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The Cost of Misbehaving


Husband is locked in chastity belt and dominated his strict Wife and her sister. Whipping, humiliation, cuckolding, corporal punishment.





My wife Stephanie and I were driving to her sister's home for a vacation over spring break. During the long drive, I tried several times to talk about how to restart our dwindling sex life, but each time, she managed to change the subject. Instead we got into an argument about how she felt that I needed to be nicer to her sister's husband. Problem was that I couldn't stand the guy - he was successful, good-looking, popular, but also arrogant and condescending. But my wife always found him charming, which made me resent him even more. "I know he's kind of aggressive and competitive, but just try to be sociable and get along...ok? It's just for a week." I grumbled my agreement in hopes of still having some chance of having sex that week.


Once we arrived, I tried my best to smile and make conversation. It was easy to be around her sister Linda, who was very attractive, self-confident, dominant, all the qualities I love in women. With her husband, Brad, I had to try much harder, but he was cold to me.


That first night, my wife was exhausted and again rejected sex. Frustrated as usual, I went to sleep. The next morning she was up early, chatting it up over breakfast with her sister and Brad. "Lots of energy?" I said sarcastically to her.


Later that morning, while my wife and her sister were out shopping, and Brad had gone to work, I sneaked into their bedroom, and started to snoop around in her drawers and bathroom. Inside her closet, I dug through her laundry hamper, and found pairs of used panties with crusty stains in the crotch area…the delight! At least someone appeared to be having sex. I pulled one of Linda's Victoria's Secret panties over my head to breathe in the scent. Excitedly, I pulled my pants down, wrapped my penis inside a pair of her skimpy, lacy panties and began to masturbate.


That's just when her sister opened the door and discovered me. She had come back home unexpectedly just to get her cell phone which was lying on the bathroom counter. She tapped her foot and asked me, "Just what the hell do you think you're doing?" I was so embarrassed. My mouth was dry. I couldn't say a thing. I got up and stumbled to get my clothes on. She stood there, commenting "How dare you come in here and go through my personal things! No wonder you can't make Steph happy..."


"What's that supposed to mean?" I asked.


"She told me how you can't satisfy her in bed...she hasn't had an orgasm in over a year. Such a shame! Well it's no wonder since you're secretly jacking off your little dick like this!" she yelled.


I was shattered to realize that my wife's sister knew everything. Then I got angry that Stephanie had even told her. Somehow I got the reckless urge to grab a hold of her. I forced her up against the wall and then pressed myself into her, whispering, 'you're such a hot little slut!' She pushed me off, slapped me hard, and then stormed out. She told my wife, who was furious. My response that "it was no big deal" did not go over well at all.



Stephanie didn't say a word to me, which I knew meant trouble. She retrieved my chastity belt, and ordered me to lock myself into it. She clicked the lock shut herself, then gave the key to her sister, saying "put this away somewhere safe...I won't need it for a long time." She marched me upstairs, pulled my pants and boxers off, tied me down firmly to the guest bed, and then whipped my ass with her leather belt until I begged her to stop. She refused, saying that "you so deserve this. I'm going to whip your bared bottom until it's glowing red and you can't sit down." She called her sister in on the punishment. I begged her not to, but it was clear that Linda wanted to punish me. Linda looked at me condescendingly, "an hour ago you were enjoying your panty fetish and playing with your little penis. Now you're going to pay for it." She whipped me with the belt another 40 times, leaving me sore and sorry.


"If you think that hurt, just wait till I tell Brad tonight. Then you'll really be sorry!" she said, leaving me nervous and humiliated. My wife took away all of my man clothes and told me that for the rest of the day, I would have to wear her panties and mini-skirt. I put on the girl clothes, then sulked away in the bedroom too embarrassed to go downstairs.


That evening, after Brad came home, they told him what happened. From upstairs where I was hiding out, I heard him cursing angrily, but then he simmered down as the three of them spoke about our problems for a long time, and made plans about how to deal with me. Linda summoned me to come downstairs.


I reluctantly presented myself to them. Stephanie started, "Leo, we've decided that there's going to be some major changes in our marriage going forward in which I will firmly take charge of your orgasms, and you will surrender to my authority in all household and intimate matters." Long story short - I was going to be kept in chastity for at least a month.


Furthermore, Linda had agreed to share her husband with my wife, so that she could come to appreciate a real man again. Brad was all smiles; Linda showed no signs of jealousy, and my wife was brazenly smitten. Steph would stay back at their home for a whole month, and they would have sex as often they desired. Furthermore, I was to be given a series of severe corporal punishments before ending my stay at their home for my bad behavior.



That night, my wife got herself all dolled up in her sexiest lingerie. She made me assist her as she shaved, showered, and put on her clothes and makeup, "all for that hunky Brad, nothing for you!" she teased. My penis strained to no avail inside the CB-6000. “Maybe this time in chastity will teach you something about how to please your wife, and encourage you to try harder?”


When she finished, she stacked up a couple of big pillows on the edge of the bed, then bent me over them, and tied my wrists and ankles to the frame of the bed. I could not move more than a couple of inches. She went downstairs for about half an hour during which I heard the three of them laughing and having a great old time as I grew increasingly nervous.


They came up to the bedroom for the first of my punishments. Stephanie pulled my pants down to expose my buttocks. She had gotten the cane out of our suitcase, and Brad was holding his fraternity paddle. My wife started by expertly caning my bottom 25 times, swinging her body into it fully, leaving red welts across both cheeks. I thrashed about but couldn’t move much. Linda tightened the ropes more. Now it was her turn. She covered my head with several pairs of her worn panties, as she wanted me to know up close and intimately what I was being punished for. She took her turn with the cane, relishing every stroke that brought a stinging plea out of me, every breath reminding me of the scents of forbidden pleasure. She whipped me with a vengeance, with the pain of each stroke hardly subsiding before she belted out another on the same part of my sore and stinging buttocks. Still I managed not to lose my composure.


Finally when it was Brad’s turn, my wife teased me that “You better take it like a man, that is, if you can!” He paddled me a dozen times with masculine strength with his solid wooden paddle. My bottom was stinging, and the humiliation of the sisters’ teasing proved too much as they egged him on to “Teach him a lesson”, “Spank him harder, Brad,”, “Watching you paddle him is making me wet.” Stephanie saw me struggling with the pain so offered up to me “Honey, you can cry if you have to; it’s ok.” I whimpered at first, then as the strokes continued, the tears began to flow, more so as Linda and Stephanie mocked me for crying like a girl. When it was over, I had lost all composure. My wife comforted me, “there, there…it was for your own good, and you know you deserved it. This is a perfect arrangement…I needed a manly man around to keep you in line, and now I’ve found him.” I stood up and rubbed my buttocks to try to relieve the pain, but there was no relieving the humiliation.



Stephanie explained to me, "Husband, I want you to appreciate what Brad is going to ravage me with.” She made me kneel at Brad's feet. He dropped his pants and lowered his boxers. I was staring straight at his penis. “Touch it." I touched his penis hesitatingly. Then she made me stroke it. It was hard and warm. “Smell it!” she ordered. The musky smell of his meat was overpowering. Then she told me to suck it. I couldn’t bring myself to do it until Brad lifted my face up by the chin and barked at me, “Did you hear what your wife said?” “Yes sir,” I replied. I took his cock into my mouth and started to blow him until his deck became super-erect and filled up my whole mouth. Thankfully, he pulled out just as I started to taste the pre-ejaculate.


Stephanie lifted up my skirt to compare my four inch dicklet straining inside its chastity cage against his 7” monstrosity. He was not only several inches longer than me, but sported considerably bigger girth. “Tell me,” Stephanie said, “Who is the alpha male in this room?” My face turned red as I pointed to Brad. “Good, you understand the obvious.”


She handed Brad some ropes and gestured to him to tie me down. I hesitated at first, but the look on my wife’s face was very clear – don’t make a scene over something that I was bound to lose. He tied my hands behind the chair, and my ankles to the legs. My wife stripped off her dress and proceeded to kiss him. Standing right in front of my chair, she groped him all over. The sight of her delicate, French manicured hands sporting our wedding ring but clasping his buttocks aroused pangs of desire and jealousy in me. When the foreplay was over she removed her panties, wadded them up and stuffed them into my mouth, inside out so that I could taste her wetness. She stepped back to the bed and lay down on her back. Spreading her legs apart in full view, she whispered seductively, “The alpha male can enjoy me now,” she said.


Brad and Stephanie proceeded to have very passionate sex right then and there, while I sat tied down to a chair, forced to view the full affair that must have lasted over an hour. When he first penetrated her, the smile on her face was priceless. She clearly enjoyed it at a level more than just sex – it was passionate loving, more than I had ever known she was capable of. They did it in several different positions, during which she kissed, moaned, and begged for more. He had the most amazing lasting power. Finally he reached a climatic orgasm deep inside of her, shuddering in waves of orgasmic delight. My wife was making such noises that the neighbors would have known what was happening. When it was over, she dropped the bomb on me, “Leo, that was honest to God a thousand times better than anything I’ve enjoyed with you!”


She further subjected me to the ultimate humiliation by making me lick her vagina clean. She squatted on my face, pressed her vagina against my mouth and told me to lick it up. Whenever I gagged or slowed down, she squeezed my head with her thighs to get me to lick it up more vigorously. I was forced to experience the realization that another, better man had ejaculated his semen inside of my wife, and willingly. She fell asleep in his arms on the bed. I knew then that she was never going back.



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