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My wife’s favorite humiliation trick is that she makes me lie underneath her in a 69 position and orders me to lick her pussy while she gives head to her bull.

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My cock is never touched..When she is fully lubricated her bull enters her from behind. She then has me lick her clit while the bull is penetrating her. This drives her wild and gets me really hot watching his massive cock in her pussy. She orgams fairly quickly this way and her final humiliation is she pulls the cock out of her right before he is ready to come and puts his cock in my mouth and orders me to suck him to completion.


One of her other humiliations is that she has me lick her anus in preparation for anal sex with ther bull. She has never allowed me to penetrate her with my dick but will allow my tongue to probe fairly deeply.

Once she is relaxed and lubed I then have to guide the bulls cock into her ass. While he is splitting her butt hole she demands I jerk myself off. Finally I have to clean up her hole when they are finished.







The way I got my girlfriend to start fooling around was by having a threesome. She didn't want to because she thought it would be two girls and me. I informed her that I meant another guy. When I mentioned a studly guy at work she went along with it.


We invited Bob over, I filled him in on the threesome, but neither of them know my ulterior motives.


I started by warming Kim up. Soon I was between her legs with my tongue and her mouth was around Bob's tool.


After they were both warmed up, I moved out of the way and watched. Because they were so caught up with each other they didn't mind my absence.


When Bob finished giving her a very satisfactory, much more than mine, climax, I moved in and began licking Kim clean.

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This amused the both of them greatly. While I did my job, they kissed and fondled each other. Ready for round two, they moved to the bedroom and told me that I needn't bother following.


Bob spent the night as he often does. At work they flirt openly and most of the co-workers know that they are lovers and that I know it.


Bob plays the game to the hilt calling me on the phone and having me finish his work while he goes home with Kim.


Kim loves the power over me and delights in coming up with new humiliations.







my wife has been humiliating me in many ways and over a few years she has lost interest in me . i was called to dress in my little frock and come down stairs and to be ready to entertain her. i skipped into the room as usual as i had been taught to by my wife to find my wife sitting down and her mother sitting drinking tea together .her mother said i see what you mean paula but is he as small as you say he is. "have a look then mum". "come over here " i walked over and my mother in law lifted my frock and pulled my knickers down and laughed "oh yes i see why you have to play away" and she cupped my balls and flicked my tiny member with her fingers. "so will you look after him while i go out ""yes babe you get ready and dont worry" and she laughed again.

"remember mum do what you want but dont let him wank himself and no cumming off only milking ok". paula went and got ready and her mum wasted no time stripping me and pulling me about . paula went out and her mum said "ok lets have some fun shall we" she took her mobile out and spoke to someone .she was laughing and said "you and maggie get round hare and see him for yourselves". half an hour later the door bell rang and rose got up and said "you dont move "

i was on the coffee table on my knees naked. rose came back in and said "well here he is see how tiny he is" maggie and rita were about sixty the same as rose. maggie said "i want to see him cum" "ok "said rose" but only by milking " "milking"said maggie "yes my daughter has explained it to me you stick your fingers up his bum and rub the prostate and he dribbles cum for you" with that fingers covered in cold cream were up me and a pair of lips clamped around my tiny member .in a few moments i dribbled into ritas mouth as they all laughed as i bucked and jerked as the fingers dragged my now sore bumhole open wide and maggie started to push her whole hand covered in cold cream into my bottom .the session went on for about two hours and then i was sent to clean up as the ladies got drunk and then they tied me up in the porch where every body passing the door could see me .they pointed and laughed.








My wife likes to humiliate me by allowing me to jerk off to her body, or most of the time just the thought of it, but not let me cum. Then we’ll go out to dinner or just to the grocery store and she’ll talk dirty to me knowing I wasn’t allowed to cum, and that it’s killing me while she does this. She promises I can take care of myself when we return home but a lot of the time she decides to continue my denial until the next day or the next week. During this period she usually has me agree to chores or some other “task” she wants, or for me to buy her something.


It’s very humiliating because I know she’s in control and I’ll do anything she say’s for the promise of release at some later date. I’ve never gone back on what I promised though because although she doesn’t actually allow me to penetrate her anymore, she does allow me to see it regularly.







Two nights ago my wife's newest stud spent the night. After serving them cocktails and dinner it was time for me to go to bed ( 8:00 PM). My wife asked her boyfriend how I had behaved and he told her I was a bit pouty which I was because I get so so very jealous when they are having rough sex in the master bedroom after I go night night. My wife told him she would make sure that did not happen again.

She told me to get into my punishment outfit and report back to the dining room with her heaviest wooden hair brush. I took off my tights, Mary janes, apron and ruffled top and slipped into the cotton pinafore white cotton panties and white knee socks and brought her back the hairbrush.

I was whisked over her knee, lectured about my behavior the pinafore was tucked up, my panties were pulled down and she set the timer for 2:30 minutes. For what seemed like forever she rained down searing, blistering strokes on my bare and I cried like a 3 year old toddler. After it was done I was allowed to stay up fifteen minutes past my bad time to view the corner from 1" away with my panties down and my tortured bott on display.

After that I was whisked away to my room.  The baby monitor was turned on, the door was closed and I listened to them make very rough sex through the baby monitor that is reversed so I can hear them.


 punished in corner










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