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From William A:




My wife and I have been married for 21 years now, and I cannot see myself with anyone else. Like all long term relationships, it’s had its ups and downs, but on balance, it’s been great. We are both professionals, and though she has been spectacularly successful, I’ve done well, and certainly can feel good about my career.


All my life, that I can remember, I’ve had an interest in spanking. There are probably diagnosable reasons. My mother was pretty handy with a ruler, and used it often. It was probably the most attention I got from her; definitely the most intense. By the time I was about 12, I was intentionally getting into moderate mischief, just to get a bare bottomed tanning. The Freudian implications could go on for pages.



Anyway, my wife knew I liked an occasional spanking before she married me, which was a bit of foreshadowing. She indulged me every so often as foreplay, and occasionally they got pretty hard. They never really got to the intensity that I wanted.


That changed as middle age arrived. I had always been pretty athletic, and stayed in good shape. Knee surgery, professional demands, a daughter, etc. slowed me down, but my eating carried on as per normal with the predictable results. Dieting had the usual loss/gain cycle results. I suggested to  my better half that real disciplinary beatings would help in a Pavlovian way. She was skeptical, and figured I was using it as an excuse to get more hidings, so she agreed to try, but they would have to be so hard she would be convinced I wasn’t getting pleasure from them.



She was still not too confident about how to proceed, so I printed off a bunch of web articles and letters on disciplinary spankings. Several stated that disciplinary spankings worked best if given soon after an orgasm, so there would be no sexual excitement to offset the pain or (later) embarrassment. She took that to heart, so every Saturday morning I was weighed. If I didn’t meet my target weight, I would make love to the wife (while our daughter was at her Saturday activities), then I would be tied down and given a long, hard, caning. Before I was let up, I would be covered in sweat and I was physically weak. It was hard to sit for a couple days and the marks lasted long enough so I was reminded every day that I’d better cut back. It made a difference. When I’d go to grab a snack, I’d stop and think about it.


Having sex while knowing what was coming diverted my attention a lot, so I tended to last longer. I got good at holding off and using everything I could think of besides intercourse in order to delay the inevitable. I know my wife liked that part of the arrangement.


It worked really well, and in about 6 months, I was at my long term target. That success convinced her (with my encouragement)to incorporate discipline as a regular part of our marriage. We started by talking about the “whys” and “whens” and settled on a one year trial, with quarterly reviews. Now after more than two years, discipline is a regular part of our lives. We found the variety in poor behavior and habits is so broad that having specific spankable offences didn’t work, so we settled on her having the authority to punish as she sees fit, when she sees fit, for any reason she feels warrants it. She does not abuse the authority, but no longer hesitates to use it.



Shortly into the trial period, her sister, recently divorced, unemployed, with no real job skills, came to stay with us. She settled in as a resident babysitter. Being close, my wife told her what was going on, so if a caning was going to happen, the sister-in-law just took our daughter out of the house for something fun while my wife disciplined me. If, however, the daughter was out of the house or at school, the caning happens right then and there, and if the sister is there, oh well. This was REALLY embarrassing at first, but now I’m sort of used to it. She gets a real kick out of it, and gives real encouragement to my wife. She’s said that if she had been able to do the same, she might have stayed married.


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