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From Carl M:




I had considered building a sort of subspace for my former wife Anna. Unfortunately, we lived in a condo where such construction was out of the question, but we did casually discuss the matter of designating a "dungeon" space should our relationship have evolved to the point where we purchased a private house.



Anna was fond of what she termed "time outs", contemplative time that I earned by either admiring an attractive woman or by failing to pay complete attention to her. I got a time out, for example, if I appeared flirtatious while greeting a female neighbor, or noticeably gazed at an attractive woman in a shopping mall. Another way to earn a time out involved my conduct over dinner at the neighborhood pub that we frequented. During televised sporting events she would ask for a seat in plain view of the television (a device she called "the male pacifier"). I got a time out if she caught my eyes leaving the table toward the television (or toward one of the many attractive waitresses). This idea was an extrapolation from "The Story of O", recall the dinner scene where the submissives are taunted to look upward from the table and thus earn punishments. Conversely, if I made any commotion during one of the televised dance competitions that engrossed her at home, she wouldn’t hesitate to put me in my ball gag trainer. My job was to keep her wine glass full, and do so silently.



A "time out" for Anna meant me kneeling on the tiled hallway, where she sprinkled rice on the floor, providing a course kneeling surface, with me restrained in my wrist-to-thigh belt, facing a wall while contemplating a photograph of her. Anna had a bright red suit with a short, tight skirt that flattered her very well; the photo she used was one of her wearing this suit along with matching pumps and the shimmering pantyhose that I admire. To be released, I had to wait at least ten minutes (I counted to myself slowly to 600 to make sure I had "made my time good", because if I asked for an early release, Anna would reset her timer), and convince her that I was sufficiently penitent. She would quiz me (for example) as to why I found a baseball game on television more interesting than her, or make me repeat a statement like "You are the most beautiful woman in the world" until the tone of my voice expressed sufficient emotion. On occasion she would also give me several large glasses of water before a time out so that my contrition would be enhanced by an urgency to use the restroom. Had the Hanson Humbler been available then I am certain this would have been standard equipment, as it appears ideal for a "time out".



Of course, no relationship or set of experiences is perfect. There were occasions when I felt a time out was unjustified, and others when I simply was not in a submissive frame of mind and the time out was a genuine discomfort that I tolerated but resented. But most often the time out was a good stress reliever. It provided a framework within which I could comfortably transition from the ordinary world into the world where nothing mattered but Anna. I drew comfort from the high bar of expectation the time out set. It both gave me a clear objective, and defined the behavior that I needed to demonstrate to meet that objective. It broke down emotional barriers and gave me the strength to transition fully into my submissive persona. There were a few occasions when I actually broke down into tears while being contrite. This stunned Anna at first, but we discussed the issue and she grew accustomed to this as merely a mechanism by which I shed my male ego.


When my duration was over and I got released from the belt, quite often I would be so emotionally charged that I would offer myself for a beating and dildoing (these offers were always enthusiastically accepted, with a grin). It was as if the transitory phase of the "time out" gave me the opportunity to focus on Anna and shed any misgivings I harbored about my role in our relationship.




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