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From Sharon S:




I married my husband, Jeff, two years ago. I am a sales rep for a Granite company and Jeff was one of our biggest clients. I’ve known him for years but had never met him in person. We always did business over the phone. Then about 30 months ago, Jeff came into our place of business and we met in person.


I am a big woman, tall and large but men have always told me how I have the most beautiful face. But due to my size, I didn’t have men knocking down my door to ask me out. I am heavy but not overly heavy in the sense that men didn’t want to ask me out but I am a big girl and I think I intimidate men between that and my dominant personality. I was married and have been divorced for ten years and I didn’t really care to find another husband. I went out on a few dates but I haven’t been interested in a mate.


When Jeff met me, he became infatuated with me. He was so taken by me that I became all he could think about. That was not the first time a man has tried to pursue me but I had never had a man this crazy over me. After we met in person that day at my company, I gave him my home number and he called me every night and we would talk. I asked him why he was so infatuated with me and he was completely honest. He told me that he had never seen a prettier face on a woman, so feminine and I have a very short hair cut and he loves that look on a woman. He also told me that he has always been attracted to tall and large women.


I had other men tell me that but it kind of freaked me out. I didn’t want to be some man’s Amazon woman fantasy. Jeff was different. He was sincere and there was a sweet submissive spirit coming from him. I found him to be attractive so I agreed to date him.




We dated for less than six months when I agreed to take the plunge again. He actually asked me to marry him on our second date. I waited until I was certain he was as dedicated as he seemed to be.



I told Jeff that if we were going to be married, that I would be the dominant partner and he would be my submissive. I told him that he would have to do all the housework and the cooking. Now his business requires that he works long hours and he has to do a lot of traveling, therefore I have to be flexible. But he does the housework and he must obey all that I say.


Jeff was excited about this and he gladly agreed. He loves to do housework. I showed him your site and he loves it and after we got married, I incorporated a regiment where we have a weekly discipline session. My favorite implement is the cane and I love to cane Jeff’s ass. I don’t know why but I do. I wish he could take more but I don’t want to ever hurt him. We never go beyond a moderate thrashing.



We’ve been married for two years and it has been wonderful. He has been very attentive to my needs and he is an excellent housekeeper. The newest arrangement is that my sister, who looks a lot like me, same build, also has a pretty face, found herself single again when her husband left her last year. She didn’t lose much sleep over her husband leaving but she became overwhelmed by working her job, paying the bills and doing all the housework.


I confided in her about my FemDom marriage with Jeff and I told her that I would loan her Jeff once a week to do her housework. She became very excited to have her own maid. Jeff was not so crazy about it because that meant he would have to give up his one free day, Saturdays. I have always allowed Jeff to play golf on Saturdays as his one free afternoon. But I told Jeff that my sister needed him and that I wanted to expand his submission. This was the first time in our marriage that Jeff argued with me. It wasn’t a real argument as he didn’t talk back to me but his attitude and demeanor was that of a man who was rebelling against my request.


I disciplined Jeff with the most stern and harsh caning of our marriage. Up until this time, everything I asked him to do was something he wanted to do for me. This was the first time I made a request that he did not want to do. But the discipline session worked as Jeff had tears in his eyes and he apologized for his attitude. He agreed to be my sister’s maid. After his caning, we had the sweetest love making session. It made me wonder if perhaps I shouldn't cane him that sternly more often.


Jeff goes to her house every Saturday and cleans it from top to bottom, including doing laundry. I have given my sister total authority over him on that day, and she has the right to spank him or use the cane on him if she ever feels he is not doing a good enough job.


Last week was the first time she took me up on that. Jeff came home and was walking with a slight twitch. I asked him what was wrong and he pulled his pants down. I saw the marks that my sister left on his behind. I inquired why she did that to him and he said that he had busted her dishwasher by overloading it and the water leaked and made a mess in her kitchen. Jeff cleaned it up but he will have to pay to have her dishwasher fixed.


My sister felt that he needed to be disciplined for what he did so she had him bend over one of her kitchen chairs and she paddled him with the wooden paddle I had given her. Then she used the cane on him.


I called her up and discussed it with her and she told me that she was only going to give him a mild paddling but she became so excited doing this to a man that she got a little carried away. I was a little mad at her but I didn't let on and I told her it was no problem and that he was more than able to handle what she dished out. All I asked of her was that she never punishes him unless he deserves it. She agreed.



This episode has had a wonderful effect on my Jeffrey. I have seen an increase in his submission. I am thinking that I might allow my sister to discipline him more often, even when he does not warrant one. I think the next time I want to watch for my own pleasure but I don’t want this getting kinky or getting out of hand.




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