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I am a married submissive male. My wife is not (yet) using any corporal means of punishing me,(although I want her too)! Our relationship over the past year has, however, been strengthened by two elements: Chastity and cuckolding. Because of my insatiable masturbation habit, she agreed last year(at my request, believe it or not) to lock me into a CB 2000. We played with it on and off, but she now has decided I am to wear it 24\7\365, except when she wants to use my penis, or when she wants to clean my penis, and the chastity device. I am not allowed to touch my penis - even is she removes the device. Ever.


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My wife also enjoys having a lover now and then - one in particular has become our friend, and she has seen him (with me present) about a dozen times over the past 8 months or so. While we have never discussed chastity or cuckolding with him, surely he notices that I no longer participate - (this started off as swinging). He is, of course, hung much larger than me- by a very wide margin, and she does LOVE having sex with him. It is humiliating, yet very exciting, and I love seeing my wife SO HAPPY. We are VERY VERY carelful about this activity, and SELECTIVE. In fact, this combination - cuckolding and chastity - has made her happier than I have ever seen her. She says she loves me more when I am kept chaste, and that I really act different - very unpleasant - after I have been allowed to orgasm. And the more I masturbate, the more she can't stand me. So I agreed to wear the device at all times. I have no idea where the key is hidden, and unlike some men, I really would have a difficult time getting this thing off.


I am always horny, but she is correct - the longer I am chaste, the more submissive I become. So I am happy because she is happy, and I do get to provide her with oral sex - which she says is far better than anything my penis ever accomplished. I also use her collection of dildos to make her happy. Between this, and her occasional trysts with her lover, she honestly doesn't seem to need my penis to satisfy her, and leaves me locked for long periods of time.





y wife is using orgasm control as part of my training.  She routinely makes me go 1-2 months between releases. During this time we do have intercourse, only I am not permitted to cum.  I am able to control myself while she rides me but the longer it has been since my last orgasm, the shorter my duration gets, and I am then forced to advise her that I am going to cum. At which point she stops and let's me recover.

Recently, after 2 months of not cuming, my wife was riding me and had an explosive orgasm, this is always the hardest time for me.  After she came she just kept on riding me and was getting close to her 2nd orgasm. At this point I was near the breaking point and told her I was about to cum. She stopped riding me and said "don't you dare".  That was all it took.  Right as she said that I exploded.  She was upset with me that I had disobeyed her order not to cum.  She finished riding me to her 2nd orgasm and as punishment she then climbed up my chest and had me orally clean her.  She also told me I would be going 3 months before my next orgasm. 

I genuinely felt bad because I had failed her and put my pleasure before hers. 






ver since I got my girlfriend to agree to start dominating me, she has been giving me orgasms only by jerking me off with her hand.  The funny thing is that these are the best orgasms I've ever had!  My girlfriend teases me how I haven't felt her pussy in over a month and that I'll never get another blow job from her again.  She started giving me only hand jobs because she thinks it is a way of humiliating me and they do.  But sometimes they feel so good my feelings of humiliation take a back seat to the pleasure my girlfriend's hand brings me.

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I have only been actively involved in this lifestyle for one year but reading through sites such as yours I don't understand the claims men make to be truly submissive and wonder if I am unique.  I have felt submissive since high school and when married offered myself to my wife.  I cooked, worked while she stayed home, cleaned, took care of the kids when I was there.  For her personally I would bath, massage, dress and orally pleasure her on request.  This is just a short list of my duties.  She allowed me to do these things for her but did not consider herself a dominant.  In return I was allowed to masturbate once per month and have penetration sex every few months.  Even with all my orgasms the focus of pleasing and pleasuring her was paramount.  At no time did I instigate sexual contact of any nature during the marriage.

Now I am under the guidance of my wonderful Mistress.   In addition to the things performed in my marriage I am required to give daily morning oral pleasure.  She enjoys penetration often but does not allow me an orgasm.  She practices orgasm denial and teasing, for example by keeping me aroused for a few days and then not allowing release.  She allows me to perform masturbations to completion for her only several times a year. 





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