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From William S:





I am writing to tell you about the great relationship I am fortunate to have with my beautiful wife.  I have had fantasies about dominant women for years, at least since I was13 or 14 years of age.  I would fantasize about being spanked by older women, my older sister's friends or pretty young teachers at school.  I am now 38 years old and my wife is 35 years old.  We have been married for 9 years.  We are both well educated and have a successful business.  I am a type-A personality and sometimes get panicky about business issues, usually blowing small problems out of proportion.  I work with my wife everyday and sometimes I get short with her.  I am wrong to do it and later I will look back and realize my own faults. For the past couple years my wife has been dealing with my outbursts by taking me to a special bedroom in the basement.


Sometimes she will send me down immediately after my little outbursts and sometimes she will tell me she will discipline me for my infraction later.  She never forgets and I can tell you from experience, as time goes by, she seems to remember my outbursts as being far worse than they really were.  She uses several different belts during a corrective session.  Sometimes she will dress up very sexy and dominant for a session and sometimes she will conduct one in sweats.  I am always required to put on women's panties for these sessions and more times than not, she has been adding a bra. I am not to question any orders from her.  I have respect for her and know she will keep me in line.



The other day my wife told me all day long that I should be prepared for a session because I had been short with her when she pointed out some bills.  I mouthed off about it being New Years Day and I didn't want to be bothered with it.  That afternoon I was enjoying myself as I watched a football bowl game with my college team playing.  About a half-hour into the game, my wife came down the stairs and from the clicking noise of her high heels on the wood steps, I instantly knew what was to come.  I don't know if she planned to interrupt my game watching or if it just worked out this way.  She came into the room and she was dressed all in black.  She wore a black silk robe that just covered her ass.  She also was wearing a garter belt with stockings to go with those sexy high heels.  She had a belt in her hand.  She was very sure of herself as she told me to turn the TV off and put a CD in the disc player.  She then sat in a chair and told me to strip.  I asked about my socks and she told me to call her Master Marie and if I knew what was good for me that would be the last question I should ask.


Once I was naked and standing in the center of the room (no socks) she told me to put on panties and a bra while she watched.  She made lots of comments like, "My panty boy" and "My sissy maid."  She knows how to get me very submissive.  Once dressed, she ordered me to my knees and asked me, "Aren't you embarrassed? That is one hard dick in those WOMEN'S PANTIES. Do you feel in control now? Does it turn you on to serve me?  I am going to set the rules for the New Year and you will definitely receive more domestic discipline."


She then stood back to take her robe off.  She was wearing a black lace push up bra, string bikini panties, garter belt and stockings, and sexy high heels.  I begged her to let me touch her but she said no.  She bent over in front of me and I lost control and felt her ass.  Very calmly she told me to put by hands together in front, she tied them together, stood back and continued to dance very provocatively.  I loved looking at her and my dick just dripped.  Then she stopped and told me to apologize for my earlier behavior, which I did.  She said she would now blindfold me so I would not be distracted during my spanking.  I was blindfolded and she led me to the  bed. She had me lay down on my stomach, she put a  pillow in place for me to put my face into , she told me to elevate my ass so my dick did not touch the bed.  Rubbing my dick on the bed while wearing panties brings me pleasure, but she is very strict about not letting my dick touch the bed during a spanking.


Now I heard her walk around the room.  She asked me what I was being punished for and did I agree with her on her method of "effectively communicating" with me.  She then started the spanking and lectured me along the way.  She went to both sides of the bed and had me begging and completely desperate.  She continued to whip me a total of 50 to 60 times and by the end of the session, I knew who ran our house. 


She gets more and more dominant as we get older.  I have now accepted it as part of our relationship and truly believe my marriage is a lot better because I have given over control. She would not have it any other way. Conflicts between us are settled very efficiently and I would not be the man I am today without the support of my wife.  I can always trust her to settle any disputes.


After the spanking, she laid a towel on the floor and laid me face up, still blindfolded.  She untied my hands and pulled my panties down, she then wrapped a pair of silk panties around my dick and told me to show her "what a jerk off I can be."  I started to jerk off and she stood above me, watching me, supervising me. I came on her command.



I love her more every day and really believe we are soul mates.  After dinner she wanted a massage and I was more than willing. The massage led to me worshiping her body, which led to a night of me orally pleasuring her.




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