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Cuckold's New Year's Resolution

by Sarracenia




My wife and I are not in a full cuckold relationship. However, she is open to it - it just hasn't happend yet.


But we do practice some mild orgasm denial, where she will deny me cumming for a day or two through to 4 weeks. My problem is that if I orgasm I don't get horny again for about 3-5 days.


Every time we have sex I wear a strapon. The strapon was my idea, I bought it for her to use on me but we ended up using it on her and after that first time we both loved it so much we have used it every single time since (we now have three and another two have since worn out - only vibrating ones will do for us). They are different sizes, but even the smallest at 6 inches is slightly longer and thicker than mine (my favourite is a 7 inch Doc Johnson).


I can't even begin to describe the pleasures of the sensations of penetrating with a strapon - if you haven't done it, you really must. It feels better fucking with a strapon than with your own dick. And I make my wife cum almost every time.


She normally waits until after she cums to decide whether I'm allowed to cum or not. Other times she tells me right at the start "Just so you know, you're not cumming". It means I have to make the most out of every strapon stroke, as they are the only ones I'm getting. That's fine by me. Watching her orgasm is a sensation that is better than having one of my own.


Don't get me wrong, I'm a guy and I love to cum, but cumming means I loose all labido for ages. I also love fucking my wife with my dick, LOTS. I love the feeling right after she has been expanded by a strapon. Just great. Smooth like velvet. It normally takes half a minute or less to cum after I've fucked her with a strapon because I'm already on the edge by that time.


Over these holidays I took a couple of weeks off work. She told me at the outset that I wasn't cuming until the end of the holidays. After our first weekend when we had sex two nights in a row she said jokingly that I've effectively made myself redundant. She said she now has a man that is always hard for her and always takes her with lust and passion.


That gave me some great ideas for a set of new year's resolutions. Before I present them to her I'm posting them here for feedback.


• I’ll only cum 5 times in next year. This will keep me constantly horny. I’ve worked a schedule of New Years Eve then 8 weeks without, and then 5 x 9 weeks without

• I’ll get enough sleep every night, take vitamins and minerals and exercise to ensure maximum libido. This year I’m going to focus on being as horny as possible and take you as frequently as you want.

• To make me insane for you I’ll only penetrate you with a strapon. My dick is not allowed inside for all year.

• I’ll literally put my orgasms in your hands. I will not make myself cum. If it’s a scheduled day to cum and you are too busy or aren’t in the mood, I’ll have to wait. I guess I better be good leading up to those dates (grin).






Four weeks down and four to go. It is seriously driving me insane.


I've been screwing my wife every chance with a strapon but I still haven't cum yet. I'm just "burning" to fuck her!


I'm constantly horny and I'm spending most nights edging, watching cuckold porn. Lately I'm just getting off watching guys come (creampie or just masturbating). Cuckold porn gets me too hot too quick and I'm afraid I'll blow my load.


Being this horny is invigorating. It's addictive. It's also giving me some twisted ideas.


I'm thinking of trying out a penis extension device - like one of those andropenis, sizegenetics or jes-extenders.


I've got this crazy idea in my head that if I can make my dick big enough I can make a vibrating dildo out of it (aka clone-a-willy). How hot would that be to fuck your wife with your dick and see her pleasured by it without ever penetrating her with your dick?


Or maybe I should make two copies - and get her to use one on me. I'd be sucking and being fucked by my own dick... cool.






Dam this is hard... Three weeks to go! It's been five weeks since I last screwed my wife. In three week's time I'm going to get my wife to fuck me with a strapon until I cum. God I'm looking forward to it. The next time I cum will be MAY!!! I'll probably get my wife to fuck me for each release.


So far she has been surprisingly enthusiastic not to have my dick in her. Every time I start foreplay she reminds me I'm not cuming for weeks. Instead I just enjoy the pleasure of making my wife cum buy fucking her with a big strapon.






One week to go


Wow... going this long without cumming is fantastic. I'm laying here totally hard and frustrated while my sexy wife lays sleeping and near naked beside me.


I've changed my plans. Firstly she is definately going to give me a good strapon fucking. But it is going to be slow and hard. I need to be fucked with our "biggest" 7" strapon so she can give me deep forceful thrusts. I really need that loving dominance.


If I can get away with it I'll try not to cum while she pounds my ass.


Then I'll get her to give me a hand job while sucking my nipples. Then, just as I cum, I'll get her to ruin the orgasm by stopping all contact with my dick and at the same time bite really hard on my nipple. After I've cum I'll get her to give me a more vigorous handjob.


That should empty the pipes while not giving any gratification - and a lot of discomfort.


But I'm thinking more and more that this "whim" to have her fuck another guy is something I should push a bit harder. The thought of her getting fucked in a year I don't get to so much as masturbate to climax seems like a perfect match.


Also, I am defintey getting a penis extender - I'm completely sold on the idea of getting bigger and making a personalised strapon as a gift for my wife.






My new year's resolution is over already. Why? Because my wife started dating an ex-boyfriend!


Dam it but once I found out I can't stop masturbating. They are in that early phase of their relationship where they are fucking like rabbits. I'm not getting any at the moment and I couldn't be happier.


She has been really worried and when she first broke the news to me I could see she was nervous. She said she felt really bad cheating on us. I reasured her it can't be cheating when I'm all for it. That help her get relaxed with the situation.


She has started playing dress ups - fancy dress - like a sexy cop, pirate, angle and bunny. It makes me so horny to help her get dressed up for one of her play sessions.


I normally take care of myself after he picks her up, once again later that night and agian the next morning if she isn't back. Even with all that masturbating (making my dick a bit soar), I still get hard during the day when I think about her and her lover.


Ahhh... this is the life.






She came home last night fairly early - she was working the next day. Without a word she sat me down on a chair, stood over me, held my chin and head firmly and started kissing me.


It only took a moment for me to realise that her mouth was full of cum that was flowing straight into my mouth. We kissed like this for a while, enjoying the taste and licking every last drop off each others lips.


This is the first time I've tasted cum and I have to say it was really nice.


It strikes me a bit funny that I've now tasted a guy's cum who I've never met.








Well. Now I've met him. His name is Chris He is a really nice guy. He arrived before my wife was ready. We sat and chatted for a while over a beer waiting for her to come down. After some polite conversation he looked at me and said "You know... when I'm with a girl I need her to be monogamous, you know?"


I nodded and said "Yeah?"


"Yeah", he said, "when a girl is with me she only sleeps with me. Those are the rules."


Again I nodded and said "Right. I can understand that."


He looked down at by pants where I clearly had a bulge. He smiled, slapped me lightly me on the upper arm and said "Great."


He stood up, went to a notepad and scribbed something down.


Soon afterward my wife came down the stairs.


We both said how amazing she looked. She embraced him and have him a little kiss. She looked at me excitedly and said "Well, gotta go babe. Don't wait up" and left.


After they left I checked out the note. It had a skype ID on it. I opened up my computer and entered the skype ID. Nothing happened for a while, but later that night a call came through from the skype ID. I took it it was my wife's boyfriend. A note quickly appeared for me to turn off my mic and video.


He pressed some more buttons, adjusted the screen and then walked into the background. I could now see a bedroom and Chris taking his clothes off. When he fully stripped off I almost fell out of my chair. His dick was easily nine inches, probably closer to 10. It was hard to judge because it was so thick that it just looked "BIG".


Soon afterward my wife entered the room, came up to him and started kissing him. "Hang on honey" he said. "We've been having fun so far haven't we?"


"Yes" she whispered back.


"Great. Can you you promise me something?"


"Sure" she said with her arms wrapped around him eagerly caressing his ass.


"Can you promise me that you'll only sleep with me?"


"ohh honey"


"I'm serious."


"Sure honey, no problem. I'll only sleep with you."


and with that he walked over to the laptop and shut it.



She hasn't said anything about this to me yet but we haven't had sex in ages either.






She didn't get to hook up with him over the weekend, or since.


I was snuggled to her in our bed and kissed her on the back of her neck - she normally loves this.


This time she just giggled and pulled away.


I hugged her a bit tigher and kissed the back of her neck again.


She pullled away and turned around and asked what I was doing.


I was already hard because she wears see-through slips to bed.


I told her how horny I was. She asked about my New Year's resolution (to wait 9 weeks between orgasms and not penetrate her with my dick this year). I explained that I couldn't do it and I just needed to have sex with her.


She laughed in my face.


I started groveling, pleading her, but it only made her laugh harder.


When she caught her breath she explained that I had made a New Year's resolution not to penetrate her and she was going to make me stick to it.


I begged some more and suddenly she got a bit angry and shouted "Enough."


She looked me straight in the eyes and said "You are my husband, Chris is my lover. For as long as I'm with Chris, you aren't my lover and I will not have sex with you. Ok?"


"Ok" I said.


So there it is - no sex and I've agreed to it with both Crhis and my Wife.


She explained that if it was a problem I should go into the bathroom and take care of myself. I didn't. I waited until she went to sleep, pulled down the covers and masturbated while looking at her near naked body imagining what Chris must do to her.


I took my time and I think it was the best orgasm of my life.


I'm friggin over the moon. This is a dream come true.






After our conversation last night my wife called up Chris and chatted for hours. My wife has just asked me to move my stuff out of "my side" of the wardrobe and bathroom and told me that I have to start sleeping on the couch (pull-out futon).


She told me that he is spending the night tonight!!


She told me that Chris is going to be putting a couple of changes of clothes into our... I mean their bedroom.



... I have to stop writing now... gotta start moving stuff...



Okay - a couple of hours later now.


He arrived with a suitcase, handed it to me and asked me to take care of it. I took it upstairs to the master bedroom and unpacked his stuff. While I packed his bathroom stuff into my old drawer I noticed that he had two packs of magnum XL condoms. I took the liberty of unwrapping the pack and putting two on my old bedside table.


I came downstairs to find them making out on the couch. His hand was up her dress, moving up and down slowly.


I told them it was done. Chris thanked me, they got up from the couch, and as they walked past me Chris put his hand on my shoulder and said that they would like breakfast at 7am.


They went up stairs and I noticed that my shoulder was damp. I smelt it and it is the smell of my wife's juices.


I'm sniffing it now as I can hear them gigling and moving about in the bedroom.


This is all moving so fast, but what a ride!


Gotta go take care of myself now...






Okay - he spent the night last night but today was my day.


The day started well. I made them breakfast in bed before I went off to work. Okay - I got them up early, fed them and left so they would have time and energy to fit another session in.


When I got home my wife told me Chris was going to stay occasionally, but not tonight. We talked for hours about what they had been doing. This got both of us very horny. After a while it was too much for both of us and she asked me to go put my strapon on and fuck her.


I put on my 7" vibrating strapon and slid into her. It slid in really easily. She laid back with her eyes closed explaining how he had fucked her.


After she came she told me that this had to be our little secret. She didn't consider that I had fucked her because it wasn't my dick, but she told me not to let Chris know.


How's that - I'm my wife's other man.






My wife is acting like a teen girl in love. She keeps saying things like "Chris said this" or "Chris said that'. It's cute.


On Friday they played dress ups. For about four hours I helped my wife dress up as a sexy bunny ahead of Chris turning up. That was so much fun.


He turned up as a police officer to arrest the naughty easter bunny for breaking and enter.


They dissapeared up stairs. They called down every so often when they wanted food and drink that I happily delivered. I think they are really in love.


Yesterday we had a barbeque. It was a bunch of Chris's freinds. Apparently they all knew what was going on with our arrangement. As I was cooking a couple of women came up to me and asked where they would find a guy like me, while most of the men just shot me funny smirks.


A great weekend.






Chris stayed this last weekend. He made a point of grabbing my wife and bringing her in for passionate kisses in front of me. Saturday night he handed me her wedding band - which I took without a word.


Most of the time he just ignors me - other than telling me what he wants to drink/eat.


He is really good looking though, so I think he is used to treating people like that.


Yeah - at the moment I'm still trying to get my head around everything that's happening.


I wear my wife's wedding ring around my neck. On Monday night we were reflecting on the last couple of months and we've agreed that we are probably closer than we have ever been.


This last weekend she has allowed me to help her get dressed for Chris (a sexy black lace bra with fishnets, ultra high Karo shoes and a riding crop. She allowed me to give her ass hole a good long licking making her so hot, horny and wet that when I pulled her little black thong up she almost ran into the bedroom where Chris was waiting.


The next day Chris actually had a word to me about it. He thanked me for whatever I did. He said it was some of the best sex in his life. He said he had always wanted to try anal and my wife finally let him. He said that he loved her tight ass and he said that it was surprisingly enjoyable. He smiled, told me my wife was a little sex rat and that I didn't know what I was missing out on.


While he was telling me this I was so hard and had so much pre-cum that I stained my jeans.






Chris was over again last night. This morning he said he was having troubles with his camera and asked if I could take a look.


There was nothing wrong with it. There were photos and a couple of videos of them fucking. One movie of him penetrating her ass.


I noticed that he wasn't wearing a condom in any shot.


I have never had my wife without a thick condom, and I haven't had sex with her since December last year.


I wanked so many times looking at the photos on the camera that I've got blisters forming under the head of my cock.






We've decided that I should start saving to send my wife and Chris on a holiday for 4 weeks in January 2011. Chris suggested I buy him a new camera for the trip too.






Well, tonight Chris came over again (does every weekend), and they both retired to their bedroom. I was in bed going though the photos Chris had given me of them when my wife walked in the door naked. She walked over to the bed, asked me to lay further down the bed (which I did) and then straddled my face.


Her legs had my shoulders pinned down, but I wouldn't have moved anyway. Unfortunatly she had positioned herself so that my arms were pinned and my hands couldn't reach my dick.


I got my first creampie!!!



I must have been there for an hour. I've seen a lot of creampie stuff on the net but I never realized just how amazing and exciting a creampie actually would be. Warm, slimy, salty and sweet all at the same time. Although initially there was oozing wads goop, there was never mouthfulls. What amazed me is the flavours didn't seem to deminish. Maybe because she was still so wet with what I was doing there was a steady stream.


Whatever the case, she came after about an hour, then laid her naked body on me and kissed me, licking around my mouth.


She said "oh - I just love that taste. Chris and I make a great flavour."


I agreed and thanked her. She told me I should have a shower because Chris would recognise the smell of her pussy and if he found out he would (in her words) "beat the shit out of you".


She slipped out of bed and went back to spend the night with Chris.






One thing I forgot to mention. My wife only went down on me once when we were daiting. I came in her mouth and at first she had a puzzled look on her face and then she started making facial expressions to show she really didn't like the taste. She had to go do her teeth immedately. She has never gone down on me since.


In fact, shortly afterwards she made me promise that I would never expect her to do that agin.


This morning she came down stairs when I was making breakfast. She stopped me and pulled me in and gave me a nice, long sloppy kiss. Her mouth was full of cum and she was making sure as much of it went into my mouth as possible.



She pulled away, still with her arms around me and explained that this was how a man was meant to taste. She rested her head on my chest and said how much she missed giving blow jobs. She said they give her an incredible sense of power as she can make a mans body twist and turn with a couple of simple licks.


She reached into my pants to grab my now very had dick and started kising me again, I was getting so turned on I was about to pop when she knelt down, pulled down my pants and grabbed my dick. She opened her mouth and for the first time in so long I can't remember she put her mouth around my dick.... but my dick never touched the sides of her mouth. She pulled her hed back, giggled and told me that was as close as I was ever going to get to a blow job.


She turned and leaving me with my throbbing cock exposed, said she was gong to see if Chris had recovered enough to be woken up by another blow job.


Almost reading my mind she said "And don't even think of wanking until you make our breakfast."


For the next half hour I was shaking just wanting to get a chance to run off and wank....




My wife told me that the more orgasms she gets the more that she feels like it. She said she thinks Chris's penis was made for her vagina.


I think she is contemplating letting Chris move in. She hasn't said as much, but just little hints like that I might want to think about a second job to cover our costs. Since we are financially stable right now I'm wondering if she is wanting me to fund Chris moving in.






Bad news 


Chris and my wife broke up. They had a huge fight and that was that.


It was almost sad to penetrate my wife for the first time since December last year. I'm slowly moving back into the master bedroom too.


The good news (if there is any in this) is that she did take a cast of his erect penis and turned it into a vibrator.


Another plus is she hasn't asked for her wedding ring back yet (still around my neck).




She said he was getting too controlling. He would get jealous and demand things and then get angry when she wouldn't agree. I guess he was so "alpha" that it made him too aggressive.


The whole experience kicked up her sex drive. I'm using the dildo (we've named it little Chris) about twice a day. After I fucked her with my dick she said she doesn't see a point to penetration any more and threw away my condoms....but she purchased another set. She got magnums (large) and is allowing me to put them on my strapon and penetrate her ass (after appropriate oral treatment and then lube).


It was sort of a weird feeling because I didn't know the last time I screwed her would be the last time I screwed her... but penetrating her with Chris's dick in her ass was really worth not screwing her with mine.


Anyway - I'm assuming it will take a while for her to find someone else. In the mean time I have pictures and videos to keep me entertained.






My wife had a friend over tonight. After a few drinks and a bit of flirting she just took her up to our bedroom. I didn't know she was even into girls!



Wow... my wife has just spent the last day in bed with another woman. I took them food and drinks - and just now I took my wife another drink (she phone through an "order").


When I went into the room the other woman was asleep. My wife pulled down the sheets so I could see she had a killer body. Apparently they met at the gym and this 20 something was an aerobics fanatic. She was smooth, toned and although her breasts wouldn't have been more than a large B, they were very perky.


My wife ran her hand gently down this woman's body, caressing her breasts and then slowly slid her hand down to her pussy. She started stroking the still sleeping girl's lips. My wife winked at me and said "bye" and I had to leave the room.





My wife and Samantha (Sam) - the girl she has been hooking up with invited Chris over for the weekend. They had lots of flirting and giggles over drinks (I was dressed as a waiter and served drinks and nibbles). They talked like I wasn't even there. My wife let it slip that the cast she took of his dick has had a lot of use. Sam blushed a little and said it was so perfect she had talked my wife into proving it was real.


After a little while all three went up to the master bedroom.


Chris came in to my room (yes I'm back in the spare bedroom for the moment) early in the morning for a chat. He had just had the best sex of his life and wanted to tell someone about it. As he was explaining the details of my wife and Sam sucking his nipples, pausing to kiss each other and him, his dick started twitching. He paused and asked me how much I wanted to hear more. I said I was desperate to hear details. That's when he said something that shocked me.


"Well you are going to have to start blowing me or I'm leaving."


I've never thought of myself as gay... but the thought of him not telling me how he fucked the two of them was not an option. So I got out of bed, he laid in it and pulled down his pants.


I did what he asked and awkwardly started sucking his dick. I don't know if it was the amazing tale he was telling or the act itself, but I was really turned on. I still can't believe I had a guy's dick in my mouth.


He told me all the gritty details of the night and just as he was telling me how tight and flexible Sam was he started tensing then he came in my mouth. It hit the back of my throat really hard and felt like it filled my mouth. I didn't know what to do so half gagging I swallowed.


As he left the room he said "Not bad for a beginner, but your wife is far better. Next time she goes down on you, promise me you'll watch and learn."


I told him that I couldn't, she didn't ever go down on me. After he stopped laughing he said that next time she goes down on him he will have me watch carefully and take notes.


He went back to bed with the two girls and left me to think about everything that had just happened.






We went out on the weekend to a bar. This big guy started hitting on her, even though I was right there. She turned away from me and flirted with him the rest of the night.


I'm very pleased to say that at the end of the night, with his hand resting on her inner thigh (just inside her skirt) she said that she didn't normally do this, but asked if her "room mate" could give him a lift back to her place. He jumped at the chance.



Oh it was fantastic to watch them making out in the back seat during the drive home. Luckily it was late at night because I wasn't paying attention to the road. I actually saw his middle finger penetrate her pussy and come out glistening.


We got home and they went into the master bedroom. I could hear the very physical act going on. It was great.


This was her first one-night stand EVER.


He came out after about an hour and I drove him home. We kept fairly quiet and he was still a bit drunk. When we were almost at his house I said "oh, I'm getting a text" (I wasn't). I made out I checked something on my phone and then said "my room mate said to get your numer."


He willingly gave it and said that he'd never met a girl who was so wild in bed.


The next morning my wife came down from the bedroom with that "day after great sex" glow. She asked if I remembered where he lived. I told her I did one better and showed her his phone number.


She was really happy and gave me a long hug as a thank you. As she hugged me she grabbed my throbbing cock and said "I'm so glad you get off on this too."


She took the words right out of my mouth.






The guy - Steve - has been over a couple of times now. My wife explained that they were sort of "fuck buddies". But when giving Steve a lift home tonight he referred to my wife as a just booty call. He will probably never know how hard that made me.


He said that he's amazed at her skill with sucking, and is always happy to take it anywhere. He said it's like she just craves having a dick in her.


Little does he know that she won't even let her husband's dick into he!!!






My wife still sees Sam every so often. Last night she let me fuck Sam with one of her strapons.


I knelt at the end of the bed and fucked Sam slowly in a rhythm while my wife took care of Sam's nipples and neck.


It was so hot to see Sam's muscular body contact when she came. After she came I was asked to leave the room.


The strange thing was about half an hour later Sam entered my room and without talking got into bed with me and fell asleep with me spooning her.






The past couple of weeks have been fun. Steve has been coming around a lot to fuck my wife. Maybe once or twice a week. Beause I'm giving him lifts back and forth he now rings me when he wants to hook up with my wife. He still thinks she is my room mate.


He makes out with her in front of me when we are relaxing in front of the TV.


She said it makes her hotter when I am right there.


When I take him home he keeps telling me little details like how she went down on him or how he fucked her from behind and had his hand on her stomach and could feel his dick pressing through her stomach against his hand.


She told me he can cum about 3 times in a night... wow..



Steve's birthday is coming up and I'm planing on sending the two of them away on a holiday. I'll buy it all under my wife's name (she never changed her last name to mine). Money isn't an issue. Any thoughts on where I should send them?


I'm thinking somewhere tropical - my wife's never done it on the beach.






I gave them tickets to a beach resort - a quiet island off Thailand's Phuket island.


They are there now


But there is one downside 


Let me explain.


My wife said that she wanted a horny guy's opinion so for the last week she banned me from masturbating. I had already gone a week without masturbating - I normally allow myself the pleasure every time Steve or Sam come around. Only Steve came around and I KNOW my wife was being particularly loud on purpose to test me. I couldn't help but rub it a but but true to my word I didn't cum.


So - we went shopping Monday this week - the day before they left. My wife made me put on my cock cage so that she could torture me while we picked out her holiday clothes... well, that's what I think. We went shopping and I helped picked out a range of clothes, some comfortable and some really sexy (and just a few slutty). There is this one special combination that drove me wild - lingerie with a lace black top and lace "boyleg" panties with a pink lacing at the back that shows the crack of her ass, with a bow tie at the top.


I was throbbing the whole time we were shopping. At one point she took my hand, took me to a parent room (which luckily didn't have anyone in it), and put one of her pads into my underwear. I hadn't noticed but I had started to "leak" precum through my jeans.


So we got home and she was REALLY Excited. She stripped me bare, then told me to put on one of her old panties (that she was throwing out because of the new ones - really bad Chris cum stains on them). She said I had to have something to keep my pad in place, but anyone who has tried on women's panties will know that they seem badly designed for that! She then did a strip show for me, putting on each of her outfits and taking them off in turn. She left the room naked, taking her recently stripped outfit with her and then would come in with the next one.


I was sooo horny. Finally she put nipple clips on me when she was wearing nothing but the lace nightie. She could see I was in agony.


She took everything off, pulled my face into her wet pussy and let me lick her close to orgasm.


Then she stopped (first time she has stopped herself having an orgasm), grabbed the lingerie and then stepped out of the room.


I was laying there with my ball sack burning from the restraint, absorbing her wonderful smell that lingered in my nostrils, waiting for her to come back in. After a long time I thought something must be up and went looking for her. SHE WAS GONE!!!


Each time she stripped for me she must have gone and packed the clothes into her bag. Then when she left for the last time she simply got her packed bag, put on her travel clothes and left quietly.


So now I've been here for a day now with this stupid cock cage on, horny as hell and not able to do anything about it. They are back in two weeks. What do I do now???








My wife called me almost daily. Each night she would send Steve off to get ice and drinks to give her time to give me a quick call for a run down of what she was wearing and what she was about to do to Steve. It drove me nuts. I don’t know how many of you have been stuck in a chastity for a couple of weeks, but after a while it starts cutting in, especially if your body keep fighting to have an erection.


They are back now.


With so much to tell I’ll break it up into separate posts


When I was driving them back from the airport my wife slept and Steve - who treats me like a close buddy now - unloaded about his exploits. I’m still surprised he has no idea his lover is my wife. He said that he's in the best relationship of his life. He is in a lust filled sex crazed frenzy with a “total slut”. When he talks to me about her he calls her either his little slut or simply “the slut”. He says things like this (almost a direct quite) “When the lights in the plane went out and everything was quiet the slut started rubbing my dick until I was hard. Then she un-zipped my pants and in the middle of the cabin, not the toilets or anything, she slid off her panties, sat over me and slid down on me. My little slut rocked slowly on my cock for about an hour, draped over me like she was asleep (for the sake of cabin crew). She would speed up her rocking, and then stop. Man it was amazing.”


My wife and Steve are now members of the mile high club.


Apparently it’s a long flight and they fucked twice on the way over and one on the way back.


I’m a lucky husband.






I got an international express postage item about one week after they left.


In the package was a small memory card. I put it into the computer and fired it up. It was a movie recorded - with sound - by my wife with a hidden camera. She had set it up directly across from the bed in their hotel room. It was clear Steve didn't know about it.


It started with Steve laying on the bed face down with his legs over the edge spread slightly. My wife looked into the camera and said "Are you ready for this?"


Steve said yes, but I know she was talking to me.


"Are you sure?" she asked while running her fingers over his ass cheeks and licking her lips at the camera.


Again he passively said yes.


This time she mouthed words at the camera "BEG".


By this time I was writhing on couch screaming "PLEASE LICK HIS ASS!"


She lent over and kissed his broad muscular back. She then kissed lower and lower, all the time running her nails over his bare ass. He was enjoying the attention and his massive dick - which looked more like a salami sausage than a cock - throbbed.


When she got to the top of his ass she looked up at the camera, pointed to his ass hole and nodded, mouthed "okay", winked and blew me a kiss. She then stuck her tongue out as far as it would go and ran it slowly down his crack to is ass. Her tongue goes out a long way - a couple of inches (which is why she has kept Sam - her female lover - around for so long).


After spending a while there, with him moaning and twisting she grabbed the camera for a closer angle. She ran her tongue around his ass for about 10 minutes before finally sinking her tongue into his ass. His legs tensed as her tongue darted in and out a couple of inches.


She put the camera down, facing directly up to free up her hands. With one hand she stroked his balls wither her finger nails while she wanked him with her other hand - all the while licking out his ass.


It took about four strokes for him to dump his load all over the camera - which was the end of the footage.


I must have watched the video 20 times, using the dildo cast of "Chris's" frigging huge dick up my ass desperately rocking it and trying to rub my balls and nipples in an attempt to cum. I couldn't. All I did was make my ass, nipples and balls hurt. I could hardly walk the next day - but that didn't stop my putting on a latex glove in the morning in an attempt to find my prostate and rub it to orgasm (also didn't work).


I've tried to cum one way or another since. In fact - although my wife is back, she hasn't offered to take of the chastity belt yet. I've been desperately trying to keep it dry and clean... but I think it needs to come of VERY soon.




Oh - I forgot to say that I have started buying my own pads because I leak precum all day long.


Even though I have all this precum, I can't cum anywhere near as much or as often as Chris could or Steve can.


Does anyone think any of this is linked to this glorious joy of having your wife pleasured by another man? I have a smaller dick (5.5 inches), less sex drive and less cum. I can cum maybe once or twice a week. But the knowledge that my bride is not only taking big dick, but taking it frequently (a couple of times a night when Steve is over) and denying me any access makes me so hard I think I might break out of my belt.


Having all the sex over her holidays has made my wife want it all the time, so I've been hard at it pleasuring her with a strapon twice a day. Just now I fucked her like a maniac with her strapon and made her cum hard. While I lay spooning her - strapon still in her stroking slowly in and out - she thanked me for the holiday.


I wanted to cum so much I could cry, but at the same time I didn't feel any desire to penetrate her with my own dick at all. I haven't missed penetration in any way. But I will need to cum SOON.






My wife told me that while she was away she would fuck Steve until he came, then, after a while he would fall asleep. She was able to leave the room to go to the hotel bar. I was blown away to hear that she picked up almost night she went out (she is hot).


She said it was like a buffet. She had all types of races and countries. She counted them off as she rubbed my nipples (making me really horny but I'm still locked up).


She slept with 10 guys!! And that's not counting Steve!


She said that the first couple of nights Steve left her so expanded that she hardly felt the guys fucking her. To get around this she said she came up with a number of ways to suck him off or masturbate him to get him to sleep (which explains the video she took). She would always fuck him at least another one or two times during the day anyway - so this was just for their last fuck of the night.


She said most of the guys were only average sized or smaller. She tapped me on the leg and said that many were smaller than me but got to fuck her anyway. She gave a wry smile and asked me retorically if I knew that I'm never going to fucking her again. I said I knew and she continued.


She explained that these men coming on to her and seducing her made her feel sexy, attractive and a beautiful woman. The entire trip was a huge boost to her ego.


One night she even allowed to guys to take her back to their room. She said they double penetrated her but the angles and movement was really awkward, so in the end they just took turns to fuck her. Overall the guys that picked her up were mostly dud lays, and only one guy managed to make her cum.






We had the scare of our lives just now. She woke me up this morning to tell me she was "late". Birth control have a certain color to indicate those that will give a woman her period, and those that she takes to stop pregnancy. So she always knows exactly when her period should start. Her period simply didn't start when it should have.


That's never happened before.


She was really freaking out. I had to talk her out of calling Steve (the only guy she hadn't used a condom with) and raced to the shops to get a pregnancy test.


It came out negative (not pregnant) and she sighed and then was happy, giggling a little. She said that for the past couple of weeks she was full of cum - every time she went to the toilet she would pass some cum. She needed to wear pads the whole time because she would always leak cum. She joked that it was partly that Steve had such a large load and partly that he seemed to almost know when she was "running out" and gave her a fresh injection.


I've been doing her washing since she came back and I know what she means - some of those cum stained panties are needing a lot of work to get the stains out.




What a roller-coaster day!






After our little scare earlier, she let me out of my cage today.


Firstly - the smell wasn't great and secondly there was red inflamed skin from the confines. I had kept it as clean as I could, but it was bound to bite in. Also, I was chaffed behind my ball sack to the point that it was a bit oozing.


My wife had me take a warm bath and when everything was clean and dry she offered to put some ointment on. I agreed and laid back on the bed. She put on some latex gloves and got out a tube. She started applying the cold cream behind my balls. It stung at first but then was quite soothing.


I told her it felt good. She continued to apply it to the entire area, starting with the soar areas first, and then generally rubbed over all my balls and my dick. She lathered it on, and before I knew it I had a raging erection. It went on cool but then tingled and went quite warm.


She asked how I felt.


I said I felt great.


She removed her gloves, came up beside me on the bed and told me that I had been fantastic. That the last couple of months meant so much to her and she knew how much I loved her to be so giving. She told me how much she loved me and this new excitement we found in our lives.


After a couple more minutes of this loving talk, with snuggling and kissing she started rubbing her hand up and down my chest, and playing with my nipples. I've got sensitive nipples and that dives me wild.


She started sucking on a nipple and my erection was harder than it had been in weeks - making up for the weeks of being confined. She looked up at me and said "go for it honey, you deserve it."


I gladly grabbed my dick in my right hand and started to pleasure my self. But instantly I knew something wasn't right. I could feel my dick with my hand but I couldn't feel anything from my dick. I tried a little harder but still nothing. My hand started to tingle a little, I looked at it and it was covered with the ointment she had just applied.


"What is this?"


"Shhh honey - this is your time to cum."


So I kept trying and rubbed and rubbed, all the time with her driving me hornier and hornier by licking, pinching then biting my nipples. After an hour, with nipples now bruised and my arm getting tired I was exhausted and stopped.


"Are you done honey?" she asked.


"I can't cum!"


"Ohhh... poor baby. It must be the soothing ointment I put on. I got it in Thailand. Apparently they don't sell it over here - it's too strong."




It's still numb now - hours later and she said she needs to keep re-applying the ointment until I'm cleared up.






I'm very relieved to say that I've cum. Not quite the way you would think though. With a completely numb dick and balls my wife milked me.


It took a lot of feeling around to get the right spot, but after about 20 minutes I started pouring out like a hose. Another 5 minutes later I'd made a pool on the towel I'd put down. I could be wrong but it looked like 5 times how much I normally cum.


Whatever the case... my dick is healing up, the numbing ointment will finish up soon and I'll be able to re-introduce my dick to it's natural lover; my hand. For the past two nights I've woken up multiple times with my hand stroking my cock in my sleep. Pointless because it's numb, but it's what my body wants to do.






She's done it to me again. When she was in Thailand I put in hidden cameras all over the bedroom and bathroom. I let her know about them. I have computer in the office that displays it all (4 monitors).


Steve came over tonight and tonight was the first night I was going to test the system out.


Earlier today we went out shopping for sexy clothing. I'm getting to know what Steve likes - really slutty clothes. So we purchased this slutty little cheerleader outfit that didn't really cover anything.


That was hot enough, but then loading up all those screens was too much. As my wife did a slow strip tease for Steve while he sat on a chair, I pulled down my pants, grabbed some lube and started pleasing myself.


Steve got to the point he couldn't bear it any more and grabbed my wife - who faked resistance - and pulled her down onto his dick. As she fake fought against him I realised something was very wrong. Not with my wife, she was enjoying the dominance.


She had put that dam numbing cream into my lube.


I could hear clearly what she was saying to Steve: "No, you're not going to cum. No - not tonight. You won't cum."


This drove Steve and I both wild. He stood up with her still impaled on his lap and laid her flat on the bed on her stomach. He then fucked her hard and rough with her writhing and fake trying to get away. He pinned her and rammed her and came in a couple of minutes.


I ended up watching them fuck three times. First rough, then her riding him until she came and then finally he laid on top of her and slowly and lovingly fucked her while gently kissing and caressing her.


After he came the final time they snuggled and I could literally feel my balls ache and twist.


I think that was very cruel.






She made me remove the cameras.






Boy she's twisted.


Today the guy I share an office with was a bit off all day. At the end of the day he told me we needed to get a drink to talk about something.


In the bar he told me that he had gotten my text that he needed to pick up some paperwork from my home this morning. So he gone to my house - but I never sent the sms. It turms out my wife had her eye on this guy for a while and sent the text from my phone.


After a while he just came out and said "Look, your wife and I had sex this morning. It just happened. We both regret it. She said if I didn't tell you she would."


Oh... my wife set all this up well.


I tried to act upset and demanded to know what happened (all the while with a raging erection). I told the guy that these things happen and that it's best to forget about it - I'd sort it out with my wife. Later I got home and had a good laugh with my wife who gave me her side of the story. Thankfully she let me wank while she told me her details (best orgasm I've had in months). This is what I've been able to piece together.


It turns out she turned up at the door dressed only in a very short satin nighty. She explained that she thought she knew where the paperwork was and asked him to take a seat while she looked. He sat at our desk as she kept brushing past him, bending over the desk (revealing her breasts from his view) and also dropped some papers and bent over to pick them up.


She is smoking hot and knows just how to "brush past" a guy to maximum effect. She made sure that she was in a strategic position when she told him that she found the papers. He stood up right away - planning to get out of there quickly, but when he stood up she took a step back and turned to "accidently" be face to face with him and her brests brushing against his chest. They both paused. Then she quickly but gently curled her arms around him and pulled him in for a passionate kiss. He tried to pull away a couple of times but she sat on the table, wrapped her legs around him and gyrated against his trobbing dick while kissing him. He couldn't resist and soon melted.


He lustfully pounded her on my office table.


As my wife told me this she wickedly winked at me and said "Still got it!"






Working with the guy again today was electrifying. Every so often she would send me a text - so often I had to put my phone to vibrate.


In the morning she texted things like "What's it like working with the guy who got to fuck your wife?" and "You should ask him what it feels like to fuck me."


I had to keep going to the toilet to "relieve" myself.


I'm glad she is enjoying this so much.






That was a hell of a working week - having to work with the guy all week. I really didn't know how I was meant to react because the thought of him pounding my wife on my desk at home kept making my smile.


I said it wasn't fair, that she should even the score and sleep with someone at her work, but she didn't seem to interested in that.


Instead this week we've been going to bars and letting guys chat her up. She would find a spot at the bar with nobody near her and I'd sit at the other end of the bar. She's flirted a bit, and got lots of free drinks but didn't take it any further. That was until tonight.


She had the standard guys hitting on her, ranging from younger guys to older guys, mostly attractive and very self-confident.


Then a guy sat beside her who didn't hit on her. He was very good looking, modle like good looks. He was tall, muscular and didn't even look twice at my wife.


Well... that must have been what she wanted because she spent the rest of the night chatting to him. There was flirting - touches to arms and giggles, but she definately didn't come on strongly.


She gave him her number and that was that.


As we left the bar she grabbed my hand and ran it up her leg to her panties. She was very wet. She pulled me in and kissed me hard and deep and said "I need to fuck now."


I did what any good husband would do and drove her straight to her lover. Steve's house was only five minutes away. When we got there, with her still a bit drunk, she opened the car door before we had completely stopped, ran to the door and started knocking.


Steve opened the door half asleep and she wrapped her arms around him, kissed him passionately, whispered something to him and they both disappear inside. I guess he took her request differently to me. Two hours later she came back to the car. She smiled and said "Thank you honey. I was so horny I was going to fuck you in the car park but Steve was exactly what I needed. I came so hard my knees are wobbling."


She put her seat back to sleep while we drove home.






The guy she met in the bar, Scott, called today. She asked him to hold on one sec, put him on hold and told me to go get Steve now (he was going to come around later anyway). I could hear her giggling like a school girl as I left.


When I got to Steve's he had only just got home. I said that my wife said she wanted to see him now and he got straight into the car - no questions asks. On the way back to my home he told me he is thinking of stopping seeing his other ladies. None of his other women are willing to do him bareback and none of them allow him to go anywhere near their ass.


He said she's the only one with the stamina to go as many times as he can. With his other ladies he often has to finish himself off a couple of times after they go to sleep. But it's the foreplay that he's getting annoyed with. My wife is hot to go as soon as they get into the bedroom but the other women need lots of kissing and caressing to get going.


When we got back to my house Jade was waiting just inside the door. She pounced on Steve and kissed him passionately only about 2 feet away from me. I don't think I've ever been that hard - I was hard to the point it hurt a bit. She dragged him up stairs and was the most vocal I've ever heard her.


After about an hour she came down stairs. I was sitting on the couch, she was naked, holding her crotch. She silently climbed on the couch, standing above me and without a word put her crotch to my mouth. She ground her crotch into my face as I eagerly ate my first Steve creampie. It was divine. Warm, smooth, milky, salty and it just kept coming.




She gently rubbed my head and said "You've been so good to me. Go ahead and play with yourself. You deserve it."


And with that I started masturbating while eating a creampie. I held off cumming as long as I could, edging the whole time, but in the end I came really hard.


She sat down on my legs - both of us with no pants. She giggled and she hugged and kissed me. She gathered up my cum and pulled it up my throbbing but ebbing dick. She started to stroke. I winced and said "no."


To my huge surprise her demeanor changed instantly and she said "shut the fuck up." and immediately rubbed harder and faster.


I've never had this done before but it was very... unpleasurable. I stayed quiet and tried to move away.


"DON'T MOVE." she said sternly.


My body started shuddering a little and I could feel tears welling up.


She said "I have a date with Scott on Friday. You aren't going to spy on me, are you?"




"Good. You aren't going to put cameras in the room or try to follow me?"


"NO!" I said no longer able to hold back tears.


"Good. You are going to find somewhere else to stay Friday night, aren't you?"


"YES!" I begged.


"Good" she said, and stopped rubbing my dick. I sighed and shuddered a little. She held both sides of my jaw with her cum filled hands, pulled me in and kissed me. "Thank you."


She stood up and said that she wouldn't be seeing Steve again for the rest of the week. When I asked why she bent over and spread her legs. I could see a red and gaping and a puckered and stretched ass.


She started walking away and said that she thought she would be okay because she has been doing pelvic floor exercises.






Well... here's the latest. She went on a date with him and I checked into a motel. The next day she texted me fairly early to say I could come home. She didn't really say anything and I didn't even broach the topic.


In the afternoon she started getting ready by herself and said that Scott was coming around again. She said I could stay but said that I was to stay out of the way. She hummed away to herself while she got ready. She was dressed up very nicely, but in no way slutty. Instead she looked elegant an a picture of beauty.


When Scott arrived my wife introduced me as her gay friend who was staying the night. She and Scott chatted a bit, had some wine and then caught a cab. I could see that she was still the one doing all the flirting. They arrive home fairly early and I kept out of the way, going into the lounge area while they chatted in the living area. After a while they disappeared up stairs.


Normally by this stage I'm masturbating slowly while I listen and think about what must be happening, or going through past images and video recordings on my laptop. But for some reason it wasn't really "happening". I guess I was just a bit afraid I was actually loosing my wife. This guy wasn't just a lay to her, she was actively dating him and didn't want me around or involved.


I cracked open a bottle of red and flipped open my laptop.


After a while of scanning I started to get a bit into the mood, pulled off my clothes and started to rub the underside of my dick and balls as it started to grow. I heard a noise beside me that made jump a mile. I almost jumped out of my skin. Scott was standing just a few feet away and I was completely naked.


All he said was "Hi. Don't mind me.", poured himself a glass of red and sat down beside me. He then started chatting to me, like I wasn't naked at all. My erection dropped immediately and I felt very uncomfortable.


He talked about his job and a funny story from his work. I nervously drank my drink and was about to excuse myself to put my clothes on when he re-filled my glass and asked me about my work. I was so uncomfortable that I responded between taking mouthfuls of wine. I stammered, ummed and erred a lot.


Before I knew it we had finished of the bottle and Scott quickly opened another. I started relaxing and actually started to have a good time.


By this stage I was really drunk and I built up the courage to ask what my wife was like in bed. He said she was the best woman he had ever slept with but then again she was the only woman he had ever slept with. My jaw dropped. He explained that he was gay and had never tried it with a woman before.


He said that my wife was a great lover and even managed to make him cum, but that coming down stairs was far more exiting for him.


It took a little while for it to sink in what he meant. Then when I twigged and said "Ohhh...." he lent over and kissed my lips. His kiss was firm and passionate. I was drunk enough to let him linger kissing me, but sober enough to pull away.


"Wait... I just.." was all I could get out before he pulled me in again. This time I couldn't help but melt into his kiss.


The next sensation was unlike anything I had ever experienced. He ran his hand from my knee up my inner thigh, over my balls and now erect penis, up over my nipple and around my neck. It was firm, hard and masculine. He embraced me and pulled me in.


The next period of time is a bit of a muddle to me, blurred by the passion and the wine. We writhed around on the couch exploring each others bodies. Then somehow I ended up falling onto the carpet. I giggled a bit then felt a strong heavy but comforting weight on my back. Scott started kissing my neck when I felt him starting to press his dick in to my ass. I was simply too tight for him.


He said "Relax." and with that I did relax my whole body, which was tingling anyway. He brought his mouth next to my ear and whispered quietly again, "relax." To my huge surprise he bit my ear lobe and thrust one long deep thrust. The rush of pain was intense and I tried to squirm but he had me pinned. He had my hands held down with his and his body weight stopped me moving. He let go of my ear lobe and whispered again something soothing and kissed my neck and cheek. I winced again and he continued kissing and made his way towards my mouth. Despite the pain I crooked my neck around so our mouths met. We kissed gently for a couple of minutes.


Before I knew it his hands were no longer pinning me down and my hand had reached around to his ass. I squeezed it and he began thrusting in and out. The feeling of his dick filling my ass as he thrust was incredible.


After a couple of minutes he came in my ass.


With his dick still in my ass he grabbed my hips and pulled me back onto the couch. He started giving me a hand job as his dick ebbed. As he rubbed my cock, my ass clenched in rhythm to his strokes. He got a bit hard again and seemed to fill me completely. He squeezed my balls while kissing my neck, rocking me on his dick and stroking my dick. It was all too much and I came like never before. The cum oozed out of me as my body contracted harder than I had ever felt and waves of joy came with every pulse.


Afterward we lay there for a while, with his dick lip and in my ass, and with him stroking my hair and chest. We snuggled for a while and I even fell asleep in his arms for a bit. Then we got dressed and I took him to his car. He kissed me again as he got into his car to leave.


This isn't a gay story, but this is what happened to me - the guy who fucked my wife came down and made love to me. Now I'm trying to process everything...


Did I cheat on my wife? Yes... AND I cheated on her with her lover. The lover she obviously is falling for. I don't know what's happening and I don't know how I feel.






This morning I woke up to a click and a strange cold sensation on my groin.


I looked down and saw my wife smiling.


She told me that I promised I would be good while Scott was over but I wasn't. She said she saw a cum stain on the carpet. My heart sank.


It turns out she thought I'd been masturbating while Scott was in the house.


She had put on a new cage - a chrome one. I’m lucky she did this because my ass hurt like hell and I had to walk a bit funny. She could put it down to the cage.


She also handed me a business card. I was a tattoo and piercing parlour. She told me I had to go and get a piercing on my penis to make sure I could be safely locked away.


While she explained this I got harder and harder, and strained against the steal cage.


She said I was booked in just after work.


I turned up to the place - wondering how they were going to pierce me with the cage on. When I got into the shop I could see my wife was already there smiling. Sam – her sometimes lady lover and friend – was also there.


What happened next was amazing. Sam, my wife and the piercer (a guy) took me to a chair and drew a curtain. They took my pants off and my wife un-locked my cage. Sam and the piercer giggled and at one stage the piercer told me he had never done this to a guy before, and never met a guy who wanted this done. I just stayed quiet – quiet but very erect. My heart was also racing that they wouldn’t see that my ass was red or swollen. It might not have been, but that’s what I was thinking about.


This thought was pushed out of my head when my wife told him that she was my wife and that we had a somewhat open relationship. Open in that she could sleep with anyone and I couldn’t sleep with anyone. He paused and said “Really?” She then explained that she does let me fuck her sometimes – but only if I wear a strapon.


By this time I was erect and dripping. Sam then said “Now, explain how I do this.”


The piercer went through a detailed description of how to pierce my scrotum. I was watching them pointing and explaining while my wife pushed my penis out of the way. The guy went to grab something and my wife said “no – that won’t be necessary.”


For the first time I spoke up “What?”

The guy looked at me and said “Numbing cream.” My wife just glared at me as if to say “don’t even dare”. So I kept quiet.

“I’ve never done it without…” the guy started.

“No, he’s allergic.” She said.


I heard him say “Okay. Are you ready?” and then I closed my eyes as my knees were braced and held apart. I then had the most intense sharp pain rip quickly through by scrotum. It felt like a knife had been shoved right up just above my ass and below my balls. It felt like minutes that they continued to push and pull down there, each movement causing more and more pain.


Then I felt a hand pinching the skin at the bottom of my dick head and my wife saying “Here?”. I looked down just as she pierced my cock.


This time I couldn’t hold back and said “OH FUCK!” The pain was the worst I’ve ever had. I don’t know if she went slowly on purpose or if she simply didn’t have a lot of hand strength but it seemed to take ages the whole time it was like torture.


The amount of blood was incredible. They had me wrapped up in towels for ages before the guy bandaged me up.


Sam is staying over and to my surprise is being really helpful to me. Getting me drinks and food and she even slipped me some pain killers.


I’ve taken time out to write this but I’m still in a lot of pain.






My wife got chatting to a college guy on the Internet.


My wife was feeling a bit down because Scott wasn't very good in bed. To try and cheer her up I suggested that she could meet a guy on the Internet for some casual sex. She loved the idea. She made me find him on one of those adult friend finding sites. She asked me to pick one - any guy I wanted. Obviously I went through all the guys who say thy have very large penis size - over 9 inches and very thick. There was one guy who stood out. Muscular, tall and his photo clearly showed a massive cock.


Yesterday we spent the afternoon taking sexy lingerie and nude photos of her and she had me send them to him.


He was impressed and this afternoon she went off to see him. She took a cab and before she left she locked me up in a cage for the first time with my piercings.


She got back a couple of hours later and immediately said "oh my god. Put on your strapon."


Without another thought I put it straight on. She threw me on the bed and jumped on top of me. She started riding me. "Tell me what you feel." she said.


"There's so much space."


"I know - that strapon is just swimming in my vagina."


She continued to rock on my strapon as she explained what she had just done. She said his body was rock hard, and he was so tall that she just let him do whatever he wanted. He shoved his cock into her mouth but his cock was so big only the head would fit in.


She said she was so turned on that when he picked her up and put her into the missionary position she could feel her juices begin to dribble down her ass cheeks. She lifted her legs behind her shoulders (that yoga is really paying off), and he pinned her arms above her head as he aimed his dick at her vagina.


The look on my wife's face was priceless as she closed her eyes and said "oh and when he penetrated... my got he was big." She ground a couple of times on my strapon and then said "It was perfect."


Apparently he went a bit slow at first, and she had to tell him that it was okay and he didn't need to hold back. That was like a red flag to a bull. He sunk his thick dick in so far she had to let out a "uhhhhh." as the air was pushed out of her.


With his rippling body he pinned her and fucked her hard - really hard.


She looked down at me and then said "it was so amazing. He had never found someone to fuck like that before so he actually cried when he came." She closed her eyes again and ground backwards and forwards another couple of times and then shuddered to an orgasm.


She got off me, then laid with one leg over me, her wet pussy on my hip and her arm hugging me.


She said it was so good to be fucked by a man, you know, really fucked. Like headboard thumping fucked. A fucking where she can't walk for an hour afterwards. A fucking that makes sitting the next day a bit painful, but every time that pain comes through the thought of what caused it brings a smile to your face. The type of fucking that makes you feel like a beautiful sexy woman.






The man (almost a boy at 21) who fucked my wife last night called first thing this morning. My wife chatted for a while before hitting the speaker phone button.


With me still in my cage, stifling a morning erection, my wife caressed up and down my chest as she chatted to this guy.


He went on about how much of a good time he had, and my wife said "I know you did. You were like a stallion, wild and powerful."


He chuckled and said that he had never cum so hard in his life, and that he didn't know that fucking could be like that. Normally he had to go so slow that he never got that sort of pleasure.


He asked when he could see her again. She said that she was sill a bit soar after their last encounter. But since she had to work tomorrow, how would now suit?


He jumped at the chance and took down our address.


She looked at me and said "Honey, we don't have enough lube or large enough condoms in the house." and with that I shot out purchased them and came back as soon as I could.


My wife told me that I had done such a good job lately, bearing the pain of piercing, finding this nice young stud and getting the essentials so quickly, I could hide in the closet and watch if I wanted.


I immediately said yes.


We quickly pulled out some sexy clothes, nothing too complicated - the guy is young and ready to fuck right away. She put lube up and around her vagina and put the large condoms on the side table.


I waited for what seemed like hours until the two entered the room. They were lustfully kissing and rubbing each other, pulling their clothes off. She pulled his pants down and my jaw dropped. The guy's dick actually looked like a little arm. It was probably 9-10 inches long but it was almost like a hose. The dimensions were huge.


He picked up the condoms and said to my wife "you want me to use these again?"


She asked "Why? Don't you want to?"


"They just pinch a lot."


My jaw dropped further when I heard my wife say "I'd rather you didn't. Bring that dick here."


And with that he climbed on top of her and started fucking her straight away.


Seeing the muscular back and ass cheeks pounding away was too much to bare. I was rubbing my nipples and my testies and getting off.


My cock ached in it's cage. He fucked and fucked like a wild animal. Then his body tensed and is ass tightened. The look on his contorted face as he said "ahhh.. hhh... hh...hh" was too much and I came.


He rolled on his side and they chatted for a bit. After a while he left. As he left my wife said "See you next week." They kissed and he left.


Wow.... I came while caged. But given that sight, I think anyone would have.






My wife took it too far! She had to take the day off work today.


She couldn't even get out of bed. The boy crippled her. She told me it was worth it though.


She was back at work the next day and decided to make every effort to make sure that she could take his cock.


She met with him Wednesday and again Friday, giving herself a day's break each time. On Wednesday she fucked him at his place and Friday at our place. The young man is incredible, he is on an athletics scholarship and is in amazing shape.


On Thursday and Saturday she got fucked by Steve - who still calls my wife "his little slut". I really like Steve... he treads my wife like a little sex toy. He's given up his other girlfriends so he can "fuck the shit out of her." He used to always have two or three girlfriends because he has a high sex drive, now he only needs one.


It's funny though because now my wife's sex drive is higher and she is enjoying having a bit of variety. My wife said the boy has stopped crying when he cums but he told her on Friday night that he never knew sex could feel so good. It's not feeling so great for her yet. She said he cums too quick so she is going to have to train him.


I'm afraid that I'm still locked up. The sad thing is that my wife tried to un-lock me but the dammed lock is jammed. She even let me try. The key went in but it started to bend and would not budge.


She didn’t seem to care but now I'm wondering what we are going to do. I'm locked in a steal cage with a lock that is secured by piercings.


I came a week ago watching my wife fuck and now I'm really horny and wish I could get my hands on my dick.





After nearly a week of using a nail file I finally got through the padlock .


When I finally got out my wife did her wifely duties and gave me a hand job.


She started to rub, and kept really quiet. As she stroked my dick with one hand she started grabbing my balls and stroking them with her other.


I was getting close to climaxing when she said "these would make a nice coin pouch" and dug her nails right into my scrotum as hard as she could while she stroked my cock to orgasm.


I came loads all over myself. My balls hurt like hell now but it heightened my orgasm amazingly.






I still don't know about telling her about Scott. He's texted me a couple of times wanting to meet up. So far I keep telling him no.


As for my wife. Well, she still gets a little soar after riding the young guy - we call him the stallion - but she is really used to it now. She says she is training the boy.


She told me "Look at this" one morning as she put her whole fist in her mouth. She gave me a hug, grabbed my ass and played with my nipple through my shirt as she whispered into my ear that her hand is probably an equivalent size to his dick head.


This week she let me hide in the closet again, this time with a cock cage and plastic ziplock hand ties. She put the stallion on a chair and tied his hands, legs and torso to the chair. She then did a strip tease for him and slowly caressed his entire body, gave him about an hour of erotic torture before finally sitting on his dick. She lowered herself onto his dick, sliding down slowly, kissing him the entire time.


She stayed kissing him and staying mostly still, pulling her hips forward every minute or so. After what must have been an hour his body started shuddering and my wife quickly rammed her hips backwards and forwards. His body arched and flexed against the restraints and he grunted to a long and strong orgasm.


After kissing a while longer my wife told him she needed to change. She came into the closet and lovingly held her pussy to my mouth. I lapped up the warm juices as quietly as I could as she put on her nightie.


She left me and went back and untied the stallion.


He left shortly after and my wife, who still hadn't cum, untied me and allowed me to eat some more creampie before fucking her with a strapon. My strapon got sloppy seconds and I loved it. It feels good to fuck her with a large strapon and STILL have it not go in deep enough and sort of flop around inside. But something makes me think I need a bigger strapon. I feel like cumming whenever I fuck her with the strapon but she didn't let me cum today .


Anyway - it's study week next week so I arranged to send Steve and my wife away for the week to a warm resort. They need a bit of bonding time because my wife has spent too much time with the stallion. Last time I spoke to Steve he said that if she doesn't stop working such late nights he might have to move in. That way he could at least get morning sex.






She fucked the stallion again tonight before her trip away tomorrow.


She fucked him at his college dorm room. She came back in the hottest outfit I've ever seen - nothing but a large men's button up t-shirt.


She grabbed my hand, took me straight up stairs, pulled out the strapon, threw it at me and laid back on the end of the bed. She pulled up the shirt to show me her loose and wet pussy. I frantically fumbled with the strapon and before I even got hard myself I was penetrating my wife.


As usual I started slow, pushing lightly. I felt her legs wrap around my ass and she jerked me forwards sinking the strapon all the way into her.


I started to aggressively fuck her, diving all the way in and a long way out and then all the way back in again. She stank of sex and looking down I saw strings and wads of cum sticking between her and the base of the strapon that was slapping against her.


She felt so wonderfully silky, smooth and creamy as I fucked harder and harder. Her hand went to her clit and she came so hard that she half sat up with her muscles spasming.






My wife sent me another video from her holiday with Steve.


One where she went down on him. They were both amazing.


Before my wife went on holidays I waxed her from the waste down. I don't know if she asked Steve to or not, but he was also waxed/shaved from the neck down. He is a tradesman so he has a working man's body - good muscles and good definition.


When she went down on him she went really slowly, sucked his balls for ages, taking her time before making her way up his cock. She took him by surprise and pushed her lips all the way to his groin. His stomach muscles tensed and he grunted. He pulled back and over the next fifteen minutes slowly repeated the action.


I don't know if she learnt to deep throat from the stallion but it's the first time I've ever seen it.


There's something magical about seeing your wife on camera licking a guy's balls and deepthroating him. The sloppy sucking and slurping noises, the kissing and licking noises. As she went back to licking and sucking his balls while expertly stroking him she looked him in the eyes and asked him to let her know if he was getting close because she wanted to swallow all of his cum.


He let her know when he was getting close and she grabbed his hands put them on her head and pushed herself down onto his dick. He took the cue and began fucking her face right the way down to her lips. He grunted and held her face to his groin as his load pumped down her throat. He waited for a while before releasing her head.


She took a big gasp of air, then panted heavily as she re-gained her breath. She smiled a him and then cleaned up the rest of his cum by sucking his dick dry.


It's great to be married to a woman who is so good at giving head. I love it.






I just re-watched it and I don't think she was gasping, I think she threw up a bit at the end of the bj.




To my huge surprise the stallion turned up at our house. I said my wife was away on a business trip but would be back later in the week. He seemed really disappointed.


Apparently he has been studying and just had an overwhelming need to fuck her, to the point he couldn't study any more. I took him out for drinks so he could relax a bit. He knows I live in the same house as my wife and during the night he saw my wedding band. He asked what was up with that.


My heart pounded as I pulled off my wife's wedding ring, which I keep on a necklace around my neck, and handed it to him. I kept silent as he read the inscription: "forever yours". Without either of us saying anything he handed it back.


After some drinks we called it a night and booked two taxis. While waiting he told me that he'll have to do self-service until my wife gets back.


I turned to him, grabbed his upper arm and said "trust me on this, you owe it to her to hold off for her. Okay?"


He seemed a bit puzzled.


"Trust me, she can tell and she will be so much happier if you only save it for her."


"But I always do it a couple of times a ..."


"Just take it one day at a time. You only have to wait until Saturday."


He nodded and we left. He he he - that will teach her for fucking my work colleague that time!






The plan sort of worked. My wife arrived home Friday night we got out the strapon and I slowly inserted it into my wife's vagina. I said "It feels so good to penetrate you. I love the feeling when you expand to take me."


She laughed at me and told me that I'm the third guy to tell her that this week. She smiled, looked at me and said "but the others had their dicks in me when they said that.


Just as she had expanded enough for me to start stroking with more speed the door bell rang. She put both of her feet on my chest and pushed me to the ground. "Go do the guest room." she ordered as she pulled on a bathrobe.


I could hear that it was her young lover, the stallion, who had arrived. Peering through a crack in the door I could see that he had grabbed her hand and pulled her the whole way to the bedroom.


Ten minutes later I heard thumping - which is saying something because we have a solid bed with a good mattress.


He pounded her hard and I could hear her grunting with his thrusts. Not that enjoyable thrusting but trusting that is pushing the wind out of her.


To my surprise he stayed the whole night which is something he hasn't done before. My wife told me later that it was because he fucked so hard he fell asleep afterwards.


It was cute seeing the two of them all day Saturday. My wife giggled and played with him like young teen sweethearts. It was nice.


He stayed late into Saturday and when he left, my wife asked me in for a hug and kiss before she went to sleep. She said she had a great week away and a nice homecoming. She then asked me how much I'd give to feel inside her. I looked at her puzzled (with my dick still throbbing from having her tell me what she had been up to).


"No stupid." she said looking at my cock "you know that's never going in me again."


I nodded. She then grabbed my hand and squeezed the base of my thumb over to my palm to shrink down the size of my hand. "My stallion has been fucking me for a day - I think I'm as stretched enough for this. Would you agree to being locked up for... say... one month?"


I agreed and with that she laid back with me sitting on the bed level with her knees she raised one leg and put it on my shoulder.


I pressed my hand in. She was covered in her juices along with the stallion's cum. I was so hard I could cry. I pushed my hand with a little more force and it slid right into her vagina. She was smooth and silky. She asked me to push my hand as far in as it would go, which from what I could feel was above her cervix.


She groaned a little and with my hand in well past my wrist she said "that's where the boy can reach to."


She arched her back a little, grabbed both of her breasts with her hands and pulled my head down to her groin with her leg. I licked her cum covered clit while feeling her from the inside and then felt her shudder.


She told me this is the way she had sex with Sam (her lesbian lover).


Great night.






This morning my wife was really down.


She thinks she might be over stimulated lately because she is feeling like she is only really happy when a hot guy is drilling her.


She said that her lovers have been busy for the last couple of days and haven't had time for her. She's not sure if she just misses the romantic attention and their company or if she is just craving the feeling of a hard and strong body laying on top of her.


She said the down side of our marriage is that she is ecstatically happy when she is with her lovers but a bit down when she is stuck with me and can't have passionate sex.


I offered to get out the strapon to fuck her but she told me it wasn't the same. She said it would be like masturbation, and besides she is trying to shrink her vagina down a bit for the next time she's with Steve.


I hate to see her like this.






I had it off the majority of the time after the piercing. It didn't take much time to heal. I'm locked up now with the ball ring really loose, but going through one piercing and my penis ring through the end.


All the piercings do is make it more comfortable - the ball ring used to burn and my dick used to pull away from the end of the cage and it was really difficult to get it back to the end.


My wife was really down again today. I cheered her up by re-playing a recorded fuck session with Steve - where she tried to be dominant to him and he just fucked the shit out of her.


I went down on her while she watched it. I put it to repeat and after ages of giving her head she came.


She thanked me but told me that it still wasn't the same as having sex with a man.


She decided to finally show me what she meant. She got out the strapon (which is about 7 inches and about 5.5 inches around). I got excited and quickly put fresh batteries in.


She then did something she had never done before - she took the strapon off me and SHE put it on. She told me to lay on the bed - which I did.


She lubed up the strapon and knelled in front of me. She then lent over me and started kissing me, pausing every so often to tell me how sexy I was and how much I turned her on. We continued to kiss like this and she started removing layers of my clothes. She finally got to my nipples and began licking them. She paused and looked up at me and told me I had the most amazing body she had ever seen. My dick was aching against my little cock cage bars.


She grabbed my shoulders kissed me on the nape of my neck and whispered into my ear that I made her so hard it hurt.


That's when I first felt the dildo pressing up against my ass hole. By this stage I was so horny and wanted her so bad I said "Please fuck me." and raised my legs into the air. And with that she positioned herself above me pushed the strapon in a little - just until I felt resistance and winced.


"Oh baby - you're so tight."

"I know." I said. I relaxed a little

"Oh.. I love how you feel when you expand to accommodate me."


She pushed a little further. Again there was some resistance and again she paused. After she kissed my nipples a little more she pulled out and waited a moment and pushed in again to the same point.


I could actually feel my ass adjusting to the size. She lent in and kissed me on the lips. I felt the dildo go past the point of resistance. This time I could feel there was nothing else stopping the dildo so I wrapped my legs around her and pulled her in. She slowly sank the dildo all the way in to my ass.


We lay like that for a while, with her kissing and stroking my body while I adjusted to the entire dildo. I started to grind my hips a little and she must have taken this as a sign I was ready and started thrusting in and out.


She thrust and thrust and kissed me occasionally and rubbed her hand over my nipples.


I was getting close to cumming and she could tell instantly and pulled out. She said "Ahhh.. I just came."


She took off the strapon and laid beside me. I was still laying there close to coming but disappointingly missing the mark. She hugged me and told me I was amazing in bed and asked if I came. Staying in the role I said that of course I had after getting expertly drilled like that.


I lay there wide awake with her motionless beside me. I was aching to cum and I was so close - I just needed another couple of strokes to cum.


I build up the courage to ask her to keep fucking me, turned to her but before I could say anything she said "You really need to be fucked some more, don't you?"


"You really need to cum and you know if you get that back inside you you'll cum right away, right?"

"Yes" I said expecting to get fucked again.

"How does that make you feel?"

"Frustrated. Please fuck me."

"You need fucking really badly don't you?" she asked as she sat up and stroked my chest.]

"Yes - REALLY badly."

"Well - now you know how I feel. I need Steve's dick in me right now and he's too fucking busy. You and that dumb kid get me close but it isn't enough. I NEED STEVE."


I told her I understood.


I got up and left the room and gave Steve a call. This week he's on a construction site that is ages away so he gets up before dawn and gets back after dark. That's why he hasn't had time for my wife.


I asked him if he wanted to move in for a bit. He was a bit taken aback, and asked several times if I was sure. He said that my wife had told him that I was the land-lord and didn't like other people staying there who weren't paying rent.


I told him that if it was fine while he was busy like this and that it didn't make sense to impose rules that can't be bent from time to time.


That night, while my wife was cooking dinner I quickly went into the master bedroom and removed all of my clothes into the second bedroom. There wasn't too much left anyway - but it cleared it out.



After dinner I told my wife that I had to go pick up some food for lunches from the shop and left for Steve's. I helped Steve pack. He thanked me so many times, and it really felt good.


I arrived home with Steve and the expression on my wife's face was priceless. She had a smile ear to ear. She raced over to Steve and gave him a welcome kiss.


She then disappeared straight up stairs. The sex must have been really wild. There was thumping and bashing. I sat down stairs with my cock straining and hurting in my cage listening.


After a couple of hours my wife came down stairs in a bath robe. She smiled at me and came over to me. She kissed me and thanked me. It was nice to see her smiling again.


She parted the bath robe to show that she was naked except for a strapon. She ran her hand over her vagina to gather juices and rubbed it into the shaft as I immediately laid back with my legs in the air. She mounted me and without hesitation sunk that wonderful dildo deep into my ass.


She pounded for ages until I grunted to a massive, long and slow orgasm.


For a while all I could say was "oh wow" over and over.


She took off the strapon and kissed me again and told me that I had earned it and that I was a great fuck.


And with that she went back to bed with Steve.








This morning Steve thanked me again for letting him move in for a while. He said that he normally masturbates 3-4 times a day but with a live in slut he's can go without masturbating at all. He said her sex drive is off the charts and he has never met a woman who can match his sex drive.


He said that it's a great little routine they have. He starts his day being woken with a head job. After that they both have breakfast. Then they take a shower together fucking either just before or in the shower. When he gets home they fuck right away, and then they have dinner and relax. Then when they go to bed they fuck again.


He said it's fantastic that foreplay can be tea bagging his balls for five minutes. After she doesn't flinch when he pushes straight into her.


He said it's also great that he can wake up at night with a boner, roll over, warm her up a little and have a nice midnight fuck while she is asleep.


I just kept telling him how lucky he was.


I went to get the mail this morning and my neighbor was out - an guy in his 50's. We got to chatting and he asked how my wife was. I said she were doing really well. That's when Steve left for the day. As he drove out the neighbour asked who that was. I said "Oh, that's my wife's lover."


The guy's jaw dropped. He said "Her lover?"

"Yeah, that's right. He is staying over for a while so that they can spend more quality time together. I've moved into the guest room."


My wife came out to the mail box and asked what was up.

"Nothing, just telling John here that your lover just left."


My wife smiled and we stood chatting to the guy for a while about it. He said "I can't believe that you would stop having sex with such an incredible beauty."

At which point my wife wife said "Oh.. thank you." and gave him a quick hug. He blushed a little and my wife said "you think I'm incredibly beautiful."

"You're a goddess. You have to be the most beautiful woman I've ever seen."


When he said that she blushed a little and ran her hand down his arm to his hand.

I said "So I did the wrong thing but stopping fucking her hey? What would you have done?"

While still holding her hand and looking in her eyes he said "I would do her any chance I got."

My wife said "You know how to compliment a lady. Your a real gentleman." She then tugged his hand and said "Here's your chance." and led him towards our house. He hesitated and then followed.


Without asking or discussing I followed them inside into the bedroom. My wife seduced and fucked my neighbour in front of me.


The funny thing was he only had a small dick. Even so, being in the room while my wife got pounded was great. My wife was really acting up a storm, telling him how big he was. His belly fat wobbled as he pounded harder and harder. My wife stopped him several times to try different positions. She kept telling him that he was so hard, so big. While he was doing her doggy style she faked an orgasm then she then lay under him, almost squashed by his belly as he pounded to a but clenching orgasm. She kissed him and thanked him and said that if her husband could fuck like that she would be a very happy woman.


He left and my wife and I laughed as we got ready for work. She said he was a bit smaller than me - the poor guy. She told me that she loves getting fucked like that, it makes her feel good about herself. She said that it actually didn't feel to bad at all. It turns out that the faked orgasm wasn't fake. She said with his balls slapping her clit while being forcefully fucked she couldn't help but cum.


They used my very last condom (the regular size that would fit me). My wife said we will need to chat later to work out if we need to buy more or not. She said she is wondering what I felt like and is thinking of letting me fuck her on new year's eve.






I caught the neighbour (Rob) again this morning and asked him in for breakfast. All of us sat around the same breakfast table, Steve, Rob, My wife and I. Steve had to leave early. Jade took him to the door gave him a big kiss and hug and then she came back to the table.


My wife sat back at the table and started rubbing her foot up and down Rob's leg. She said "So. You were amazing yesterday. Can I ask a favour?"

"Sure" Rob said, blushing a little.

"Honey, you ask." she said with her foot now creeping towards his groin. We have a glass table and I could see she was already feeling out his erection.

I looked at Rob and said "My wife stopped fucking me about a year ago because I'm terrible in bed. We've been together for about 15 years and in that entire time I haven't been able to make her orgasm."

Rob nodded.

I continued "You made her orgasm first time, so I'm hoping, if it's okay with your, that you can teach me how to fuck my wife."

He needed again and agreed.


My wife smiled and thanked him. She said that we would have to start the training next week when Steve finishes his current contract and moves out again for a while.


She said to Rob "I'm a bit soar at the moment, I've been going like a rabbit all week, so is a head job okay?"


He sat there stunned. With no reply my wife slipped under the table, unzipped his pants and pulled his throbbing little dick out. She slowly kissed around the shaft of his penis and slurped and licked his balls, rolling them around in her mouth for a while. She made her way up to the head of his cock and enveloped it with her lips. Rob grunted instantly.


My wife then slowly lowered her head down the shaft, I could see by her cheeks that her tongue was darting from side to side. She easily took the whole thing to the base and then started pumping right from the tip all the way to the base.


It only took a couple of minutes for Rob to grunt and cum in her mouth.


She stayed sucking for a short while, then put Rob's penis away. She stood up waked over to me and while standing over me began to kiss me and transferred loads of Robs cum into my mouth while french kissing me.



Ohh.. that has to be my favourite kiss - cum filled french kiss. Warm, slippery, salty and satisfying.


We made arrangements that Rob would come over next week for training and he left.


My wife then told me that I needed to buy a 5 inch realistic strapon cock so that I could fuck her with it. She said that she would only think about fucking me if I could make her orgasm with that.





Rob came over this evening. I made dinner for the two of them, complete with candles and wine. They seemed to have a good time.


We went up to the bedroom and my wife started explaining our problems. She told Rob that her husband preferred to masturbate then fucking her. She pulled down my pants to expose my caged cock. She said that this is the only thing that keeps my hand of my dick.



Rob looked at me in shock. He then looked back at my wife and said "You would rather masturbate than fuck this?"


I said yes. My wife came over, unlocked me and un-did the piercing at the head of my dick.


My wife told us both to wait while she left the room.


Shortly afterwards she came in dressed as a school girl. Rob smiled. My wife told him "He would rather masturbate than fuck this."

"Yes. I'll show you what I mean. Either of you are allowed to fuck this." And with that she lifted her dress to show the cutest little panties. She started doing a sexy dance when Rob pulled down his pants to reveal his little throbbing dick. If anything my dick is a little bigger and than Rob's, and it was also throbbing.


He looked at me and told me this is my chance - the first time to fuck my wife in a year. I looked straight back at him and said "Teach me how." He stared at me blankly, with my wife unbuttoning her shirt.


I got to my knees and pulled my wife's panties down and licked her vagina. I said to Rob between licks. "She is so juicy. She is ready for you now. Please take her. Please fuck her."


He stood up and forced her to the bed he ripped off her panties and shoved his dick in. He fucked her like a crazed man while I sad on the floor and started stroking. I rubbed and rubbed in sync with Rob's strokes, pausing only so I didn't cum.


Then I saw the distinctive signs my wife was about to cum - tensing her legs and her neck muscles. As she started to whimper to an orgasm I came all over my chest. Rob came shortly afterwards. After unloading into my wife he pulled out and said "okay - now it's your turn."


I said I couldn't and when he looked down at me covered in my cum he was surprised and puzzled.


I tried to explain that it was more satisfying but that didn't seem to help.


He told my wife that I might need a lot more lessons.






Tonight I did it! I made my wife orgasm with a 5 inch strapon.


Rob and I took it in turns fucking her. After five minutes of fucking he would stop so he didn't cum, he would let me fuck her and after a rest he would start fucking her again. After his second pause she came shortly after I penetrated.


Since Rob missed out she sat him on the bed and started riding him. He grabbed her, kissed her and pulled her to force her to roll over under him. He broke the kiss and told her that he was the man so he fucked her. And with that he started pounding so hard the bed started shaking.


My wife threw both arms and legs around him and hung on as he pounded to orgasm.


God I love the site of a man cumming in my wife. The involuntary but and thigh clenching thrusts that deposit their cum is one of my favourite sights.


He wears a condom with her - so no cleanup is ever required.






For the last week my wife has slowed down a little. She has let Rob and I fuck her daily in my "training" but hasn't seen the stallion all week (that young muscular guy with a huge dick - hasn't made her cum yet). She only saw Steve over the weekend. In fact, Steve came over Saturday night and left Sunday morning.


She must be getting a bit horny because I came down stairs this morning and found Rob fucking her on the kitchen bench. She was sitting on the kitchen bench getting fucked and said "Hi.. Hi Honey... I...ohh...." and then just enjoyed the fuck.


I sat and watched. After they had finished she explained that since I had made her cum training was over. She was just fucking Rob for the pleasure.


I love my slut.






The last couple of weeks have been fairly slow as well. She has Steve over on weekends.


She asked Steve not to come around this weekend, and said she was really ill. Instead she told him that I would come around to pick him up and take him to the pub to keep him company. She made sure that I could stay the night at Steve's to give her time to recover.


The thing is - she wasn't ill. On Friday she told me she had a real soft spot for Rob. She thinks she is working out "daddy issues" with him. She said that she is going to cook him a meal and ask him to stay the weekend.


I can't wait to find out how it went.


Meanwhile Steve's complaining he isn't getting any from my wife, who is normally the highlight of his week. Instead we went to the pub, played snooker all night and got drunk.


While he was drunk, in the cab back to his place, he told me that he thinks he might have to get a bit more serious with my wife. "You know," he told me, "you can take a woman to another country, get married and come back but it doesn't stand here, you know? The marriage isn't recognised in this country unless you get it approved..."


The thought of my wife having two husbands made me hard. I made him swear to me that I'd be the best man.


God - I wonder what would happen if he went ahead with it. Would my wife move out?






You know - I don't think she would. She's having too much fun being single.


When I got back home Sunday night I knocked on the door and then waited ages to be let in. When the door finally opened my wife was standing there dressed only in black, knee high stockings with red ribbon running up the front, topped in a bow at the top. She had her hair in pig-tails tied with the same red bows.


When I came in Rob came down the stairs naked with a rock hard dick.

"Hi honey" she said to him.


Rob came up behind her and kissed the side of her neck while slowly running his hands up her legs, over her tight stomach and then over her breasts. She closed her eyes sighed and sunk back into him. He kept kissing her, moving slowly to her longing lips. That's when their kissing became more intense. He pushed her gently but forcefully against the wall. He ran his hands up her body, raised her arms and then held them tightly against the wall. He broke the kiss to penetrate her. She grunted slightly as his dick slid in. She sexily bit her lower lip and sighed as his lips returned to her neck as he started pounding her, still holding her against the wall.


Her back arched forward, her toes and feet flexed and relaxed and her arms and hand pushed against him as she moaned and moaned. After minutes her body tensed and her skin flushed as she came. Rob came shortly afterwards.


Rob got dressed, hugged and kissed my wife and thanked her. She kept hugging him, with her arms gently resting around his neck and said "I should be thanking you. I looooveee you right now." she kept hugging and kissing him.


After a while they broke their embrace. I'm very happy to say I was allowed to clean her up.. Licking up Rob's cum from my wife's leg and pussy she told me all about her weekend with Rob.


First of all he took her out for a nice dinner under the stars by a river. She said that afterwards they lay on a rug and made out like teenagers for hours. She said she laid back looking at the stars while Rob made love to her. She said it was really romantic. Apparently they fucked three times over the weekend and spent the rest of the time kissing and cuddling. She actually has a bit of razor burn around her mouth from all the kissing - nothing make up can't cover up but it shows how intimate they are getting.


She said that this weekend she is having a dinner party at Rob's house so he can show his new young girlfriend off to all his friends.






Rob came over.


It turns out that I got the weekend mixed up - the dinner isn't this weekend is going to be a Christmas dinner!


He came over to sort out the details. My wife and I will go over in the morning and cook for Rob's family. I'll leave before anyone turns up.


Rob's boys and his ex-wife is going to be at the dinner, so my wife is going to have to look very nice to make Rob proud and devastate his ex-wife.


So my wife offered to try on a range of dresses. He and I sat on the couch while she went up stairs, put on an outfit and came down. Rob ended up choosing a somewhat conservative outfit that looked beautiful. She said she had one last outfit to try on.


She went up stairs and came back down wearing an outfit I hadn't seen before, it was a costume that was nothing more than ribbons barely covering her sexy body. She told Rob this is what he was getting for Christmas. She turned around to show the sexy ribbon riding up her ass, and then went back up stairs. She came down in a skirt and t-shirt and then told Rob he would have to wait. She sat on his lap hugged and kissed him and told him that she would save herself for this weekend. She would be his present and his alone.


While sitting on Robs lap my wife looked over at me and told me that my present would be that they would leave their curtain open so I could watch. I thanked her, a lot!






My wife is going out of her mind with desire for sex. She told me how much this year has changed her. She said that Steve's huge sex drive has rubbed off on her. She said that Steve needed to cum at least twice during sex and needed sex at least once a day, but normally three times if they were on holidays.


Rather badly timed a friend of mine - Russell - was over - one who doesn't know what we have been up to for the previous year. Over a few drinks the conversation got on to sex - as it always does amongst friends with alcohol. Russell was telling us that his current girlfriend rarely goes down on him and was making a statement how he missed it and really liked it. He had brought it up with his girlfriend but she just said she doesn't enjoy doing it.


I said to him that it might be taste. I told him the story of the first time my wife gave me a blow job. My wife butted in and said that it was fine until I came. She told Russell that my cum tasted putrid. I then told Russell that I hadn't had a head job since. Russell knows I don't like and I'm sure I saw pity on his face.


My wife, who was sitting on the couch beside Russell, said it was a shame because she enjoyed doing it.


I laughed. My wife shot me a look. I pointed out that Russell enjoyed head jobs and wasn't getting them and my wife enjoyed given head jobs but can't give them to me. Russell laughed too and said "Life sucks. You just can't win."


My wife looked at him and said "Do you want to?"

"What?" he asked her.

"Well... it's been years for me, I've been married nearly 15 years and I really miss it."

He looked at me. I said "I don't have a problem with it. It sounds perfect. Go for it."

"Are you sure?" Russell asked as my wife's hand was already running down his pants and over his groin.

"Yeah. Positive."


My wife put her head down to his lap, pulled off his pants and started sucking on his balls and limp dick. His dick got hard quite quickly and I could see the apprehension dissolve into pleasure as she continued sucking and slurping. She went slowly and at times paused, kissing the base of his penis so that he wouldn't cum. Eventually he couldn't hold back any more. My wife quickly deep-throated him pounding up and down causing Russell to yell "AAAAAAHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhh." Then is whole body contracted around my wife's head. He made whimpering noises "ehh.... ehhh... ehhh" a couple of times in rhythm with his body's contractions.


He then sat back up and slumped back into the chair.


My wife sucked the final cum from his dick and sat back up too.


After a couple of minutes he pulled his pants back on and said. "Yeah, there I was thinking you didn't do that very often. That takes years of practice. I've never had a blowjob that was even close to as skilled as that."


She smiled kissed, stood up and came over to me. She kissed me pushing his cum into my mouth.


I rubbed my lubricated tongue around my mouth - savouring my friend's cum. She then turned to Russell and said "Oh, sorry. I meant I don't give my husband head jobs. I didn't mean that I don't still give lots of them. I enjoy them too much not to give them." I could tell Russell was surprised but he was a bit spent to take it in.


After another hour or so of chatting about the world Russell left. I had to stay sitting because I had "wet" my pants. Instead she showed Russell out. Before she opened the door she hugged him and planted a kiss right on his lips before saying "Thank you for coming. I'm looking forward to seeing you again."


When my wife came back into the room I laughed and asked "Did you just thank him for cumming?" She smiled. I told my wife that what she did was like feeding a stray cat and that now she will never be rid of him. She said she couldn't help it, that she was horny as all hell and couldn't wait for a Christmas fucking with Rob. Frustrated she pulled up her skirt, pulled her panties to the side and pulled my hand to her pussy. It was absolutely sopping wet and her lips were really large.


God I love my life.






I've been really busy.


The next night Russell texted my wife and asked "so how do i taste" My wife laughed when she got it and handed her phone to me. She told me to reply, so I typed in "just gr8 more please".


Within seconds he texted back "any time! r u free?" so I replied "y and hungry for u" He replied that he was coming over.


He arrived within the hour and jumped a bit when he saw me. I thanked him for coming on such short notice. I handed him a drink and told him I would give them some privacy. I went into my bedroom for a while. After what felt like an eternity I heard Russell shout "OHHH FUUUuuuck!". I came out to find Russell naked laying on the ground with my wife laying on top of him tenderly kissing him on the lips.


Russell jumped a bit when he saw me. My wife put her hand on his cheek and directed his lips back to hers. After kissing for a little while longer she helped him dress. This time I was prepared and had already lined my underpants with a pad, so this time I was able to walk him to the door why my wife recovered.


At the door I thanked him again for coming over and I told him how much I appreciated it. I told him that I would consider it a personal favour if he could keep doing this for us. He looked puzzled but nodded. My wife came over, hugged him, kissed him again on the lips and told him that his girlfriend didn't know what she was missing out on.


As Russel was walking away my wife said to me - probably loud enough for him to hear - "God, look at that ass!." Russell is a professional bicyclist, "God I want to fuck him."






Well. Christmas was good. Not too much to say really. As a reminder my present was that my wife and Rob were fucking in the next house and they left the window wide open.


I saw Rob undo my wife (who was dressed as a gift wrapped only in ribbons).


As he undressed her, he used the ribbon to tie her hands together. Behind her back and tied her legs together. Then he picked her up, put her over his knee and slapped her ass. She looked puzzled but he kept spanking her harder and harder. His spanks were really hard. I could see my tied wife struggling against the ribbons. The slaps came harder and harder and her body started jumping. The look on her face was somewhere between surprise and fear.


The slaps were so loud I could hear them through the closed windows.


Although I couldn't hear anything I could see her starting to cry and shout out. This was too much for me and I pulled my pants back up and went next door. The rear door was unlocked and I ran straight up stairs to my sobbing wife. She was saying "ow ow ow ow" between sobs. Rob shouted at me not to come into the room. I paused for a moment. He gently rubbed her very pink ass and asked her how it felt. With tears still running down her face she snuffled out "better". He asked her if she wanted him to stop rubbing her ass and let her go or keep rubbing. She didn't answer. I was glued to the spot wondering what to do.


Rob asked "How does it feel now?"

"Good." she answered. "you really hurt me." she said as she started to pull against her bonds again.

"But your body likes it." he said as he slid his hands between her legs and pulled out three dripping fingers. She writhed in pleasure. "You didn't realise it was turning you on this much, did you?"


"That's because nobody has ever dominated you properly. Ask the nice man to leave now."

My wife stayed silent as Rob gave her ass another couple of gentle strokes.

He raised his hand and like a whip gave my wife a hell of a slap to the ass. She jumped but merely wriggled in her bindings.

"OWWWW..." My wife looked over to me. "Leave!"


I slowly turned and left. As I left I could hear slap after slap with my wife begging for him to stop. I kept walking. I went back to the room with the view and watched Rob slap my crying wife for ages before starting to sodomise her with with his hand. He made sure I could see everything.


He kissed away my wife's tears before moving her on to the bed (still tied) and then penetrated her. The look on her face as she arched her back was pure pleasure. After only a couple of strokes I saw her cumming, but in a way I hadn't seen before. She as convulsing as she came. Rob didn't take long after that.


He left her tied in his bed and saved her for a morning fuck.


When she came home she couldn't sit for about a week and although she came hard she doesn't want to see Rob any more.






A couple of you might be wondering what finally happened on new years, when I got to use my dick for the first time in ages.


We were having a bunch of people over on New Year's night so earlier in the afternoon we went of to the bedroom to "give it a go".


Now hands up how many men out there have gone for over a month without orgasm and then tried to fuck? I've got some chastity piercings and I've been locked away all but a few times, such as Christmas day, but I wasn't turned on by what was happening and never came.


As I pushed my dick into my wife, savouring the wonderful sensations I realised two things. Firstly as I started to penetrate I just "stopped". My stroke length was so small it wasn't funny. It felt like I was just starting to penetrate when our bodies met. It was so frustrating it wasn't funny. The second things was that with the first stroke I almost came. I knew at that point it didn't matter how much training I had, tonight wasn't going to happen.


Still "fully in" my wife (if you can call it that) I kissed her on the neck and whispered in her ear that I was going to put a strapon on. She put her hand on my shoulder and looked into my eyes and told me that this is my only chance, that it was okay if I just wanted to have a quick fuck and cum. I shook my head and said I had to put on the strapon.


She giggled and agreed that was a good idea. I quickly threw it on, set it to vibrate on high and started fucking her again. This time I had a nice long penetration stroke and I could feel it going "all the way" in. As I fucked her she smiled stroked my face and told me that I blew it and I was never having sex again. I told her I knew and that was the choice I made.


While we were fucking she slipped up and told me that my dick was in the perfect place. I love that she called the strapon my dick, that's obviously how she things of it, and that's really how I think of it.


Then the perfect thing happened. She flushed red, closed her eyes, tensed her body, pointed her toes and came really hard. I lay beside her for a while, still in her spooning her. She had a nap with me still in her. While laying there I pondered what I had just committed to. The funny thing is that I'm happy with the decision.






Steve is back from holidays soon, and in the mean time my wife has been really randy.


Last week she asked Russell over. He left to come over right away. My wife made me a bet that she would fuck him today. I know Russell is totally committed to his current partner (besides these couple of head jobs that he doesn't consider cheating). So I bet her another holiday with the lover of her choice if she won and she promised to sleep with the man of my choice from an adult web site if I won - no matter who, how old ugly or anything.


When Russel was over he immediately assumed the position, pulled down his pants and sat on the couch. My wife started what she normally does, kissing his balls and groin and slowly licking down the shaft of his penis. As he got harder my wife started pulling down her nickers. She was wearing a miniskirt so the nickers slid straight off.


As she gave him his head job she started running her hands up his body over his shirt. She wrapped her right hand around his neck and brought her left hand back to his shaft. She started going quite intense and I could see Russell tensing. She moved her legs one at a time from kneeling into a squat position.


She waited for Russell to edge close to coming and "ache" as she paused from sucking him. She used this time to stand and straddle him and quickly lowered herself onto his dick. Russell gasped, tensed and opened his eyes in shock. Before he could say anything my wife pulled him in for a kiss. She stayed like that for ages, kissing him and very occasionally rocking her hips backwards and forwards. At first he was very tense and pushed on her a little but over time he relaxed more and more.


My wife pulled to direct him to take over. They rolled and she ended up sitting on the couch with him on his knees. My wife's legs remained tightly around his hips the whole time. He started fucking her, pounding harder and harder. He started tensing and then blew his load.


When he started recovering he apologized. My wife cut in and told him that I didn't mind, that blow jobs weren't the only thing she didn't give me any more. Russell looked a bit puzzled. My wife asked me to pull down my pants, which I did. I had a raging boner. My wife had me kneel in front of her dripping pussy. After I knelt there for a little while she instructed me to fuck her. I didn't. She shouted at me "FUCK ME". I still didn't.


She looked at Russell and explained that I was only allowed to fuck her with a strapon. As she explained this she gently put her hands on my head and directed my mouth down to her cum dripping pussy.


While I was busy between my wife's thighs I could hear my wife explaining our lifestyle to Russell.






I stayed down between my wife's legs for about half an hour. My wife's juices were starting to flow as she gently rubbed my head and asked me to go get my dick on. I stood up and was a bit surprised to see Russell was still there. I could see that he was looking at my mouth, now covered in the remnants of his cum. He looked a bit disgusted. I didn't take too much notice as I ran past him and up stairs to go get my strapon.


It took a little while - I had to put a condom on so I wouldn't leak pre-cum everywhere. I had to find and put on tight briefs that hold my dick out of the way. I had to find charged batteries. I had to get out he lube and rub some over the strapon. In the end it was about five minutes.


By the time I was coming down the stairs again Russell was fucking my wife again. This time they were both fully naked laying on the couch with Russel laying flat on top of my wife kissing her while gently thrusting. I stopped on the stairs and sat. After a while I realised that I was masturbating the strapon, I don't know why I had started but it felt good. After what seemed like half an hour Russell knelt in front of the couch and my wife put her legs over his shoulders. My wife directed his penis and I saw she was directing it towards her ass.


She winced as he penetrated. Russell told her that she was so tight all of the sudden. She asked him to look down. He looked down and saw which hole he was at. He pushed in slowly and then turned to me and said they needed some lube. I rushed over, opened the tube and dribbled some on his dick as he stroked in and out of my wife's ass. I then made a quick exit back to the stairs. Before I left I saw one big long stroke that pushed all the way into her and made her whole body tense.


He fucked her really hard and took ages to cum. When he was done Russell sat on the couch and my wife rolled over and asked me to come over to clean up.


I had never had an anal cleanup before. I came over and got to work. At first it was a bit off-putting because of the content of her ass was a bit of a mixture of cum and shit. I stared at it a little trying to work out which clean cum I could clean up when my wife wiggled her ass and said "Come on hone. Now." so I got to work. It didn't take me long to get turned on licking around and in the rim of her stretched ass. Soon my tongue was seeking out every last drop of cum, and my lips were actively making a seal with her ass to suck out those last drops.


My wife said "You can fuck me now." As I straightened myself I could smell the fowl odor on my face. I ignored it and lined up my strapon to her pussy. It felt so frigging good to finally slide it in. I started fucking as she laid herself over Russell's naked body and kissed him. He rubbed over her back and fondled her tits as I fucked and fucked her.


She was getting closer and closer to orgasm and I could see Russell was getting hard again. Just as I could feel her getting close to orgasm she pulled forward, pulling me out of her and sat on Russell's dick. The feeling of not fucking her was almost painful. As she lent over Russell to kiss him I saw her ass was still stretched. I moved forward between Russell's legs and guided the strapon to her ass. I was exciting my wife or Russell to freak out so I waited a moment for a reaction and then went very slowly and penetrated my wife's ass.


I started slowly fucking again. Every so many moments Russell's powerful, muscular legs squeezed around me and stopped me in my tracks. Then they would relax and I would start fucking again. All three of us formed a rhythm. After a little while Russell's legs wrapped around me and pulled me in in a nice rhythm. It felt so good to be squeezed into the both of them. Russell was sucking my wife's breasts by this stage and with all the rhythmic attention she started to cum. Russell's legs started squeezing me into them faster and faster and almost on queue both of them orgasmed at the same time.


Russell's legs went limp and I slit out of my wife, turned off the strapon and went to clean myself up. After a good wash and brushing my teeth I came back down to see them both giggling and playing on the couch.


I came over and my wife simply ignored me and spread her legs. For the third time I went between her legs and started cleaning her out.


My wife was telling him how hard he had made her cum and how much she really appreciated it. She rubbed my head and corrected herself and told him how much we both appreciated it. She said that to show our appreciation she wanted to take him on a week's holiday - just the two of them. He started saying how he would like to but he was in a relationship. My wife asked if he ever went on business trips. He agreed he did and also agreed that he could pass this off as a business trip.


After cleaning my wife up she and Russell went and had a shower while I stayed down stairs and cleaned the house. When they came back down I shook Russell's hand and thanked him. He looked so uneasy and I'm sure I saw disgust on his face. Then my wife jumped in and hugged him and kissed him on the cheek asking him not to be a stranger.






Russell turned down the offer of a week with my wife . He's feeling a bit guilty for cheating.


Yesterday we went shopping for sexy panties to wear when Steve gets back. Tonight my wife gave me a fashion show before letting me give her a full oil massage. At the end of it she let me rub her all over, finally let me finger her ass and suck her nipples while she used a vibrator. It was fantastic to feel her ass clamp tight around my fingers as she came.


After all this I told her I would have to cum sooner or later.


She told me I would be waiting a very long while. It's already been since the end of November. My balls are starting to ache and will ache for a long time.






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