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Real Cuckold and Femdom Stories - The Special


Female Domination through Cuckolding stories


Femdom through Male Chastity and Orgasm Denial stories


Femdom through Oral Servitude stories






Few more lines from real cuckold's life



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Ideas For Cuckold Humiliation



Bitch Wife

I just got back from the urologist's and like all doctor visits where I have to drop my trousers. It was humiliating.



Sex for Cuckold?



Total Obedience To My Wife



Real Cuckolds -- Posts



Sex Denied Cuckolds

My wife has forbidden entrance to her now for over 3 months, She made me beg to ask her to keep faithful to her boyfriend (she wanked me and kept me excited until I said it ) I saw this as taking advantage of my "weak situation".



From Husband To Slave

This is the story of me and my wife who became my Goddess. I have suffered a lot being a slave but I would say I got what I deserve and I don’t have any regret from life. I am happy being a slave.



Cuckold's Resolution

The Diary of a cuckold who doesn't get to fuck his wife anymore. Cuckolding, tease, orgasm denial and chastity.



Hubby's Great Massage Fantasy



Cuckold Couple Experience

Eventually, we had become quite friendly and familiar with each other and Natalie and I decided we should meet. I wanted to go to her home, but there were children there. She suggested meeting at a conservation park near her home while her hubby stayed with the kids and I agreed. I pulled up beside her car and slid into the passenger seat beside her.



Real Cuckold Story

Adventures in domination, submission, feminization and humiliation.  



Real Life Cuckolding



Real Cuckold - Chastity Training



Real Cuckold - My Wife's Slave

I am my wifes slave and no-one elses, my wife has control of our sex life and is free to have casual sex with anyone she chooses whilst I am hers alone.



Real cuckold - Cuckolds Are Talking

One of her other humiliations is that she has me lick her anus in preparation for anal sex with ther bull. She has never allowed me to penetrate her with my dick but will allow my tongue to probe fairly deeply.



Real Cuckold Husbands

I am thankful that Libby chooses to cuckold me regularly. It is now understood that this will continue to be part of our femdom marriage. I know I am a pathetic excuse for a man, and I don't deserve to feel pussy on my cock when I need to cum.



Real Cuckold - Cuckolding, Orgasm Denial and Male Chastity

Few from real life.



True Life of Cuckold Husband

More experiences of cuckold husbands, slut wives and sex games.



Real Cuckold - Subserviant Husbands

Short stories from real life in femdom marriage.



cuckolding movies  



Real Cuckold - Stories from Real Life

I was not a cuck til my wife discovered I was a sissy. After that and during 8 years I was cuckolded and hummiliated in a very diferente ways.



Real Cuckold - Introduced to Femdom and Cuckolding

I brought myself a few toys of the Internet and every so often I’d look at a cuckold forum, website or Yahoo group on the subject. There were wives posting messages to meet other guys.



Real Cuckold - One Sided Cuckold Relationships

One sided meant that only one person made the rules, and the other (namely me) followed them. Cindy has a way about her, one that makes men fall to her feet and worship her. Her dominance over men was always evident to me.



Real cuckold - Serving The Wife

I am a cuckold husband and my wife allowed me to write this. She has a boyfriend who she has been fucking for awhile now. Up until last night she has allowed me to watch them have sex and that has been really powerful for me and our relationship.




Intense Experiences of Cuckold Husband

The combination of chastity and cuckolding go together so deliciously. I have always known that I loved being submissive.




cuckold movies




Real Cuckold - Submission and Humiliation of cuckold husband

I  have practised Chastity Control on my sissy sub for two years. There is nothing funnier than ruining his orgasm after he waited two months for it.




Real experiences of cuckolding, chastity and female domination

As a full time sissy maid for my Mistress I am kept in permanent chastity and obtain my only relief through electronic milking...




Real Cuckold - Trips to cuckolding

My wife is cuckolding me with her lover and denies me sex, keeping herself faithful to her lover...



Real Cuckold - Lucky to have a Dominant Wife



Real Cuckoldry  

Experiences of submissive husbands and Dominant Females.



Real Cuckold Experiences

Unfortunately my wife and her lover breaked up and I'm working to move us to our cuckold lifestyle.

I loved the thought that another man's semen is in my wife's pussy.



Real Chastity Cuckold



Different Kind of Cuckold

I am a different kind of cuck. Many, if not most, of the stories on this site are about cucks that love to be sometimes brutally humiliated by their wives and lovers and love seeing their wives fucked like animals.



Female Authority and Female Domination in Marriage



Real Cuckolding

Keywords being "vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience", this should be right up the alley of many a cuckold hubby and dominant wife. Control him financially. Control him sexually. Just plain control him by making him obey you.



Real Cuckolds, new stories

The married man who is the cuckold is described as usually a wimp, sissy or cross dresser. The more I read the articles sent in by these married men the more it pertained to me.



Valentine's Cuckold    



Phone Cuckold    



My Stupid Cuckold Husband    





Cuckold and Orgasm Denial    

Now I am only allowed to have an orgasm on the second and last Sundays of each month; plus on Christmas, our anniversary, and my birthday. I went from over 700 orgasms a year to 27. The first two years of our marriage (we've been married over five years now) I got to come every Sunday, but my Wife believed that that was far too many orgasms for her cuckold. 



Real Cuckold - Finacial Control    



Real Cuckold - Brenda and George    



Real Cuckold Humiliation    

Humiliating things she makes him do.



Real Cuckold Husband Sucking Cock    

He came without warning.  It was less cum than I had expected, but there was a lot and it tasted humiliating and great and salty.  I continued to kneel there as he walked away into the powder room.



Real Cuckold Stories

My wife is using orgasm control as part of my training.  She routinely makes me go 1-2 months between releases...



Real Cuckolding and Chastity



Real Cuckold Experiences

Few short stories.





real cuckold
real cuckold husbands



In Female Domination the term real cuckold or cuckolding has come to mean a liberated wife who has other lovers for the sole purpose of humiliating her husband and using that humiliation to drive the cuckold husband into deeper submission to her. The dominant wife claims that she is free to do whatever she pleases, including having sex with whomever she desires. The cuckold husband must be monogamous to her and must suffer the shame of being cuckolded. In Female Domination, often orgasm denial and real control of the husband accompanies cuckolding. The wife loves to have sex with another man while denying her own cuckold husband the right of having sex with her. It is a mind game and a power exchange.



real cuckold humiliation






Real cuckold stories - femdom experiences.





Real Cuckold - From Husband to Slave

He masturbates by putting on a pair of pink tights and rolling them down below his penis. He then lies on the floor and jerks off (no lube allowed) while telling me how beautiful I am and how much he loves me and how I am a Goddess.



Real Cuckold Story of Dominant Wife in Charge

The other would be to offer to surrender himself to my total control by choosing to have an orgasm which he should understand would not only symbolize his loss of control but which would also serve as the moment of transition from independence to total submission.



Real Cuckold - 24/7 Slave Husband

If my husband wanted to be my slave on weekends, I decided he had to become my fulltime slave.



Real Cuckold - Time Out - a female domination game

A "time out" for Anna meant me kneeling on the tiled hallway, where she sprinkled rice on the floor, providing a course kneeling surface, with me restrained in my wrist-to-thigh belt, facing a wall while contemplating a photograph of her.



Real Cuckold - Femdom Masturbation Story

At one point in this tease and denial session, my wife removed her panties and she began to pleasure herself by rubbing the pulsating vibrator against her clit. She placed her stocking covered feet in my face and asked me to suck her toes.






Real Cuckold - Dominant Wife

I am going to set the rules for the New Year and you will definitely receive more domestic discipline.



Real Cuckold - Disciplinary Spanking

Several stated that disciplinary spankings worked best if given soon after an orgasm, so there would be no sexual excitement to offset the pain or (later) embarrassment.



Tease Denial Experience

She made me kneel in front of her as she was seated like the Queen, with her legs spread, and I had to insert only the tip of my penis inside her pussy.



Real Cuckold - Femdom, Discipline and Chastity

The transformation of cuckold husband.

...The cuckolding has enhanced our marriage and has become such an integral part of our lives that I can now bring men back to our house.



Real Cuckold - Tribute to Dominatrix

After a few years' of marriage, at the age of 32, I took an ad in a local "alternative" newspaper in Washington, D.C., stating, "submissive man seeks to serve Dominant Woman."  Mistress Mary Anne McCormick to the voice mail, and I arranged immediately to meet her.



Real Cuckold - Femdom Marriage

I confided in her about my FemDom marriage with Jeff and I told her that I would loan her Jeff once a week to do her housework.



Real Cuckold - Submissive Male in Femdom Relationship

About a year ago, the subject of cuckolding came up while we were having an off-line discussion of our desires and fantasies.  I somewhat shamefully admitted the idea was an extreme hot button for me, but admitted that I wasn't sure if the reality of cuckolding would be the same as the fantasy.  Nevertheless, the cuckolding theme has become more and more part of the relationship.



Real Cuckold - Personal Servant

He then shocked me by telling me that he had always considered me to be dominant and controlling (I had never looked at myself in that way) and that he had had a desire for years to submit to me and become my personal servant! He wanted to wash, clean, iron and cook for me!



Real Cuckold - Swinger Girlfriend

I think of all the stories that I’ve read on your site, I enjoy the cuckolding experiences the most. The reason is probably because of an experience I had with a former girlfriend.



Real Cuckold - Discipline my Husband

I have been utilizing ‘The Horse’ in order to discipline my husband...



Real Cuckold - Moment of Submission





Cuckolding means different things to different people but within female domination, cuckolding is an activity that a wife engages in to take her husband into a deeper level of submission to her through intense humiliation. Cuckolding is also a social statement within female domination. It turns the tables on centuries of marriages where the cuckold husband had extra marital affairs and the wife could do little about it due to economic reasons.


Done correctly and with the proper motivation, it can be exciting for the wife as she gets to exert her female authority and female liberation. This allows her an incredible power advantage over her cuckold husband and this added dynamic usually carries over into all other D&S activities within the marriage relationship. Cuckolding within female domination is not so much about the sex as it is about power and it is that female power and female liberation that gives the wife the ability to use intense humiliation on her husband that may transport him to subspace as he yields to her authority.


Cuckolding has nothing to do with homosexuality or bisexuality. You are not desiring to have sex with a man, you are desiring for your wife to have sex with a man. You are desiring to be humiliated by her sexual liberation and the more humiliating, the better. That is why you desire to perform clean-up duty after she has cuckolded you. It is about being humiliated and being driven to a deep place of submission. It is because you are not bisexual that this act is humiliating to you and it is the humiliation that excites you. Cuckolding is a tool of humiliation and an expression of Female Authority.


A significant number of dominant women require forced "cock sucking" out of their submissive cuckold husbands and have their husbands "warm up" their lovers for them prior to sex through the act of the husband sucking the lover to erection. These women draw the line at cock sucking so they claim no real homosexuality occurs but rather an exercise in female power and cuckold husband humiliation.



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