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From Daniel P:




I was wondering if you’ve heard of any fetish classification of women who prefer to masturbate over having physical sex with a man. The reason I ask is because my wife is like that. She was not always that way, but when I introduced her to female domination, our sex life has veered off into a most unusual course. My wife likes for me to suck her toes and lightly lick and bite the bottoms of her feet while she masturbates with a vibrator. 


It all happened one night, kind of out of the blue. She was wearing this astoundingly sexy outfit and she did a tease and denial session with me. She teased me with her body and she used this black vibrator against my penis and my balls. She brought me to the edge many times, only to turn off the vibrator which left me on the edge and frustrated. The vibrator is not the thin, sleek kind a woman uses to pleasure herself but it is one of those large models with the large, round head that can be used to massage different parts of your body. It felt great against my genitals but my wife did not allow me to climax.


At one point in this tease and denial session, my wife removed her panties and she began to pleasure herself by rubbing the pulsating vibrator against her clit. She placed her stocking covered feet in my face and asked me to suck her toes. I obliged and as I was sucking her toes, she had an intense orgasm. It was so intense that she screamed louder than I had ever heard her when it came to any kind of sex. Her entire body shook during her orgasm.




From that night onward, my wife’s favorite sexual activity is for her to masturbate using the vibrator against her clit while I suck her toes. She wants to do this all the time, or at least when she is in the mood to have sex. She no longer wants to have intercourse with me. She will dominate me by spanking me or playing tease and denial games, but she will always go for her vibrator at some point and she’ll order me to suck her toes. She seldom asks me to do down on her. I miss doing that even more than intercourse. When I verbalized to her how much I miss going down on her, she tells me that she prefers to have me suck her toes because she likes the sensation of having her toes sucked while she is stimulating her clit with the vibrator.


I can tell that she is having great orgasms from how her body quakes and the noises she makes when she is climaxing. I have never witnessed her having orgasms of this intensity from intercourse or from me going down on her. I do not want to deny her this pleasure but I do feel a detachment from the process. I love watching her pleasure herself while I suck her toes but I miss the intimacy.



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