and often wonder the objectives and intentions of her demands on me. I know she does not like to explain her ways and methods but perhaps it would help me to become a better submissive if I had some clue of what I am supposed to think and react.


 facesitting femdom



From John U:


When I was about 20, I had a lovely girlfriend of similar age.  We were very fond of each other, but for family reasons, she was very scared of getting pregnant, and didn't trust contraception, so for quite a while we used our hands on each other, and I would suckle her beautiful breasts in accordance with her instructions.  Strangely, although she was quite skilled with her hands, she hardly ever brought me quite to ejaculation, although she enjoyed her own orgasms from my care.  When at last she did let me cum, she told me to eat my own semen from her hand, which was a great surprise to me.


Wanting to become more intimate, after a few weeks of this I asked if she would allow me to kiss and lick her pussy, which she smilingly agreed.  Our first such experience was in the back of my Alfa, and as I cautiously explored her slippery folds, she urged me on and guided my inexperienced tongue.  As I pushed it into her body as deep as I could, she was very pleased with me.  "That's the best yet," she said, so I increased my efforts, wiggling and squirming my tongue as I kissed and sucked at her pussy lips.


We soon established this worship into our relationship, with lots of affection, hugging and kissing.  When we went out in the evening, or had an afternoon free, we would often end snuggling naked together, and I was always keen to slither down between her thighs, where I could kiss and lick her deeply and passionately without pause, until at last she would tell me she'd had enough, and draw me upwards.  She would reward me with stroking and rubbing of my swollen member, although again, very seldom to my orgasm.  This only seemed to increase my love and desire for her, which continues to this day.


I never thought there was anything unusual about our relationship, which developed so naturally, but I was interested to see how it just seems to match some of the stories on your site.  She reacts kindly and warmly to a considerate and caring man, but she can be quite tough and forceful if faced with selfishness or lack of consideration.


Some years later, we have met again, and the lively spark is still present between us.  Although we have both had more conventional sexual experiences in the past, with our previous relationship still strong in my memory, I want nothing more than to kneel or lie between her gorgeous thighs, and to worship at that lovely feminine shrine until and unless she asks more of me.  I still cherish and support her, and need to devote myself to her comfort and happiness.



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