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I am a different kind of cuck. Many, if not most, of the stories on this site are about cucks that love to be sometimes brutally humiliated by their wives and lovers and love seeing their wives fucked like animals. But my cuckold motives have evolved slowly over the years and spring from my desire to give my wife the ultimate erotic pleasures in love.


First, I am a bisexual and my wife knew this since before we were married. She found it very sexy that I had oral sex with men. From the time we dated until long after we were married, my wife would watch me suck our male friends’ cocks. Soon she became involved by stroking our guest’s cock as I sucked him off. This was intensely erotic for both of us. Having my wife pump the cum from our male friend into my mouth was a spectacular thrill.


Then one time when my wife and I were making love, I had brought a dildo to bed for her to have me suck since we didn’t have a real man with us. During our love play, I inserted the dildo into her pussy and she loved it. Then to further please her, I licked her clit with the dildo deep in her pussy. The climax my wife had was earth shaking. She begged me to stop. She couldn’t stand any more.


Soon, my eating her pussy with the dildo deep in her became a regular part of our love play. And then one day, I asked her if she thought it would feel sexier if the cock were real as I ate her sweet pussy. She replied "Mmmm." One thing led to another until we were fantasizing about the cock in her pussy being that of Bob or Mark or another.


She agreed that Bob’s long cock would do her just fine. The problem was that Bob had moved away as we had lost contact with him. And so, for six years we have fantasized about my licking her pussy with Bob’s cock deep in her and even cumming in her as I licked them both. I love my wife dearly and have joy in giving her the most intense, forbidden sexual pleasure.


And so, my and my wife’s version of cuckoldry is for me to guide a nice cock into her pussy and to kiss and lick her pussy and our friend’s cock even as he cums into her. And, as she has said to me, then I could lick his cum from her pussy. I desire to do these things for her to express my deepest love for her. And to give her an experience that she will remember the rest of her life.


Luckily I have made contact with a new guy who may take the place of Bob in our fantasies. He’s tall, handsome, has a nice personality, and a wonderful 8" cock to please my sweet wife. I can just hear her sighs and moans of pleasure as his long, thick cock slides into her pussy.





Bob StClair


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