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My husband let an old friend of mine come and take me for a drive the other night. We have known him for a couple of years and every time we see him it is very exciting.When it all started we used to play with him as a couple but I have decided I like having him all to myself and I like having my husband all to myself also.


I made my husband dress up in a pair of garter stockings and a pair of silky panties with a silk camisole. I told him if he was a good boy and had my vibrator up his ass when I got home I would let him eat cum out of my pussy. He ensured my pussy was nice and wet before I left for my drive. My friend came to pick me up and we went and parked in a parking lot. I had been rubbing his cock through his jeans on the way there and I thought it was going to rip a hole in them he was so hard.


As soon as he parked I pulled his cock out and started sucking hungrily on it.I shoved all 9 inches of it down my throat it tasted so good. I told him I needed to feel that big hard cock inside me so we got out of the truck he pulled up my skirt and bent me over in front of him and shoved that huge rock hard cock into my dripping wet pussy. He fucked me so deep and hard telling me that he was going to fill up my bald pussy so I could take it home and feed it to my hubby.


His cock felt so good and I was imagining sitting on hubbys face when I got home with a pussy full of cum. Well that sent me over the edge I came all over that huge cock and then he told me he was ready to fill me I screamed that I wanted his cum in my pussy and I felt his hard rod start to squirt over and over.


He pulled his cock out of my pussy and pulled up my panties and told me it was time to take me home so hubby could clean me up. He dropped me off at home promising to fuck me again real soon. I walked into my bedroom and found my husband just like I had asked. I took off my cloths and sat on his face and told him to clean the cum out of my pussy. I don't think I have ever felt his tongue that deep inside me.


I pushed the cum into his mouth in big globs and he cleaned it all up for me. Finally I stuck his cock in my pussy to clean the remaining cum out of me and sucked it off his cock and fed it to him. Then I finally got what I had been waiting for all night my husbands rock hard cock in my pussy and a few hours of the most incredible sex we have ever had.









i have been married for 30 years to a wonderful man...and i love him more then words can say.... but I have this thing for big cocks...big, thick cocks...and he doesn't have one... so i go out and see other men... and i can't get enough sometimes..he knows he hs no control over me ... i have been fucking other men for years..he knows it... i alway make sure i tell him...tell him how i am going to get what i need... he watches me dress like a slut... smiles and tells me how beautiful, hot and sexy i am.. he knows in a matter of time i will have some guys big cock in my mouth, my pussy and maybe even my ass... i have someone i see on a regular basis... he has a really thick 8" cock... i love to fuck him... i am completely submissive with him... will do anything for that huge fat cock... fuck him and suck him however he wants... i get to his house and he kisses me passionatly by the door as i walk in... then off to the bedroom... he kisses me again, then pushes my head down, he wants his cock sucked... i'm on knees sucking and licking... he likes me to get it wet while i stroke him...sucking the tip..and halfway's too big for me to get more than half in my mouth....he pulls  me up to the bed..onto my he mounts me from behind... he fucks me hard, grabbing my hair... 1st time is usually fast...both of us cumming in minutes usually...


thats just one story.. i have many more... my husband has watched me fuck other men...he loves it... i wanted to see him clean us both off but it hasn't happened yet..he loves creampies and i get off watchng him suck another man's cum from my pussy.... i got him to suck another guy once for a few minutes...what a turn on! well, this is it for now... more later on...hope you enjoyed it and i hope this story gets my husbands cock hard and he jerks off fantasing about the things he knows i love to do..!! i love you, baby!!









I think I became a Cuckold husband by necessity.


I meet my wife and fell madly in love with her. As we dated I noticed that she had a roving eye. At parties, I would find myself jealous and hurt as she would dance to slow songs with my male friends. When we went out to lounges, I would find her dancing with other men, as I returned from the washroom. As I watch her, I could see that she was enjoying their company by putting her head on their shoulders, stroking the hair on the back of their heads and rubbing her body against them. If there were a group of guys in the lounge, she would somehow find her way to them. As I sat on a bar stool watching her. I could see her laughing with the guys, and even rubbing her breast against their arms. On several occasion, I was so hurt, that I wanted to break up with her, but could not stand the idea of not being with her. After almost a year of this, I found a solution to the problem. Not knowing why, I found myself starting to enjoy my now wife's flirting with other men. Some of the hurt and jealous would still come through, but over time, I felt no hurt or jealousy, and only a sexual excitement from my wife's flirting. At that point, I guess I was a cuckold, but was not sure.


After we married, the flirting only escalated and became more daring.  We would go out lounging and my wife would wear shorts skirts, low cut tops, no panties and thigh highs. I found myself encouraging her to dance and flirt with other guys. I also found myself exposing her on the dance floor by picking her the back of her dress, letting guys sitting near by see her naked ass. I think we both wanted more by then. The answer was to join a swingers club and find out if we both would enjoy another man fucking her.


At the first dance, all went well, we both danced, me with other woman, but always watching my wife. Seeing her dance slow with men at the swingers club was wonderful. The guys all flirted with her, kissed her and even felt her up. Seeing another man pick up her skirt and show off her ass, was great and very hot. At 12 midnight, we were all invited to the hospitality rooms of the hotel. At the door, we were informed that everyone had to be naked or just have underwear on. My wife found her way to one of the bedroom and immediately took off all her clothes, folded them up and walked into the living room, which was filled with other nude or semi-nude men and woman. I undressed and followed her out.


After a few moments, a guy that I noticed had spent a lot of time with my wife at the dance walked up. He walked to my wife, and said, " I see you made it". My wife introduced him to me then turned from me, giving him all her attention.  I walked away and sat in a near by chair and just watch. After a few moments of talking and laughing, the guy leaned over and started kissing my wife. As he kissed her he started fondling her nipples. She put one arm around his neck and reached down and started stroking his cock. I was amazed as I watch seeing my wife for the first time making love to another man.


This guy was everything I wasn't. He was 6'2" lbs, had a muscular build and was very handsome. His whole body was tan and his cock was for a lack of better words, "Beautiful". His cock was about nine inches long very very thick and very dark, the head of his cock was huge and perfectly formed.


As I watch my wife, he took her by the hand and walked her into one of the bedrooms. I waited a moment then followed them into the bedroom. When I got there, I saw that he was on top of my wife and she had her legs open and up in the air. He was whispering something to her as he ran the head of his cock up and down her pussy lips. My wife was arching up to meet his cock and had a glazed look on her face.  He continued to tease her with his cock until I heard her say"FUCK ME". I almost came right there and then. The most exciting thing I ever saw, was watching his cock force open my wife's pussy, slowing sliding into her as he kissed her. letting their tongue meet. I found myself stoking my little dick and watching with a sexual excitement I had never experienced before. It was absolutely wonder seeing and hearing my wife, moan and scream with lust as another man pleased her in ways I never could imagine. At that moment I was sure I was a cuckold husband and glad of it. Since then I have had the pleasure of seeing my wife with many other men and it only gets better each time.



Terry Landis






My wife an I are in our 50’s we got married when we were 20 and 21. I just recently came across the term cuckold and what it meant. The description meant a married man that wants to watch his wife have sex with another man or have her go on a date and go back to his place for sex. The married man who is the cuckold is described as usually a wimp, sissy or cross dresser. The more I read the articles sent in by these married men the more it pertained to me. One guy said he was always getting his wife to lift her top when they passed truckers. I have done that dozens of times and even encouraged my wife to stand in front of motel windows naked. I have always been turned on by the idea of men seeing my wife naked. Several men mentioned wearing womens panties etc. I put on my first panties when I was 14 and have never gotten over the turn on they give me. A couple men mentioned they shaved all their pubic hair. I started shaving mine about a year ago. I have wanted my wife to be with another man for at least the last 30 years I just didn’t realize they had a word for this fetish or that so many other men felt the same way and were into this lifestyle.


I guess the real question is I ever want my wife to have sex with another man. About 15 years ago I bought an 8” dildo then a vibrator. My wife thought the idea of using them was disgusting but she slowly let me introduce these to lovemaking and it has become one of the best parts of our sex life. The problem is that she gets very turned when she feels the vibrator in her and even after I have pushed in all 7-8 inches I can feel her pushing to get in just a little more. It brings her to the edge of great organism but then she makes me stop and put in my cock to finish bringing her to orgasm the problem is that I can maybe put 3 inches into her sometimes not even that much. Also when I cum it is about ¼ the amount that I could cum when I was younger. I guess that is where my cuckold side comes from. My biggest desire is to have a man that is younger, bigger, harder and much bigger load to finish what I feel like I can’t. It would be a huge turn on to see her have an orgasm when a real cock that is 7-8 inches finish what the vibrator started. My hope is that she would discover that it is a turn on for her to have another man in her and like the vibrator it would be something she would come to enjoy and be a huge turn on for me at the same time.






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