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Recently I purchased a riding crop for my wife/mistress that went along with her name sake; Single Rose Riding Crop. Also, not too long ago we were in a speciality store and she had me purchase something called Peridise from Aneros; we had never seen it or heard of it before but she thought it would be interesting.


She has quite an imagination as I didn't have any idea of simultaneously being given a spanking and also being required to milk myself while being spanked. It was a surprise in the moment for me and an example of her imagination and pleasure for her.


The other evening she decided that she wanted to play with her new rose riding crop again and promptly told me that I had too many clothes on for her to see her handy work. This time, instead of just bending over the bed, I was told to crawl up on the edge of the bed, get on my knees, place my head on the bed so that my ass was up in the air.


She squeezed out a bit of lube that I felt running over my opening and between my legs and then the tip of the new toy; that was a unique little experience in itself as I didn't know she had the new prostate massager. Once she had it in place, she told me to start using my muscles so I could "pull it into my pussy." She laughed as I started doing the kagel exercises saying, "Good girl, I hope it gets up there soon." In time, it did get in place (while I was being spanked) and I started dribbling from the self induced milking. She mentioned how wet I was and stated using the riding crop to spank "her" cock and balls while also going back to swats across my ass.


I felt the sting of the riding crop on my ass as I continued to pull the little device into me. She was going back and forth from her old riding crop to her new and she had brought in a yard stick to add to the mix. She would stop at certain times to use her hand to rub my warming ass, and then to give a huge open handed swat and in quick secession go back to one of the riding crops or yard stick. It really stung, the whacks were pretty strong and loud, and for awhile I thought she was giving me my annual punishment spanking but I didn't feel the hairbrush. Once a year around this time, I am given a punishment spanking for all the times throughout the year that didn't quite warrant one but should be taken into account. Plus she says that she wants me to know what they feel like just in case I am inclined to not follow her instructions or direction.


The spanking was one of her more "adventurous" ones and there was a while when it really was stinging and she would rub her hand across my warm ass. She continued to use one or both of the riding crops at the same time. Then it became a sensation where I still felt what she was doing but the particular sting was not really there, it was not really pleasure so to speak, but it was a moment of enjoyment. My ass was up in the air, her cock and balls vulnerable to her attentions, and being there in a position to be available for her use.........there was an excitement, a feeling of surrender, a feeling of pleasure and an awareness that my mistress was finding excitement and pleasure in the moment.


It was a different, special, almost expansive space to be in and although my ass was very warm, I felt so good that my mistress was finding pleasure in spanking was a great feeling.


In time she stopped, rubbed her hands over my ass, and commented how she loved the colors and the warmth; she told me to lie on the bed. We fell into each others arms, kissed, and enjoyed the feel of one another's bodies and I snuggled into her as close as I could. After a good amount of time she told me to start doing the kagels again and took my clit between her thumb and forefinger while quickly moving up and down. It felt so good with the new toy up inside, the way she was playing with me, and then just as I was about to rush over the edge; she stopped all motion of her fingers, watched as my body tensed, and then I felt this wave of sensation move outward from my pelvic area and wetness on my body as I was oozing sissy cum over my belly.


Quite an evening of mistress enjoying herself and I found it all enjoyable as well; she says that it is great when there is pleasure for me but that is not a requirement.



Sissy Kayla


 dominant wife with lover







As a full time sissy maid for my Mistress I am kept in permanent chastity and obtain my only relief through electronic milking with the PES unit that my Mistress has. She strives to make the process as clinical and painful as possible.


My chastity device (currently the exo-extreme) is never even removed. She has me fasten the ball strap around my exposed ball sack and insert the PES prostate probe so that she does not even have to touch me. Then I am always secured standing up, usually in the set of stocks that I made for Mistress, and she turns on the PES unit and turns it all the way up to its maximum setting (10) within 1 minute. It is then left on for 5 minutes while she clinically discusses where I need to improve as far as my maid services are concerned and how this procedure is necessary for keeping me in the proper submissive mode.


The milk usually comes out around the 2 minute mark and the last 3 minutes are pretty much a living hell. Such is the life of this sissy maid. By the way, my last actual orgasm was on my birthday in January and Mistress often discusses that it may have been my last as this milking works so well. Mistress frequently disciplines me as well after the milking procedure is complete. She has learned that this is when the discipline will have the most impact as endorphin high of releasing my milk is over and I am much more sensitive to the implimentation of pain. It is much easier for her to make me cry when she spanks or whips me after the milking procedure is complete versus doing it before or during. And Mistress knows that when I cry that means that the lesson to be learned from the discipline has been more forcefully imprinted in my mind and I am less likely to make that mistake again.









Hello all,

My girlfriend and I are new to chastity and we were pleased to find this site. I want to get down to the goods so I’ll make the intro quick; my girlfriend/KH and I have been together for about 9 months and we found that I need some kink to keep things interesting and she likes to fool around with other people. We were about to call it quits until we decided to try a chastity device. She loves the idea and while I’ve known about chastity and BDSM for years; never really thought she would go for it. It’s a great thing that she did.


To start out, I’ve been locked up for about 2 weeks (CB 6000) and have been playing with it for about 3 months. During the three months we have been building a small collection of sexy and fetish clothing for her, and the standard restraints for myself. My girlfriend and I began discussing cuckolding about 2 months ago (both agreed on it!) and she has been looking for other guys to fool around with for the past 3 or 4 weeks. She had about 3 dates, one of which she went on last night! She first met this guy through a distant friend and she had met with him previously to chat about our situation. – He was more than ok with it!


The evening began with Jen (girlfriend) confirming that her date was scheduled as normal, one quick phone call confirmed this, which also increased my heart rate a little! She then began to get dressed, and WOW did she ever. She first started with makeup, (eyeliner, mascara, and shiny pink lipstick), she then curled her hair and went to the closet. My heart beat was getting faster while my cock strained against the cage. She told me to wait in the hallway when she closed the bedroom door, I wasn’t allowed to see her get changed. My heart was pumping hard, and my cock was desperate to get hard, causing pre-cum to begin leaking out.


When she came out, she was wearing a very intriguing school girl outfit: tight light blue button down shirt, short plaid brown skirt, and brown shiny leather knee high boots! I almost fainted. I was worried that my cock was going to break the cage. I had always known she had these clothes, but had never seen her wear them. Listening to her heels as she walked was incredible. She bent over to feel her boots so I could get a view under her skirt, thong panties of course. It was time for her to get going to meet her date, so she threw on her coat, incredibly sexy coat btw. More pre cum began to leak from my cock as she knocked on my cb cage, “I’ll be back with company” she smiled.


My heart pounded the entire time she was gone, I was so turned on and wanted to fuck her more than ever, and knowing that someone else would be was such a turn on.


I heard Jen’s boots come up to her door and Nick’s (date) voice as it opened. It was quite awkward as I didn’t know what to do. He just looked at me quickly and smiled as the two of them continued to chat about their dinner. I took off their coats and hung them up for them. Jen made me put on my restraints while Nick was in the bathroom. As they were walking around her house, her hand kept brushing his crotch. She then made me stand against the wall in the hallway as they sat in the livingroom. As their flirting continued it was clear that we were all horny, but only two of us were getting relief. Jen briefly came into the hallway to check on my cage (successfully preventing my cock from getting hard) and she bent over in front of me again, though this time her panties were gone! I almost fainted again. “You need to get into the spare room!” She brought me in and secured me to the sheetless mattress with my restraints. I saw them walk by on the way to her bedroom.


I could hear them moaning and pounding for about 45 minutes and it was pure torture. Though loved every minute of it! My cock was hard the entire evening. As they finished, Jen walked Nick out of her house. I could hear her boots the entire time; she never took them off! She then untied me from the mattress and we talked for a minute. She liked it just as much as I did, so much in fact that she was still horny. Teasing me into thinking I was going to get unlocked and my chance to fuck her. Instead she had me lick her boots clean (I dripped precum the entire time) and then walked me to the back door. “You can watch me jack off from outside my window”. I was in shock! She shut the door and locked it! I was outside in nothing but a pair of shorts and my CB6000. Luckily it was dark so no neighbors could see. She quickly opened the door again wearing that new coat of hers “It was cold out here so I put this on while I handed you this” as she threw a ratty jacket out on to the lawn for me to wear. It was such a turn on I almost broke out of the cage to fuck her. She quickly shut the door and locked it. I wandered over to her bedroom window to see her masturbate. She pulled out her dildo and went to town on it!


I hope you guys enjoyed reading about this! And yes, she eventually let me back in ;) It was an incredible experience for us both! Though she says next time I’ll be watching her with the other guy from outside her window... Keeping in mind she was 2 more dates. We both hope they work out :)



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I have just had an idea, I wonder if she'd be up for this? (If only...)


She locks me away.


Chooses a suitable sized pot.


I then find guys to show her a good time.


She collects their spunk as it runs from her body.


The pot fills up in the freezer.


My key is in the middle.


Once full, I arrange for all the donors to come round to service my wife as I serve them all drinks and nibbles dressed as a french maid with a huge plug in my ass.


I clean up each guys load as they cover and fill my wife and I have to thank each of them.


Then as they shower together I have the frozen cum taped into my mouth.


I then serve them all drinks as they watch me slowly drink nothing but their ice cold spunk.


Once it's all gone the tape would be removed, the key handed to my wife and she ceremoniously unlocks me.


I then am allowed to kneel on the coffee table surrounded by the men who have just fucked my wife and who's multiple loads I've just eaten before them. Dressed as a maid with a huge plug stretching my ass open.


I would then have to bring myself to orgasm in front of them and lick my own cum off the table before being locked away again with them all knowing that was it for me until they have refilled the pot.









A few years ago my wife took a lesbian lover, I found it very arousing knowing she was in bed with another woman although at the same time i felt jealous. The relationship lasted about 9 months before my wife finished it as her lover was becoming too possesive. The women was older than my wife and quite dominant she would call and ask to speak to my wife and inform her she wanted her to sleep over.


She would also tell my wife how to dress usualy insisting that she did not wear knickers under her dress when I took her to the house. I would return home and my wife would call the next day when she wanted to be collected. My wife did not tell me much about what took place between them allthough she did say that before she came home she had to kneel on all fours while her lover would penetrate her hard and aggresively with her hand so that my wife allways left her feeling very sore. I'm not sure if this was so that there was no chance we would have sex or just to show her control over her. Although this relationship ended some time ago. I still think about what may have been, the thought of my wife and I both being under the control of and aggressive lesbian is such an exiting idea.


Best Regards












My Mistress always finds guys who are bi-sexual. They like me to suck them; Since i am a sissy boy !


I have eaten out creamed pussy a lot and i also have to swallow the Lovers sperm. Furthermore i am used as their toilet too. In the evenings when they have sex i am used as above. In the morning they urine in my mouth and i have to drink it all from both her and her lover afterwhich they normally have sex again.


Since i am locked up 24/7 i have to follow all of her orders - otherwise my chances on a orgasm are zero. If i behave well for a longer period of time she allows me an orgasm in a humiliating way.

This happens roughly once every two months.


Last time i had to fuck a rubber pussy on stage at a fetish party. People looked and laughed when i fucked the rubber pussy with a condom... my Mistress told me that she couldn't handle a pregnant pussy so that's why i  had to use a condom. Afterwards i was made to eat my own cum and was locked again.











I have been in a chastity device for two months. My wife recently took on a lover who has a 8-9" cock. My clit is 5" erect (she calls it a clit because its too small to be called a cock). I  had to lick her pussy and asshole and suck his cock to get him ready for her. I was so horny that while I was sucking his cock and seeing my wife naked and going down on her, I started dribbling cum from my clit even though it was locked up. They both started laughing at me. It was frustrating because I was still horny, and it wasn't an ejaculation. I then had to clean the both of them up afterwards.




 punished slave







My mistress met a stranger who I had arranged over the net. I was told to lie on the bed next to them as they fucked. He fucked her in every hole and on one occasion I was allowed to place my cock in her arse whilst he fucked her pussy. This was because my mistress wanted to try double penetration. It didn't last long as I was not allowed to cum and was very excited so couldn't stay in long...much to her displeasure. After a couple of hours she said she was tired and told me to suck him. It was my first experience of sucking a cock. It felt strange, kind of spongy but stiff, I could taste her juices. I licked the tip, sucked him as deep as I could, I moved my tongue around the end as he penetrated my mouth. He came in my mouth and I swallowed it all. Strange taste. After he left I was allowed to lick my Mistresses pussy and arse until she came again and then we slept. I still had not cum.












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