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Femdom Through Male Chastity and Orgasm Denial

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From Julia:



Like most women, I was hesitant and I had my doubts at first when my husband approached me about his submissive nature. We attended a D&S support group meeting and we visited a Professional Dom together. My husband was very hesitant as the more dominant I grew, the more concerned he was that he was losing too much control. Well, he was right because I did take all control from him. I got him to sign that marriage contract and I didn't stop there.


The one plank in that contract that really excited me was the one where I was allowed to deny him orgasms while I was entitled to as many as I wanted. I can't explain why this excited me so much but it did. I got a taste of what it was like to deny him for a prolonged period of time and I loved it. He was so much better behaved and attentive to my needs when he was sexually frustrated and denied.


I got in the habit of denying him longer and longer periods of times. Then when I did allow him an orgasm, it was in humiliating ways, like making him hump my leg like a dog. I on the other hand, made my husband give me lots of orgasms. He became quite skilled at orally servicing me while at the same time he fucked me with one of my large and thick dildos. My sex drive has never been as strong as it has been this past year I am having the most intense orgasms of my life.


I wanted to experiment with the whole cuckolding thing, as the thought of another man having sex with me while my sexually denied and frustrated husband was forced to watch, really excited me. But things took a very unexpected turn about three months ago. Through this D&S group we attend on rare occasions, I met a woman who is a staunch Feminist. She is really a believer in Female supremacy and Female domination. She also happens to be a lesbian. Now I have never been a lesbian and I have never fantasized about having sex with a woman. However, I found myself attracted to this woman and vice versa. We developed a friendship and now we have become lovers. This has been wonderful.


She loves to help me dominate my husband and she is a total believer in male chastity. Last month, against my husband's protests, we had a permanent chastity device installed on him. We took him and had him get a Prince Albert piercing in his penis and my friend bought him a chastity tube from a Mistress Lori she found on the web and we installed it. It locked through the Prince Albert piercing and now he can't escape no matter how hard he tries because I have the key and we cut off and filed the end of the screws. He can function normally as far as going to the bathroom and showering but he can't orgasm with this device installed. I don't know when I will allow him to orgasm again. He' s been denied for two months now as I denied him for a month before he got the Prince Albert piercing and chastity device and now he's been wearing it for an additional month.


My husband is not happy about this arrangement to say the least but I know how to read him and I can tell that deep inside he is excited about his lot. His submission is really growing. I now make him do all of the cooking and housework. We got a French-maid outfit for him and we make him dress in that or in other feminine clothing as he does his chores each evening. He still goes to work each day but his paycheck is deposited into my account and I only give him a small allowance. He comes home each night and changes into his maid outfit and cooks my dinner and goes about his chores.


I discipline him once a week as I grade his housework. If he's been a good boy, I pull him over my lap and give him a hard spanking with my paddles and hairbrush. If he hasn't pleased me or if he has displayed any negative male behavior during the week, I take him to the basement and I tie him to the post and I administer a severe whipping using my whips and canes. Regardless if it is a spanking or a whipping, after his punishment, I strap-on my rubber phallus and I fuck him up his ass long and hard to remind him that he is in submission to me. Strap-on play always breaks him and causes him to melt into deep submission. Strap-on play is the only kind of sex he receives now that I have a female lover.


My lover comes over about three nights a week for sex. My husband must wait on us, prepare diner and be ready to bring us anything that we request. Making love to a woman is very sensual and I never dreamed it could be so erotic. I must admit that what makes it so special is the thought that my husband is being denied and cut off from my pussy.


We have put my husband on a very strict diet and exercise regiment as he goes to the gym four mornings a week before he goes to work. We also give him regular enemas as my female lover assists me in this task. She loves to watch him squirm from the enema as he begs us for permission to relieve himself. He fasts for twenty-four hours before we give him the enema. He has never been in better shape or health as he is now. Our goal is to further his feminization in the months to come. I always remind him that he is the one who introduced this lifestyle to me therefore he had better get use to being my little sissy submissive husband.


I never expected to become such a Feminist and Female Supremacist and I definitely never expected to become a lesbian. I am still not sure that I will always be in a lesbian relationship because I still am attracted to men. My lover knows that I am still committed to my husband and that while I value her friendship and care very deeply for her, the sexual part of this relationship is still a part of my growth and experimentation in my own sexuality. My heart still belongs toward my husband even if I do enjoy him being chaste and denied.


male chastity






From Bruno M:


I am a 27 year old man from Italy (sorry for my english). I married two years ago. At the beginning all was ok, but after few months my wife, a beautiful woman 29 year old, started to talk about women domination. She said that I had to submit to her. I was astonished. She asked me to wear a chastity device. I accepted, just thought it was a joke. But it was not a joke. After few days I asked my wife to remove the device, she said no. I could not get it off and she had the key. It was very frustrating.


Even worse, she started to tease me all the time. When at home, she was always very sexy, often completely naked. After two weeks of such treatment I become almost crazy and accepted to completely submit to my wife. Now I do all the things that usually women do at home and all (money too) is under control of my wife. I always wear this chastity device. About twice a month I am allowed to masturbate. I do this during a party organized by my wife for other women that she wants to introduce to a dominant style of life.


Her friends (all women) that she invites really enjoy my performance. I am dressed like a young girl, with a frilly bra and a short skirt. This is short enough that the chastity device is easily in view. I must serve them tea very politely. Her friends often want to take a close look at the device and see how I can piss while wearing it. So we go to the bathroom, where I sit and pee like a woman. To piss this way, namely seated like a woman, in front of other women is terribly embarrassing for me.


In the first weeks of our marriage we had sex all the time. In my view this is what women want. But now my wife keeps me locked in this device and sex is forbidden with her. Forced chastity destroyed my male ego and now I am completely submitted to her. Please post this on your site as she is requesting that I write you to further my humiliation.


male chastity





From Ms Claire:


I now have discovered another way to frustrate the man I love, my husband. As if sex and orgasm denial through cuckolding isn't enough, I've now decided to embrace the art of "Boot Denial." Let me explain.


My husband is a boot fanatic. The moment he sees them on women (and especially me, in our own home), he gets erect. Plain heels do nothing for him, but my black leather, knee high platform boots drive him insane. He works hard and he bought me a pair of sexy black leather platform boots. To further my dominance over him, I've decided that from now on my husband will see me in heels only. The only time I'm going to wear my new boots is when I'm going to visit my boyfriend. I told my husband that, even though he worked hard to buy me those boots, they are no longer "for him." They are for my boyfriend who, quite coincidentally, is wacky about boots too. It's an honor to wear them for him.


Also, in an attempt to shame my husband even more, he is to buy the condoms that my boyfriend and I use during sex. We save our money to enjoy times out together, but my husband's dough supports our healthy, sexual lifestyle. I always request that he buy the "extra large" size, which my well endowed boyfriend needs.


It has now been close to four months (I believe) since my husband's last orgasm. He is suffering, I can tell. But I, on the other hand, am enjoying life. I enjoy sex and dating my boyfriend, and I simply adore playing the bitch, teasing and making my husband feel shame and suffering. I think he hates being denied access to worshiping me in my boots more than he hates being denied orgasms. But he told me one thing. He loves me. And I love him.


male chastity





From Ray L:


I am writing to you at the request of my mistress. She has asked me to tell you about our lifestyle.


Mistress and I met on the Internet 4 years ago and we talked at great length about our sexual interests and the topic of female superiority. Mistress is very, very serious about orgasm denial. Once it was established that we were serious about meeting each other in person and possibly exploring a lifestyle together, mistress insisted that I give up masturbation all together and wear a chastity device for her. If I was serious about being her submissive, I would be honored to be her chaste servant and give her complete authority over my orgasms and sexual release.


Her demand was an incredible turn on and I told her so, but as exciting as this was to think about, I told her I wasn't sure if I had the self discipline to go through with it. She said; "Silly, that is what the chastity device is for!" She had a point, and I agreed to give it a try.


Mistress pointed me to a very secure chastity device she had seen on the web and asked me to purchase it and notify her once it had arrived and I had been wearing it continually for at least 1 week. There was to be no contact between us until this had transpired. If I found that I could not go through with it, she would understand, but it would be the end of our relationship and there would be no more contact between us. I agreed and the rest is history.


I contacted her after a hellish week of wearing the device. Mistress asked me how it fit and if it was comfortable. I said that it was, but that the sexual frustration was unbelievable. Mistress was pleased!


Mistress asked me if I was still willing to go forward with our plans and I told her that I was. Mistress told me to remain in the device and that she would mail me a lock to which she had the key. If I were still serious about being her submissive, I would be honored to do wear her lock. I agreed to this and to make a long story short, I spent a sexually frustrating, but incredibly exciting six months of sexual torment online and over the telephone before she agreed to meet me in person.


When we finally did meet in person it was according to her detailed instructions. She mailed me the directions and a key to her home and instructed me to go there while she was still at work. The instructions said I was to go to the living room where there was a camcorder set up. I was to turn it on and set it to record. Then I was to stay in front of the camera at all times. The instructions said I was to strip completely naked, put a pair of her soiled panties over my mouth and nose and then put on and lock a leather hood (with a mouth opening) onto my head. Then I was to kneel facing the camera and put on a pair of handcuffs behind my back and wait for her. I was to remain on my knees and she would review the video to assure that I did not lower my behind to sit on my legs.


I did exactly as she instructed and the tension and arousal inside my chastity device was incredible. After what seemed like several hours, I heard her come in the house. She came into the room, she said hello and that she was happy to see that I had complied with all of her instructions. She said she was going to test me tonight to see if I were worthy to be a live in submissive and if I did not pass it would be over between us. If I did pass the test, I would be her live in slave and among other things, I would be eating an incredible amount of pussy! I heard her ask me to nod if I would like that. Of course I nodded vigorously.


Well that night, I orally serviced her many times while still wearing the hood. This went on for hours. I also receive golden showers from her in the bathtub. Later that night, she asked me if I was still willing to commit to being her live in submissive and to finally see her for the first time. I nodded that I was and she removed the hood and panties from my face. It took a moment for my eyes to adjust to the light, but once they did, I reveled in her beauty! I was totally enamoured by what I hoped would become my new lifestyle Mistress.


She asked me if I were ready to commit to her and I said that I was. She asked me to sign a line on a contract where I agreed never to orgasm without permission and that I would never ask, hint or imply that I would like sexual attention. I signed another line agreeing never to masturbate for the duration of our relationship. Another signature that I would never orgasm with anyone other than her. Yet another signature agreeing to wear a chastity device when and as she saw fit, including a permanent device if that was her desire. Another signature agreeing that I would make no demands of any kind or have any say over her sex life or love life. I was to be her servant and not her lover. Another signature that I would agreed to serve any and all of her female friends in any way she saw fit. And finally a signature that I agreed to give her exclusive and total authority over my orgasms and sexual release and that I would abide by her rules without question.


After signing, she thanked me for making a commitment to her and then she told me that she was going to explain some of her policies to me on the topic of sex. She explained that since I was a servant, I would never be allowed to penetrate her or anyone else. She also explained that She has never and has no intention of giving hand jobs or blow jobs to servants and that she would not allow anyone else to perform this on me either. That would be totally degrading.


She asked me if I would like to ask any questions. I thought a moment and asked her about all of the restrictions on my sexual and orgasmic activities and how or when would I be allowed to have an orgasm. She said that is a very good point, because between the way we have contracted our relationship and her policies, there really wasn't a way for me to have an orgasm. She then said that since there was no provision for me to have an orgasm, it would probably be best for me to wear a permanent chastity device and have it secured with piercings. I told her I wasn't sure about this, but she said I signed all of the contracts willing and then she said that I had to admit the idea of this was an incredible turn on. I had to agree that it was. She asked me if I would be able to serve her with honor and I said that it would be a deep honor to serve her.


Well, it has been several years since my last orgasm and I am in a constant state of arousal. As frustrating as it is, I must admit that I like it very much and Mistress is always saying how my permanently chaste state ensures that I will always know who is in charge around here. And of course, Mistress is right. Once a month, Mistress gives me a prostate milking to keep me healthy.


So, what is our life like? Well, Mistress brings me to D/s social events and we host them often as well. I am always available to serve her and her friends in any way they desire. I serve Mistress often and have even been permitted to orally service a few of her female friends. I must tell you that oral servitude while chaste is an incredible experience. The arousal is so intense that it can not be described. I don't think I will ever completely adjust to the fact that I will never be able to orgasm in any way or fashion, but Mistress does a good job of keeping this interesting and titillating for me.


 male chastity




From Jean A:



I was at the university when I met a very beautiful and intelligent girl and I fell in love with Her. One year later, I gained Her heart, She ended her relationship with another guy and we started dating. We spent three wonderful years together. We loved each other and we were very happy.


There was no d/s practice in our relationship, except a light play with handcuffs. She liked to squeeze my nipples while I was lying with my hands cuffed under Her (and my penis moving into Her), to slap me across the face and to tell me I am a naughty boy at the same time. But She was not dominant in real; She did it just because She knew I liked it. We often switched the roles too. This vanilla relationship continued until last year.


This past year I managed to enter Her e-mail box by giving the answer to Her secret question. We knew each other very well and I managed to answer the question, so I started reading Her e-mails with very big interest. However, I was devastated when I found that for one year She had been dating (and having Sex) with another guy, besides me. But somehow this aroused me.


I called Her and invited Her home, so that we could discuss a "very important" situation. She was astonished and a bit ashamed when I told Her I knew everything about Her affair with another man - a doctor in the local hospital. I asked Her why She had done this to me? And there was a sudden switch in Her attitude.


Instead of arguing or apologizing, She started to shout that I was not attentive to Her needs enough, I didn't buy Her flowers and gifts, I didn't take Her to dinners, and first of all - in three whole years, I never Attempted to service Her orally, although She had a really nice, well shaven and always clean pussy. All these things She received from the other man, She said. He was 28 (I'm 24) and a very experienced lover as well. She also said he didn't know about me. She was a total bitch and She confessed that I had not satisfied her in bed from a very long time.


All these confessions made me sink deep into my innate submission, so I kneeled before Her almost in tears, I hugged Her legs and I confessed that I loved Her and I would do everything she wishes, except to break up with her. She said she also loved me, but She was a beautiful woman (a model in fact) and She had her female needs. Here I must add that She is a very sexual person and that She enjoys sex very much in all of its forms. In that very moment I decided to try to bring my never mentioned fantasies into reality.


I confessed my submission to Her and I told Her that I would like to be Her sexual slave. It was easier than I had expected, because we knew each other very well and there was no shame for me. In fact, She already knew about the submissive part of me. And to my utmost surprise, She immediately agreed. But in one condition - She could continue to see Her other lover, and as far as our relationship, She would have the right to decide "what and where" as it concerned all things. I was in heaven. I couldn't believe my ears, so without hesitation, I agreed.


A week or so later, I found your web site and I recommended it to Her. She read it all and this was the point of no return in our mutual life as a Dom and a sub. Day by day, She started to dominate my entire life, to humiliate me and to make me become more and more submissive. Her name is Sylvia and she told me I had the chance to keep Her forever (which meant to marry Her) but first She had to "correct" some of my bad habits, so She could be sure She had a nice and loving husband beside Her.


The first nasty habit to remove was masturbation, of course. She knew I was frequently masturbating and I knew She knew! So She said from that day on I had to be absolutely honest with Her and answer directly all of Her questions by only telling the truth. If I did not comply, She would leave me forever. This was something I really did not want to happen of course. So She forbade me to touch my penis for pleasure and if I did it by mistake, I had to confess immediately. And off we go.


I couldn't stand even one week, then I brought myself to orgasm. Two days later She asked me "Did you do something wrong, honey?" And I confessed that I did. I'll never forget what she did next. She then cuffed my arms to the bed, and started to arouse me, playing with my nipples and my dick. She even let me penetrate her and in the moment I started moaning from pleasure, She stood up, She slapped me across the face and squeezed my balls very, very firmly. It was pure agony! And I was unable to escape from Her grip because of the handcuffs. She then said this was the lightest punishment for disobeying Her and if I did what I did again, I would be punished more severely. She mounted my face and I pleased her orally. It was the first time I tried to, so I didn't do a great job, although I was very enthusiastic. She said it was a disgusting performance and for that I would be in sexual denial until I learned how to please Her.


In the next month She had sex only with her other lover and from time to time She came to my house and taught me what to do with my mouth to Her "feminine beauty down there". I was honest to Her and I did not masturbate not even once during this month. The last day She aroused me very much, promising this would be THE night, but as soon as I entered Her, She looked at Her watch and said "Damn it, I almost forgot about my date". And She left me - ultimately frustrated, and went to have sex with the other guy. I was in hell. But still I did not masturbate. I kept my promise and I am very proud with myself.


Finally, three days later, She allowed me to have sex with Her, but guess what - with a vibrator. I never knew She possessed one. I was explained that my dick was of no use anymore because of the "gifts" nature had given to Her lover - the doctor. So, the following days I continued to please Her - orally, with my Fingers and with the vibrator, but never with my penis.


Two weeks passed in this way. I learned to always bring Her flowers and small gifts (chocolates, small jewelry etc.). When I went to see Her, I learned to compliment Her always when I find something different in Her - a new dress, a new hair color or whatever else. But the problem was the I was getting so horny that I was unable to resist the temptation to bring myself to orgasm any longer. Being ultimately honest as She had requested, I confessed this to Her. She then said that maybe I could cum, but only when She decided and that this moment was still far away.


In the meantime, I was surfing the net, reading about female domination, becoming more and more aroused by this way of life and that's how I discovered the world of chastity belts. I had never known such devices really existed. My girlfriend didn't neither. I told Her that maybe this is the only way to prevent myself from my own hands, and of course, She was very enthusiastic about the idea. That's how I entered a CB-2000. I am still wearing it today.


I am allowed only one orgasm a month - if I behave "like a real gentleman" which means I don't get an orgasm every month. Also, when She unlocks me, She is always there to watch carefully while I shave and wash myself. She then teases me - it is an unbearable mixture of pain and pleasure, and I make love to Her in the different ways explained above, knowing that there will be no release. Not until the next month, if I am good.


When I get ultimately aroused, when my balls become big and my throbbing member starts leaking with pre-cum, She puts ice on it and locks it back into the chastity belt. It is terrible and fantastic at the same time. When I beg Her for permission to cum (which She hates a lot) She shows me the drops of my pre-cum and says "Didn't you just cum? What else do you want?" And if I continue to argue and to insist, She squeezes my swollen balls in Her palm. I am in terrible agony after such treatment, but my sexual desire always disappears. She calls this "help". And I quickly learned not to ask Her for release any more in order to avoid Her "helping" me in my situation. She also likes to say that my sexual frustration is not one of Her problems, because She has NO sexual problems, since She dates such a gifted man - the Doctor.


I am at the bottom of submission when I hear these words coming out of Her sweet, sexy mouth. God, I love this Woman. And She loves me too - in a very unusual and somewhat cruel way. That's how life was for the past year. We got engaged and we are getting married next month in a private and secret ceremony so her boyfriend and lover does not find out. I am honored that she has chosen me to marry so that proves to me how much she loves me and how much she enjoys being a Dominant bitch to me.


She says I will be wearing my chastity belt 24/7 even after the wedding, although we will be living together and She will have the opportunity to control me in person more often. Her boyfriend and lover the Doctor thinks I am her cousin. That is what she has told him about me. She has come up with a very wicked idea for our honeymoon trip. She wants her wedding night to be about her dominance and my humiliation. Her idea is to invite the doctor to come with us. That way I will have to put up with them having sex during OUR honeymoon and pretending to be only a cousin of Hers. Of course, the doctor will have no idea that this is our honeymoon.


I enjoy this lifestyle, I believe in female supremacy and I am willing to be Her slave, because I love Her, and She loves me too. I love submitting to her dominance but I am not happy about her plans for our honeymoon.


male chastity  






From Dustin K:


I am a submissive man who is married to a woman who is now my 24/7 Mistress. Although we are still legally married, my current role is that of my wife' slave.


My wife Sarah and I were married at the age of twenty-eight. I told her of my submissive fantasies and she role-played with me some at the beginning of our marriage but for the most part she showed little interest in D&S or Female Domination. We had a good marriage but we often fought as we both tried to dominate the other when it came to who would make the decisions in our marriage. The funny thing is that we attended pre-martial counseling to avoid such conflicts and my wife told our counselor that she wanted me to be the head of our marriage. However, once we were married, she found out that she did not enjoy being submissive to me so she tried to get things her way all of the time. This caused some pretty good fights between us. I was interested in Female Domination  but I also wanted to call the shots in our marriage. I guess I felt that I knew what was best and so did she.


Other than our occasional power struggles, we enjoyed a close friendship and a good marriage for the first seven years. Then about four years ago at the age of thirty-five, my wife discovered that I had been visiting FemDom sites on the Internet. My wife knows more about computers than I do and I did not realize that our browser kept a history of all the sites we visited. She knew this so she monitored what sites I was visiting.


I had told my wife about my FemDom fantasies when we first got married so she was not too surprised by her discovery of my web surfing habits. Unbeknownst to me, Sarah began to read the sites I visited and found a few that she enjoyed as well. She started from the sites that I visited and she found others through links that lead to other sites. She became interested in the FemDom sites that talked about how women can use their husband's fantasies to their advantage. She particularly liked your site, Mistress Lori's chastity site and Patty and Ron's male chastity site. Her favorite sites were about male chastity.


Sarah kicked around the idea of Female Domination over the next year as she debated within herself if this was a lifestyle she wanted to pursue with me. She continued to monitor my web activity and she continued to do her own research. Eventually she told me about her discovering my web surfing habits and she began to ask me questions. Three years ago, Sarah came to me and asked me if I still wanted to be dominated by her in the bedroom. I told her that I did as I had fantasized about it since I was a teenager. Sarah calmly explained to me that she would be willing to dominate me but it had to be real to her and not a game in order for her to enjoy it. She was honest and told me that she also needed to get something out of this lifestyle. She said that she would have to take it out of the bedroom in order for it to be fulfilling to her. She explained to me that her fantasy was to become the head of our marriage and to force me into total submission to her in all areas of our life. I was excited and hesitant about her proposal but I figured I could always manipulate her and top her from below if need be, therefore I agreed. I totally underestimated her resolve and commitment.


It started out being everything I had hoped for. We communicated about everything and Sarah asked me what kind of D&S type activities I desired and she did them to me. She bought books like "S&M 101" and "Different Loving" so she could be knowledgeable about D&S activities. It started out with her wearing sexy leather outfits and her spanking me and tying me up. We had frequent sex during these sessions and I was really enjoying it. Also, she was making very few demands on me outside of the bedroom so I figured I was having my cake and eating it too. That soon began to change.


Sarah bought me a CB2000 and told me that she wanted me to get use to wearing a chastity device. The thought of her controlling my sexual release was exciting to her and although I was not crazy about the idea, I knew I had to try things that interested her if I wanted her to continue to dominate me in the bedroom, so I agreed to wear it. It was bulky and uncomfortable at first but I eventually got use to wearing it. She did not make me wear it for long periods of time in the beginning so I was kind of enjoying the chastity scene. However, once I started to get use to the CB2000, Sarah began to make me wear it for weeks at a time. She worked me into this but once she had me where she wanted me, she began to exercise some real dominance over me. It was exciting but also scary. I had never seen this side to Sarah. She became almost consumed with her power and a desire to dominate me.


The longer I was denied, the more aroused and obedient I was to her. I began to desire to worship her body all the time. Sarah began to have me orally pleasure her for long sessions. I was always locked up in the CB2000 and I would have to tongue her ass and lick her pussy for hours. Sarah was always a sensual woman but she became even more sexual with her new dominance over me. By the way, Sarah is a brunette with long hair, dark eyes, about 5"5' and a large but firm and voluptuous body. She has large breasts, a large ass and she is big boned and firm, but not fat.


I was becoming so frustrated and I was begging her for sexual release. I use to masturbate but now I was no longer able to masturbate and Sarah was only allowing me to climax about once every two weeks. I found this to be very frustrating. I was beginning to dream about Sarah and her body. I was having problems concentrating at work, as she was on my mind almost all of the time. I was becoming more submissive toward her as well. She was beginning to make all the decisions in our marriage and I found myself agreeing with her and not arguing. All I wanted to do was lick her pussy and be smothered by her ass. Sarah did lots of face sitting sessions with me and I could not get enough of orally pleasuring her and she could not get enough pleasure. I would grow so hard and fill the CB2000 cage and my balls would ache from being aroused and denied. I would go to bed and fantasize about Sarah and the only relief I was getting were occasional wet dreams. When I would confess this to her, she would punish me by administering a whipping. Sarah did not particularly enjoy whipping me, as she was not that interested in the physical areas of D&S. Sarah enjoys the psychological power exchange and that is why forced male chastity excited her. Nevertheless, she would punish me physically when I disobeyed her and wet dreams were a violation of her rules. So she would tie me to her bed and whip me quite hard with a riding crop she had purchased.


Sarah was assigning me chores to do around the house and she was severely limiting my television and Internet time. Sarah began to shave my body and make me hairless. My genitals were already hairless, as this was a must to wearing the CB2000. But now Sarah was also shaving my underarms, my chest, my legs and my entire body. She wanted me smooth and hairless for her. She experimented with feminizing me and she would dress me up in feminine lingerie and have me do chores around the house. She also had me orally service her while I was dressed feminine. Once again, I was becoming more submissive toward her. I desired her more and we would have marathon sessions where she would sit on my face and I would tongue her ass and lick her to multiple orgasms. We also experimented with me using toys on her like a dildo and a vibrator. Sex was becoming totally about her orgasms and satisfaction and less about mine. My only orgasms were supervised masturbation sessions that she monitored. She kept extending the times between orgasms and pretty soon, I was only getting sexual relief about once every four to six weeks.


Sarah grew tired of the forced feminization and she decided that she liked controlling me better when I looked masculine but acted feminine. About two years ago at the age of thirty-seven, Sarah took our relationship to the edge. She wanted ultimate control over me. She loved being the boss and she knew she never wanted to go back. Sarah found a web site by a Mistress Lori who sold chastity devices. On this site, Lori talked about making your husband into a male lesbian. This really excited Sarah, as this is how our relationship had practically become. I was permitted to make love to my voluptuous wife using only my tongue and her toys. She was cutting my orgasms back to longer periods of denial.


Sarah came to me one day and said that we needed to have an important discussion. Sarah knew that she had gained incredible control over me but she also knew that this lifestyle had to be one of mutual respect and consent. Sarah told me that she was going to give me a choice. She liked our current arrangement but she wanted total power and control over me. Although I had become a pretty good submissive husband, she still felt that I challenged her authority at times and she did not like how I always questioned her about her comings and goings. Sarah told me that in her judgment, what was holding her back from exerting total power over me was the fact that I still viewed myself as her husband and this caused me to try to have an equal footing with her. Sarah said that while most couples can balance between the two, she could not.



She was honest with me and told me that she loved dominating and controlling a man the way she was dominating and controlling me. Sarah told me that she wanted to transform me from being her submissive husband into a male lesbian and into her 24/7 slave. She showed me pictures she had printed off of Lori's chastity site of permanent chastity devices. Sarah then told me that she wanted to place such a device on me. The choice was mine; I could be her husband or her slave, but not both. If I chose to be her husband, then all D&S activities would stop and we would both try to put our FemDom desires aside. However, if I chose to be her slave, then she would take me as deep into submission as a man can go to a woman. I would cease being her husband and would exist to tend to her needs and desires with no right to ever question her. She gave me a week to decide but she added that if I would decide to be her slave, this decision would be the last decision she would ever allow me to make.


I could not get over how dominant she had become. She was so hot and desirable like this. I felt weak in the knees and I knew that I wanted to be her slave. If she had given me this choice a year prior, I may have chosen to remain her husband but after experiencing her dominant and controlling nature, I knew that I would not be satisfied with being anything other than her 24/7 slave. I did have one concern. I asked her, if I decided to be her slave, would I still get to be intimate with her by orally servicing her ass and pussy? Sarah told me that she enjoyed me being her male lesbian and that she had no plans to end that part of our relationship. However, she told me that once I was her slave, that she had the right to change things. As long as I pleased her, she would more than likely allow me access to worship some areas of her body but it would be a reward and a privilege and not a right. She also told me that she would have the right to date and take a lover if I were her slave. She promised me that she had no one in mind at this time but she wanted me to know that once I was her slave, it would be none of my business what she did or who she saw.


I hesitated but her matter of fact and confident way of telling me all of this excited me. I took the entire week and thought about it long and hard. At the end of the week, I went to Sarah and told her that I loved her and that I decided that our relationship was best with her in charge. Therefore, I chose to be her slave. Sarah smiled her approval of my decision and she made me kneel before her. She went and got a dog collar and placed it around my neck and she ordered me to humble myself by kissing her feet.



Sarah ordered me one of Lori's chastity devices off of her site and she took me to see a woman she had met who did body piercing. I did not know what she had in mind but once we got to this woman's place and I found out, I hesitated and slightly protested. Sarah stood up to me and dominated me with her voice right in front of this other woman. I backed down. I had lost all of my backbone to her. I am kind of ashamed to admit this, but I was so pussy whipped by my wife that I allowed this woman to pierce my penis with a frenum piercing and then they installed Mistress Lori's permanent chastity device on me. It was not permanent right away, but it would soon become that.


My body accepted the piercing and chastity device and Sarah monitored how I did in it over the next six months. I was able to do all functions like urinate and shower. However, this device was so restrictive, that I could no longer get a full erection. Sarah would not let me out of it (it had a lock on it and she had the key) but she gave me a monthly orgasm via a prostate milking. The milking gave me release but not pleasure. It was very frustrating but this only further excited Sarah. The good news for me was that the more she was excited the more I got to orally pleasure her. Sarah bought an attachment to the chastity device which is a latex sheath that goes over the chastity device so the woman can have intercourse but the man feels no pleasure. This was incredible frustrating. Sarah would mount my penis and ride me but I could feel no sensations. I loved watching her breasts bounce up and down and feeling her body on top of mine, but it was really weird not feeling her pussy even though I was inside of her.


Once Sarah determined that I could function in my permanent chastity device, she had some more surprises in store for me. Sarah was basking in her power and control over me but she wanted that control to be total and complete. Sarah had legal documents made up where all of our assets were transferred to her. Furthermore, she required that my paycheck be direct deposited into her account. Sarah had found a feminist lawyer and she took me to see her. Sarah ordered me to sign the papers that gave her power of attorney over all of my affairs, legal control over all of our assets and other such things. One document stated that I agreed to our form of an alternative lifestyle and that I would never hold it against my wife legally. One of the sections in that document was my confession that it was my idea and my choice to wear a chastity device and that I wanted my wife to deny me sexual release. Another section said that I consented to my wife having sexual relations with another person if she would ever so choose because it was all a part of our alternative lifestyle and thus I agreed to never hold it against her legally.


I was terrified by all of this but I became aroused and submissive when she presented it for me to sign. The woman who gave me the piercing showed up and was the legal witness. I was there in the presence of three women, my wife, her friend and the female lawyer. I will never forget how submissive and humiliated I felt as Sarah handed me the pen to sign these documents. I was also excited and although I could not get erect due to the chastity device, I was full of submission and sexual excitement. I willfully signed the documents and Sarah and the female witness added their signatures. It was official. I was now under my wife's total control and dominance. Sarah had achieved her goal but that was not the end of it for me on this day.


After we left the lawyers office, we went back to her friend's place where I had gotten pierced and fitted with my chastity device. Sarah and her female friend removed the device for the first time in over six months but they quickly reinstalled it but this time with the breakable screws that Lori offers with her chastity devices. Sarah then informed me that since I was no longer her husband but her slave, that my chastity would be permanent. Once the device was firmly back in place, she broke off the ends of the screws and her friend filed the ends. Now the only way out would be to get the chastity device cut off medically. I have been in this device ever since and I am milked once a month for release but I am no longer able to get fully erect.


Since that day, Sarah has really stepped up her dominance over me. I do all the household work now and I am only permitted to orally service her as a reward for excellent servitude. Sarah makes me work hard for the right to tongue her ass and lick her pussy. I am in total submission to Sarah. She is now my Mistress and only my wife in a legal sense. I am whipped once a week for discipline and I do all the housework for her. She owns everything and I am her slave. I sexually desire her all the time and I have become her male lesbian when she permits me intimacy. It has been a real challenge adjusting to this but overall I must confess that I am happy. I love her and I feel very attached to her. We have connected in ways I never would have dreamed was possible. I would be very content for things to have stopped there. However, she wanted to go even deeper.


Sarah met a younger man (twenty-nine) whom she wanted to date. He is also a submissive man and Sarah trained him to be a good submissive and after she became comfortable with him, she took him to bed. His name is Shawn and he has become Sarah's boyfriend and lover. She has sex with him and I am not talking about just allowing him to worship her body. He actually gets to fuck her. Sarah told me that she feels this is good for me because it is ridding me of all male jealousy and that I am learning humility. She told me that I need to place her needs ahead of mine and that I should be happy that she is happy with her young lover. Sarah tells me this is all a part of the process of her controlling and dominating me.


This is where we are to date. That is our real life story. I have read all about cuckolding on your site and I have a better understanding of what my wife is doing to me. The biggest difference between Sarah and I and the couples who write about cuckolding is that I am not included in on her love life with Shawn. I have no idea how well hung he is or any intimate details. Sarah does not discuss it with me. I sometimes hear them having sex but Sarah is not being loud on purpose to humiliate me. I hear them only because the walls in our house are not very thick.


I must admit that I do not like that she has a boyfriend but I dare not discuss it with her. I know she would say it is none of my business since I am now her slave. I dare not discuss it with her because I am afraid she will get upset and cut me off from worshipping her body. Now that she has a lover, I realize that she does not have to grant me access to her body. She is getting pleasure whether I am her male lesbian or not. I live for those sessions where she sits on my face and allows me to orally pleasure her. I do not want to do anything to jeopardize that. I have consented to allowing her to come and go as she pleases so I am abiding by my commitment. Sarah is my Mistress and I realize and submit to the fact that she can do whatever she pleases. Sarah requires me to work hard for her and orally servicing her or having her ride the sheath that goes over my chastity device are my rewards for hard work. Whippings and longer denial of access to her body are my punishments for disobedience or insubordination. I wish I could say that I am always the perfect slave to her but I have my bad moments so she deals with me accordingly.


I love Sarah and overall I am happy. I must say that I love being a woman's slave and having a woman exert so much power and control over me. My only problem is that I struggle with negative thoughts at times. I am turning forty next month and I am still a young and healthy man. To be permanently denied and a slave to my wife is hard to handle emotionally at times, especially when she spends time with her young submissive lover. I have no legal recourse because I have willfully given her all that I had and I have consented to her liberation. I love her and I am happy most of the time in this role. It feels right and I love the submissive feelings that flood my mind when I am serving her. I guess I should count my blessings. 


When I have negative emotions, it is not directed toward her but toward me. I sometimes feel that I have given her too much power over me and as I result, I have forfeited my human dignity. Don't get me wrong, I don't feel this way often as the majority of the time I feel at peace. But there are those moments that I feel that I want to know Sarah in an intimate way again through intercourse that I can actually feel. I am so use to this chastity device that I don't know where my flesh ends and the device starts. I get erect in my mind all of the time but cannot achieve it due to this device. I am so crazy about Sarah and I dream about servicing her body. I know she is selfish but I cannot resist her. Her selfishness makes her more attractive to me and I guess it is this that I despise about myself. I have no dignity in her eyes and that is what she wants. I wanted this since I was a child and I know if she were to free me tomorrow, I would desire to become her slave again.


So that is my dilemma. I fought this urge to be submissive all my life. Deep down, I knew this is where I was headed. I knew if I shared Female Domination with my wife, she would enslave me eventually. I feared this but I yielded to it nonetheless. Now there is no escape for me and even if there were, I do not want to escape. A part of me wants to go even deeper into submission to her. So there you have it from a forty year old, permanently chastened husband who is now his wife's slave. I guess my question to you is, Am I to be envied or pitied?


 femdom marriage





From Gamble S:


This is what happened to me.  I had always been interested in being dominated by a woman.  I met Tina at a local rock and roll party.  She apparently didn't know anything about a D/s relationship.  I really liked her and continued to go out with her.  After a long courtship we got married. 


The old yen to be dominated arose in me, I told Tina of my submissive desires and asked her to tie me up.  She thought I was nuts and refused to have anything to do with it. For the next year or so I was content to look at fem dom sites and sites dealing with male chastity such as altair boy and lock me up,  I dreamed of having Tina lock my genitals up and force me to remain chaste and in her control.  I figured that none of  this would happen. 


One day, about 2 years after I had asked Tina about bondage, out of the blue, she asked me if I still wanted her to tie me up.  I was overjoyed.  Of course I said, "YES." Tina told me if I was going to be bound I may as well be naked.  I quickly stripped and Tina brought out several lengths of rope,  Soon Tina had me helplessly hog tied.  I figured I would be able to easily escape since Tina had not had any experience with bondage.  As if reading my mind, Tina stepped back and told me, " There I have you helpless."


Tina  then explained that I either had to escape from her bondage or remain there until morning.  As it was now about 10, morning was a good 10 hours away.  I figured I would be out long before then.  How wrong I was.  The first few hours were fun.  Then my bondage began to hurt.  No matter how much I struggled I could not even loosen one knot.


In the morning, Tina released me and as soon as I could get the kinks out of my body and use the bathroom, we had the most marvelous sex we had ever experienced.  Tina then told me she would tie me up whenever I asked her, but I  would not get loose for at least 8 hours.


Our bondage developed into a pattern of about one session every 4 or 5 weeks.  Tina ways of tying me seemed to be endless.  I was never tied in the same position twice and the next one was m ore uncomfortable to endure than the previous one,


One day Tina bound me spread eagle on the bed.  Then she brought in a box and busied herself with opening it.  She brought out what I first thought was a metal jock strap.  She proceeded  to fix a really tight tube over my penis, insert the tube into the cup part of the belt and locked it in place on my body. Tina then stood back and told me she had seen the chastity sites I had visited on the computer.   She informed me that I was now locked in one of  Access Denied's best belts and she would decide when I would have relief.


Tina  then handed me a contract and told me I had two choices either I could sign the contract and wear the belt or she would divorce me.  Tina told me I had one hour to make up my mind.


Before I continue you need to know that both Tina and I had high paying jobs and that we had been very frugal over the years.  We were very well off.  I read the contract and in essence it said I would be Tina's total slave in every way, quit my job do all house work and only be released from the chastity belt when I earned it.  I would sign a power of attorney giving Tina everything.  While I was wearing the belt, Tina would be free to take another woman as her lover if  she wished.


Well what choice did I have.  I had wanted this and now I had it.  I signed.  In a few days Tina took care of the legal matters.  I now owned nothing and had agreed to be Tina's chastised slave.


The first year Tina at first allowed me relief about once a month.  Then my periods of relief became farther and farther apart.  It became every 2 months and then every 3 months.  Of course I had to provide Tina with all the oral sex she wished and service her with a strap on dildo that fit on the chastity belt.


I asked Tina about being able to get out of the belt more frequently.  She told me that she enjoyed the power it gave her over me and that longer I remained without relief the bigger charge she got out of it.


After about a year and half  Tina had me hog tied on the floor beside the bed.  Then I heard voices.  Tina told me now  say hello to Susan.  Susan and I are going to be lovers.  You will service both of us.  You can assume that when Susan gives you an order it will be the same as me giving you one.  I work days and Susan works nights so you will be serving one of us all the time.


In addition Susan says if your prostate is milked you don't need to ever have a climax.  We think that would be a real turn on for us.  From now on boy no sex. About every 9 weeks they milk my prostate.  While they do that they electroshock my thighs with intense pain and I feel nothing. I hate having to go without sex, but at the same time I love it.  I would not be happy without being the chastised slave of two beautiful women.


 male chastity




From Megan H:


I am married to a very successful man. He is quite a bit older than me. He is good to me but he limited the amount of money I was allowed to spend on myself. He treated me like a child and said I was getting plenty to spend but I felt that the amount of per week spending money was not enough. One day I was on my husband's computer and found your site in his favorites. I started to read some of your stories there and I became very interested in what I was reading. In fact, I was getting very excited especially the letters on cuckolding and male chastity. Having that kind of control over a man was actually getting me wet between my legs. The more I read, the more I liked.


As I continued reading your site, I found that some women who had written you had found that the longer the male was kept in chastity, the more he was willing to do what ever the woman wanted. That thought really sent me over the edge. I saw that most of the women on your site used a male chastity device called the CB2000. I went on the web and found this device. When I first saw it on the Internet, I saw exactly why the women that use it like it so much. There is no way the male can get an erection let alone have an orgasm in this little cage. When I saw it could be locked up, well let me put it to you this way, I had to have one.


Since I found your site on my husbands computer, that was the fuel I was going to use when I brought it up to him. I also made up my mind that I WAS NOT going to be sweet, timid and nice about it.  I was going to act like a real bitch and act upset. When he arrived home from work, I was waiting for him. As soon as he walked in I went up to him and told him to follow me. I went right to his computer and brought up your web site and showed him that picture of the naked man on all fours with the woman putting her knee on his back while pulling on his reins. I said in a very aggressive voice, "I found this in your favorites, is this why you spend so much time on your computer and not with me?"


He did not know what to say. I told him that I was reading the stories and I liked them very much, as a matter a fact so much, that things were going to start changing around here. I told him that I particularly liked the letters on male chastity. He was just standing there, not saying a word.  I told him that I ordered a CB 2000 chastity device and once it arrived, he was going to start wearing it immediately. I said, "do you understand me?"


He just shook his head yes, not saying a word. I said from now on you say "Yes Mistress, do you understand?" Again, he just shook his head. I was overcome with power so I slapped him across the face and reiterated, "I said you will say Yes Mistress, do you understand?" He finally caught on and said yes mistress.


I had to wait for 12 days for the CB2000 to arrive. When it did, I could hardly wait for my husband to come home so I could put it on him and lock it up. When he did arrive home, I had him strip like he has been doing each night when he arrived in my presence. I produced the CB2000 and I placed it on him. It was very difficult to get it on him the first time and he bitched and moaned that I was pinching his flesh. What a wimp he is. I persevered and when I locked the little pad lock, it was like music to my ears. Even if my husband was masturbating, there was no chance of that happening now with the CB2000 firmly in place.


I really liked the way it looked on him too, I bought the hot pink one, it was $10.00 more but worth every penny. Besides he looked so pretty in it. Now all I had to do was wait and allow nature to take its course. Each day, he became more attentive towards me, which I really liked. I know that you are suppose to ease a man into chastity but I did not have the patience for this. After ten days with the CB2000 locked on, I told him I wanted to start getting a much larger allowance per week. As a matter of fact, I told him that I wanted to control the finances and put him on an allowance. He denied my request at first, telling me that I was not good with money. I did not allow him to bully me this time. I knew he was horny as hell so I ordered him to lie on his back and I removed my pants and panties and I sat my ass on his face. I had read on your site that this is another way to make a man become submissive and agreeable.


I told him I wanted him to French kiss my anus, which is something he would never had done before but he went right at it and started to lick and slurp on my ass hole. I could not get over how pleasurable this was. I was in heaven. I asked him again if he objected to me taking over all the finances. He finally struggled free of my ass to confess to me that he would gladly surrender everything over to me. Can you believe that he is that weak? I could not get over how much power I had over him in this short amount of time.


My husband fought me at times as I was slowly transferring all the accounts and credit cards in my name. But all I would have to do is promise him an orgasm or allow him to eat my pussy or tongue my ass if he yielded to my demands. He would always agree to my demands. Now I have control of everything, he is the one on an allowance, he is use to the CB2000 and wears it all the time and he must orally service me as often as I like.


male chastity 




From Mike N:



I have always had submissive tendencies dating back to high school. Although I have a small penis (2 inches soft and 5.5 inches hard)... I am 6 foot tall, athletic, intelligent, and good-looking... therefore I always had my pick of females. Most of my relationships in and after college were sexually vanilla. I fulfilled my submissive tendencies with frequent visits to professional Dominas.


Ten years ago, I got married to Heather. She was 22 and 10 years younger than me. She had an inexperienced nice petite little body with firm breasts and a knock out face. I has head over heals in love. We moved to the suburbs where I built a nice business and made good money. Our first years of marriage were pretty standard fair with three beautiful kids that followed. My wife exhibited absolutely no dominant tendencies. I had given up the Dominatrix visits and satisfied my secret submissive desires with Internet surfing and frequent masturbation sessions.


While I worked longer and longer hours, my wife took to the good life. I gave her numerous gifts and a relatively unlimited expense account. We had a housekeeper and a "live-in-nanny" taking care of the kids.  Heather had plenty of free time. She spent most of time shopping and at the health club.


When she hit thirty, Heather was looking better than ever. The intense workouts had yielded a tight, perfect, powerful body. She had taken to wearing more revealing clothes and minimal underwear. Guys would often tell me how sexy she was. She could have almost any guy she wanted and we both knew it. She loved to brag to me in specific detail about which guys would complement her or how they would hit on her.  She was spending more and more time at the gym and getting hotter and sexier by the day. I noticed that she developed a "close friendship" with her personal trainer. I have never met him.


I could feel us drifting apart. As our sex life trickled towards a monotonous bimonthly exercise, I began spending more and more time online surfing the female domination web sites. I would masturbate at least once a day. I felt my marriage slipping away as I contemplated visiting a Pro Dom again. The turning point came when I stumbled across your web site. I read with interest the stories of female supremacy, humiliation, cuckolding, and chastity. I learned a lot, especially about myself.


One day I decided that I wouldn't allow myself to cum unless I was making love with my wife. I had become weak and I had to learn about what it means to have self control. I continued to surf and play with myself, but no orgasm was allowed. At the very beginning, I did, on a rare occasion, have moments of weakness and accidentally bring myself to orgasm, but quickly I learned absolute control over my innate desires.


It didn't take long for me to realize the power of this undertaking. I looked at my wife totally differently. She became even more beautiful in my eyes. She was like a Goddess. We immediately stopped fighting. I was in no position to argue with her. My sole goal was to keep her happy. I knew that if she wasn't happy, I wasn't gonna get any sexual gratification. I began bringing home flowers again and was constantly telling he how much I loved her.


Heather quickly noticed the difference in my attitude and wanted to know what was going on. I told her the truth, that I felt I was spending to much time masturbating and that she was now in control of my orgasms. She just smiled, somewhat surprised (I think) and replied "good". At first I do not think she realized the power that I had bestowed upon her. Over the next few months we had some discussions about our new arrangement. She asked me if I was serious and I replied affirmatively. Heather made me promise that I would immediately inform her if I was weak and brought myself to orgasm. She also made me promise that I wouldn't become a nuisance if I was horny and that I was never ever to push her for sex. She would give me signals if she was horny and ready to play.


She also wanted me to understand that outward appearances were not to change. She liked that everyone viewed us as the "perfect couple". (I believed she didn't want anyone to think she had a wimpy husband.) She also stressed that she would not agree to restrict her own orgasms. She admitted for the first time that she liked to use a vibrator when I was out late at the office. She wanted me to understand that "she was not the one with the problem".


Over the last year we have grown closer than ever. We never actually talk about our situation, we just accept it. Outwardly things seem normal. When my wife permits it, the sex is better than ever. She actually seems to really enjoy teasing me, although never in a cold or cruel fashion. Often she will squeeze my balls or gently stroke my cock before I go to work. "That is enough for you" is now her favorite saying. She will often tell me not to wear underwear under my suit when I go to work and that I should "think about her all day in preparation for the evening's activities". Often she will have changed her mind by the time I get home and never mention making love or any other "activity".


I have been allowed release no more than once a week, but she has made me wait as long as a month. During these long stretches she continues to tease me. She always walks around the house in sexy outfits adding to my silent torture. I fight to keep from masturbating and have perfected the art of self control. I know that if I allow myself to cum, it will undermine the whole basis of our relationship. Heather never seems concerned about my growing frustration and never actually speaks about it. I know I am never to complain or risk ruining our sexual Renaissance.


Obviously, the way in which we make love has changed. We have "normal" sex no more than once every two months and it seems to be getting less and less frequent. Nowadays, we begin with the usual kissing, hugging, and caressing. I than know I am expected to go down on her with my mouth and it is often suggested that I utilize her 8 inch vibrator. She never goes down on me anymore and rarely strokes my cock. Next to the her large vibrator, my manhood looks minuscule and I suspect that my small penis alone is no longer enough to satisfy her.


While licking her clit, I will slide the vibrator in and out of her until she cums. She always orgasms first and never with me inside of her. On most occasions, she will than place me on my back as she crawls on top of me. In the past she would ride me violently until I exploded with a quick ejaculation. Lately, she seems to enjoy sliding me deep inside her while she squeezes my balls. She doesn't move her pelvis but rather just sits there and whispers in my ear that she wants me "to cum now". I almost always comply immediately. On two occasions I was not able to cum on command and Heather just slid off me and went to sleep. The morning after the second failure, Heather told me that she was "disappointed in my performance" and that "I had wasted a great opportunity".


Some times when I come home late, Heather will be in bed in lingerie or naked, sleeping on her stomach. By now I know this is my signal. Without speaking I strip naked and I begin a slow sensual massage. After about an hour I center my attention on her tight ass. At first I begin with gentle kisses, but quickly I find myself orally worshiping her rear end. She will usually begin too moan deeply and than become wet. I will rub her clit and finger her womanhood as my tongue darts in and out of her sweet little hole. She will than pull her knees in and raise her butt high in the air. My face is buried in her crack as shutters to an orgasm.


Without ever saying a word to me she quickly falls back to sleep. She never touches my cock or offers me any attention. Despite this, I feel very lucky and privileged to worship her in this way. This is becoming a more regular activity and now greatly outnumbers our more traditional sexual exploits. Most of the time, we just go on with our lives. To the world we have a normal relationship. She never acts like a bitch, but my role is subtly understood. I believe we are happier than ever.


I do not know if she is being sexually satisfied by her trainer. She may very well be. I once tried to bring it up and she immediately dismissed the conversation. Honestly, it doesn't matter to me. Strangely, a part of me hopes she is having an affair. I know that he could never support her financially and she shows absolutely no signs that she is unhappy with our present arrangement. The thought that I might actually be her cuckold really stimulates my submissive desires.


My questions are....Where do we go from here? Do you think our situation is healthy? Do we really need to change anything? I am quite happy and she seems happy too. She is not the dominatrix type and I am sometimes afraid that she will run away if I expose the true extent of the "wimp husband" side of me.


I hope this 100% true letter, detailing my life, excites your readers as much as it excited me to write it. I look forward to your feedback.


 tease denial video




From Mari Y:


My boyfriend and I are in our twenties and we've been together since high school. I am of Japanese descent and he's caucasian. When I first met him he was very rebellious toward his mother, who was single and doing her best. It wasn't long, though, before I had him under control and obeying his mom through me. She was always grateful to me for that.


I have my own apartment now and my boyfriend is my live-in slave. He does all the housework and I make him keep my car spotless inside and out. He and I work at the same place and he gives me his entire salary. I buy his clothes and other personal items as needed, and spend the rest on myself. Since we're both petite, I make him wear my old jeans, t shirts, and jogging shoes when we go to the park or other casual places. My jeans are feminine, and some of my t-shirts have my name on them. He gets stares sometimes, but no one has said anything. I use the money I save on his clothes to expand my own wardrobe.


When I feel he deserves a reward I let him go down on me and orally pleasure me but I've never let him have intercourse. He's still a virgin and I want to keep him that way as long as I can. Although he knows I have no intention of marrying him anytime soon, he recently asked me if I would let him legally change his last name to mine. I told him that a white guy with a Japanese name will always be explaining himself but I gave him permission to do it. I also made him take a weekend job at a supermarket to pay for it. He has filed the papers and is waiting for them to be validated.


About eight months ago I decided to lock my boyfriend in a chastity belt. I didn't think it would make much difference because he was already submissive, even though he masturbated daily. I was wrong. He became so eager to please me that he agreed to apologize to his mother for all the trouble he caused her. I invited her over to dinner one night and made him literally kneel down and ask her forgiveness. They both cried a little as he gently held her hand. Of course, his mom didn't know he had been denied orgasm for two weeks. Since then, I've been taking him to her house to do chores for her. I try to get her to be more stern with him, but she prefers that I do it. She says she's just glad he's well behaved and doesn't want to do anything to change that. She's always known he's my submissive, but I haven't yet told her about his name change. I don't think she'll have a problem with it but I want to find the right way to tell her.


Being locked in a chastity belt 24/7 has made my boyfriend hyper-submissive. When I wear short shorts and a crop top, he can't do enough for me. He obeys me instantly when we're out or at his mother's house, and when we're at home he's always trying to kiss my legs and feet. When he gets in my way, I slap his face hard and send him to his room. Currently, I let him ejaculate every ten days. I just love to watch him pump his tiny peter and come all over himself. It really makes my day.


male chastity




From Sam J:


I'm writing to announce what a wonderful lady my wife is. I met her when I was still a virgin at 21 years of age. She was over 40 at the time and was all too aware of the hormonal urges of youths. She made me wear a chastity belt since we started the relationship and sexual contact was virtually non existent at the time. Naturally I was on fire the whole time I was with her and found myself fantasizing about her all the time. I thought about her hair, her smile, her breasts..etc which made me more aroused and frustrated. After simply three months of doing chores for her and running her errands, she asked if I would like some sexual intimacy. My answer was then a no brainer. I said Yes.


At first I was disappointed to learn that her idea of sexual intimacy did not meant taking off my chastity belt to have sex. It was for me to perform oral sex on her. It was either that or nothing. I was so crazy thinking of her that any contact with any part of her body would quicken my breath and gave me an ache between my legs. It was then that I was initiated into my first experience of licking pussy. I would not know how to describe it. I love it now but then it was quite overpowering. I remembered being quite overtaken and intoxicated by the scent, taste and sheer power of it all. When she did came it was far more intense to me than my own past orgasms from masturbation. This slowly became a regular affair. I still cannot find the words to put it but I felt physically sexually frustrated yet deeply satisfied on a mental level as if I just had the best sex of my life. Only my penis was protesting I guess but the 'protests' got softer as I submit to the deep fulfillment generated when I orally pleasured her to orgasm. It had never occurred to me that both a man and a woman can be deeply satisfied and fulfilled with sexual intimacy WITHOUT the male orgasm.


She knew I was a virgin and I told her once that I was all ready and fired up to pleasure her with my penis throughout the night but she seemed to get more satisfaction from my denial whilst orally pleasuring her. I submitted because I love her.


On one occasion, she stopped asking for oral sex so I got puzzled and asked why. The truth being I was already addicted to giving her oral sex. She said she was going through her period. Her answer shocked me and I did not know how to respond. However I was so aroused and filled with desire for her that something just possessed me to say 'I want to give you oral pleasure still.' She looked at me in surprise. Now I realized that it took more courage for her to nod her head and lift her skirt up for me. I was led by my arousal and desire but she was trusting me in her period of uncertainty and hormonal changes. The experience was not unpleasant. I was hit by her period's intimate essence but my desire and love for her made it easy to focus on her pleasure and shut off everything else. Before I knew it she had her orgasm. With this first experience, I continued giving her oral sex even during her periods.


A few months ago I proposed marriage, as I did love her. She agreed on one condition that I continue to wear the chastity belt. As a wedding gift I was to 'give my virginity' to her and henceforth be granted release every two months. I was thinking me giving her my virginity? I would be so honored to hand it to her on a silver platter.


When it did happen on our wedding bed, she rolled at least 4 condoms over my erect penis after removing the chastity belt and for the first time in my life, a woman mounted me. After she had two orgasms, I was crying and begging for release. She kissed me and lifted her hips off to remove the condoms. She said, "now my darling, give me your virginity, give me all your seed." I looked at her like she was the loveliest angel above me. I muttered yes and she sank herself over my penis, still straddling me. I came immediately but it felt like forever. It was close to two years of pent up desire and arousal. I felt as if all my insides were shooting out. With each throb, I was surrendering to her. It was the most intense moment of my life.


Now even with the chastity belt on, my eyes and mind never wander from my wife. All my attention and energy are spent on pleasuring her. I am aware of people saying how lucky she is to have a young devoted husband but the truth is that I am the lucky one. She has given me experiences that I can only dream of. She has made me a real man.


 male chastity




From David M:


I am just writing to affirm assertion that one must first offer up one's submission in reality if one wishes one's spouse to accommodate one.  My wife, who believes passionately in equality, wanted no part of my requests that she dominate me.


On the other hand, while at first disbelieving, she has acquiesced with amused pleasure to my assertion and many months demonstration that doing the household chores and attending to her personal needs is a sexual turn on.  After all, a male's sexual excitement is easy to verify, and what genuinely loving spouse is going to deny their partner activities which excite them, particularly when they consist of washing the dishes, vacuuming, and providing daily massages, etc.


Now to my delight, and hers, I have a chore list, and she enjoys a good book and a glass of wine while I tend to it.  Our house is clean, the laundry is done, and our sex life has never been better.


In part this has been facilitated by my self denial of orgasm.  Again, at first my wife was disbelieving, but finally she has accepted my assertion, which is the absolute truth, that I feel more focussed, alive, vital, and sexual when I refrain from orgasm.  To me, it is analogous to the medical phenomenon of sugar blues.  Sugar is nice, but the after effects are disastrous.  So too the orgasm for the male.  One becomes torpid, disaffected, and disinterested in one's spouse.  Far better to be kept tantalizingly on edge.


In this last connection, let me humbly request  that you  some day consider a more vanilla website, for those of us trying to introduce a spouse to this lifestyle. I don't know where you are located, but I hope to someday meet you in person to say thanks for all the time you spend on your website, and all the pleasure it has brought me.




orgasm denial



From Alen:


I am a married submissive male. My wife is not (yet) using any corporal means of punishing me,(although I want her too)! Our relationship over the past year has, however, been strengthened by two elements: Chastity and cuckolding. Because of my insatiable masturbation habit, she agreed last year(at my request, believe it or not) to lock me into a CB 2000. We played with it on and off, but she now has decided I am to wear it 24\7\365, except when she wants to use my penis, or when she wants to clean my penis, and the chastity device. I am not allowed to touch my penis - even is she removes the device. Ever.


My wife also enjoys having a lover now and then - one in particular has become our friend, and she has seen him (with me present) about a dozen times over the past 8 months or so. While we have never discussed chastity or cuckolding with him, surely he notices that I no longer participate - (this started off as swinging). He is, of course, hung much larger than me- by a very wide margin, and she does LOVE having sex with him. It is humiliating, yet very exciting, and I love seeing my wife SO HAPPY. We are VERY VERY carelful about this activity, and SELECTIVE. In fact, this combination - cuckolding and chastity -has made her happier than I have ever seen her. She says she loves me more when I am kept chaste, and that I really act different - very unpleasant - after I have been allowed to orgasm. And the more I masturbate, the more she can't stand me. So I agreed to wear the device at all times. I have no idea where the key is hidden, and unlike some men, I really would have a difficult time getting this thing off.


I am always horny, but she is correct - the longer I am chaste, the more submissive I become. So I am happy because she is happy, and I do get to provide her with oral sex - which she says is far better than anything my penis ever accomplished. I also use her collection of dildos to make her happy. Between this, and her occasional trysts with her lover, she honestly doesn't seem to need my penis to satisfy her, and leaves me locked for long periods of time.


I have gone as long as 60 days, and I have a feeling I'll be denied for even longer this time. Since she took control - and since I gave it up - we love each other more and more - our marriage is better than it ever has been. I hope she will adopt some of the ideas from your web site......Thanks.  


cuckold chastity 



From Bruno:


My wife is using orgasm control as part of my training.  She routinely makes me go 1-2 months between releases. During this time we do have intercourse, only I am not permitted to cum.  I am able to control myself while she rides me but the longer it has been since my last orgasm, the shorter my duration gets, and I am then forced to advise her that I am going to cum. At which point she stops and let's me recover.


Recently, after 2 months of not cuming, my wife was riding me and had an explosive orgasm, this is always the hardest time for me.  After she came she just kept on riding me and was getting close to her 2nd orgasm. At this point I was near the breaking point and told her I was about to cum. She stopped riding me and said "don't you dare".  That was all it took.  Right as she said that I exploded.  She was upset with me that I had disobeyed her order not to cum.  She finished riding me to her 2nd orgasm and as punishment she then climbed up my chest and had me orally clean her.  She also told me I would be going 3 months before my next orgasm.


orgasm denial  



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