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Discipline my Husband



From June M:




I have been utilizing ‘The Horse’ in order to discipline my husband. I have been experimenting with the horse and have made an important discovery. To refresh your memory, I was the one that installed a piece of very thin, glove soft leather tacked over the point, a saddle if you like, too thin to lessen the impact of the point, and just enough to play with his mind.


I started to use The Horse for his usual Friday night discipline sessions. He always has an erection when I handcuff him and put him on the horse but it never lasts long, as his legs muscles start to ache, he goes limp quickly.  Last Friday, I had him just to the point he was just starting to ‘ride the horse’ and he was way over due for a sexual release. I had been verbally humiliating him when for no particular reason I told him to ‘hump that saddle’.


I could tell from the expression on his face that it was painful for him as he raked his genitals across the pointed edge of the beam, going from side to side. I kept at him commanding that he ‘keep humping your leather saddle’. Back and forth he went, trying to avoid the point due to the pain but he was so turned on that he tried to hump the leather that was covering that very same point. He was in quite the predicament.


Finally, to my surprise, out came his semen, slowly going from dripping at first to flowing out in a steady stream from his sore, now placid penis. When he finally expended himself, I sat back and let him ride until his legs were shaking and he was sweating profusely. When I was sure he could take no more, I got up and helped him off. He could not stand and sat on the floor, his leg muscles exhausted.


I have to admit, I was really surprised by the unexpected outcome of his sexual release. I have allowed him to masturbate against articles of my leather clothing in the past, always for my entertainment and to humiliate him. He very much enjoys that but this was very different. Semen coming out his limp penis was not really a pleasurable orgasm for him but he did get some much needed relief. I am really beginning to like that horse, easy punishment, simple humiliation and it would seem a simple way to ‘milk’ him.




I wonder if I’ll be able to repeat this episode. I wonder what it was that caused his sexual release, the pain from the point, his leather fetish, the fact that I was verbally humiliating him, or a combination? And I wonder why he didn’t orgasm but instead it had the effect of a slow milking?



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