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From Denise and Gary:


We have incorporated cuckolding successfully within our marriage and we wanted to share with you and your readers how cuckolding became a part of our relationship.


Denise: My husband and I discussed cuckolding probably twenty years ago. We fantasized together about my bringing home a total stranger to have sex with. This was as foreign to me as skydiving and something I knew I would never really do. But I played along with the fantasy. I had only had sex with two men in my life and I was married to both of them. I'm not a flirt nor the least bit impulsive in my actions. I am very down to earth and practical minded - a realist through and through. However, cuckolding became a reality for us.


My husband introduced me to the FemDom lifestyle over our many years of marriage. He was wise to begin by stressing the male servitude aspects of the FemDom lifestyle and not the D&S activities. Over time, I learned all about FemDom and D&S and came to love this lifestyle. I especially enjoyed the power I felt over men.


We have a great marriage but I resented the fact that there were activities that I enjoyed but my husband didn't want to participate in with me. I especially like to dance and go out to listen to music. I saw single women enjoying themselves with single men and going out to do things they enjoyed. When friends invited my husband and I to go to a nightclub with them on New Years' Eve to dance, I really wanted to go. But I didn't want to have to beg and plead with Gary to go with me. And even if he agreed to go, he would not have fun and it would affect my enjoyment also. So, I casually said "maybe I will get another man to take me". Just testing the water.


To my surprise, my husband actually seemed excited about that possibility. We have a dungeon in our home where I dominate him. In the dungeon, we have a cage that I lock my husband in when I want to discipline him. I teased my husband about how I might ask out this handsome, eligible bachelor that we knew to accompany me on New Years Eve, while I locked my hubby in his cage all night. Again, I could tell that this thought excited him.


So, I called up this single submissive man who knew we were in the FemDom lifestyle (he was a member of the same D&S group that we are) and I asked him if he would escort me on New Year's Eve. He accepted. This was my first date in almost 19 years so I went to the beauty shop and had my hair and my nails done to perfection. I bought a lovely and sexy dress and wore heels, and stockings with garters.


My date showed up at my door all dressed up and looking really nice, handed me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and told me how lovely I looked! I made my husband greet him at the door, wearing only a pair of feminine frilly panties. I could tell that my husband was as excited about this date as I was. He went happily into the cage and we left. Before we left, I laid the cordless phone in the cage with him so I could call him throughout the night to let him know how my date was going. I love my husband and I wanted to include him in on what I was experiencing, as I knew this had been a fantasy of his for a long time. I guess I wanted to both include him and humiliate him about what he was missing.


I had no romantic feelings toward my date, as we were just friends as far as I was concerned. But, when we got on the dance floor, he was nothing but smooth and attentive to me. After a couple of slow dances, I was feeling very attracted to him. Suffice it to say, he made me feel very special and beautiful. I had a wonderful night with my date and it developed into more than I had originally planned. I want my husband to describe what happened, as this was a night either of us will ever forget.


Gary: Our dungeon has a cage in it and that is where I spent the evening. My Mistress/Wife Denise gave me our cordless phone and she took her cell phone with her. She planned to call me now and then throughout the evening to let me know how things were progressing. When she had me in the cage, she put the padlock on the door and locked me securely in for the night. (We do have an emergency escape system in case of fire or other problem, by the way.) She also took the trouble to throw her panties she had worn that day in the cage with me and also some of her golden nectar in a sport drink bottle with the flip up drinking straw. Ms Denise said goodbye to me and then she turned out the light and closed the door. I was plunged into darkness as I heard them open the back door and leave for their date.


After about two hours the cordless phone rang and I fumbled for it in the darkness and finally answered it. My wife was telling me they had met the other couples in the motel suite and had a few drinks and some snacks and were now at the club where the party was held. She said her and her date had a few slow dances and they were both feeling quite comfortable. She asked how I was doing and I said fine and then she said goodbye and hung up.


After about another hour the phone rang again and Mistress Denise was sounding quite mellow. She told me she was in the lounge of the Women's rest room so it would be a bit more quiet to talk. She teased me how there had been several slow dances and her date's hands were roaming around her body rather freely and she was really enjoying it. My heart and respiratory rate went up by several points and my excitement began to grow.


Midnight came and went. About 12:30 AM My wife called to tell me they were headed for the motel suite to meet the other couples who had left already. Then there was silence until about 3 AM when I heard the back door to the house open and my wife and her date had arrived back home.


After some conversation in the living room they moved to the dungeon, opened the door, turned the red light on, and entered. Ms Denise didn't even bother taking the cover off the cage. Since her date is a sub male, she had him take most of his clothes off and then she attached him to the St. Andrew's cross, facing out. I could not see what was going on with my cage still covered but I could hear some very erotic sounds coming from both of them.


Eventually my beautiful wife pulled up the cover on my cage, unlocked the door, and crawled in a short distance. She was looking so very turned on as she told me the plans had changed. I was going to remain locked in the cage for the rest of the night and her date was going to bed with her. She then studied me very closely and asked if I was okay. The alternate state of consciousness I was experiencing (variously known as being in sub space) must have been obvious. All I had to say was "yes, I am okay" and she kissed me and backed out of the cage. She then locked the cage door, pulled down the cover, and turned off the room light. In a second they were out of the dungeon and the door was being closed.


I heard them head for our bedroom and soon there was silence. During the night I heard the sounds of them having sex with lots of moans and groans of pleasure coming from my wife of almost twenty years. It was official . . . I was a cuckolded husband/slave.


Denise: Our marriage would never be the same from that night. Actually, it is better than ever. Since that night, I have had a number of boyfriends and lovers. I include my husband, as I like us to act out other scenarios together. Sometimes my husband chauffeurs my lover and I to a restaurant, etc. We sit in the back of the car and make out while my husband drives us around. Sometimes, my hubby is my coffee table in front of the couch to hold drinks for my lover and I while we make out. Other times, my lover and I will go out for dinner and I will lock slave Gary in the cage while we are gone. I always give him the cordless phone so I can call him while we're out and let him know what we are doing or just to check on him and say hello. Sometimes Gary makes dinner for my lover and I and serves it to us. There are other scenarios but I just wanted to let you know that it's more than just sex in our cuckold lifestyle.


When I have sex with my lover, my husband is probably in the bedroom with us about 1/3 of the time. At first, I prefer for my lover and I to spend time alone so we can get comfortable with each other. During these times, slave Gary might be in his cage in the room next to us (the dungeon) or he might just go on to bed. In the cage, he can hear most of the sounds of our lovemaking and/or talk. Other times I have him sit by the side of the bed or in the corner and watch us. I let him lick me clean afterwards sometimes. When he is in the room with us, I can make comments to humiliate him. Sometimes I allow him to jack off after we are through having sex and then he goes right back to the cage. There's no one way to do this and it's more fun changing the scenario around so that he never knows where he will be.


My husband loves being cuckolded. He goes deep into sub space and he experiences a kind of euphoric high. He loves it when I place him in a chastity device and deny him sexual pleasure for long periods of time (I've denied him for months at a time), while I am being sexually pleased by my lover. Yes, I am still intimate with husband and I let him kiss me, hold me, give me pleasure orally and even have intercourse if the mood strikes me. Sometimes I use his cock as my dildo but with the chastity device still on him. It causes pain for him but gives me pleasure at the same time.


We go out together and hold hands just like other married couples. I consider Gary to be my closest friend in the whole world and know that he is always there for me. I think we have deep, companionship feelings about each other. I am not always in a relationship with a lover as I have time in between boyfriends but I can honestly say that we are both happiest when I have a lover. I know it is hard for others to understand and I definitely do not recommend cuckolding for all couples. It works for us but it takes a lot of work on my part to make sure that the cuckolding experience is fulfilling for all parties. Finally, I would like my husband to describe to you how he feels when he is being cuckolded and what it does for him.


Gary: I am put into immediate sub space when my Wife is with her lover and locks me in my cage and denies me sex and release. I don't think I even have any conscious thoughts about it. When my Mistress/Wife has me crawl into the cage, throws in Her worn panties and a bottle of golden nectar (I hope I am not getting too graphic here) and proceeds to click the padlock closed, I look at Her with total love and awe and I am consumed with Her. When She pulls the cage cover down, shuts off the room lights, and closes the door, I am left in the dark with my thoughts. But I am not really aware of what those thoughts are. It's all feelings. Feelings of floating in space with nothing but total pleasurable sensations around me. When I hear Her moans of ecstasy and pleasure, I am transported even deeper into that place where endorphins rule.


All we know is that cuckolding has been great for our female domination marriage. We just wanted to share that so others can see how to go about cuckolding the correct way.

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From Katie F:


I was in a chat room recently where the topic was about cuckolding. The moderator was a very wise woman whom I respect. I discovered this group about six months ago and I have always enjoyed the lively D&S discussions and I almost always agree with the female moderator. However, this past discussion was about cuckolding and a very sincere man asked for the opinions of the women in this group. The opinions varied as you would expect but the moderator came right out and told this man that he needed to stop the cuckolding or else it was going to destroy his marriage.


A little background, this man's wife had just begun to date and have sex with other men. They have been in the FemDom lifestyle for ten years and she has now decided to cuckold her husband to take him to the next level in his submission to her. He was both excited but a little uneasy about it, which is natural and can be expected. But the moderator was adamant that he needed to end this right now. He needed to stand up to his wife and tell her that he will not allow her to have any lovers. This stunned me because this man is the submissive. He has no right to forbid his wife to do anything. If he has been submitting to her for ten years, what good would it do his marriage if he tried to dominate her?


Now I agree that they need to have an open discussion about this topic and the wife needs to consider her husband's feelings. But he was not opposed to the cuckolding. He said that he was excited and that he was experiencing new submissive sensations. He was only having natural fears of where is this all heading? He was just a little concerned that his wife might leave him for another man down the road if she meets someone better. It was just your typical male insecurity. However, the moderator was telling him that he needed to obey his concerns because there was an excellent chance that she will dump him. Or have another man move in with them or she will move in with another man at some point and the husband will become no more than her puppy dog or pet.


That is when I stepped in and took the offensive by telling the group my story. When I was done, the moderator accused me of lying or coloring things with rose colored glasses because there was no way what I was saying could be as positive as I made it. She said that what I was saying went against human nature since the beginning of civilization. She was a student of history and sexuality and that this man needed to heed her advice. Her advice was for him to take a firm stand and to forbid his wife from doing this or else he should threaten to leave her. Basically her advice was going to kill their wonderful marriage all in the name of saving it.


Luckily, this man e-mailed me as my e-mail address was under my profile and he asked for permission to talk to me over the phone to make sure that I was indeed a woman. I agreed and we talked on the phone for two hours and he was so grateful to me for my insights.


Here is my story. I have been a dominant woman all my life. My father was very dominant and I took after him. I have been aggressive with boys from day one. I was raised in a conservative home and because I had a strong family life and a healthy self-image, I kept my virginity until I was 20. I teased many boys and dominated them psychologically but I was not promiscuous. I had a very serious boyfriend in college and he was the first man I ever had sexual relations with. We were intimate for about a year. Other than him, I only had sex with one other man before I met my husband. I did join a D&S group when I was twenty-two and I dominated many men when I was between the ages of twenty-two and twenty-five at play parties and even some private scenes. However, I only had sexual relations with one of the men that I dominated. I don't know if it was my strict upbringing or what, but I had some real reservations about having sex unless it was in a committed and long-term relationship. But that was probably a good thing as I look back.


At the age of twenty-five, I met my husband. He was a very sweet and submissive man but he knew nothing about D&S. He was as vanilla as they came. We met, we dated and I was so in love with him that I totally put my secret D&S life on hold. He finally popped the question after about six months of dating and we set the date. During the engagement period, I told him about my D&S group and a little about it so he knew about that part of my personality. I didn't want him to have any surprises, as I was serious about this marriage. He understood and he still wanted to marry me but he told me that he doubted if he could ever be a member of such a group. I told him no problem and that I would not be a member of it unless he was as well.


We married and the first two years of our marriage was pretty traditional. We had our challenges and struggles like any married couple would but we were very much in love and very committed to each other. After year two of our marriage, my dominant desire really became strong again. I asked my husband if he wanted to at least attend one party of my former D&S group with me. He refused but he did tell me that he was willing to explore the D&S lifestyle if we kept it just between the two us within our marriage. I agreed and I got very excited about the prospects of dominating him.


He was a natural submissive and he took to it very quickly. We played all kinds of D&S games and I introduced him to all the different activities and techniques that I knew of. I spanked him, whipped him, and dominated him. He loved it and he submitted to me very quickly. I then seized the reigns of our marriage and I took our D&S lifestyle outside of the bedroom and I made him into my 24/7 submissive. He loved it and I loved it. Once I got him to a certain place in his submission, I made him accompany me to a public party of my former D&S group. He was nervous and jealous when he saw all these men making over me as if they had found their long, lost friend. But my husband eventually lightened up and he got use to the group and watching me dominating other men.


Now, I had always had the fantasy of cuckolding my husband, even before I ever knew who he was. I just loved the thought of a wife having other lovers while her husband had to remain monogamous. So, I began to explore this desire of mine and I started to date other men. Now I loved my husband and the dating other men was more about humiliating and dominating my husband then it was about having sex with other men. My husband was my focal point and that is the key. My husband asked me one time, "Why do you date other men when you are so in love with me?" My answer was, "Because I can". And that was the truth. I date and fuck other men because as a dominant wife, I have that right.


I also think because I only had two other lovers before I met my husband, that I still had some oats to sow. Once I finally got over most of my sexual inhibitions and once I started to reach more of my sexual peak years, as I was now in my thirties, I started to desire sex with other men. I have no desire for a relationship with another man because I love my husband but dating another man was different. I like the first kiss, the first touch, the seduction and the sex. I like going on a date with someone new so I can hear new stories and interact with a new personality and I get to share my stories with someone who has never heard them before. I like the whole dating process.


Having said that, my motivation is in humiliating and dominating my husband. So I make it fun for him. My dates are always on Saturday night. Sunday through Friday belong to my husband but Saturday is my date night. I make my husband prepare me for my dates. Our ritual goes like this. He has to give me a candle lit bubble bath and he has to wash me all over. I love feeling his soapy hands all over my body as I tease him about how I am going to fuck another man tonight. He gets rock hard as he bathes me. He has to help dress me as I will make him pick out my outfit for the night, complete with sexy underwear. He has to help me with my makeup and when we are done, I am a total knockout. My husband is very turned on and excited. So excited, that I will place him in a chastity device to make sure that he does not touch himself when I am on my date. I also give him a list of chores to do but I make them sexy chores, like caring for my leather clothes or cleaning my toys or washing out my panties by hand.


I usually find my dates from the D&S support group as there are always plenty of eager single men but I have met some other single men as well, but more on that in a minute. Now, one important thing here about knowing your submissive man. I know my husband's limitations and insecurities, so while I would love to bring my date home to make my husband watch or at least listen, I know he could not handle it. We have talked about this many times and I have felt him out but I know he could not emotionally handle it. Therefore, I always have sex away from home, be it in a hotel room or at my lover's place.


Now for the fun part of the cuckolding. Like I said earlier, I enjoy the dating and I enjoy having sex with another man. I would be lying if I didn't admit that. But the best part of the whole cuckolding experience is when I come home to my waiting husband. He is so submissive and horny when I come home and I am very turned on as well. Now it is D&S time. I dominate him and humiliate him and we have a blast. Whippings, heavy humiliation, intense strap-on play and lots of making him orally service me. It is the ultimate power trip for me as well as the ultimate submissive trip for him. Now, I always use a condom when having sex with another man. Always, never an exception. But, I always tell my husband that my lover climaxed inside of me without a condom and that I want my husband to clean me out. This gets him so turned on and hot. He goes wild on me with his tongue and I experience better orgasms with my husband doing this then any of my lovers have ever brought me to. What can I say? We have the hottest and wildest D&S sessions after I have cuckolded my husband.


It is so much fun that there are actually some Saturday nights that I don't have a date but I make my husband think that I do, just so we can have the intense D&S play. I make him get me all ready and then I will just go to a movie or go to a lounge for a few drinks. Then I will come home and my husband thinks I was with a lover and we have a ball. That is how I have actually met a couple of lovers over the years, by going by myself to a lounge when I was killing time. I never slept with any strange men that night but I built a few friendships that way and told the men what I was doing to my husband and I got a few anxious and eager future dates out of it.


So that is my story. I have cuckolded my husband for the past five years. I don't have a date every Saturday night and I don't have sex on every date but my husband thinks that I do and I have driven him into very deep submission to me. I love to whip him and dominate him and do the C/B torture and the golden showers and the strap-on play but nothing is as powerful, as far as taking him to a deep submissive state, then when I cuckold him. It is a very powerful tool in dominating a submissive husband.


The important thing is that I love my husband and I have no desire to ever leave him. In fact, the more I date other men, the more I appreciate my husband. No man could ever replace him. I have the proper motivation and my heart is toward my husband. But I do date and I do cuckold him "because I can". That is the wonderful thing about being a dominant woman and a dominant wife. I do these things because I can.

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From Hillary A:


I wanted to share with all the readers of your site what I have been up to these past two years. I recently celebrated my birthday and am happy to report that past five years have been the most sexually exciting and sexually fulfilling of my entire life. Women can take heart. There is no need to become depressed about turning forty or fifty. These years have been the wildest and best of my life.


After I had feminized my hubby, I had a live in lover by the name of Rick. He was a man that worked for me at my company and he became my lover and eventually moved in with me. Things were good for about six months but then there was some friction between Rick and my husband so I had to tell Rick to move out. I wanted to keep him on as my lover but he got upset and said that if he moved out then our relationship was over for good. He wanted me to choose between him and my husband. I did and of course I chose my husband. My husband was chastised and denied while I was cuckolding him with Rick over these six months but what Rick did not understand is that we were still a very committed and loving married couple. I will never leave my husband for another man, no matter how good in the sack he may be.


After Rick stepped out of the picture, I decided to take a long overdue vacation to Europe. I went with a female friend of mine. I left my feminized husband in the capable hands of a dominant woman that lives in the same metro area as we do. She is a lesbian and does not particularly like men so she put my husband through the paces while I was having a ball in Europe with my friend.


While I was in Europe, I met a submissive man on a Mediterranean cruise. My friend had to go home after two weeks in Europe but I decided to stay for another week. I went and stayed with this man at his home in London, England. We became lovers on the cruise ship and this carried over at his home. The highlight of my stay in England was when he took me to visit the Soho district. I could not believe how open the sexuality and professional domination was in this area. Quite a difference from what we are use to in America.


My vacation and my fling had to end because I was needed back at the company, so I returned home. My husband was so excited to see me as my lesbian friend worked him like a dog and didn't treat him quite as kindly as he is accustomed to from me. I was glad to see him as well and since I no longer had a lover, I allowed my husband to once again be my sex slave. He really enjoyed this special privilege but I told him that it was only temporary until I found another lover to cuckold him with.


One of the wilder things we did was when we went and got tattoos on our asses. His said "The Property of Hillary". Mine was really wild. The guy at the tattoo parlor showed me a wild design that had a stiletto-heeled boot. I had him specialize it for me and that is the tattoo I received. Neither of us had ever gotten a tattoo before so this was a pretty radical thing for us. I loved my tattoo and I even told a man that I work with about it. He kept dropping hints that he wanted to see it so I strung him along for awhile, making him bring me coffee and serve me at the office. Finally I granted his request.


He met me at a hotel and I showed him my tattooed ass. When he saw the boot and the D&S implications, he became very submissive and weak in my presence. I dominated him that night, made him worship my ass and he became my new lover. Unfortunately, my husband did not handle the fact that I had a new lover and this time we hit a bit of a bump in the road with our relationship.


Then entered the young and lovely Tonya. A new girl started to work at my company, by the name of Tonya. This woman was only in her early twenties but she radiated with dominance and attitude. I immediately took her under my wing and we became great friends. Tonya lived with a girlfriend and they invited us over for a party. I found myself in her bedroom during the party and I saw all kinds of FemDom literature and memorabilia. I wasted no time and had a talk with Tonya over dinner and drinks one night after work, where I told her about my lifestyle and asked her about hers.


This dynamo of a girl had four e-mail slaves that each paid her $300 a month. She never dominated them in person, only through e-mail. Two of her slaves lived in Norway and the other two lived here in the states. One of them lived in the same state, but more on him later.


Tonya was interested in dominating a man in person so I invited her over to watch me dominate my husband. She brought her boyfriend and we had a wild evening, to put it mildly. Tonya was a natural. I also learned that she was bi-sexual and was a former lover of her lesbian roommates. I had been having sexual dreams and desires about having sex with another woman, so when she told me this, I felt her out. She confessed to me that she found me sexy and she was willing to experiment sexually with me. One night when we were dominating our men at my house, we tied them up and we began to make out with each other right in front of them. It was the hottest and wildest sexual experience of my life. My husband got so turned on watching Tonya and me. Tonya and I made our way to the bed and we ended up having sex with each other as our men watched in disbelief and frustration.


Tonya moved in with me and became my lover for a short time. My husband loved this, as he did not experience the same jealous feelings toward Tonya that he had toward Rick. He loved having a twenty something, beautiful girl around the house, dominating him and making love to his wife. It didn't last long because I realized that I was no lesbian but I recommend that every woman have sex with another woman at least once. It is such a beautiful and sensual experience and I am glad that I got to experiment with this form of sexuality.


Tonya learned a lot from me as well as far as how to dominate a man. She even got a promotion at work over men that had been there for many more years and who thought they were more deserving. But I pulled some strings and got her this great promotion, which shook up our office pretty good and I absolutely loved it. Tonya is going to go far as a dominant woman.


For my birthday, Tonya gave me a special present. One of the men that was her e-mail slave lived not too far from here. So she began to dominate him in person. She discovered that one of his biggest desires was to be the personal servant to an older, dominant woman. So guess what? She gave him to me for my birthday present. His name is Todd and he is only thirty years old and he is as cute as can be. Todd now visits me twice a week and I am training him to be my personal servant. I originally was going to train him to be a domestic servant only but he is so cute that I couldn't resist, so I also am training him to be my sexual and personal servant. I now am back to cuckolding my husband with Todd, while I properly train Todd.


The great thing is that my husband has grown in his submission to the place that he is all right with Todd. I have learned from my past mistakes and Todd does not live with us. I realized that my husband needed his own space and that it isn't right to allow another man to invade that space. I usually send my hubby out on errands on the nights that Todd comes to visit me for his training. My hubby also went back to work outside of the house, so he is only feminized around the house. He is permitted to wear male business attire in the work place. But around the house, he is only permitted to wear woman's lingerie or his maid outfit. My husband still wears a chastity device.


As a matter of fact, I just recently took him to get a Prince Albert piercing in his penis and had a new chastity device installed on him. He was not crazy about this but he submitted to my wishes. A friend of mine told me that my husband is so pussy whipped by me, that he will do anything I say. I never thought of it in those terms but I see that she is right. The poor dear is in total submission to me but I love him and I can tell that he enjoys my dominance over him. Just think, he use to be such a corporate big shot. If his colleagues and his family only knew about what we do behind closed doors.


This has been a wild ride for me these past years. I was a bit of a prude and very vanilla all the way into my mid-forties. It just goes to show you that it is never too late to change.


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From Ms Lilly:


I am a high profile lifestyle Dominant Woman. Recently, I did an interview in a FemDom publication that dealt with cuckolding.


I have been married to my wonderful husband for twenty-five years. We were married when I was twenty-five and he was twenty-six, so I'll let you do the math on how old we are. In our twenty-five year old marriage, my husband has been cuckolded now for fifteen years. We have been living a cuckoldry marriage now longer than we lived a traditional marriage.


The first six years of our marriage was very traditional and very vanilla. We were the perfect couple, we did everything together and we had great sex. About year six, we became involved in D&S. That is a long story in itself and I will not go into that here due to time. We were both switches for the first two years of our D&S life, as we rotated between being the Dom and the sub. About year eight of our marriage, we both came to the mutual realization and decision that I was a natural Dom and he was a natural sub. I have embraced my true and natural Dominant Persona and my husband has embraced his true and natural submissive Persona for the past 17 years.


Like most dominant women, once I discovered and embraced my dominant nature, there was no going back and I ran with it. These past 17 years have been the best of my life, especially in the area of my sexuality. Only a dominant woman who discovers and unleashes her dominant energy is capable of experiencing sex on this higher plain. I use to think I had good orgasms but once I discovered female domination and female supremacy, sex and orgasms moved into a whole new world of intensity and pleasure.


That brings me to the topic of cuckolding. Cuckolding is like dynamite, if used properly, it is a very powerful tool but if used incorrectly, it will blow your hand off. I have talked with and counseled a number of women over the years who really screwed up their lives and marriages because of cuckolding.


But as I would listen to the stories of unwanted pregnancies, venereal disease, and broken homes I wanted to scream out "You foolish girl, you have no one to blame but yourself". You don't hold a piece of dynamite with a lit fuse and expect not to be hurt. There are two absolutes I have learned about women. One, all women are superior to men. And two, not all women are equal in intelligence and common sense. You don't sleep with strange men and you always use a condom. Period, no exceptions. The safe sex rules of cuckolding are no different than the safe sex rules of dating for singles. It's a dangerous world out there so keep your wits about you and always use sound judgment and good old common sense.


Why cuckolding? The politically correct things to say within the cuckolding world are "I only cuckold my husband because I want to drive him into deeper submission to me" or "I only cuckold my husband because he enjoys it as well. If he didn't enjoy it, than I wouldn't do it to him." Both of these commonly used statements are correct and that should be a part of the process but I also cuckold my husband because I am a selfish bitch. I enjoy having sex with another man (and occasionally another woman) while I sexually deny and humiliate my husband. There, I admitted it. I like to date other men. I like the whole process from start to finish. I love my husband and I include him in on the cuckolding because I want him to be humiliated, I want to drive him into deeper submission to me, and I feel it is his husbandly duty in a female supremacist marriage. Cuckolding is an important part of who I am, what I believe and what I am all about. It is not just a D&S game or activity but it is a declaration and a lifestyle.


Like I said, I love the whole process. I love the flirting with an attractive man. I love asking a man out on a date. I love teasing my husband about it. I love making my husband prepare me for my dates. I love going on the date. I love meeting and experiencing a new man. I love the first kiss, the first touch, the fondling, the passion, and yes, I LOVE the sex. I love the tormenting and humiliating my husband during and after the sex. I love the power I feel and I love what it does to me as a dominant woman. And above all, I love what it does to my husband as a submissive man. You don't know control and power over a man until you have cuckolded him, especially if you incorporate orgasm denial along with the cuckolding.


Let me discuss the denial process and the importance of it as it relates to cuckolding. The whole cuckolding process is about Female liberation and male acceptance to the superiority of women. It is about a total and complete power exchange from the submissive husband to the superior wife. It is about humiliating the husband for the wife's sexual pleasure.


What cuckolding is not about is swinging or orgies. I may on rare occurrences allow my husband to serve me or even service me in some manner while my lover is having sex with me, but that is because it will further my pleasure and that is what I am in the mood for that night. However, my husband is never allowed to orgasm in the presence of my lover. My husband exists to serve me. He does not exist for his own selfish pleasure. It is all about my pleasure and my pleasure is enhanced by my knowledge that my husband is aroused, frustrated and denied.


As a female supremacist, I do not believe in the male orgasm and I do not sanction the male orgasm. I only allow my lover to orgasm because I know that it will add to my husband's humiliation. The same goes for intercourse. My husband is not permitted intercourse with me but I allow my lover the right to intercourse only because I know it will add to my husband's humiliation and shame. For some women, the same can be said for sucking a man's penis. Most female supremacists will never do that disgusting act to any man for any reason. But there are some women who on very rare occasions will make an exception and do it to their lover because they want to add to their husband's humiliation and frustration.


How often and for how long do I deny my husband? For the past fifteen years, my husband has had zero orgasms through intercourse. I allow my husband to enter me with his penis two or three times a year only because I don't want him to ever forget the pleasure that he is missing the other 362 days of the year. On those few days that I allow him to enter me, I am always on top and he is not permitted to move a muscle. I may just hold still to allow him to feel my warmth or I may even give him a few humps just to remind him what he is missing. But after a few very brief minutes, I pull off of him and back into frustration he goes. Also, the entire time I allow him to be inside of me, I am softly whispering to him to tease him about how my lovers are permitted this pleasure all the time but he will never be permitted to orgasm inside of me again. Like I said, I only allow my husband these brief encounters two or three times a year and only so he doesn't forget what he is missing when I am with my lover. It adds to the mind games and the mental domination.


Besides being denied intercourse with me, my husband is denied any type of orgasm most of the time. I tried to permanently deny my husband but we didn't quite make it. He could go about a month to six weeks but than he would have a wet dream or an accidental climax during our D&S sessions. Even if he was in a chastity device, he would on occasion orgasm when I was taking him with my strap-on. So, I decided that instead of wasting my valuable time in figuring out how to prevent this or going through the exhausting effort of giving him prostate milkings, I decided it was easier and more enjoyable to allow him one or two very humiliating orgasms per month. I talked this over with a few women and the consensus is that if a man's orgasm is permitted in a non-intimate and degrading way, that it still qualifies as permanent denial. What's the difference if he has it through a milking or via humiliation? Therefore, my husband only receives one or two supervised and very degrading orgasms per month. I enjoy this as a female supremacist because his rare orgasms become very entertaining for me. My favorite is to make him hump an inanimate object before another woman while I verbally degrade him. He will hump the floor, or a chair, or the bed, or the boots I am wearing, or whatever other nasty thing I think of.


My husband wears a chastity device most of the time so I know he isn't being a bad boy behind my back. We own three, the CB2000, the Chastity Tube and the Access Denied. I change them up for variety but he seems to be the most comfortable in the Access Denied. The CB2000 is best when traveling. Is it hard on him being frustrated and denied? You bet it is and I love it. What fun would it be for me if he loved being denied? It does make him more submissive toward me, so he loves that aspect of it but no man really enjoys being teased and denied all of the time. Well, mentally they do but sexually and physically they don't. His discomfort and frustration adds to my sexual excitement and sexual fulfillment.


Who do I cuckold my husband with? This is the most important part of the entire cuckolding process. Basically, I cuckold my husband with a man that I am very attracted to and one that I know my husband will be jealous of. What fun is there in cuckolding your husband with a man that he approves of? He has no right to question my choices and he must accept and yield to my choices. Who is the liberated wife? Who is the Dom here? Therefore my husband has no say or input on whom I date. If he doesn't struggle with at least a little jealousy and envy then he will not be humiliated and thus he will not slip into sub space. I want him to choose submission over his jealousy but I have to present the choice before he can choose.


I like to date young and good-looking men. I want my husband to feel threatened. I want him to double and triple his efforts in serving me and in making sure I am happy and the better looking my date, the more threatened my husband becomes and the more eager he is to please me. I told my husband at the start of all this that I would never leave him for another man and I meant that. There is not a man alive that I would rather be married to than my husband but I am not unaccustomed to using my husband's insecurities to get him to become a better servant and submissive. I still tell him that I love him and I will never leave him but then there are times that I will tease him mercilessly about how much better my lover is in bed than he ever was.


With that said, I look for a man that I am attracted to and sexually aroused by. I have never cuckolded my husband with a borderline man. I have always cuckolded my husband with a man that I found very sexy and a man that I wanted. I want a man that is younger than my husband, more muscular than my husband and if at all possible, better hung than my husband. If you are going to cuckold your husband, why do it with a little man with a puny cock? Do it with a stud with a stud's cock. Do it with a man that you want to fuck.


Where do I find my lovers? Let me begin by saying where I don't find them. Never date a man from work. Never pick a man up in a bar. Never date one of your husband's friends or co-workers. Never pretend that you are single when talking with a man. Always be honest about your marital status.


The majority of the men that I have found in recent years have been through my FemDom support group and the Internet. I have a personal ad on  and I get many replies but if the man doesn't follow my direction in the ad, I don't answer him. I want a picture and he has to be submissive who believes in female domination. When I answer an ad, I ask very direct and personal questions and I pull no punches. I say up front that I am happily married but that I am looking for a lover. I want him to be submissive but not passive. I want my husband to be passive, not my lover. I ask the man to give me his correct name, age, birth date, occupation, height, weight, build, and penis size measured from the top of the shaft to the tip of the penis, and sexual history. I have found two very good lovers through but you must be extremely patient and you must have a thorough screening process.


The best way I have found lovers is through the FemDom group I help run. We are a small group of only five couples and I have no intention of growing. If one couple leaves, I add one couple to replace them. We started out with the intention of building a large support group but it has become a great ground for meeting and screening single submissive men. I have an obscure web site that can be only found through  and one other contact service. On my site, I talk about our group and how we are looking for a very few select single men to join in order to serve us superior females. I get quite a number of inquiries and I again make them go through my screening process before I invite them to a group function. I ask the same questions as above but I omit the questions about his penis size and sexual history. I definitely require a photo. If the man peaks my interest, I arrange a phone call. If he still peaks my interest, I invite him to a play party. There, I will get to examine his body as well as his personality. I have found the majority of my dates and lovers through our support group. The average party consists of us five couples and a select few single submissive men.


How do I keep the same single submissive men from coming to every party? I let them know up front that because we are a small group with limited space and because so many singles want to attend, they will only be invited to one initial party. Once a year we throw a big fetish bash at a very large commercial dungeon and I will invite all the selected men to that annual bash but not to another monthly party. Unless there is a single man that I or one of the other wives are interested in dating. Then the interested wife will call the man up and ask him on a date. If he becomes a lover to one of the wives, he is of course invited to the monthly parties. The key to my success rate is the screening process. I weed out most men before they ever get an invite to one of our parties.


How long do I date one of my lovers? Pretty much until I tire of him. I make sure the man I date knows up front that this relationship will only be for a season because I am a married woman. I am honest with the man. I tell him that I find him sexy and attractive but that my goal is to use him for my own selfish pleasure. If he is a submissive man, this kind of bold talk usually excites him. I have dated men for as short as two dates and I have dated men for as long as two years. My best cuckold ever lasted for two entire years.


Is it hard to end the relationship with the lover? No, not most of the time. Usually, the lover decides to move on before I do because he decides that he wants a full time relationship after he meets a single woman who can offer him a little more than I can. I like that the best because I hate to break it off with a man that becomes overly attached to me. Unfortunately that has happened a number of times and I never get use to doing it but it is a part of the process. A man usually knows that I am about ready to move on when I start encouraging him to date other single women.


Have I ever been hurt? Yes, the man I dated for two years became my best friend other than my husband and I became more attached to him than I had planned. I broke some of my steadfast rules with him, like taking vacations with him and allowing him to live with us for a few months. Both of those are bad ideas. The live in boyfriend is the fastest path to trouble. Three is definitely a crowd under one roof. The friction between him and my husband made me kick my boyfriend out and he never forgave me for that, so he ended the relationship. It hurt, but it was the correct thing to do. I had some great sex with that one and lots of pleasant memories. The great thing about being married is that your husband is there to cuddle with and to comfort you after a break-up. You are not alone and that makes it easy to get over it. However, the best advice is to keep your wits and do your best not to get too emotionally involved with your lovers. That is easier for some women to do than for others.


Do I have sex with all of the men I date? No, but that is the goal. I only date a man that I hope to take to bed with me. I rarely have sex with a man on my first date and there have been men that I was outwardly attracted to but after a couple of dates, I changed my mind. The great thing about being married is that it gives you an easy out for when you want to break things off after a few dates. You just say that you can't go through with it because of your husband. It always works like a charm.


Do I always have a boyfriend? No, but I am usually looking. Sometimes I want a break and I have gone as long as a year without having a boyfriend or lover. In the fifteen years that I have been doing this I would say that I have dated about fifteen men and about ten of those have been my lovers. So I have had many in between times with no boyfriend. I always tease my husband that I have dated more men and slept with more men since I have been married, then when I was single. Just another great thought to humiliate him with.


Now let me describe a typical date and a typical cuckold. Most husbands enjoy getting his wife ready for her dates and mine is no exception. That is so great for humiliating the husband and taking him to subspace. Without the pre-date activities, it would be much tougher on the husband. My pre-date routines vary. I might allow him to bathe me if we have the time but regardless, he will assist me in picking out my outfit and he will help to dress me. I add lots of humiliating comments and sling some verbal abuse on him about how excited I am about my date with my young stud. I will allow him to kiss and worship my body as he is dressing me. After I am dressed, I will allow him to worship my feet and stocking covered legs. I will always make him confess to me my right to date other men and he must always wish me a good time.


If my date picks me up at my house, I do not allow him to enter the house before the date. I don't want these men making eye contact. I have my date honk his car horn and I go outside to meet him. If you have nosey neighbors, it may be best to meet your date at a predetermined location. I usually give my husband some chores or errands to run while I am on my date. That adds to his humiliation and it also keeps his mind occupied. I usually make a few calls to my husband on my cell phone during my date and I take the opportunity to humiliate him by telling him what a marvelous time I am having and what a great conversationalist my date is. I might even tease how my date can't seem to keep is hands off of me. Some women prefer to put their husbands in bondage before they leave for their date so their husbands have to lay helpless to dwell on the fact that his wife is on a date with another man. That is a great thing to do the first few times but eventually I think the chores are better. I guess it depends on your husband's submissive nature and what has the best chance of keeping him in subspace.


I always inform my husband of the time I expect to be returning home. If I am going to be late, I will call to let him know. If I feel that I want sex from my date, I will make him remain in the car when he drives me home so I can prepare my husband. I will go in the house and order my husband to get in a submissive position and than I will inform him of my desire to take my date to bed with me. What I do with my husband depends on my mood. If it is the first or second time I have had sex with this man, I will usually take my husband to his bedroom and tie him to his bed. I may place a butt plug in him. He always has his chastity device on when I am on a date or cuckolding him. I will leave his door open so he can hear everything. I know some women have elaborate setups where they pipe the sounds from their bedroom into their dungeon or husband's bedroom but I just leave the doors open. After my husband is secure, I will motion for my date to come in. We may have some snacks or drinks but usually we get right into it. I am always dominant with my date but I give him some liberties. My husband must lay in his bed and listen to us having wild sex.


Once we are done, I see my lover to the door and he leaves. If I have the energy, I will go to my husband and I will dominate him and humiliate him. I will tease him about what a great lover my date was and what a big cock he had and such things. I almost always make my husband clean me out with his tongue and I'll make him worship my body. I may also whip him or even use my strap-on while I humiliate him.


After a few dates with my new lover, I may make my husband be present in the bedroom or playroom with us. I may tie him up and make him watch. If I do this, I forbid my husband to speak and I forbid my lover to make eye contact with my husband. My husband must watch another man fuck me and he must feel the shame and humiliation. I will usually make lots of eye contact with my husband while this is going on and I will usually say humiliating things to him. Of course I will make my moans as loud as I can for the added effect.


There have been times when I will make my husband assist. I may make him suck my nipples while my lover is licking my pussy. This is rare and only after my husband has proven that he can sit quietly and watch us a few times before I allow him to assist in pleasuring me. I never allow the two men to touch each other. My husband has no homosexual desires and I think it would be going too far to make him do this. I know of some women that do, but I don't. One of the women in my group will actually make her husband suck her lover's cock to warm him up before he fucks her. To each his own I guess. I think that would send my husband into the crazy house, so you need to know your husband and decide what is acceptable. I had a lover that actually asked me if he could have sex with my husband. I denied his request to my lover's disappointment and my husband's relief.


I have had sex back at my boyfriend's house as well. In these cases, I will call my husband on the phone and tell him what I am about to do. I have even made him listen over my phone while my boyfriend and I had sex. But most of the time I fill my husband in on the details when I get home and begin to tease him about it.


How often do I date? If I am in a relationship with a man, it is usually once a week. That keeps it distant enough so I don't become too attached and it gives me something to look forward to each week. I do not spend lots of time talking on the phone during the week with my boyfriend. I prefer to keep things to once a week. I have a career and a husband to tend to. The boyfriend is for my pleasure. Two full time relationships are too time consuming. I did it once and I will never do it again and I do not recommend it. I date to have fun, to have great sex and to express my female liberation. I am not looking for another long-term relationship. One is enough.


What are some of the highlights these past fifteen years? When I was forty-two, I dated a twenty-one year old stud that had a ten inch cock. My husband was very jealous and it was the most humiliated that I had ever seen him. I dated this kid for six months because of his cock. I had nothing in common with him and I didn't enjoy his company after the second date, but you can't pass up a cute boy with a ten-inch cock. Don't get angry with me but I actually sucked it a few times. It is the only one I have sucked in the past seventeen years but I had to make my husband watch me do it. And yes, I enjoyed myself.


I dated a black man that was built like a brick shit house and he had an eight-inch cock. The extra racial dimension also made my husband very jealous and humiliated. I only went out with him four times and had sex with him all four dates. I found out that he had other girlfriends and I ended it out of fear for my health. I have my rules and if a man does not follow them, then hit the road, Jack. By the way, if you use the Internet do not give your last name. You have the upper hand as the female so you must require their full name but never give them yours until you are certain that he is a keeper.


My husband and I went on a vacation one time and I ran into a man that I went to high school with. I was very attracted to him so I invited him to dinner with us. I flirted with him all night in front of my husband and later sent my husband to our room. I told my former classmate about my arrangement with my husband and I had the only one nightstand of my life. Oh, I forgot to include that one so that makes eleven men I have had sex with these past fifteen years.


I have experimented with bi-sexuality, as on two separate occasions I have had sex with another woman. I recommend it to every woman at least once. It is very erotic if you do it with the right woman. However, I think my husband enjoyed watching us a little too much.


Are my husband and I closer today than before the cuckolding? Yes, we are but it is a different intimacy. We have bonded on a higher D&S plain as I pretty much control his entire being. He is much more submissive today than he was before we started this lifestyle and I am more dominant. I will be honest and confess that I only see him as my husband to satisfy my female supremacist beliefs. He has to be my husband to stand in proxy for all husbands so I can control him and dominate him as a husband. But the truth is that our relationship is more of a Mistress and slave than the Wife and husband relationship of seventeen years ago. He does what I say and I do what I say. He still is allowed to orally please me on occasions and that combined with the D&S play, keeps us intimate on a special level. No other man enjoys that kind of special relationship with me.


In closing, cuckolding is not for every FemDom couple. But if you hunger to totally control your husband, then cuckolding is the way to go. If you love to humiliate your husband and if you love to express your liberation, dating other men or even other women is the way to go. Just be sure to include your hubby in all that you do and have fun with it.


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From Claire:



When I first mentioned to my husband the idea of cuckolding, he was somewhat shocked, but also aroused. After much discussion and promises that I would be careful in my choice of a man outside my marriage (he didn't know I'd already met someone), while denying my husband any orgasm whatsoever, we were on our way.


For the past two months, he has not been allowed to touch any part of his body for self-satisfaction. That is a job for me to do. While he's been starving for sex and any sort of release, I find moments when we're alone and I grab his cock and balls and tenderly rub his nipples. When it comes to intercourse, he is only allowed inside me long enough to inch and "pump" closer to orgasm, then is told to pull out. Also, on the days he works, I occasionally call him before I leave the house and taunt him about what I'm wearing (always boots-he adores them) and that "I'm going to meet somebody." All of this frustrates him tremendously.


One morning, I did the actual. I fucked the other man and, after the initial shock of having someone else inside me other than my husband had worn off, I felt so sexy and powerful. The time had now come to humiliate the man I love-my husband.


As we were watching television one night, I told him I felt like tying him up. I bound him spread eagle to the bed very tightly and, deciding I wanted to do all the talking, taped his mouth closed with duct tape. I went and got dressed in the bathroom, putting on a tight sweater (minus a bra), tight jeans, and boots zipped on over the jeans. I decided then and there that, when I reentered that room, I was going to be a foxy bitch. My long blonde hair was flowing nicely, I smelled good, I looked good.


When I went back and strutted purposely back in forth in front of my wonderful husband, I realized how much I loved him. He was so aroused and I couldn't wait to humiliate him. I laughed loudly and told him he was a loser, that I'd found someone much better and had indeed fucked him. And, I told him I didn't feel one bit bad about it but hoped he (my husband) did. After that, while he was peering at me intently with disbelief, I lit a cigarette and purposely blew that match out in his helpless face. He doesn't smoke, so I wanted to irritate him further (and I did). I sat before him, folded my booted legs, and continued to belittle him, increasing the shame and humiliation he felt. All the while (this lasted for about an hour), he layed there like a pathetic little wimp and took the abuse. He had no choice.


Since that night our relationship has gotten even better. Believe this or not, the next day he bought my flowers. I guess we know who controls our marriage.


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From an Obedient Husband:


My Wife and me have been into the female domination lifestyle since well before our marriage. Being a traditionalist my (then future) wife would not allow us to have intercourse and demanded that I forgo release of any kind, even while allowing me to perform oral sex on her. To her mind the distinction was that what I was doing was in short "spilling seed" whereas she was merely feeling pleasure. Too, it jibed with our feeling that the female should sexually, socially, emotionally, and fiscally be regarded as the undisputed head of household and center.


I regard her authority completely without question: I am a dedicated homemaker (though Ido work from home), who has taken her name, submits to corporal and verbal punishment, gives (but *NEVER* receives) oral sex, deposits all earnings into her account and receives a small weekly allowance which it is totally at her discretion to deny. I am kept sexually denied most days but am allowed supervised and humiliating release twice per month (generally with her manipulating me for a short while and cuming onto her anus after which I must clean her, and then sleep curled at the foot of her bed). I also obediently submit to monthly dildo discipline. I am not allowed sexual access to her vagina and I never have been. Which is not to say she is a virgin; before we met she had a serious four year relationship with her college sweet heart. And I did have vaginal sex once (yes, just once) before I met her.


Much of what we do, however, is very sexual and constitutes our sex life: I have been very happy in our three years together and would not seek to change a thing. But recently she told me that she has found herself craving intercourse with a "hard and able cock" attached to a sensitive and stimulating lover. I brightly offered myself. A wicked smile started to play on her lips, and she asked "what made me think I would ever get to sleep with her?"


She then ordered me to buy her an anklet and place it on her leg each day before work (a sign that a woman is free and looking for a lover). When I hesitated she raised her hand menacingly. I quickly apologized and promised to buy it and present it to her immediately. She laughed and dismissed me. Soon afterwards I brought it to her and presented it to her. Before clasping it around her ankle she made me repeat a short vow agreeing to the message of the anklet (we both understood it to mean that the wife was entertaining the possibility of lovers). I promised that I would not get in the way between her and anyone that she might attract with it. After a moment of hesitation, which garnered a swift kick in the stomach, I agreed and recited the vow and placed the anklet on her ankle. As a reward she had me lay back on the bed, raise my legs backward while she manipulated me. She placed my penis as evenly over my mouth as possible and ordered me to swallow; I came and swallowed. Embarrassed, humiliated and in total submission to her authority over me.


Several weeks passed and she finally brought home a coworker of hers in a different division. As I feared, he was: handsome, young, tall and unattached. She apparently initiated this relationship and told him a false statement that I was completely impotent (by telling him the true fact that I have never *penetrated* her during our marriage) and that I had agreed that this was the best thing for us.


I was ordered to cook dinner for the two of them, clean, turn on music, get drinks and make small talk about "my impotence." The guest room was made up and comfortable that evening and, as you might guess, I made use of it. That night and the next night and the next. It has been six weeks and this man has not left our house (in fact they are seriously discussing his quitting his lease on his apartment) and I have slept entirely in the guest bedroom. She has completely discontinued dildo discipline and supervised release; she has no need for my oral services. I have discussed it with her. She says that we have merely moved into a new phase of our relationship, which I should just accept and that she sees me as a trusted friend and that she remains spiritually mine while physically completely devoted to her lover. She then wants to have "girltalk" about him, his reticence to commit, his studly ways, etc. She gushes with girlish affection for him. If this is to humiliate me, it is working. But is she serious or just playing with my mind?


What I have noticed is that they do not have a FemDom relationship. In fact it is almost completely vanilla. He is in the driver's seat with her, which truly disgusts me in principle. What I love most about my wife is her dominance and her female supremacy beliefs. Why is she not dominating her lover? I tell her this but she tells me it is not my place to judge and since she's right, and since the ultimate aim is her fulfillment, I back down.


There are aspects to being cuckolded that excites me. I know that it is wrong, but I've taken to standing outside their bedroom and masturbating to their sounds and moans at night. I desperately crave release and get it in this way. My wife no longer engages in playing with me, which I greatly miss. Recently she has asked me if I wouldn't consider going on hormones for her and pursuing my female side. She wants me to simply submit my manhood to her. She is very happy with her sexual partner and could use something else from me. I had never considered it before. I don't know if I should submit or refuse, in fact, I'm not sure she meant it entirely seriously. She may just have been testing my willingness to submit.


When I asked her again about sexual release she informed me that her lover will not "allow her" to have any kind of sexual contact with me whatsoever. She is strictly off limits to all men but her lover. This greatly bothered me and I expressed my dissatisfaction. She agreed to give me more. Every other night since then, secretly, she has slipped a pair of her worn, soiled, cotton panties under the door to the guest room. The first night she left me a small note that said "enjoy, darling!" I have contented myself with this and look forward to it as my sole remaining connection to my beautiful and (formerly) domineering bride.


My questions are basically, is this ok (i.e. is this enough relationship between a woman andhusband)? Should I be upset that my wife and her lover are not in a FemDom relationship? And are their any justifications for a man taking hormone therapy to increase bust size, decrease libido and satisfy his wife's craving for a "girlfriend?"


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From Ellen:



My story is a bit different. A common theme in some of these stories is that a woman will cuckold her husband after they have been living a female domination lifestyle for a while. Cuckolding is basically another F/D activity to these couples. In my case, cuckolding and infidelity is what launched my marriage into a female domination marriage. I knew absolutely nothing about female domination or female supremacy. I had never read an article or a book about the subject and if you would have asked me about my personality, I would have said I was neutral and maybe even slightly submissive. But all that changed two years ago.


My husband and I have been married for 9 years. The first 5 were pretty good and we enjoyed a close relationship. Around year 6, I became frustrated with him and my marriage. He began to be cold toward me because I was unable to conceive a child for him. When I refused to try fertility treatments, it caused a serious rift between us. We still lived together and did stuff together but we were drifting apart. We still had occasion sex but it was not fulfilling, at least not for me. Actually, I never enjoyed sex with my husband. He simply was not very good in bed. I knew this when I married him but that didn't matter because I loved our close friendship and I enjoyed his companionship.


Before I met my husband, I dated a man who was an absolute stud in bed. This man was not much of a conversationalist and I never connected with him on an intellectual level but we were like two animals in bed. We would go at it for hours. He was very well hung (three inches longer and much thicker than my husband). He was a rarity as I have found few men who are really good in bed. I dated this man for 18 months purely for the sex. Eventually, I grew tired of him and his boring personality so we split up. He moved on to another relationship and I met and fell in love with my husband.


As my husband and I began to grow apart, I was building some serious resentment toward him. He was doing absolutely nothing around the house, he was cold toward me and basically being a real prick. I was never one to nag or yell so I held all of this frustration inside. Then in year 7 of our marriage, I began to go out with a girlfriend just to get away from my husband. One night at a local pub, I ran into my former boyfriend and we got to talking. I found out that he was not in a relationship so I began to have an affair with him. Once again, the sex was great.


My husband began to be suspicious of my infidelity so one day he confronted me about where I was going all the time and if I was having an affair. Well I was holding in all of this guilt and frustration so I must have hit a point where I could not hold it in any longer. I absolutely erupted and lit into my husband with a verbal onslaught. I let him have it about the way he had been treating me, about what a lazy husband he had become, and to my surprise I even told him what a lousy lover he was. Then I told him that I had been fucking my old boyfriend and I was enjoying it.


My husband slapped me hard across my face in anger, called me a whore, and told me he wanted a divorce. I was so angry with him that I slapped him back, pushed him on the bed, climbed on top of him and continued my verbal assault, with some more slaps to his face. I expected my husband to fight back but surprisingly he backed down and just took the abuse. I could tell he was a little wounded but I also noticed that he had an erection. He just looked at me in amazement. A power came over me and I found myself aroused by this situation. My anger turned into a dominant lust and I ripped off his clothes, removed mine and I raped him. It was the best sex of our marriage. I pinned his hands to the bed with my hands as I mounted his inadequate penis and I rode him with hard thrusts. I was dominating him and he surrendered to me. It was at this moment that I realized that I still loved him and I did not want to divorce him.


After he climaxed inside of me, I forced his face to my crotch and made him lick his own cum out of my pussy. He was never very good at oral sex so I held him there and ordered him where to lick and how to lick. For the first time, I could tell he was enjoying going down on me. I had a wonderful climax.


Our relationship changed from that time forward. I began to boss my husband around and I made him do chores around the house. I no longer talked to him in a soft or kind voice but I was always firm and bitchy with him. I would order him to do the dishes and order him to clean out the garage. If he ever hesitated, I would grab him by his balls and drag him to the sink or the garage or wherever I wanted him to work. I couldn't believe this new attitude and aggressiveness of mine but I loved it. I was even more forceful and self-confident with other men like my lover and the men I worked with. I was my former kind self with other women and family but I had developed a brazen attitude toward men.


One of the men I worked with noticed my bitchy attitude and he started to call me the Dominatrix. I was not familiar with that term so I looked it up on the Net. To my surprise I found sites of leather wearing women with whips. I was a bit shocked but I also got aroused.


One of the websites had a link to a site where you could order D&S toys. I ordered some leather lingerie, a whip and a leather paddle. I began to discipline my husband and I absolutely loved paddling and whipping his ass. He loved it as well as he walked around with an erection much of the time. I totally took control of him and I started to make him do all the chores around the house.


I would tell my husband when I was going out on a date with my lover and I would brazenly tell him that I was going to have sex. My husband objected a few times but when he did, I would grab him by his balls, pull him over my lap and paddle his ass. When I did this, I found myself verbally humiliating him about his inadequate penis and how I needed my lover for sexually satisfaction.


One time, I talked my boyfriend into videotaping our sex. We used a tripod and captured him fucking my brains out with his enormous cock. After my boyfriend and I watched the tape, I told him that I would erase it. But I didn't. I took the tape home and I forced my husband to watch as I humiliated him. I got so turned on that I went wild on him again, whipping his ass, slapping his face, raping him by having forceful sex with me on top and finishing it off by forcing his face into my bush for prolonged oral sex.


My husband became totally submissive to me. He now does all the chores around the house and he is my total servant. About a year ago, I broke it off with my boyfriend. He wanted me to leave my husband and marry him but I told him that I loved my husband and how I was just using him for sex. He got upset and we haven't spoken since. It was all for the better because now I can focus all my attention on my husband. The extra-marital affair is what triggered our D&S relationship and I used it to humiliate my husband but I also felt guilty at times. I feel much more at peace with myself now that it is just my husband and I again. Our marriage is great. My husband has learned to please me orally and he has learned how to use a large dildo to bring me the pleasure his inadequate penis cannot. He has gotten quite skilled in pleasuring me. We now enjoy great sex and I receive the majority of the orgasms. I will have intercourse with him occasionally but I am always on top and I am always dominant with him.


My husband loves being submissive and I love being dominant. I want to experiment with strap-on play and other D&S activities we have never tried. We still have much to learn but I am willing and I know he will submit to whatever I say. All is well with our marriage now that I have discovered my dominant nature.


 cuckold movies




From Johan W:


I wanted to explore by first experimenting with dating or dancing with other men before jumping into cuckolding.


So Saturday night we went to a single bar and I sat alone while my husband was watching me. It didn't take long before a young man approched me and we began to talk. He was very handsome and much more younger than me. He was very funny and interesting so after a while we went dancing. I was wearing a very sexy dress and I teased him before my husband's eyes. I was very excited and I let the young man hold me very tight in his arms and I could sense his penis growing against my pussy. It was the first time, since I was married, that I was feeling another man's body and I loved it.


We went back to the bar and while we were talking, he put his arms around me like I was his girlfriend. We went back dancing many times and finally I let him kiss me and caress me as if we were real lovers. I told him everything about my husband and he was more excited by that. Then I asked him to give me a ride back home.


We spent a lot of time in his car parked before my house, kissing and caressing each other. I made him cum in his pants. We didn't have skin contact and I told him that if he was willing to pass all the medical tests (like HIV), then maybe I could take him for one of my lovers to cuckold my husband. He agreed to the test and we will see about it.


When I went in my house, my husband was waitting for me on his knees and when I approached him, he worshiped my feet passionately. I let him show his devotion for a little while (I know how important these moments are for him) and then I sat and I made him masturbate while he was telling me what he saw at the bar and what he was feeling watching another man with his wife. Then I told him what happened in the car. He got very excited and I gave him permission to ejaculate. He came alI over his hand. I made him lick his cum, telling him to imagine that it was my lover's cum that he was licking because soon it will be, as he will be licking it from my pussy.


When I went to the bar, I was fairly sure that I wanted to cuckold my husband. Now I'm 100% sure. But now I want to raise our relationship to a higher level. From submissive husband/dominant wife to Mistress wife/slave husband or even better, Goddess wife/worshipper level. I want to add the spiritual dimension to his submissiveness and develop my female power.


cuckold movie  




From Crimson C:


I have a real story to share. My girl friend and I are arguing over my lifestyle choice. Cherie has been my best friend since college and we have kept in contact these past fifteen years since we graduated. We were both married in 1994 and were the maid of honor in each other's wedding. We are very close and neither of us are shy to tell the other our opinion.


Cherie was the wilder one in college when it came to men and sex. Today she is a very dedicated wife and loving mother to her two children. I too am a loving wife but I do not have any children by my own choice. My husband introduced me to his submissive fantasies when we were still dating and I came to enjoy dominating him some in the bedroom. Cherie knew about this and she encouraged me to play along with his fantasies as she said it would keep sex fresh and interesting.


After we were married, my husband expressed an interest in moving our D&S out of the bedroom and into more of our everyday life. I was hesitant to do this because I felt the husband should be the head of a marriage. Since I enjoyed our occasional kinky experiences in the bedroom I became curious about what a female dominated marriage would be like. With my husband's encouragement, I eventually came around and agreed to try it.


It did not take me long to fall in love with this lifestyle and our relationship really took off in a deeper and more meaningful way. While Cherie was telling me how she and her husband rarely had sex after their children came along, I was telling her how intense and exciting sex was between my husband and I. She became a bit envious so she told me that she preferred if we no longer discussed such personal matters.


As I grew as a Dominant woman and took charge of my marriage, other people noticed an increase in my confidence and positive attitude. Cherie especially noticed this and she would compliment me on how I looked and handled myself. My husband and I joined a D&S group and although we never became completely comfortable playing with others, it did open me up to other possibilities. One such opportunity was when a woman approached me about becoming a phone counselor with a phone sex service she worked for. I had a career but we wanted to buy a house so I figured we could use the extra money. I only did the phone counseling for a year but during this time, I met some interesting men over the phone. One man in particular was very special and we formed a friendship.


My husband had grown to the place in his submission to me that I felt I could take on another submissive. This man lived half way across the country but he wanted to come and visit me. When I told my husband about it, he went from being jealous and against it at first to becoming excited about the prospect of his wife dominating another man. We set limits that he could accept and I promised to only dominate this man and not to have any sexual relations with him. My husband was perfectly Ok with this.


Over the next year, I played with this man when he came to visit me (we played in his hotel rooms and not at my house) and I even went and visited him one time. We played a total of about a half a dozen times that first year. I became close to this man and we formed a special friendship. Over the past couple of years, I started to do things with this man that my husband does not like to do. My husband hates to travel, as he is a homebody. My husband hates to dance or go to lounges that play live music. My male submissive loves to do these things.


I finally approached my husband about taking this lifestyle to the next level. I told him that I was as much in love with him today as I was when we were married. I told him that no one could ever replace him as number one in my heart. We still enjoy a very close relationship and I love dominating him both in and out of the bedroom. I told my husband that I felt the next step in our FemDom marriage was for me to exercise my authority and liberation by having the right to have sexual relations with my other submissive. I told him it was hard not to allow him some sexual contact when I played with him when we traveled together. My husband struggled a little with this but he yielded to my dominance and he even confessed that cuckolding stories excited him.


For the past year, I have allowed my submissive male friend the freedom to orally service me when we travel or when we play. I will not allow him the freedom to penetrate me because I feel that would be adultery and not right to do to my husband. My husband is still the only man permitted intercourse with me, which is not too often but nonetheless, he is the only one who has that privilege.


I equally love both men. My husband is still my number one but I also enjoy my male companion. They are two totally different men with separate interests, other than D&S. Even the D&S is different as my husband likes things rough and kinky but my male companion prefers a softer more sensual form of female domination. These men have never met in person but have seen pictures of the other and have talked briefly on the phone. Both seem well adjusted to the fact that I am the Domme and as submissive men, they must be willing to share my time and attention. In a way, I cuckold both of them with the other and that adds to the whole FemDom power dynamics.


Cherie knows about my male friend as she saw us together one time and when she asked me about him, I was honest with her. This upset her and she calls me occasionally to try to get me to dump this other man and turn my entire attention back to my husband. She keeps telling me that it is impossible for a woman to love two men. She says that I am headed for trouble and a divorce and I must choose between these men.


I love my current arrangement. I spend eighty percent of my time with my husband as this other man lives 1500 miles from us. I have zero intentions of leaving my husband. My husband struggled some with this but now he seems relaxed and at peace with it. I no longer nag him to take trips with me or to go dancing. He loves being my domestic servant around the house and he loves when I dominate and control his life. Likewise, I am fulfilling a need in my male friend's life. He searched for twenty years for a dominant woman and he loves being with me. He knows I am married and he has never once asked me to leave my husband.


It seems to me that it is possible for a woman to have two men whom she cares about. I am living proof. Is it possible for a woman to equally love two men? Are others living the lifestyle I am and is it possible to make such an arrangement work over a long period of time?





From Claire S:


It has been over five months since my husband's last orgasm, and we are both having a ball.  There may be some guys out there wondering how a man can survive this long without relief.  Believe me, guys-it isn't easy.  My husband has survived, but barely.  Being married to a foxy woman, being denied orgasm knowing she's enjoying sex with a lover and he's powerless to stop it, and having to endure my taunts and teasing, well...he gets my congratulations. 


Anyway, here's a story that's a bit cute.  My husband knows I meet my lover at hotels, but he never knows when or where.  To "bust his balls" a bit, I recently grabbed a book of matches that they leave as a courtesy in the hotel room ashtray.  That way I had actual "in his face" proof of that the real deal was indeed going down. 


One night, I hog-tied my husband rigidly on our bed and, stretching him as uncomfortably as possible, put his head in a head harness with O-rings and tightly pulled his head up off the mattress towards his ankles.  Now unable to lower his head, he was open season for me to tease the hell out of (*note: it may sound cruel, but he loves this).


I went and put on a tight sweater minus a bra, a tight denim skirt, and my knee high, black leather, platform boots, then returned to the room.  I positioned a chair about six feet from his face and let the fun begin.  First I taunted him a bit, singing "How Dry I Am...How Dry I Am...Nobody Knows How Dry I Am" as a dig to his lack of relief.  Then I told him how good my lover makes me feel.  Then I decided to have a cigarette.


I took out the matches and, with his eyes peering at me, showed them to him.  "There they are baby...from the Hampton just don't know which one.  They're in all the rooms, in the ash trays...nice huh?"  I got closer to him, leaned in.  "You know, these matches cement my relationship with him.  The smoke from one of these matches represents our passion, our attraction for each other."


Then I took the book of matches and teasingly flicked it against the tip of his nose and giggled. Then, after slowly lighting the cigarette, I took careful aim, and blew out the match straight into my husband's bound, raised, helpless face.


The smoke enveloped his head.  The odor was strong and pungent.  The thought of my lover and me were right in my husband's face, his nose, his eyes.  And there wasn't a damn thing he could do about it. My how I love this lifestyle!


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From Jeffrey A:


I introduced Female Domination to my wife and now I fear that it has gone too far. I want to get our relationship back to where it was but my wife will not hear of it. She says that she loves being a dominant and liberated wife and that she will never agree to go back. I don't know what to do because I can tell that she is happy with our current arrangement and she is serious about never going back.


I have no one to blame but myself. She knew nothing about Female Domination but I was the one who introduced her to it and encouraged her to embrace her dominant side. She was hesitant and refused at first. I should have dropped it at that point but I couldn't let well enough alone. I have had submissive desires since I was a boy and I wanted to experience a real FemDom marriage. I had visited Pro Dommes both before we were married and on a couple of occasions since we were married. I tried to put these desires behind me and become a traditional husband to my wife. I was able to do this the first couple of years we were married but my desire to be dominated by my wife kept creeping back into my life.


I was not subtle in my approach to tell my wife about Female Domination. I would tell her during sex. When I became excited, I would tell her that I would like to be her slave. She usually just ignored such comments but one day she asked me why I kept saying that I wanted to be her slave during sex. I told her about Female Domination and my submissive desires and she flat out rejected the idea. She said that men needed to be strong and the leader in a marriage and that is what she needed out of me.


I tried to be her dream husband but I slipped and yielded to my submissive temptations. When she told me that she would never agree to being a dominant wife, I started to see Pro Dommes again. My wife eventually found out because she keeps tabs on our money and she asked about a couple of 300 dollar withdrawals from our savings account. I was able to make up a good excuse the first time she asked but the next time, she caught me in a lie, so I confessed to her what I had done.


My wife threatened to leave me and I broke down and cried, confessing that I was a weak man and that I needed her. My show of genuine emotion touched my wife so she was willing to talk to me about why I needed to be dominated by women. She asked me to make her understand. I did not know how to go about this so I suggested that we visit my Dominatrix together. I was impressed by this woman's intelligence and I thought she might be able to relate to my wife. My wife agreed so I scheduled a joint session with the Dominatrix.


My wife was scared about meeting this woman. My wife was expecting a Satanist or a Witch. She did not understand what a Dominatrix was, even though I explained it to her. Once my wife met this woman and saw how beautiful and intelligent she was, my wife was impressed. This woman set my wife at ease and offered to demonstrate how to dominate a man. My wife agreed and the Pro Domme dominated me in front of my wife, taking the time to explain it to her and making plenty of humorous remarks to my wife to keep it light. This woman ended up spending the entire afternoon with us but only charged us for a 90 minute session.


That day changed my wife's opinion of Female Domination. The Dominatrix told my wife to think of Female Domination in the terms of the benefits to the woman. She suggested that my wife use my desire to be her slave to get me to do the housework and to be more accountable to her. This is what sealed my fate. My wife loved the notion of me doing the housework and having to give an account of all my comings and goings, while she could come and go as she pleased.


My wife no longer saw FemDom as being perverted or strange. She bought a leather outfit and a riding crop and she began to dominate me. My wife searched the Internet and found sites such as yours. My wife learned and she even took me back to see the Dominatrix again so she could get more hands on experience in how to dominate me. That first year was the best of my life. All of my fantasies had come true. My wife made me into her slave, she spanked and whipped me, and began to incorporate D&S into our sex life. It was a blast and I was never happier.


However, it didn't stop there. My wife surpassed me in how deep she wanted to go with Female Domination. She became almost obsessed with it. She bought books and her nightstand was filled with D&S and FemDom books and publications. Any time someone would visit our house, I had to make sure there were no FemDom materials lying around. My wife wanted to take me into deeper submission to her. She loved being a dominant woman.


I did all the housework and that was fun the first couple of months but she kept adding more chores on me. I work a fairly stressful job but my wife expects me to come home and do housework. If I don't, she punishes me. My wife also started to deny me orgasms. I was Ok with this at first as I liked the concept of me pleasuring her but her not returning the favor. But she kept extending the time between my orgasms. I have always masturbated a little behind her back but now I was doing it more often. My wife would check my balls and she could tell they were not as full as they should be. She knew I was masturbating so she got me a CB2000. Now I wear it most of the time around the house. I don't wear it to work but she knows I will not masturbate at my office. When I come home, I have to put it on, which takes me fifteen minutes. Once I have it on, I have to get started on my chores.


I no longer masturbate and I am aroused and sexually frustrated all of the time. This does help me to stay focused on my wife and makes being her slave bearable. But what was happening was when my wife allowed me an orgasm, she wanted it to be by intercourse. But due to being denied, I would climax in seconds and this upset my wife. There is a story on your site where another woman had the same problem so she cut her husband off from intercourse and began to go out with other men for sex. My wife read that on your site and she decided that is what she needed to do since my quick ejaculations were denying her the pleasure of intercourse with a live cock.


My wife now goes out on the weekends with a couple of her female co-workers. Both of these women are young girls, in their early twenties. My wife is in her late thirties. My wife dresses up sexy and it drives me wild to see her looking so hot. But she goes out with her friends and I am left home to do chores. My wife does not totally ignore me. Some weekends my wife and I might go out to dinner and a movie, but at least one night most weekends she goes out with her female friends. They usually go bar hoping and dancing. I don't like it but my wife says she is a liberated wife and I have to submit. I have no choice and no say in the matter.


Two weeks ago, my wife stayed out all night. It was the first time this has ever happened. I asked her about it and she said she would give me the details the next time she dominated me in the bedroom. When that night came, my wife tied me to the bed, whipped me, and then began to take me with her strap-on. She got the idea for strap-on play from Anne Rice's novel "Exit To Eden" and from WHAP magazine. My wife is a big believer in dominating a husband through strap-on play.


As she was taking me with her strap-on the other night, she got extra forceful and bitchy. Then she dropped on me her revelation that she had sex with another man the night she stayed out all night. She met a young, handsome man at one of the bars she frequents with her female friends. She developed a friendship with this young man and she was attracted to him sexually.


My wife gave me the details of her sexual experience with him and how much she enjoyed having his nice sized cock inside of her. She said this man knew how to use his cock and that he didn't have a problem with premature ejaculations like I did. My wife kept slamming me with the dildo as she humiliated me about her sexual liberation. I will confess that I drifted into subspace and I was enjoying the moment. I even climaxed from the dildo and that was the first time that has ever happened. My wife told me that she would never bring another man into our house but she will on occasion have sex with other men. She enjoyed it more than she thought she would and she felt not the least bit guilty about it.


I enjoyed the moment when she was revealing her secret to me but this past week, I have been having problems dealing with it. I guess my orgasm brought me down off my submissive high and now the thought of my wife screwing other men is not so pleasurable for me. I've tried to let her know my feelings but she gets angry. She tells me that I was the one who encouraged her to develop her dominant side and now that she has, she says that it is not right of me to ask her to go back. I told her that we did not have to go all the way back but I didn't want her to sleep with other men. My wife told me that this is what gives her power over me and although she has only done it this one time so far, she knows that she could never give that power up.


I wonder sometimes if my wife is doing this to get back at me for introducing this lifestyle to her. Maybe she was happier the old way but since I brought her into this lifestyle, perhaps she is trying to get even with me by having an affair and then blaming me for it. On the other hand, perhaps my wife really does love her life the way it is now and I am being selfish by throwing water on her fire with voicing my negative remarks. My wife tells me that I can be a real downer sometimes.


I asked her the other night where all of this was heading and her answer really scared me. She told me that she would love to work me toward permanent denial and even feminize me. I do not desire this but I could see the determination on her face when she said it.


What should I do? I will confess that I enjoy aspects of our FemDom marriage. I like being dominated by her, disciplined and taken with her strap-on. I like it when she gets bitchy with me. I like it when she is getting ready to go out with her girlfriends and she dresses so hot. I feel overwhelmed with submission, knowing that she is going to be flirting with other men and I have to stay home and clean her house. The thought of this is exciting but I find the actual living of it is not. Doing chores gets old and now that my wife has crossed over the line and has actually had sex with another man, I find that I am enjoying my plight less and less. Is there any chance we could ever go back to being a more traditional husband and wife?


cuckolded by wife  




From Roger M:



We have been married for more than 12 years .. and initially we had normal sex. But before marriage, I had a tendency to be submissive and visit Mistresses to learn from and to submit. I was very much involved in this lifestyle before I got married and at that time I only could imagine to marry a Mistress and live out my submissive tendencies. When my now wife and I married we had no idea of what we would discover.


After several months of regular sex, I tried to introduce new ideas into our sex life. I have to admit that even before marriage, I liked the idea of being controlled by a Lady and fantasized about being a cuckold. This fantasy turned out to having me masturbate all the time ... and because of my frequent masturbating, my wife was getting less sexual satisfaction.


We got more involved in oral satisfaction. We introduced kinky role games with light bondage and soon, I was using dildo's and my tongue to satisfy her. I also purchased specific x-rated videos depicting ladies having more than one sex partner. It took a while to get my wife into the mood for a threesome but often we talked during sex about our fantasies. I knew my wife was attracted to a gentleman from the bank, so during our sex, I mentioned this gentleman having sex with her while I was watching it. She immediately climaxed hard.


After a while we discussed this and I encouraged her to see him and maybe have an affair. She was somewhat surprised, but I told her not to worry and that I would like to see this very much. I told her it would turn me on. Well, Bill, the gentleman from the bank, was invited over on a Friday night and the bulge in his pants showed my wife that he was as attracted to her as she was to him. We all had some drinks and after we all loosened up, I suggested that we watch some x-rated videos. The action on the videos got us all excited and before I knew it, my wife went over to Bill, undid his pants and began sucking his dick in front of me. We got all naked and naturally I had a hard-on. My wife Mistress just smiled to me and continued her oral lubrication of the huge black shaft of this man. His dick was enormous. I cannot compare in size and once I reached my limit of orgasms from masturbating at watching them, I encouraged them to go upstairs and continue the sex in the bedroom  Throughout the night I heard them moaning and instead of joining them in the bedroom, I preferred to listen and masturbate some more.


It may sound strange but I loved this situation. In the morning, I awoke and when I entered the bedroom, Bill was gone. My wife Mistress Cindy was watching another x-rated video and was using a dildo on her shaved pussy. I have to mention that shaving became one of our fetishes too and we both clean our body hair regularly. Without any hesitation, I started licking her pussy and sucking the dildo covered with her cum. I enjoyed the taste and was horny like hell again. My wife Mistress opened her legs to allow me intercourse but she was stretched too much by her lover's huge cock. My cock did not affect her much and soon I took it out again. This was the start of my cuckoldry.


Cindy mentioned to me that from now on, she would like to fuck Bill and that I could watch them and masturbate. I smiled to her and mentioned that this was what I also wanted. She gave me a passionate kiss while stroking my shaved cock. Well, the next weekend Bill was back. My wife Mistress had the biggest smile on her face. Cindy mentioned to Bill how good I was at cleaning her orally and how good I was sucking her dildo the other day. She smiled and made the suggestion that since I was good at sucking the dildo, why could I not suck a real cock for her? She ordered me to crawl over to Bill. With a little hesitation, I started to suck Bill's cock. My wife Mistress saw my erection and called me a cock-sucker. After I was done warming Bill up, he fucked my wife right in front of me. Bill fucked my wife often the rest of the weekend and Mistress had me clean her out several times. My wife was forever sold on this new life.


I love her very much and at that time I made the suggestion to her that I would like to get a chastity belt. I was reading websites on this topic and it turned me on to be locked up and to have her holding the only key. We talked about it and she agreed to try it out. But how would I do without orgasms? I had to try it. It took about 4 weeks until the chastity belt arrived, it was the chastity tube. It measured well and it fit almost perfectly. When I presented it to my wife Mistress and gave her the key, she took it with a nice smile and a big kiss. From then on, I have been denied sexual intercourse.


My time periods between masturbation increased from once a week to once a month. Naturally, I changed and I became more submissive to her. My wife has agreed to allowing me monthly orgasms but it must be done her way. I am cuffed spread eagle on the bed and she climbs on me offering me her pussy lips. She knows how to tease me with slow strokes, and once I feel ready to explode, she stops. She enjoys these hour long torture teases. I lick her to many orgasms while she is teasing me. Finally, she masturbates me into a glass, which she empties into my mouth. She likes this recycle idea and I am now used to drinking my own cum. My cock then returns to its container and I have to thank her for giving me sexual release.


We have slowly moved to a D/S relationship and we both love it. I have to address her as Mistress and she now calls me her slave or her cock-sucker. She came up with the idea of creating a contract for our relationship mentioning all of my obligations. At home I do not wear much clothing but a neck collar with the name "slave of Mistress Cindy" as well as the chastity belt on my shaved body.


I did read online that cuckolded husbands were transformed into a more feminine way and I mentioned this to my wife Mistress. She loved that idea and it did not take too long for me to be wearing body stockings and a french maid dress with high heels. If I am not an obedient husband, as a punishment I am not allowed an orgasm for 2 months. I know that I am enslaved and denied while she is having plenty of orgasms between her lover and my oral servitude. Actually, she has more than one lover as she likes to go out and find other men to bring home to fuck.


Over time we created our own little play space in a room behind the garage. There is a cage, cross, but also hooks in the ceiling and in the floor to tighten me and stretch me. We now have plenty of toys, hoods and bondage equipment. Sometimes my wife will restrain me and whip me before she leaves on a date. I am left alone in the dark, restrained. Then later on my wife Mistress returns with some handsome lover and has sex with him, while I am left to listen to her moans of ecstasy. The bedroom is now my wife Mistress' territory and I do not penetrate it much except when ordered to enter. The cage has become my nightly location. It is pleasantly warm and all the interesting toys keep my fantasies in suspicion. What will be next? I am glad to have taken this route. We enjoy your site very much.


dom wife movie  




From Veronica K:


A little bit about myself. I am 45 years old and had been married to a wonderful and very loving man, who is 11 years my junior, for a little over 12 years. I can't really say for certain when our "purely" vanilla relationship turned more into a D/s relationship but it was at least 5 or 6 years into our marriage. I had always been interested in Female Domination so it was very easy for me to take to the dominant role.


I came to a point in my domination of my husband that I really wanted to try cuckolding. To me, that was the ultimate expression of Female Supremacy and an expression of my own power in the relationship. To have lovers while he is completely denied was an incredibly seductive and exciting idea. After much discussion and testing the waters with my husband I decided it was time to try it. Ultimately, I know my husband submitted to it because of how much he loved and wanted to please me.  I am not going to lie about my motives; I was being completely selfish. Above all else I wanted to feel the power of having a lover while completely denying my husband by keeping him locked up in his chastity belt. I just loved wearing the key to his chastity belt around my neck.


After dating and weeding out a few men I found the man to cuckold my husband with. He was more muscular, taller and had a much larger penis than my husband did. The first time that I actually took him home my husband was made to listen in from another room as we had incredibly wild sex. It is absolutely beyond words at how amazing it was. It was made even more amazing when I eventually made my husband sit and watch us. That first night that he watched us I taunted him by dangling his chastity belt key from my finger in front of him as my lover was fucking me doggy style. My husband's absolutely humiliated face was priceless. I never allowed him to look away even though many times I knew he wanted to. It was the most incredible power rush and I had the most intense orgasms that night and I've never forgotten it.


I absolutely enjoyed having my husband serve us before we fucked. I loved watching my husband's expression as my lover would sensually feed me food or lick something off of me that my husband had just served us. The pained, humiliated look on his face drove my sadist side wild with lust. I know it absolutely tormented my husband when my lover and I had all night fuck sessions. My husband was never allowed to sleep as long as my lover and I were having sex or he would be severely punished. My moaning would have kept my husband awake anyway. There were a few times when my lover and I wouldn't finish fucking until well after dawn.


At first, I saw him once or twice a week but eventually I saw him more often and I foolishly went out on more then just dates. We would have weekend long fuck sessions at our house. Our weekend fuck sessions were the most difficult for my husband because my lover would stay over at our house. My husband would serve us the whole weekend and had to endure us having sex morning, noon and night at any time anywhere and everywhere around the house. He was never allowed to leave the house or close a door so he couldn't hear us. When I say anytime and everywhere I mean anytime and everywhere; the kitchen counter, the bathroom, the laundry room, in the middle of dinner, even outside on the patio.


When my lover slept over my husband had to sleep on the floor beside us while my lover and I cuddled in bed. Nothing humiliated my husband more than when I would take him with a strap-on in front of my lover. I did this on more than a few occasions. Looking back I shouldn't have done that. It was difficult to think straight when I was filled with sadistic lust and I do regret putting my husband through that.


It took me a while but I did start to see that having my lover spend weekends at our house was getting too much for my husband to bear. I decided to spend weekends at my lover's apartment instead and leave my husband alone at home, locked away in chastity belt, to do chores. Though I still called him from the apartment to taunt and tease him mercilessly on the great sex that I was having. As time went on my lover became more then just someone to cuckold my husband with. My feelings for my lover started to grow or at least I thought they did.


My husband was not enjoying being cuckolded, I could definitely feel and see it and I should have stopped but I was having too much fun. Him not enjoying what I was doing to him drove me further, I loved the power I had to make him endure it. The idea that I could make him endure something that was so painful to him made me insanely hot. He never would outright say that he didn't enjoy it because he did not want to displease me, especially since he saw that I was having so much fun, and I was.


Eventually I started feeling like I wanted to pursue a full time relationship with my lover. This was after about a year and a half or so after we first started seeing each other. At this point I felt like I needed to make a choice. I had to decide whether I was going to pursue a relationship with my lover or end it all together. I didn't want to pursue a relationship with this man and keep my husband on the sidelines, even though I know my husband would have probably agreed to it. At the time he would have done anything to keep me in his life. But I wanted to be fair to him.


So I made a choice, the wrong one. I chose my lover. My husband was completely devastated, I know it tore him into a thousand pieces. He begged me to reconsider but I had made my choice. Though my intuition was telling me that I was making the biggest mistake of my life, I had to see it through.


I moved out of our house, left my husband all the furniture, and into my lover's apartment. It wouldn't take long for my intuition to be proven correct. For one, the sex wasn't as exciting as I thought it would be. I realized that what really made sex with him exciting was the exhilaration of knowing that I was taking a lover while my husband was being denied. Once that element was gone, the sex didn't feel as spectacular as it did.


I also noticed traits in my lover that I had overlooked before. Lust and infatuation does that to you I guess. He was very selfish and arrogant and didn't seem to show much concern for me outside of sex. He was less tolerant of all my little quirks and we would argue a lot. I think that for him it was a big ego trip to "steal" a wife from a husband because after a while he seemed to loose interest in me. I think he realized that outside of sex we really didn't have much in common and in fact didn't really like me very much. Before long, we broke up and I moved out of his apartment and in with my sister. I couldn't move back into my husband's house, I hurt him too much and he wouldn't have been ready to deal with me. I was also too ashamed of myself to face him, and I still am.


It's been 11 months now since I separated from my husband and about 5 months since I moved out of my ex-lover's apartment. I miss my husband terribly, some days it feels unbearable. I want him back so badly. The time away from my husband has made me realize just how much he means to me, he means more to me than life itself. He truly was the love of my life. I don't think a lot of people know just how rare it is to find someone you truly connect with. I had it great with my husband, really great. He was my best friend and now I have lost him.


I want to have him in my life again and be the one to make him happy but I am too ashamed of myself. I don't feel like I deserve his friendship let alone his love. My sister sees him occasionally and says that he is still pretty hurt. When she tells him that I miss him and that I love him and that I wish we could work things out he usually just changes the subject. I'm not sure what to do at this point. I know I desperately want him back in my life, I need him back in my life again. I just don't know what my first step should be. It seems like such an impossible task to win him back. I don't know where to begin. What if he never wants anything to do with me or worse, that he hates me? I don't think I could handle it if he did.


I know this sounds absurd but even after all this, I don't regret cuckolding my husband. On the contrary - the sex was spectacular and there is no other Femdom activity that can match it's power dynamic. It truly is the best expression of Female Liberation and Female Supremacy. So I am not here to discourage women from trying cuckolding as long as they feel that they are ready for it and do it wisely. I don't see my cuckolding experience in itself as being negative. The results were but only because of my poor judgement. Most importantly, I should have taken my husband's feelings into account.


Would I do it again? Only if I knew for certain that my husband was 100% okay with it. This time though, I would know where to draw the line and make it so that it would be more enjoyable for him. If I thought for a minute that he wasn't enjoying it even just a little bit, I would stop without hesitation this time. I never again want to or will ever bring him any pain. But that's just me and our situation.






From Pam F:


I would like to tell how my marriage evolved into a cuckold relationship.


I moved toward more extreme orgasm denial for my husband involving the use prostate milking to decrease his number of orgasms while keeping his plumbing working properly. Depending on how I feel and how obedient my husband is, and his overall behavior I usually milk him every three to six weeks. Whether he orgasms or is milked, I always collect his discharge and feed it back to him. This is a firm rule, all sperm that comes from his penis goes directly into his mouth. I still keep him locked in his chastity belt most of the time. 


The effects of orgasm denial on a submissive male are, at least in our case extremely positive. The biggest issue that I face is using sound judgment in the leadership role I have taken on. As our past has proven, he will follow wherever I led. It is up to me to lead us to the places we need to go. I realize that it is important for me to make sure that there is enough love and nurturing for my husband to go along with the discipline and humiliation that I love to heap upon him. 


One of the few negative side effects of denying my husband is the fact that I am also denying myself a live penis for intercourse. While some men may be able to satisfy their wives through intercourse while being denied themselves, I would guess that they are few. My husband does not have the stamina for the kind of prolonged penetration that I require. He willingly uses his tongue as often and for as long as I demand. We also have a large assortment of toys for my pleasure, but I still have found myself wanting a hard penis to play with. Usually when I release him from his belt he becomes so excited that he orgasms very quickly. He can get another erection but I do not like for him to have multiple orgasms as it can have negative effects on his attitude that can last for several days. He is more obedient and trainable when denied for over two weeks. It gets even better after four weeks. After six weeks he is likely to have wet dreams and/or nocturnal discharges, going beyond that point kind of defeats the purpose. Having gone as far as we could go with chastity and orgasm denial I felt I needed to take a different direction and different techniques if I wanted to drive my husband deeper into submission to me. There is a real need for him to continue to grow as my submissive, not only for my pleasure but for his overall well being and happiness as well. 


For this reason I started to think about moving into a cuckold relationship with my husband. There is quite a bit on this subject posted on your web page, which had some influence on my thinking as well. When I broached the subject with my husband I used the tried and true method that has worked so well for me in the past. I sat my naked ass down on his mouth and had him service my anus while "we" discussed my need for another lover. He is always very agreeable when placed in this position and I use it frequently when we have disagreements or when I need to enforce my feminine will on him. When I use this method he communicates my taping his right hand for a "yes" and his left hand for a "no", as he cannot speak. I can easily make breathing very hard for him, and can cut off his oxygen supply completely by covering his mouth and nose with my ass, but I am careful not to deny him air for more that a moment or two. Tapping with both hands means he needs air.


In this case it took several sessions of ass smothering and much discussion for him to accept my need to be sexually free. In the end he not only agreed with my wishes but also begged me to cuckold him. He knows and has been told over and over that his penis is too small to please me even if male orgasm denial were not such a large part of our lifestyle; he can never please me with his cock. After I berate him for the inadequacies of his penis I praise him for his ability as my ass licker, always telling him how good he is with his tongue and how much I enjoy having it in my pussy and up my ass. He spends much of his time naked and on his knees with his face in my lap.


A couple of my lovers are men I know from the workplace, although most have come from an ad I placed in a local adult publication. When I meet a man through my ad I screen them through several emails and phone calls. Then we meet in a public place, usually with my husband present. I am honest with my husband and my lovers; they all know that my husband is my slave and that I derive much pleasure from being fucked while he is locked in his chastity belt. This is a tremendous turn on for me and one of the ultimate expressions in power exchange. The recent accounts from two different women in your stories section who have virgin husbands really caught my interest, but it is far to late for that in our case. While he is not virgin, my husband has not had any pussy for over a year now. I do not have plans to permanently cut him off, but right now I just don't need his penis for sex. 


In the last year I have had several lovers and for the most part all my extramarital affairs have been pleasant. Our best experiences have been while on vacation. When we are away from home I can flaunt my sexual freedom openly while making my denied husband watch. This allows me to humiliate him publicly as well as the private humiliation of watching another man fuck me.


I love to go dancing with a man on each arm. Being away from home also allows me the chance to play the exhibitionist, wearing extremely short skirts and allowing my lover to grope my body not only before my husband, but everyone around the dance floor as well. I also love to introduce our waitress to my husband and my lover. I tell her to keep an eye on my husband and not let him get into trouble while I dance with my lover. I tell her that he is not allowed to dance with other women.


The best situation I have found yet is a cuckold cruise. We reserved two cabins, but most of the time we used only one. My husband served as slave to both my lover and myself. I allow him to sleep on the floor by our bed. He was allowed to listen and watch as I was fucked over and over. He cleaned my body and licked my pussy and asshole after watching me get screwed. I also let my lover watch me piss in my husband's mouth. This was particularly humiliating for my husband. Let me add here that the man I took on the cruise is a regular boyfriend of mine. He has spent the night with me at home before and the three of us get along well together. However the close quarters afforded by the cruise ship along with the complete freedom to publicly humiliate my husband and expose our lifestyle to other men and women made the week more intense for me. I am already planning another cruise for one of the coming year's vacations.


One of the first things I do when I entertain a lover at home is to put music on and slow dance with him. My naked husband kneels behind me and puts his head under my skirt. I will have already removed my panties and while I dance with my lover my husband kisses and licks my ass. He pushes his tongue deep into my anus and pumps it in and out as I dance. By the time we retire to the bedroom my pussy is dripping.


For the record, I would like to say that my husband is happy living under my rule and would not complain if I never allowed him to fuck me again. He understands and admits that it is the right of a dominant woman to be pleased sexually, however many men it may take to accomplish the task. He would also be the first to tell you that it is his destiny to serve my needs and give in to my desires. He is accustomed to providing oral sex and for all intents and purposes his sex organ is his tongue. His knees actually shake when I come home with my lover and he is forced to greet me naked, admitting that he is unable to sexually please me.






From Steve W:


I don't even know where to begin. You see my story is a FemDom experience but I am neither the dominant nor the submissive. I am the third party in what I can now to identify as cuckolding. A few months ago I started doing some research to learn about D/s and Female Dominance when I started questioning my relationship with a married woman. I had strong doubts, yet I continued to play a role in what I feel is an abusive situation.


Here is our story. I'm a 29 yr. old male. My boss is a 45 yr. old married woman who hired me straight out of college and took me under her wing. She has always been a friend, mentor, and confidant. I am personally indebted to her. I have always had a tremendous amount of respect for her and held her in very high regard. She is an exceptionally attractive and intelligent woman. She'd been my wildest fantasy for years though our relationship had always been professional.


Last July we went on business trip trying to woo a major client. She can be very demanding and she'd been pushing me real hard and I kind of snapped at her. She was furious and ignored me as much as she could until the night before we were to fly home. She called me to her hotel room for what I was certain would be a heart to heart but instead she undressed ever so comfortably in front of me as I watched in complete shock. She basically told me that there was a lot of negative energy built up between us and we needed to work that out and turn it into something positive. She stood before me in just panties and pumps with her hands on her hips and told me to get undressed, implying no wasn't an option. I didn't have to be told twice. She grabbed me by the balls and told me it was time for an attitude adjustment. It was the most exciting night of my life.


We began meeting secretly for sex all the time. But she was always more concerned with hiding it from co-workers than her husband. Before all this happened, I had met her husband on several occasions over the years at Christmas parties etc. and always considered him a very lucky guy. I knew it was wrong to have sex with a married woman but it was so exciting. I'd never been with a married woman. Actually, I had also never been with an older woman or someone as sexually experienced as her. I got attached to her pretty quick. It was and still is the best sex of my life. But I started feeling guilty enough to mention it after a few weeks. She snickered and said "how do you think I'm able to stay out all night? I tell my husband everything and in great detail."


She seemed very proud of it. I couldn't possibly believe something like that so she called him while we were lying in bed and handed me the phone. I was stunned. He told me something to the effect that he can't please her sexually and she needs a younger man. That was good enough for my conscience at the time.



She'd often spend the entire night with me at my place. That made it so easy. I figured that since her husband was OK with it, than it must be OK. I was only thinking about myself and through a certain part of my anatomy. We did that for 5 months. She naturally assumed the lead but the sex has always been mutually rewarding. There were kinky things. She occasionally spanked me over her knee but it was playful and silly. She came out of the bathroom one time wearing a strap-on trying to catch me off guard and she chased me around as we both giggled, but I never permitted her to penetrate me with it. She's always had the leather and sexy heels and boots. I'm as guilty as any man when it comes to that and she'd been torturing me for years at the office wearing them so I've never complained. Call me naïve.


I was completely ignorant of anything associated with D/s or Female Dominance. I had no idea of the true nature of their marriage. Occasionally, I'd hear her belittle him or say something that struck me as peculiar on the phone but nothing that could have prepared me for when she invited me to her house with her husband home for the first time. I didn't know he would be there. It was quite an eye opening experience.


She opened the door wearing all black leather with the pants, stiletto heeled thigh-highs, lace up halter-top, full-length gloves, collar, hair pulled back in a ponytail. She was one of the most incredible sights I've ever seen. He, on the other hand, was the most pathetic sight I'd ever seen. He was wearing panties and bra, a wig, and had high-heels locked to his feet. I didn't look close enough to notice the cock cage. I was very uncomfortable. She hugged and kissed me and encouraged me to feel her ass with him watching. He's a big guy. I was wondering how he'd take it. I was kind of looking over my shoulder but it didn't take her long to make me forget about him. She ordered him to bed and it was like 7:00.


We started having sex with him in the next room more often than not. She told me that first night he enjoys it. She talked a little about D/s and their lifestyle. I was in disbelief. I asked her how often they have sex. She told me never. In fact she gave me a detailed account that it had been more than 2 years since she had sex with her husband. She told me about his 24/7 chastity and strictly monitored masturbation program. They have not had sex since the day their daughter left for her freshmen year of college. I mean nothing, no oral sex, only the occasional strap-on, if that counts. She says they never will again. That's an awful lot to handle all at once for the uninitiated. My initial impression was how could he be so stupid? He has the hottest wife in the world. I didn't understand it. I didn't want to understand it. I thought OK, you enjoy me having sex with your gorgeous wife while you're lying in bed in the next room, so I'll be happy to give you what you deserve. So that's what I did. Still, I could not understand him. I mean two years in the same house with such a sexy wife and no sex would be worse than death, but that's just my opinion.


It got really bizarre at least to a guy like me who has always lived a vanilla lifestyle. She'd call him out and make him watch her perform oral sex on me and tell him that's how she treats a real man. It tortured him. One time he even had tears in his eyes.  So I started doing some reading on D/s on my own time without telling her, looking for some answers. I thought, maybe he really does want it and somehow enjoys it but I just can't fathom that. In my opinion, there is no love and no respect. He is nothing but dirt to her. She boasts every financial resource he ever had is in her name. She once very seriously asked what it would take to get me to perform anal sex on him. She meant it. I refused, of course.


Their relationship bothered me so much that I called and tried to talk to him when I knew she wasn't home. He hung up on me and told her about my call. She called me a whore and told me to mind my business or she'll find someone else. Some might say his actions are proof it's his choice. I don't believe that. I feel he's broken and abused.


Aside from my parents there is no one I've thought higher of for many years than this woman. But the way she treats her husband has caused me to lose respect for her. Anytime I try to bring it up, she tells me to mind my own business and she asks "what makes me so high and mighty all of the sudden?"  It creates a lot of tension between us but I must confess that tension only makes the sex between us better. She's right, I am a whore. I've kept going back even after having these feelings.


She'd tell you she has more than a decade experience in the lifestyle but I'm convinced she doesn't know much more about it than I do. I still respect her professionally and I at least give her credit for hiding this from their daughter. But I finally have the courage to do the right thing and end this relationship. A strong part of me hopes you'll post this on your site so I can provide a link so she'll read it.






"How I Cuckold My husband"  by Ms Linda 


Thinking back on it I don't understand why I didn't see it before. There were plenty of signs that my husband wanted to be submissive to me. He had always deferred to me in making all the important decisions, even the financial ones. The fact is that he made twice the money I did; yet I still controlled "our" purse strings. He would never make a purchase of over a hundred dollars without consulting me first. I kept the checkbook and gave him an allowance for spending money. He has always done his share of chores around the house. When we have a disagreement he always yields to me. On many occasions he has apologized to me even when we both knew I was wrong. We have sex when I want to, he never denies me. Oral sex between us is always one way, well, two ways. He either uses his mouth on my vagina or on my anus, whichever I am in the mood for. With all this evidence, I never saw that he had submissive desires until the day I looked in the history file on our home computer.


I had lost the web address of a craft site. I intended to buy some things for the kitchen from them. After logging on to a couple of the addresses from the history folder I was in shock. There were images of women beating men with canes and whips until the men were bleeding and begging for mercy. Women were sitting on faces and torturing the man's penis and balls. There were pictures of women pissing into the mouths of men, forcing them to drink urine directly from their pussies. The list of activities went on and on. Most of this really put me off. I started to wonder if I had a future with my husband. Then I logged on to a female supremacy site.


This was the web page of a woman who gave advice to other women on how to dominate their husbands and boyfriends. She was a female supremacist and detailed how the woman should be the head of the household and her husband should be subservient to her. This was the natural order of things and following her advice would bring the couple closer together and more in harmony. She believed that women were superior to men and that the only way either could be fully content would be with the husband in complete submission to the wife. Her thoughts and views on this subject were very interesting, and she looked at many things from an entirely different perspective that I had ever thought of before. For instance, during sex men naturally strive to reach orgasm, ending the act very possibly before the female has reached orgasm. This is why the male should not be in charge of sex and should be required to have the female's permission to before having an orgasm. 


In the next couple of weeks I thought about this more and more. I didn't say anything to my husband about it. When I had some time I would log on to this woman's web page and read her essays. There was also a question and answer page and real life stories from other readers. There I found several stories and questions from women who cuckolded their husbands and from women who wanted to. I had never heard the term before but it means that the wife has sex with other men while her husband remains loyal to her. She has her affairs with his full knowledge and consent. Many of the women denied their husbands sex even within the marriage. Most of these women kept their husband's penis locked in chastity devices to insure that they remained celibate. All of these women completely dominated their husbands. In most cases the husband was required to do all the housework plus cater to the personal needs of the dominant wife. A common activity of these women was to have their husbands lick the semen of other men out of their vaginas. It took me over a month to read everything and by the time I finished it my thinking had started to change concerning female domination.


In many ways I was very excited about the possibilities. I had always wanted to fuck other men but did not want to lose my husband. While the idea of frivolous sex for me held much appeal, I did not like the idea of my husband enjoying the same sexual freedom. I had a couple of affairs in the last two years, but I did not like the sneaking around. If dominating my husband would offer me a way to fuck around without taking a chance on losing my home and security then I was all for it. First I had to develop a plan or some kind of strategy. Plus I had to make some decisions about how far I wanted to go with this. Would I have to make him my full time slave in order for him to accept my affairs? The more I thought about it the more deliciously wicked it sounded. I was so excited by the thought that soon I would be fucking strange men while my chauvinistic husband would be at my complete mercy, serving as my houseboy and slave. 


After struggling with my thoughts for a week or two I wrote to the woman to get her advice. I told her my feelings as best I could and gave her the most used FemDom web pages my husband looked at. Her reply came back a couple of days later and I was very impressed. She spent a lot of time in writing me, and based on the information I had given her she had written a profile of my husband, telling me what techniques I might use to drive him into deeper submission to me. She said that she thought I could go as far with the "female domination lifestyle" as I wanted and that I should put my wants and needs first. No problem there. She included a web address where I could order a chastity device and suggested that I get one as soon as possible. She did warn me that if I decided to cuckold my husband it should be done to drive him deeper into submission to me, not to fulfill my selfish desires to have frivolous sex. I thought I was close enough to wanting both to make a go of it, although my only interest in domination was to push my husband into a place where I could have my sexual freedom while he would remain loyal to me. 


I decided on a direct approach with my husband on this. Well, kind of direct. We were in bed naked in each other's arms. "Honey," I said, "I've been thinking of some ways to spice up our sex life a little. I thought we might try a little domination. What do you think?"


His face lit up like a light had been turned on. "Well sure, I, uh, that sounds great to me. What did you, uh, have in mind?" he could hardly speak.


"Well, I could try the submissive role if you think that would suit you best," I said. It was like I let the air out of his tires. The disappointment on his face was clear to see, as I had known it would be. I wanted it to be my husband's idea to submit to me.


"Oh, uh, Ok," he said.


"You seem a little disappointed, if you're not interested we don't have to try this. Or did you have other ideas about how we could spice things up a little?


"Well, uh, what I mean to say is, uh." he said.


"Go ahead and tell me, I want to know your fantasies, I'll be understanding." I took hold of his penis and started to massage it gently. 


"I feel like I'm in the dominant role at work all day," he said. "It's just that I get so tired of making decisions and," he hesitated; sweat had popped out on his forehead.


"Honey, are you saying that you would like for me to dominate you?" His cock was like steel in my hand.


"Yes, I uh, think," he could not look me in the eyes.


"Well, I'll be willing to give it a try, but I'm not sure I can pull off being dominant with you. You will have to help me, and you will have to do whatever I say. Do you still want to give it a try?" This is exactly as I had planned it.


"Sure, yes, uh, I mean I really want to," he said. His excitement was obvious and his cock was like a flagpole.


My first action was to take over our sexual relationship. That night in bed I sat on my husband's stomach and started to pinch his nipples. He moaned in gratitude and his penis was hard against my ass as I worked his nipples with my fingers. "There are some changes we are going to make in our lovemaking," I told him. "You are going to learn to please me, and please me my way. I want you to do it with your mouth. I almost never have orgasms from intercourse. You will be required to lick me whenever I say and for as long as I say. You have been doing that for years anyway, but if I take the dominant role with you it's not going to be a game. You're going to learn to obey me. Do you understand?"


"Yes, of course I do," he answered. 


"That's Yes Ma'am."


"Yes Ma'am," he repeated.


I played with him until I had him all hot and bothered. 


"Good boy," I wanted a demonstration of his submissive role. I turned around and started to lower my ass to his face. "Your first lesion is in ass licking. I want you to lick my ass until I cum, do you understand?"


"Yes, uh, but."


"You know you want to kiss it, don't you?"


"Sure I do, you've always known that I am in love with your ass."


I sat on his face and ordered, "Go ahead and bury your tongue as far up my asshole as it will go. You're going to have to earn your orgasms from now on, and to earn one you have to give me four. Do you understand and agree?" His reply was a muffled grunt into my ass. I lifted my ass up off his mouth. "Was that a yes?" I said.


"Yes, I guess, but four to one, what is this all about."


"It is about you doing as I say," I said as I lowered my anus back to his mouth. "I'm tired of you sticking your little cock in me and cuming before I get warmed up. From now on, you need to get my permission to have an orgasm." I wanted to condition him to accept the fact that he needed help in pleasing me. As I said this I started to undulate my hips and grind my asshole against his mouth. "Stick your tongue in deeper and lick me."


He complied with all my demands but I kept things moving slowly. I didn't want to scare him off. My Internet friend had warned me that many men have submissive fantasies, but rebel when confronted with real life slavery. By the end of the evening he was wild with desire and in a completely submissive mood. I took that opportunity to lock him into his new CB 2000 chastity device. He was apprehensive, but after a little coaxing he allowed me to lock the device in place.


After three nights of licking my ass, feet, and armpits, and being denied any relief my husband was desperate for an orgasm, but he had never acted more subservient. His penis would swell to the end of his chastity device just from just being in the same room with me, and he was becoming more and more obedient. On the fourth night I made him clean the house and dust in the nude, then he was forced to beg to lick my asshole. I sat on his chest and played with his caged penis behind my back. I asked him to give me his thoughts on my having sex with other men while he watched. He went soft and refused to talk about. I slid up over his mouth and forced him to eat me to orgasm. I left him unsatisfied again. On the fifth night I removed the device and sat on his cock. "I can hardly feel your little penis," I said. "I need a big cock to please me," getting him used to the idea of me having another penis to play with. I allowed him to cum but afterward I made him lick his sperm from my cunt. This was to get him used to the idea. He would have to lick me clean after my dates once I had him trained. 


The next week went pretty much the same. I kept my husband hot and horny and refused to allow him an orgasm. He responded to all my demands and was completely obedient but still went soft when I talked about having sex with other men. I told him that his attitude about this displeased me. He was forced to clean house again and cook me dinner. I ate my dinner with him naked and under the table kissing my feet. After I finished my meal I finger fed him the scraps.


Subsequently I took him into the living room and told him that he needed to be punished for displeasing me. I had him bend over the arm of the sofa. I took one of his belts and whipped his ass until it was red and covered with marks. Beating him made my pussy so wet that when I finished his whipping I slipped my panties from under my skirt, sat on the sofa and commanded him to eat my pussy. I put my legs over his shoulders and layback to enjoy his service. After a few minuets I got the urge to pee, so I stood over him and rode his face to the floor. I told him that I intended to piss in his mouth and he should drink every drop. One of the web pages he had visited was dedicated to male piss drinkers, so I knew he fantasized about drinking my urine. He begged me not to do it, but he kept his mouth on my pussy. I slapped his face and told him that I was about to pee and he better not spill a drop. He did as I ordered, sucking my pussy and swallowing, then licking me clean. He was embarrassed by the fact that he allowed me to treat him this way but he was also very turned on. His penis had swelled to the ends of his device again and he begged me to remove it, saying his erection inside it caused him pain.


"You had better get used to the taste that is in your mouth right now. I intend to do it again whenever the urge hits." He could not look me in the eye his face was so red with humiliation. I removed the device and slid back and mounted his cock for the first time in five days. I rode him hard and fast. I grabbed his nipples between my thumbs and forefingers and pinched them until he groaned in pain. It lasted less that two minutes. My pussy was filled with his semen and I moved forward and positioned myself over his face. I plopped my pussy down on his mouth. "I need an orgasm too, you can clean me up and tongue me until I cum." He was actually getting quite good at eating my "cream pie". After I came I peed in his mouth again, then wiped my cunt off on his face and sat back down on his mouth. 


"You are going to have to get better at fucking me or I'll be forced to get a real man to do the job," I said. He could not reply with my cunt on his mouth. He was floored by the new aggressive attitude I had and it seemed that the more dominant I acted toward him the more submissive he became. I repeated the teasing and denial on him for four days again, along with plenty of ass and pussy worship, but when I talked to him about sex with other men he would still go soft, and he didn't want to talk about it. He was becoming accustomed to being naked while I remained fully clothed in the evenings. I wore short skirts with no panties so he could lick me when I desired it. I also pissed in his mouth regularly and made him thank me for allowing him to drink my urine. I had clearly become his boss and made him do more and more of the housework. When I was sure he was in a completely submissive mood I decided to confront him about my findings on our computer. He spent most of that evening naked as usual, with his tongue up my asshole and in my pussy. I also took a large cucumber and fucked his ass with it. This seemed to break his resistance down completely and the depth of his submission had never seemed greater. I made a mental note to stop by the adult shop and get a strap-on dildo to fuck him with.


"Kneel down here Jim, I have something to discuss with you."


He looked worried and probably figured that he was in some sort of trouble.


I opened my legs and raised my skirt a little, then parted the lips of my pussy. "Put your nose right here, and keep it there while we talk. Do you understand?"


"Yes Ma'am."


"I was looking in the history file on our computer a few weeks ago and was quite surprised by what I saw there."


"Oh, well, I do like to read about different things," he said. I giggled as I felt his breath; it was as if he were speaking directly into my anus. "Especially since we started this female domination lifestyle," he added. 


"Don't give me that bull shit Jim. The dates on many of the history files precede my starting to dominate you. I have spent a lot of time visiting the sites you were looking at and I have seen first hand how you have responded to my dominance. You are a natural born ass licker. The theme of all the sites you visit is female domination. Where do you think I got the idea to start dominating you? It has become quite obvious to me that your dearest wish is to become my slave. Isn't that right?" His penis had swelled to the end of his devise again. 


"But honey," he started to say.


"Just shut up and listen. You don't seem to be able to talk anyway. I am more interested in cuckolding you. Do you know what that word means?" I put my hand on the back of his head and pulled his nose a little deeper into my cunt.


"Yes, it means you want to start having sex with other men."


"No, it means I am going to fuck whomever I please and you will have nothing to say about it. If I hear one word of protest from you it will be at least a month before I let you out of the chastity device again. There are several men at the office that are hitting on me constantly. Next Saturday night I am going out with Dave, you remember him don't you? I'm looking forward to getting fucked for more that five minutes at a time. I hear that his cock is huge," I giggled.


"Linda, please, don't," I pulled his head up by his hair. SMACK. I slapped his face so hard I could clearly see my hand print on his face. Then I pushed his face back down. His nose slipped back into my cunt.


"I told you to shut up, that was not an idle threat I just made, or is that what you want?" He lowered his eyes. A moment later a tear ran down his face. "When I come home Saturday night from my date I want you to meet me at the door naked and on your knees.


"Yes Ma'am," he answered.


I was thrilled with his answer. He was finally accepting my desire to have sex outside our marriage. While I had him in such an agreeable mood I decided to push him a little further. "I will step up over your face and place my pussy over your mouth. You will suck Dave's sperm from my cunt, and then I will piss down your throat to wash it all down. Do you understand?" I smiled as I looked down at his penis. It was still pressing against the end of his device.


"Yes Ma'am, but please, uh, please don't," I jerked him up by the hair and slapped his face again. This time so hard that he fell back from his kneeling position onto his ass.


"Get back into position!" I ordered. He was back on his knees instantly with his nose back inside my pussy. "I don't think it is in your best interest to question me again. Do you understand?"


"Yes Ma'am."


"Good, very good. If you are good and have all the housework done it time Saturday I'll let you bathe me and help me dress for my date. I might even let you pick out my clothes for the evening."


"Can I ask you something Miss Linda," he said, still kneeling and naked with his nose still in position.


"Yes, go ahead."


"Well, uh, will you still want to have, will you, uh," his face was bright red now and he was sweating profusely. 


"Are you afraid that I will no longer want to have sex with you Jim," I asked.


"Yes Ma'am," he answered.


"You shouldn't be worried about that, sex between us has changed and you will continue to grow more and more submissive to me. I intend to dominate you completely and I may never have sexual intercourse with you again. I have not decided about that yet. But you will be allowed to service me orally most every day. Your sex life from now on will be almost exclusively between your tongue and my ass and cunt. I will also use you to lick my feet and armpits. Your penis is now completely under my control and you will never be allowed to have an orgasm without my permission."


"Well, what if I decide that I, well, uh, don't want to be, uh, dominated anymore?" he asked.


"I am afraid that it is not up to you. You have already given up too much control. Don't you think that I can see how submitting to me excites you. Do you really think you can resist my domination? If you try to resist me, how long do you think you will last before you are right back where you are now, naked and on your knees, begging me for a taste of my anus? Think about it Jim, I doubt you could last more than a day or two. Look how hard your penis is pushing against your chastity device. I warn you, if you dare to refuse my demands I will deal very harshly with you once I have you back under heel. And I will have you under my control." I stood and turned my back to him. I lifted my skirt and I looked over my shoulder at him. "Look at it Jim, you know you want to worship it. Can you resist the invitation to lick my asshole? Don't fight it Jim, give in to your desires."


He kneeled there for a moment fighting his urges. His penis was throbbing inside the device uncontrollably. When he could stand it no longer he showered my buttocks with kisses and then worked his tongue up inside my anus. His passion was wild and after a moment I stepped away from his kneeling form and lowered my dress. When I turned to face him his face went flush with humiliation again. He knew that he was mine to do with as I pleased. More importantly, I knew it too. Best of all, he had accepted the fact that I would be having sex with whomever I pleased while his penis would remain under my control. This was just too good to be true, but pinch me, by god it was true!


"Linda, this is not fair, you can't treat me this way," he said.


"Oh you darling little boy, it's not supposed to be fair. What we have now is a female dominant relationship. There will always be double standards we will live by. For instance, I will fuck as many men as I please while you will stay locked in your chastity belt. I drink champagne while you drink my golden piss. But you like my piss better anyway, don't you?"


"Yes Ma'am, but," he started.


"That is enough, I an in no mood for your whining. Go get your housework done now or I may have to give you something to whine about." 


Things began to move rapidly now. I ordered Jim to undress in the garage after work and to dress there in the mornings. He was to be naked at all times while in the house, with the exception of his chastity device. I quickly turned over all the housework to him along with the cooking and laundry. When I started to dominate Jim it was for the sole purpose of convincing him to agree to my having sex with other men, but now I had decided that I wanted more. And I wanted more than a domestic slave. I wanted a personal servant as well, and I started to train Jim as my body slave.


First he learned to bathe me, shave my legs, and paint my toe and fingernails. Next I started teaching him how to apply my makeup and brush my hair. I allowed him to trim and shape my pubic nest. He took to his new role of servitude like a duck to water. He would be ready to perform all of these tasks for me on Saturday before my first date. He was also eager to service my ass and/or cunt orally at my demand, and for as long as I desired. Usually I gave him nothing in return, telling him that he could expect my permission to orgasm only once every couple of weeks. 


The supper he fixed on Wednesday displeased me, so I took one of his belts and whipped his cute little ass until it was raw. He cried like a baby before I was half way through. When I finished whipping him his ass was black, blue and purple and would remain so for several days. He was so sore that I had to lie on my belly when getting my ass licked rather than sitting on his face, as I usually did. He had some trouble sitting for the next day or so and was very careful not to displease me again. Under my careful tutelage Jim was becoming a model servant.


I didn't allow him to lick me Friday or Saturday. "I want to be ready to get a good fucking. I can't have you licking me to orgasm all day and expect to be at my best for Dave, now can I?" Being denied the pleasure of using his mouth for my pleasure humiliated Jim and made him more submissive as well. I did allow him to suck my toes and tongue my armpits. He waited on me hand and foot all day Saturday and had the house spotless to boot. After bathing me he put fresh polish on my nails and kneeled before me while blowing them dry. Then he did my makeup and fixed my hair while I sat at my vanity. Then he dressed me. The clothes he picked out consisted of thigh high stockings and garter, four-inch heels, thong panties, and a push up bra. Over that he picked a white leather mini-skirt and a skintight black "v" neck nit sleeveless sweater. My reflection in the mirror looked extremely sexy and I knew that Dave would approve.


Dave picked me up at seven-thirty. I told Jim to stay in the bedroom until we left. That was as much for me as for him. I knew it would be humiliating for Jim to see Dave face to face, especially with Jim being naked. I didn't really want Dave to see how badly I had beat Jim's ass. His bruises were still very dark from the whipping I had given him earlier in the week. I didn't tell Jim when to expect me home, but his instructions were to be on his knees and ready to serve me when I walked into the house. 



I didn't get home until after two AM. Dave had fucked me three times, twice in the pussy and once in the ass. I estimated that all together we fucked for just under four hours. Jim was in position just inside the front door when I walked in. I smiled down at him, turned my back to him and lifted my skirt. He started to kiss and lick my ass without being told. He gasped as the semen started to drain out of my hole and into his mouth. "That's right honey, Dave fucked me in the ass. Lick it all up for me. Good." My ass was so stretched that it seemed that his tongue, lips and nose were all in my asshole at the same time. Then I turned and let the contents of my cunt drain into his mouth. As I promised, I then took a nice long piss down his throat to end the greeting. When he had licked the last trace of urine off my cunt I stepped back and walked towards the bathroom, leaving him kneeling in the entrance foyer. 


Jim followed me into the bath and volunteered to help me undress when he saw me removing my skirt. I allowed him to undress me before stepping into the shower. Jim kneeled and waited with a towel until I finished. He kissed my feet when I stepped out and worked his way up my legs and had reached my mid thigh. I let him towel me down but insisted that he lick the water from my pussy and asshole.


Things have worked out better than I ever thought possible. Jim earns our living while I play golf and tennis. I have several steady boyfriends and date often. Jim takes care of all the housework and laundry at night after he gets home from work. He also serves my personal needs as my body slave. Sex is with his tongue only and he is always eager to lick my cunt and ass. If I had known life would be so good I would have put him in chastity years ago.








From Owen P:


My head is spinning and I had to write you. I am so excited that I can't sleep and I am having difficulty concentrating on my job. My life long fantasy has just become a reality and I am beside myself with excitement and wonderment of where this is heading.


My sexy and beautiful wife of eight years has just made me her slave. I have fantasized about being the slave of a beautiful woman my whole life but I never thought it would happen. I have made myself vulnerable to abuse and infidelity but I feel ecstatic. I don't care where this may lead, I only know that nothing has ever felt as wonderful as what I am feeling now.


I have been trying to seduce my wife's dominant nature for the past three years. Alison did not seem interested in FemDom but she did enjoy it when I empowered her in the bedroom. Alison took to denying me orgasms unbelievably fast and she loved it when sex became all about her pleasure. She began to wear me out with marathon sessions where I had to orally pleasure her. It was great but I could not get her to embrace any other sort of FemDom.


I probably made the mistake of pushing her too fast and too hard into this, as I was not as patient as I needed to be. I became so excited that I flat out told her that I wanted to be her slave. Alison got upset and treated me coldly for some time. I kind of gave up on the idea and used our sex lives to fulfill my submissive desires. I used my times of orally pleasuring her to fantasize that I was doing this as her slave. In reality, she expected this out of me but she never verbally or physically dominated me. It just kind of became expected that sex was all about her pleasure. In fact, for the past nine months, I have only been permitted to masturbate for my relief. I was surprised that she told me that was how it was going to be and that got me unbelievably excited but again, she never followed up with any talk of having a FemDom marriage where I would become her slave. When I brought up the subject, she would get upset.


I had settled for the fact that this was all it was going to be. I read on your site how I needed to be thankful for what I had instead of pushing my wife into areas she was not comfortable with. I took that advice you had given other husbands and I was thankful that my wife enjoyed denying me and having me orally pleasure her. At least I had that and I figured that was all there would be and I was willing to settle for that. Our marriage was pretty good outside of the bedroom and I was willing to be a more traditional husband for her.


That is how things have been until last week. My wife goes out with her friends some nights after work. Alison works the 3 to 11 shift twice a week at the local hospital and occasionally she will go clubbing with some of her female co-workers when they get off work. Alison never did this until after I began to submit to her sexually. Alison was always a homebody but after I began to submit to her sexually, she started to go out with her co-workers. Not often but occasionally. I never cared for in my mind, it was like her dominating me by expressing some independence. I know she never viewed it this way but that is how I liked to imagine it. This way I did not get upset.


Last Friday night, my wife worked the 3 to 11 shift and then she called to tell me she was going out with her female co-workers. As usual, I said "no problem" and I went to bed around midnight. I was tired from a long week at work and I slept soundly. At around 5am, I awoke to my wife turning on the light and climbing on top of me. Alison presented her pussy to my face and she asked me a question that had me sure I was dreaming, "Owen, do you still want to be my slave?" I was half-asleep but I looked up at her face that towered above me and nodded out a Yes.


"Good, then show me that your serious by licking another man's cum from my pussy". I froze in stunned disbelief. I looked at her face again and I could tell from the look on her face that she was serious. I immediately became wide-awake and I got the stiffest erection of my life. I was overcome with excitement and I felt as if I was bound to the bed. I had never felt that submissive in my life. I dove my head into her pussy and I licked her with an unbridled enthusiasm. Alison grinded her thighs and forced her pussy tight against my face. Alison climaxed a number of times and I kept licking her until she released me from her powerful thighs.


I wanted to talk to her but she collapsed beside me and fell off to sleep. I felt so submissive that I dared not disturb her. My head was swimming with all kind of thoughts. Where did she go that night? Who was it that fucked her? Why did she do this? What will this mean to our relationship?


Alison slept until noon the next day and I gave her space to wake up and unwind. Finally, she came to the room where I was watching television and I asked her if she wanted to talk about the previous night. Alison told me that she had been partying with her girlfriends and these guys sat with them. The one guy was dating the one girl and his friends were introduced to her friends. Alison told me that all the previous times she had gone out clubbing, she had never came close to sleeping with another guy. But she found this particular guy she was with this night attractive and sexy and she had the urge to fuck him. Alison ended up back at his place and they had sex.


I was frozen in disbelief as she told me this. Alison then told me that she had come to enjoy being sexually aggressive with me but she no longer had the urge to have sex with me, other than me orally pleasing her. Alison loved how I performed oral sex on her and she said I was the best at that but her dominance with me in the bedroom made her want to deny me. Alison admitted that she only humored me with this in the beginning but she came to love having that power over me. Alison could not understand why I wanted to be her slave and that confused her but she told me that she had been reading about D&S and she decided that perhaps that would be best for us. Alison also told me that lately she has been desiring to fuck other men.


Alison told me that she had thought this over and now she was ready for me to become her slave. Alison ordered me to kneel before her. I could not believe this was happening. Alison told me that I would have to do everything she commanded or else she would leave me. Alison told me that I had to obey her without question, or else she would know I was not serious and she could not handle this unless it was real. Alison told me that I would be doing all the chores around the house, she would control all of our finances and she would give me an allowance. Alison would be free to have sexual relations with other men but she promised that she would not openly date other men. When she fucks other men, she expects me to clean her out when she returns home just like I had done last night.


My head was spinning as she told me her conditions. I agreed and that is how we have been living this past week. I am doing all the housework and she has been slapping and pulling on my penis each chance she gets. Alison went out again the other night and met up with this same guy and she had sex with him again and I had to lick her clean when she got home.


Logically this makes no sense. I should be mad at her but I am so much in love with her. Alison has never looked so beautiful and sexy as she does now. She even hinted that she might buy a whip and whip me once a week. I am ecstatic about this. I know the dangers that are out there, like her running off with this other guy, but I don't seem to care. I am in my own world of submission and I can't seem to do enough for her. I anxiously await each order she gives me. So far, reality is better than fantasy.







From Amanda L:


I have been married to my husband for 15 years now, and I have cuckolded him for the past 7 years. The way this started was probably quite normal, actually. My husband was not attentive to my needs. We rarely had sex after our first year of marriage, and when we did it was unsatisfactory. He wasn't good at oral sex, and he never stayed hard long enough to do me much good.


At 29, I kept myself in great shape, working out at the gym, jogging, and participating in triathlons, (I still engage in all three at age 37). He, on the other hand, basically worked, drank, and watched television. He is 2 years older than me, but hadn't taken care of himself, (or me) and it showed. I grew very frustrated, and I had an affair with a guy I met at the gym. The affair lasted a year, and the sex was fantastic. Still, I was relieved when my lover moved away. I felt guilty about the affair; not because I had sex with another man, but because I had not informed my husband.


During this time my husband seemed oddly incurious. Maybe it was because I was so active compared to him that the late nights and "business trips" didn't arouse suspicion. Maybe he didn't care. Whatever the case, I resolved to try and make our marriage work, but matters got worse. When I walked into our home office one day and caught him masturbating at the computer, I went into a rage that now seems way out of proportion to the event. But that rage unleashed something in me that changed me. It changed him. It changed our marriage. I told him I had lost all respect for him. That he was a slob and an embarrassment. That he was a worthless lover. I told him that while he's been jerking off to porn on the computer, I'd had an affair with a man who respected me and knew how to satisfy me. I told him that perhaps it was time to consider divorce.


He begged my forgiveness. He said he would do anything. He begged me to stay, admitted to being a non-caring slob, and literally began weeping. I asked him how often he masturbated, and he admitted to masturbating every day since we'd been married. This infuriated me even more. As far as I was concerned (and still am), he was the cheating spouse in this marriage, not me. He'd cheated on me every day, masturbating to pictures of other women, or fantasies about them, denying me the fulfillment I deserved. I told him these things and finally offered him a deal, take it or leave it. It went something like this: If he wanted to stay married to me, he would have to accept the fact that I needed real sex from a real man. I told him I would never go back to the mediocre, ho-hum mini events that passed for our sex life again. That means I would take lovers. I also said that I would not stand for him masturbating in our marriage, and that I did not trust him to control himself. If he wanted to stay, he had to find some sort of male chastity belt and wear it at all times. And of course it goes without saying that I expected him to do the housework and fulfill his domestic responsibilities.


It's funny looking back. I couldn't believe those words came out of my mouth, and I didn't believe then that what I demanded would actually happen. But it did. Our lives have changed much for the better since I said those words. My husband has been chaste for 5 years now, (July 26 was the five year anniversary of his chastisement. I consider it our new wedding anniversary). What amazes me is how submissive he became, and how his submission progressed. I learned quickly that allowing him an orgasm every few weeks was a very bad idea. He became lazy and inattentive. So, for the past 4 and a half years, he hasn't been allowed an orgasm in the traditional sense. My double headed strap on is used when I want to reward him with an anal milking. It stimulates me while penetrating him with 8 inches of fat plastic. He experiences a kind of long, slow orgasm, (much like women experience), but there is no ejaculation, and he is left satisfied, yet still frustrated and horny. He has become an expert at pleasing me orally. I also allow him to lick my ass and my feet.


I wasted no time finding a boyfriend. Being attractive and in great shape, I found it easy to do. I was very open about what I wanted, and about the nature of my marriage. That eliminated some men, as they just thought it was too odd for them. After five or six tries, I discovered "Mr. Right". His name is Steve.  He's big - very big - in all the right places. He is NOT MARRIED. He knows how to please a woman sexually in every way. I think he must be the world's greatest lover, and I, the world's luckiest woman. We have an exclusive relationship. We only see each other.  Weekends are alternated between his place and ours, and he spends a few weeknights per week at our house. For all practical purposes, we live together, but I do insist on at least one or two days alone per week, out of respect for my husband. The Master bedroom is reserved for him when he is here. 


My husband has dealt with all of this pretty well, although he does go through some periods of doubt. I find keeping him busy is a good way to keep him focused. He has evolved into my maid, my butler, my chauffeur, my handyman, my waiter, and my slave. Every night before bed, my cuckold gets on his knees, kisses my feet, and thanks me for being his Mistress.


I do love him very much, but have never lost my anger over the lost years of our marriage. My sadistic side gets the better of me sometimes, and I taunt my cuckold mercilessly. Last week, while Steve was watching TV on the couch, I laid my head in his lap and gave him a long, very slow and sloppy blow-job. My husband was sitting in a chair directly across from me. I looked at him directly in the eyes, and said, "Don't you miss getting blow-jobs?" Of course he said yes. "Too bad. This will never happen to you."  Soon Steve exploded in my mouth. This man really can unleash a load! Normally, I will collect the sperm in my mouth and give my husband a big wet kiss if I have sucked Steve off in his presence. But this time, much to my cuckold's disappointment, I swallowed it all myself.  Why would he be disappointed? Well the only time he gets to kiss me is when my mouth is full of Steve's cum. Period. The same goes for licking my pussy. My husband is not allowed to touch my breasts, ever. I do allow him to lick my ass when we are alone during the week - if, and only if, he has done a superior job with his domestic duties. And of course, he kisses my feet daily.


I save milkings for when we are alone. As much as I love humiliating my husband, this is the one act that is purely between cuckold and Wife. It is our most intense and intimate exchange, almost spiritual. This is for my husband and I only, and is a part of our life not to be shared. After I spend an hour pounding his ass, while swatting his ass cheeks HARD with a paddle, he seems transported to another place. He thanks me profusely, gets on his knees and worships my feet. Sometimes he cries tears of joy. Yes, joy.


I am addicted to the power I have over him, and I have the best sex life on the planet. There is something delicious and right about the fact that I have sex almost nightly, often for hours and hours on end, and my husband has not had sex, or even touched his own penis in five years. When he licks Steve's cum from my pussy, I know I own him. I feel so wonderful, so powerful. So lucky to have a man for sex and a slave who worships and cares for me.


It is lucky, I suppose, that I cannot have children, or I'd have been pregnant many times over the past 7 years. Steve and I are going to Europe for vacation in the fall. My cuckold thinks he is not invited, but he is going too. I plan to surprise him at the last minute. I think he deserves the opportunity to come along as a reward for so dramatically changing his life. I love them both so much. You know, I realize this whole story sounds - well, like a story. If I read this from someone else, I wouldn't believe it myself. Sometimes the truth is more unbelievable than fiction.

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From Jack H:


I am writing about my current relationship with my wife. She dropped a bombshell on me last week that I am still having difficulty dealing with. I introduced her to the concept of Female Domination and after years of ups and downs, she has recently taken to it and has taken control of our marriage. I am comfortable with this and she is now comfortable with this.


She did your psychoanalysis on me about four months ago at which time I told her of my fantasies and desires as they pertain to female domination. One area that I told her that excited me was cuckolding. She paid little attention and actually told me she was not interested in it. The other area I told her that excited me that she was adamant against was full toilet. I only brought up these fantasies of mine because of the questions she was asking during the psychoanalysis. We discussed them, it was exciting and we never talked about them again afterwards. She has included domination techniques and activities that interested her and most of these are of the controlling aspect, like taking over the finances, making the decisions, and making me submit to all of her wants. We also play around a little with enforced chastity and forced feminization. She was interested in both of these so we have experimented with them some in the bedroom.


Last week, I was performing body worship on her (her favorite femdom activity) and she was getting pretty aggressive with me and she told me that she had some big news she wanted to tell me. I could tell that she was excited. She reminded me of my fantasy of being cuckolded and she began to tease me about it. Naturally I became excited as I was feeding off of her excitement and sexuality. I thought she was only teasing me about this as a form of fantasy role-playing but she dropped a bombshell when she pinned my arms to the bed, climbed on top of me, and placed her face inches from mine. She told me that she had sex with our neighbor that day.


I was in total disbelief and I thought she was kidding, just teasing me with a fantasy but as I looked in her penetrating eyes, I knew she was serious. I got a little upset and asked her why and how? She did not back down as she kept my hands pinned to the bed, her full weight sitting on me. She bragged about how she went over to his house for a haircut (he cuts hair in the basement of his house) and he was flirting with her during the cut and afterwards, she thanked him for the cut by planting a kiss on his lips. He kissed her back and there was chemistry and she ended up having sex with him. She proceeded to tell me that she will be having regular sex with him and that she knows that I will submit to this and if I try to resist, she will deal with me accordingly.


I am not happy about this, yet I cannot get over how attractive and how sexy my wife seems to me since she told me this. After she gave me the details, she ordered me to orally service her, as she wanted me to perform clean-up duty. I obeyed her and she had intense and powerful orgasms as I was servicing her. I have never seen her so dominant or sexy.


But I am still not happy. Had it been with a stranger, I might have been Ok. But I see and talk with my neighbor and I am uncomfortable with this arrangement. I've tried to talk with her about it and each time, she gets in my face, marches me to the bedroom, and orders me to perform body worship on her. I become weak and submissive and I yield to her wishes. She makes me confess that I gladly submit to being cuckolded, which I do. She now knows how to control me and I am powerless.


I saw my neighbor the other day and he said hi to me as if nothing has changed. She told him that I am Ok with this and this is what I also want. That is not true. This is what she wants and I have no choice in the matter. Does it excite me some? Yes, it does and I find her to be sexy as hell. I love seeing her this dominant with me. But I also am not comfortable with it and I was hoping you would give me some ideas on how to approach her about getting her to stop having sex with my neighbor.




From Anne:


I am fifty years old but look much younger. Add that to the fact I've lost a lot of weight and have colored my hair extremely blonde, I feel sexier than I have in years.


The past few years, I've had the very strong urge to cheat on my husband. We love each other very much, but for some reason having sex with someone else turns me on totally, makes me feel sexier. My husband is great, but I have the urge to find better and tell him about it. I told him I was planning on cheating on him and, while he said he got hurt, he also got totally turned on. It was a "good" hurt he said. I suggested the following changes to our sex life:


1) I can deny him as long as I want. No orgasm without my say so and with me only.


2) I can demand sex with him whenever I want, and I can have sex with whomever I want, wherever I want. Regarding the latter, it's none of his business and he can ask no questions.


3) If he whines or complains when I go out (Where am I going? Who am I meeting? Where were you?), I can deny him longer.


We both agree this is very exciting. He told me he enjoys the fact that I'm honest with him. It also turns him on that I want to find someone better than him. When I told him I'd planned on cheating on him and lightly giggled, I could tell he was hurt. But he said he loved it and I found I loved relishing in his humiliation! I often wear boots (his favorite) and smoke (another favorite fetish of his) and he said it drives him insane when I tell him I am going out somewhere and he can't ask.


This is so much fun for me and spicy. I've never felt sexier or stronger. I told him no backing out of the agreement or I'll be disappointed. When I said that, he said he felt powerless, tied down minus ropes around him.



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