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Here is an account of an experience I had with a couple who contacted me on a 'dating' site. My experiences are all of the softer cuck variety. Hopefully, they are enjoyable to your readers.



Hubby's Great Massage Fantasy




A while ago, I was approached by a couple to help them fulfill a fantasy. He wanted to see his wife stripped down and massaged by a stranger while he voyeured. Having received many compliments about my sensual massage techniques in the past, I agreed with the proviso that I get to voyeur the two of them completing the session. We emailed back and forth the scenario and then met at their place.


We introduced ourselves over a glass of wine, then, I asked Ron if he didn’t have something to do while Anne and I got better acquainted and he left. Sitting on their sofa, I asked about her fantasies and experiences, which she offered up as I casually felt her breasts and stroked at her behind and thighs. After a few minutes, we moved to their bedroom, calling out to Ron to let him know we were moving on. Ron positioned himself in the hallway so he could see us through the bedroom door as Anne and I stood facing each other. I gazed longingly into her eyes as I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her gently. I told her how beautiful she was, loudly enough that Ron could hear, as I continued to gaze into her eyes. She dropped her eyes shyly and I hugged her close as I kissed her passionately on the lips, gradually parting her lips with the tip of my tongue as I slid it fully into her mouth. She responded with some heavy French kissing, rubbing our tongues together, and swirling her tongue around mine. I could feel her body warming and I was getting hard.


I nibbled at her neck for a bit and blew my hot breath softly in her ear, which caused her to press tightly against me, grinding her pussy on my cock. At this point, I moved behind her with Anne facing out the door to give Ron a good view. Nibbling at her neck and pressing my cock against her nicely rounded bum, I started to slowly undo the buttons on her blouse and slipped it off of her shoulders, letting it slide to the floor. I ran my hands over her tummy, occasionally sliding fingers teasingly down the front of her skirt or up under her bra, nestling my face in her hair and nibbling at her ears. Next, I slipped my shirt off and unclasped her bra, removing it with a flourish. I continued running my hands over her tummy, now running them up to massage her breasts and playing my fingers around her areolas, teasing her nipples which had become very erect. We could see that Ron was getting pretty excited out in the hall.


I moved around beside her so I could suckle her inviting tits while giving Ron a good view, as I unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She was wearing a red thong, which I slid down her legs as I knelt before her and planted a big kiss on her pussy. Her pussy smelled so fresh and I could feel her heat. I then asked Anne to lie face down on the bed and I removed my trousers and underpants. I positioned myself between her legs and began with long strokes up her spine and across her shoulders, making sure that Ron could see how hard and excited I was by his wife. Then, I laid my chest on her back with my cock sliding in between her ass cheeks as I reached to massage her arms and hands. Straddling her back, facing toward her feet, I started to massage her legs with long strokes down each leg, then lightly running my fingers up her legs teasing her inner thighs. After a bit of this, I began to glance my fingers lightly over her pussy as I moved from thigh to thigh. Ron had a great view. Anne was enjoying it and started to raise her bum up, at which point, I slid a finger into her wet pussy and worked it around a bit, then pulled it out and rubbed her juices on her ass hole.


I asked her to flip over and gave her tits a good working over, but quickly moved down to press on her ovaries and massage her belly, occasionally visiting her tits. My cock was dripping precum on her tummy. I took some on my finger and gave her a taste. She was getting pretty steamed up as I started to press on her mons Venus and rub it in a circular motion with my palm, now pulling back her fold to finger her exposed erect clitoris. She was starting to writhe and push up her pussy, so I moved down between her legs and began tonguing her clit as I inserted two fingers in her pussy and massaged her g-spot. She started to moan lightly as I continued and then she burst into orgasm, arching her back violently and biting her lip. I could feel her cumming on my tongue and her vagina contracting on my fingers. At this point, we had both forgotten that Ron was even there, and were a bit startled when he said it was his turn now. So I got up and moved to the hall thinking I’d surely have a case of blue balls coming on. My cock was so fucking hard! It’s very difficult to go as far as we did and not fuck.


I watched as Ron mounted his wife. He must have been super horny from watching us, as he started fucking her right away and he didn’t last very long until he came in her pussy. I was hoping to see a better performance than that, but I had a super time with Anne. Thinking we were done, I was going to start getting dressed when Anne motioned me over and took my cock in her mouth. That wasn’t part of the deal, but who am I to complain? She ran her tongue around the corona and flicked it at my frenulum. Then she licked up and down the shaft, sucked at my balls, and then took the head fully in her mouth, bobbing up and down until I blew my jizz. She reached for a tissue and spit my cum into it giving me a big smile.


We all chatted a bit, agreeing that it had been a good time. I contacted them a few times afterward to get together again, but Ron didn’t want to. I guess it was a one-time fantasy. Ah well, I have the memory. 






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