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After I wank for their enjoyment she let's her friends make me do whatever they please from oral which is fine, to foot worship, ass rimming, ass to mouth with a strap on, golden showers, etc.  One of her best tricks was to have me be blindfolded and drink from three glasses.  The first was full of piss, hot and steaming. . . this got me hard.  Next was a glass that had two dozen or more used condoms emptied into it, cold old cum, yuk. . . gagged that down for them too as they laughed at me.  The final glass was full of spit the girls had been working on since the blind fold went on.  I was forced to drink a wine glass of spit to wash down the old cum taste.  


Regarding her lovers, she loves to make me suck her lovers  hard so they can fuck her better.  She also loves to make me suck them off as a way of thanking them.  I have to rim ass while they fuck her, lay flat beneath them as they do it doggie style and when he cums he can just pull out and shove it down my throat.  She recently has been turned on to gloryholes and we spend one or two nights a week at one taking turns or joining in together to suck off as many strangers as we can.  She has me til the end and I don't mind doing it as it pleases her.  Like I said at the beginning though, it's all about the humiliation.




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