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I just got back from the urologist's and like all doctor visits where I have to drop my trousers. It was humiliating. My wife buys nylon "briefs" in various colors/patterns for me and insists I wear them for my various doctor visits. Today it was Sponge Bob. Not something a fifty something man(?) normally wears. Then she insists on accompanying into the exam room.


As luck would have it it wasn't the male doctor that saw us but his female Physician Assistant instead. She was about thirty five and attractive. Knowing I was probably getting a prostate exam I was very uncomfortable. My wife took charge, as always, pretty much answering the questions that were asked. After the first few the PA just started to direct them at my wife.


I was crimson when she asked about "erections" etc. My wife chuckled and said "Its hard to tell, really, it's so small anyway."


I was looking at the floor but glanced up in time to see the PA give my wife a sympathetic smirk.


Soon the questions were over and the PA told my wife to have me disrobe from the waist down for the testicular/prostate exam. Again I was humiliated that she treated me as if I wasn't capable of following her directions.


I tried to lower everything all at once, hoping I could get Sponge Bob off without the PA noticing. But my wife wasn't about to let that happen. As I unbuckled my belt she gave me a smile that said "I know what you are about to try mister and that "aint" gonna' happen!"


"I wonder if perhaps his underwear is too tight?" she asked the PA. "I've heard that can lead to problems with the amount of sperm ejaculated and I can confirm his are WAY below what a"normal" man's is."


I turned an even deeper shade of red as I saw the smirk again on the PA's face.


"It could be" she said. "Let's have a look. Just take the pants off and leave your undies on."


I saw the evil smile my wife always has when she gets me in these situations and when I hesitated she said "Don't take all day! I'm sure she has more important things to do! Get those pants off now!"


That really focused the attention on me as I slowly lowered my trousers. I was afraid to look up from the floor but I heard a giggle from the PA's direction.


"Those are certainly, um, well......" the PA said, obviously trying not to laugh.


"Aren't they adorable?" my wife said. "They match his pj's. I think he is a little old for them but he loves them so. I guess if you're hung like a little boy it's only natural to want to dress like one!" That got an outright chuckle out of the PA.


"Do you think they are too tight though? I mean for the size of his, ahh, equipment?" my wife asked.


The PA placed her hand on the outside of my undies and gently squeezed, then manipulated me a bit. I was horrified to feel myself becoming aroused. (it had been so long since anyone had touched me there and all the talk had definitely "charged" the atmosphere) The PA was well aware of the effect she was having and continued until I was fully erect. Then she pulled at the elastic around my legs and waist a bit and said "No there seems to be ample room for his size. If he were better endow... er, larger it might be a problem, but no, I would say they are not too tight." "Go ahead and have him remove them so I can give him a proper exam."


I pealed them down and waited but she told my wife she wanted them all the way off. I watched in shame (but still erect!) as she seated herself on a low stool and rolled between my legs, indicating I should spread them wider. She used both hands to grasp my testicles and gently massage them. She kept up a running commentary to my wife about regular "self" exams, how they appeared normal "just small", "do you keep him shaved like this all the time?" and finally, "Is he always this easy to arouse?"


"I'm afraid so, Doctor (how does one address a PA?). I have to limit his contact or I'm afraid he would be playing with it all the time!"


The PA smiled at me knowingly as I burned in humiliation.


"OK, turn around and put your elbows on the exam table. I'm sure you know how this is done." she said in a breezy manner. This brought a giggle from my wife that wasn't missed by the PA.


I could hear the snap of the rubber glove and some rustling. Then a blob of cool wet KY jelly.


"You will feel some discomfort" she said as she started to invade my rectum with her gloved finger. Again a running commentary to my wife, "Hmmm,not as much resistance as I would have thought" "prostate appears to be normal" "any other questions while I'm in here?"


"Well yes, Doctor, I do" "He often asks me to penetrate him with, ah, well, a strap on dildo, if you know what I mean, and lately I've been concerned because he wants me to go larger and larger (NOT TRUE! That is HER idea. Not mine!)


With her finger still up my but she slapped me playfully on the ass with her other hand and said "Well, you must be careful and make sure you use lots of lube. And remember, just because he begs for more, there is no reason to get carried away!"


She then withdrew her finger and handed me some tissue to clean myself, noting with that same smirk that I was still hard. I tried to be casual as I sopped up some pre-come that was about to drip onto the floor. I had to stand there naked from the waist down as they discussed my exam and when a follow up would be needed etc.


As she left the room she shook my wife's hand and smirked at me.


I couldn't wait to get home and jerk off. My wife even allowed me to cum on her foot instead of in my little tissue "pussy" like normal.


Of coarse I had to clean it with my tongue but it was worth it. Right now she's getting ready to go out. It seems she got kind of excited too.



by TrashCan


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