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From Jean C:




I have transformed my husband from a male chauvinist to a respectful human being who is attentive and obedient.  In order to change his behavior, I used a combination of strict discipline, forced feminization and strap-on sessions, culminated by chastity.  The more I used these tools, the more docile he became and the better it made our relationship.



We used to have problems every time that I let him out of chastity so that we could have sex.  He was not pleasing me sexually, which was frustrating for both of us and would put me in a bad mood.  Even worse, he would revert back to some of his old behaviors and it would take time to get him back in line.  I therefore decided to put him in permanent chastity, only allowing him to please me orally, and his only relief became a milking every week or two.



I realized that he was most sweet and gentle when in feminine attire, especially garter belt, stockings, skirt and high heels, so I insist on it when he is at home and, when we go out, he wears lingerie underneath.  Frequent strap-on sessions are also important to enforce our sexual roles.  I am very strict with him and if he displeases me in the least, I discipline him.  Every Sunday evening is punishment night and he gets paddled, strapped and/or caned for the transgressions of the previous week. He actually looks forward to these sessions as a catharsis. He has become perfectly happy with this arrangement and is now much more gentle and loving.  He admitted to me that the old macho role was tedious for him and he feels as if I have freed him from demons within himself.  We spend a great deal of intimate time together talking, watching TV and going for long walks.


The only problem was that I am a very sexual being and I missed real penile penetration but did not want to risk having him go back to his old ways after all my hard work in training him.  We discussed the issue and decided that I should start dating again.  This was about two years ago and I started going on dates once or twice a week and have become sexually involved with several men.  This freedom has made me a much happier person and my husband is actually relieved because it removes the pressure from him of being totally responsible for my sexual satisfaction; he actually encourages me to date.  Another benefit is that it is a big head trip for him and takes him even further into submission.  We have long and detailed discussions about my dates as if we were two girlfriends; it helps that he is always in feminine dress.  He helps me prepare for my dates and afterwards I tell him everything that went on.  He has become totally devoted to me and realizes that that our relationship has much improved since I got happier with my life.


The cuckolding has enhanced our marriage and has become such an integral part of our lives that I can now bring men back to our house.  My husband is very respectful and attentive and serves drinks and snacks.  He likes to be invited into the bedroom to see me being pleasured and admitted that he loves to see me having an orgasm.


After my lover leaves, I always spend time with my husband.  I usually take down his panties and give him a good spanking before I take him with my strap-on, all the time telling him how great it feels great to have a real man inside me pleasuring me in ways that he is incapable of doing.  Then, because he also wants to be part of making me feel good, he cleans me orally, which he considers a privilege.  He calls this worshiping at the throne!  This is a huge turn-on for me and it puts him in total sub-space.  At this point he tells me how much he adores me.




Thank you for your wonderful site and what it has done for my life.



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