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Female Domination and Female Authority in marriage




My Wife and I have been experimenting with a female-led marriage for about one year. At first my Wife tried having complete control of the household, but neither of us were comfortable with that, preferring joint decision making about some things such as finances, and how we raise our children. We even abandoned the whole idea for several months, but we found we were both unhappy with our relationship - we had lost the increased emotional and sexual intimacy that the female-led marriage gave us.


So three months ago we moved back to the female-led lifestyle, but modified it so that it mainly pertains to particular household matters such as cleaning and cooking (I now do the bulk of the cleaning, laundry, and cooking and am being trained to do these things in accordance to my Wife's desires) and socializing (my Wife now informs me of Her social schedule instead of asking and I am expected to take care of the kids for extended periods so She can ski, hike, and spend time with close female friends).


The other place where we practice a Wife-led marriage is in the bedroom where I am increasingly the "Queen Bee's drone." I am expected to prepare the Queen's bedroom for Her at bedtime, lighting candles, warming Her pajamas for Her, and choosing music to fit Her mood. I must request entry into Her bed, which generally leads to a discussion of my behavior and sometimes to further household assignments before I am allowed into Her bed. In bed, I often receive a spanking for the "demerits" I accumulate during the day. I perform nightly massage and can be awakened at any time when She needs attention. She has some insomnia issues, which have been largely been resolved by waking me for middle of the night massage. I am not allowed to make any sexual advances, and am expected to play a submissive role when She initiates sexual play.


Perhaps the most exciting part of our reconfigured relationship is that we both have become increasingly comfortable practicing orgasm denial. At first, my Queen was very uncomfortable with the idea, as She considered it unfair and unkind to me. But over time She has seen the benefits of it, and in the last month She has told me repeatedly that She clearly sees how my behavior improves after three or more days without orgasm. As She has become more comfortable denying me, and I have become more comfortable with the feeling of being denied, we have stretched our denial periods to 7 to 10 days.


This last week, for the first time, She ordered me to make love to Her and told me that She would not permit me to orgasm even during intercourse. It was probably the most exciting lovemaking of our 15 year marriage - I couldn't believe the freedom I felt in being told to abandon my usual mindset - the selfish drive to orgasm - and replace solely with consideration of how to best bring Her pleasure. And of course, my Queen was able to focus solely on Her pleasure, which enhanced Her experience greatly. Many times during intercourse I had to visualize mundane things to avoid having an orgasm! And when She told me She had had enough of intercourse and ordered me to withdraw, my mind went into a deep, warm, and loving sub-space that I had never been in before, which resulted in a truly beautiful post-intercourse conversation and cuddling. It was a truly remarkable experience, and as a professor who teaches in the field of evolutionary psychology, fascinating and perplexing (more on that another time).




Immediately following orgasm, I find myself feeling embarrassed and often with thoughts of humiliation (not the exciting sexual kind) and resentment. During the day after orgasm, my behavior is noticeably less submissive and loving than it is in later days of the cycle. I would very much appreciate any tips on how to improve this, both because I think my Queen deserves better treatment (after all, I should be feeling thankful that She allows me to have an orgasm) and (selfishly) because I am worried that if I can not improve my post-orgasm behavior She will continue to lengthen the period of time before I am allowed to orgasm.



Jay B.



female domination marriage







My wife and I have been in a Female Led marriage since we married about five years ago and I am in and out of a CB3000 chastity device at her command. She knows I masturbate and cannot help myself and need her to control it. She says masturbation is the same as having an affair with another woman because I am stealing my desire for her and draining it away.


When I am locked up it gives me an energy boost to perform better for her and we both like our life better when she keeps me locked up. I could just be one of those husbands that is happiest when kept locked up all the time. This year I have been locked up about four months out of the year.


My wife found out that her son is having an affair with a married woman (her husband knows and accepts it) and she seems upset by it as if she has failed raising him. I try to console her, by talking about the woman being an Alpha female.


We recently were introduced to her and her husband at an X-mass party by her son and I can see why he likes her. She is very beautiful and has a presence about her.


I started to research on the web about cuckolding as it excites me and I can understand why husbands allow their wife to cuckold them. The fantasy excites me, but I would never admit it or push my wife into it. On the other hand I know my wife deserves to experience sex with other men who are better endowed than I am. If she were to keep me locked up, I am so docile and servile to her that I would of course accept her having another man for sex. In fact I think it would make me strive to try and please her even more to keep her and stay in her good graces.


In my search I found the word “POLYAMORY” and I immediately liked the word better than cuckolding. It sounds more scientific or religious, where as cuckolding sounds like a put down. After all, we men with smaller equipment just have to learn to accept our role.


Now that women are financially and sexually free to do as they please, I think it would help get this sort of lifestyle out there more if the term “Polyamory” was used more.




female authority  






I'm 38 and married for 12 years, 10 under female authority. Although the internet has enhanced our lifestyle, we do not practice the "extreme" femdom approaches that some use.


Two years into my marriage, I had a long discussion with my wife regarding my submissive feelings towards her. I confessed my feelings of extreme submissiveness and fetish for watching her dress for work every morning in silks blouses, skirts, pantyhose and boots, as I am sure many of your readers understand these feelings. Within 6 months, and many nights of discussions and research, she gradually but firmly took the reins and thoroughly enjoys her present status.



The changes in our life are incredible:


Her grasp of family routines and finances have changed our financial situation immensely.


Educational concerns regarding the kids are dealt with much more aggressively.


Our lifestyle is discreet as our family does not know or probably never heard of femdom lifestyles, although at times my wife has some difficulty concealing her words.


The relationship around the kids is neutral, however they are aware of the "last word" philosophy.


Intimacy in our relationship has more substance, and sex is far more enjoyable. My respect for the "superwoman" of today has changed along with the intelligence level I underestimated because of my traditional upbringing. Our evenings (late) are very emotional and educational.


I look forward to each day as her authority is very desirable. Being dominated daily discreetly, yet having to look at her daily work attire for most of the evening is unexplainable but intense.



Michael N.







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