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...in that happy land known as Pornutopia, scenes like that described below occur every day, on every block in every town and neighborhood all over the country, though elsewhere, for better or worse, they remain only fantasies....




Mrs. M___ is about to leave the house on a small errand. She wears a slinky silk dress which leaves her ample bosoms completely exposed. She gazes fondly down on her husband, who is kneeling naked before her, chained by the neck to the toilet, staring up in rapt adoration at her bare breasts.


Mistress of the house


"My, you do love looking at these, don't you, honey? That's all right, you can look at my big boobs all you want. After all, you are my husband. There's no reason you shouldn't get a look at what every guy in the neighborhood gets an eyeful of every day!


"Of course, they don't just get to look, do they, honey?  A man who sees these beautiful big boobs can just help himself to a couple of handfuls, can't he? Guys are always man-handling your wife's big boobies, squeezing them, pinching the nipples, anything they want!


"And that's not all they do, is it, honey? A man puts me down on my knees, tells me to open wide, doesn't he? Your wife kneels down right there on the sidewalk so a man can shove his big hard cock in my mouth! Men fuck your wife's face like a pussy, right out in public!


"Just think, honey! While you're in here, slurping my luscious pee out of the toilet, a man is shoving his big hard cock in your wife's mouth, shooting a huge wad of cum down your wife's throat! It gets me so hot when they do that, it makes me cum too, sweetie!


cum on Mistress  


"Everyone gets what they deserve, honey. A wimp with a puny penis and tiny testicles, like you, it gets to slurp a beautiful woman's pee out of a toilet. A virile man with a big hard cock and huge hairy balls, he  gets to man-handle beautiful big boobies and shove his big dick into hot wet holes till he empties his big hairy balls!


"These beautiful big boobies deserve the attention of virile men, don't they, sweetie? Your beautiful wife deserves to feel strong hands man-handling her, and big hard dicks thrusting deep into her, doesn't she? That's what it takes to satisfy a woman, and that's what you want for your beautiful wife, isn't it, honey?


"You just can't do that for me, can you, sweetie? You haven't got what it takes, do you? You aren't a man, honey, you're a wimp. A wimp who loves and adores its beautiful wife, but can't possibly satisfy her with that puny penis and those tiny testicles you've got.


"You knew when we got married these beautiful big bazooms were for virile men, not a wimp with a puny penis, didn't you, honey? You knew marrying me wasn't going to keep virile men away from your wife's beautiful big boobies. Just like you knew being my husband didn't mean you were ever going to get to do anything with these beautiful big boobs but look up longingly at them!


"Sure it's humiliating for you, sweetie. Every guy in the neighborhood pawing your wife's big boobies, that you only get to look at, and never get to touch! Virile men fucking your wife's face right out in public, while you kneel here chained to a toilet, slurping up your wife's pee and masturbating your puny penis! You must feel so ashamed of being such a wimp, honey.


"And you should be. You should be ashamed of having such a puny little penis and such tiny little testicles! It's just pathetic how soft and pudgy you are, and how little your penis and testicles are, sweetie! You really are about the lowest, most degraded thing there is, aren't you, honey?


"Of course, it's not your fault you have a puny penis and tiny testicles, sweetie. It's not something you did, it's how things are for you. But that doesn't make any difference, does it, honey? You're just contemptibly, pathetically inferior. You're not a man, honey, you're just a wimp. You don't have a big hard cock and huge hairy balls, you have a puny little penis and tiny little testicles. You don't get to grab beautiful big boobies and shove a big hard dick into hot wet holes, you have to masturbate that pathetic little teenie weenie of yours. Even though you're married to a beautiful wife with great big bazooms that virile men get to fuck any time they get the urge to empty their big hairy balls!


"Well, honey, it really is time for me to be getting off. It may take a long time, because things do have a way of coming up when guys see a beautiful pair of big knockers like these, don't they? But you've got your kibble here, and a toilet full of luscious pee, don't you, sweetie? No matter how long it takes me to get to the store and back, you'll be just fine, won't you?


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