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My name is William and I have been married to my wife Mary for eight years and have two young children. About two years ago I went through a long period of conflicted self discovery.  I ended by speaking to Mary about how I was finding pleasure when she told me to do things. I found that when I did what she said, it would have a reaction that was enjoyable. After a few more discussions, Mary was good enough to allow me to feel this new found pleasure with her transitioning to officially leading our marriage.


Initially, I was finding the feeling of this pleasure or exhilaration something I would seek out either by looking for opportunities to please Mary or through manipulating my way into it. I told Mary that I feared I was being subversive to her and after a few more honest conversations, she became better at recognizing and I learned how to not be subversive. Instead I found it best for decisions to come from Mary and I simply enjoyed whichever way she wanted to go at the time.


Our married life settled into me enjoying my chances at being submissive and Mary exploring her new role as the leader of the relationship. Household chores became my responsibility. Mary would explain how she wanted them done and also when they needed to be done by. I would enjoy doing the chores as it gave me an opportunity to experience the elation I had come to crave. I was also delegated the responsibility of overseeing the children with her instructions and guidance. They really only noticed that dad was being nice to mom and there were no more arguments. An outcome that I saw as positive even though it was unexpected. Who would of thought this would foster a healthier environment for the children too.


Mary also found that when I was kept chaste pretty much all the time, I enjoyed my submissive role more. She told me I was no longer allowed any orgasm until she said, but ended up giving me ones about every few weeks for various reasons. She enjoyed me satisfying her sexually whenever she was in the mood. Sometime she liked intercourse, but mostly she enjoyed cunnilingus. I had become very good during this time and that way she could continue to keep me chaste and having me enjoying my submissive side. After I had an orgasm, I often became contentious for several days.


One evening, Mary had a discussion with me about my chastity. “I really think it would be best if you plan on having fewer orgasms. I think about once every month or two is about right, but want to start increasing it to see how it goes.” I did agree that it would be enjoyable for me, but thought I needed some help to get into the pattern and suggested that I use a chastity device for the transition. Mary said she would look into it.


Things went on as they had. Mary had taken to an after work exercise routine and I would tend to chores and the children after I got home from work. When Mary got home, I would serve her what I had made her special that evening while she spent some time relaxing. One evening about a week after our conversation, there was a delivery box which I put on Mary’s desk. I always put the mail and deliveries there for her to open. When I finished putting the children to bed and cleaning the kitchen, I came into the bedroom and saw Mary at her desk. She pointed to my pillow where I saw a small box and realized it was a chastity device. I smiled in excitement and Mary asked me to bring her the lock and key and then go into the bathroom to put it on. When I came back, I held up my shirt and Mary attached the lock. “CLICK”


In the following weeks, I was really enjoying how things were working out. I had the enjoyment of sexual frustration from my lengthening chastity to give my submissive side the pleasure I craved. A few times I saw Mary watching me with a considering look, like she was able to see some change I could not. One night after I had served her dinner and was taking her dishes downstairs to wash, she said, “I had read that it is best to let the first time go a little longer and I wanted to let you know your next time at getting an orgasm will be labor day weekend. I want you to keep a good attitude until then though.”. I stood still considering since that was over two months away, but decided that she knew best and told her that I understood.


Things continued on and I was finding it was easy for me to behave well. I had none of the sparks of contention that were pretty common before. I loved when Mary would prompt me to satisfy her sexually. It became a kind of treat she would reward me with. I also found it natural to follow my other responsibilities around the house. The family seemed happy and enjoying our times together. I do not know where Mary will lead us from here, but it has been a dream come true for me so far.


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