Female Domination

Owned by Mistress Wife, chapter 8

by Malibu Man





Later that evening we were discussing the events of the day and when my wife asked me if I was disappointed that she had waylaid the guys. I foolishly said that I had been hugely relieved, whereupon she smiled to herself and left it at that. But a few days later, when we were having sex she started telling me how she regretted it and how she should have let them fuck my ass and my mouth. I just assumed (hoped) that she was fucking with my head, but after I came inside her, instead of letting me lick her clean she pushed her 8in dildo up inside herself and then stood up in front of me on the bed. She slid the dildo out and turned it around, holding it in place as though it were her real cock, before pulling my head closer and making me run my tongue along each side and underneath. Only then did she push it into my mouth and make me suck it completely clean.


"Better get used to it slave." She laughed as she fucked my mouth with the sticky plastic cock.


"Yes Mistress." I grunted.


This continued for some weeks, with Mistress regularly making me suck and lick her dildo clean of my cum while she taunted me about having me sucking a real cock and how she couldn't wait to see my face the first time I felt a real cock shoot down my throat. In the meantime I obediently did as she asked and just hoped that Mistress wasn't really intending to make this scenario a reality....


- - -


The dungeon was a great success and we used it more and more, sometimes three or four times a week! Slowly Mistress was losing interest in normal sex and we seemed now to concentrate on domination with vanilla sex being the novelty. Mistress seemed to have got over her wobbles and she now relished our sessions, taking the opportunity at least once a day to employ the 'slave' word, even if it was only to get me on my knees so she could sit in a chair in front of me and rub her feet over my face and make me kiss and lick her toes as she brazenly rubbed her pussy until she came.


For my part I was blissfully happy. I had got what I had always dreamed of and Mistress exceeded my hopes in every way. As time went on she dreamed up more ways to humiliate and punish me and her mouth became deliciously filthy, describing in lurid detail all the things she would one day do to me or have me do to please her. She never shied away from using words like cunt or spunk and I often came before I was supposed to, which just gave her an excuse to punish me all the more. The thing was that I really didn't know which of the depraved fantasies she dreamt up were just fantasies and which she was planning to act out. I must admit, I was often more than a little worried by some of the filth that came out of her sweet mouth.


- - -


About three months down the line, I headed out to the dungeon to prepare for another Femdom session with my beautiful Mistress. I waited for her on my knees with my eyes down and with my butt plug fitted as usual and when she came in, having shed her coat outside the dungeon door, she strode up to me confidently in her black stiletto sandals and lifted my head up to look at her. She was naked from the waist down, but had a black and red PVC basque on.


"Do you like my new outfit slave?" She asked coolly.


"Yes Mistress." I replied appreciatively.


"Really...well isn't that interesting?" In a voice that told me it certainly wasn't.


Mistress walked around me a few times and then stopped behind me and pulled my arms together behind my back. She tied my wrists together and then walked around in front of me and bent forward before thrusting her ass into my face.


"Lick my fucking ass slave and make sure you get your tongue deep inside."


I didn't need any further encouragement, but Mistress reached back and grabbed my head, forcing my face between her fleshy cheeks as I stretched my tongue out as far as it would go to penetrate her as deeply as possible. Mistress writhed on my tongue as she rubbed her clit with her free hand and then abruptly she pulled away and turned around, dropping to her knees to face me. She grabbed my stiff cock and began very slowly to pull my foreskin back and forth. Though she moved slowly, her fingers were gripped incredibly tightly around my shaft and the sensation was intense.


"I've got some wicked ideas for you today slave." She hissed. "This is going to be a day you will remember for the rest of your life."


I started to tremble a little.


"Ah....poor little slave is frightened....are you frightened slave?" She mocked.


"A little Mistress."


"Aah, isn't that sweet. Poor little slave's frightened."


She continued slowly pumping my cock.


"And what is it that you are frightened of slave?"


"I'm....not sure Mistress."


"You know slave, it might be fun if I invited all my girlfriends round to fuck you one after another....just imagine that slave, six or seven women fucking your ass with strap-ons over and over until they are all satisfied. And you'd have to make them all come with your tongue. God slave, your jaw would ache like hell!"


She laughed and got up, standing right in front of me, her gorgeous pussy just a few inches from my face. I could smell her wetness already and it made me want to lick her so bad. She moved around behind me again, pulled a pulley rope from the ceiling and fixed it around my wrists. She took the rope on the other side of the pulley and pulled it tight so that my wrists began to rise up.


"Get on your feet slave." She ordered, as she continued to pull the rope tighter.


I scrabbled to my feet and was bent forward as my arms continued to rise behind me. Then Mistress fixed the rope and walked around in front of me. She pulled up a large leather bean-bag thing we had bought and lay back on it in front of me. She spread her legs and then used her fingers to open her cunt lips.


"Look at that slave, isn't it beautiful."


"Yes Mistress." I agreed.


"I bet you'd love to get your cock in there right now wouldn't you slave?"


"Yes Mistress."


She leaned forward and lightly slapped my face, before gently running her fingertips along my jaw..


"Not today slave....."


She relaxed back on the beanbag, looking up at me the whole time as she proceeded to rub her clit with her fingers.


"I love seeing you helpless slave, it makes me so wet..."


I licked my lips as I watched her fingers moving in a circular motion on her clit, her other hand gently caressing her tits.


"You love looking at me don't you slave....you love looking at my gorgeous pussy, love watching me get myself off...."


"Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress."


She lay there for several minutes, her fingers expertly stimulating her slippery cunt until finally she bucked, her eyes screwed shut as she came. She lay still for a while, while her breathing slowed to normal. Then her eyes opened and she slid off the beanbag and crouched to one side of me. She slid two, then three fingers into her dripping hole and then pushed them into my mouth. I opened my mouth wide to take them in and savour the taste of her beautiful cunt.


"Mmmm, slave....isn't that the best, isn't your Mistress' pussy just the best taste in the world ."


"Almost Mistress." I offered, knowing full well that she knew I prized the taste of her ass above all else and didn't want to offer her an easy trick.


"Hahaha.....oh slave, maybe you're right, maybe there is something better?"


She shoved her fingers deep into her cunt again, roughly stretching herself before forcing them back into my mouth as far as they would go. She said no more, but slid her little finger into the corner of my mouth and began fucking my face with all of her fingers.


Then she pulled back and stood up.


"Maybe we'll find out later."


She moved around behind me again and undid the rope, allowing my arms to fall back down so that I could straighten up again. She moved close behind me and I could feel her pressed against my back as her arm snaked around my side and she took hold of my aching cock.


"What's the most depraved thing you've ever done slave?"


I thought about the question for a while and then said "Drinking your piss Mistress."


"Hmm, maybe...is that something that stuck in your memory slave?"


"Yes Mistress."


She laughed.


"I bet it did, but maybe today will top it."


She released her grip on my cock and then bent between my legs and pulled my balls down. She tied a lace around them and left it hanging between my legs.


"A little game for you slave....I know you like them."


"If it pleases you Mistress."


She moved me slightly so that I was standing over an eye in the floor and then threaded the lace through it. She pulled the lace upwards, slowly but firmly and as my balls were pulled down I collapsed to my knees.


"Good slave, right where you should be."


Then she tied the other end of the lace to another slender rope which went up to the ceiling, over a pulley and down again and to this end she tied a small plastic bucket. Then she moved back over to me and reached under me to remove my butt plug, before discarding the condom and pushing the large black toy firmly into my mouth.


Then she walked over to the door of the dungeon and retrieved something from the outer part of the garage. She turned round and I could see that she was carrying another small bucket.


She walked back towards me, smiling, and asked...


"Any ideas what this might be slave?"


I shook my head, unable to speak with the butt plug in my mouth.


"Well, I'll tell you slave, because I'm quite proud of this little idea. What this is, is a bucket of ice and there's a hole in the bottom. Now I'm going to hang it up here and the ice is going to melt. Then it'll drip through the hole and fill the other bucket. And as the other bucket fills up it'll get gradually heavier and heavier, which will pull your balls further and further towards the floor."


I shuddered at the thought while she calmly stepped up onto the stool and hung the bucket from a hook in the ceiling, directly over the other bucket, before stepping down again and coming back to me. She walked past and I heard her select another item from the wall and return behind me. I felt her arm brush past my head and she pulled the butt plug out of my mouth.


Then she leaned close to my ear and whispered... "But I haven't told you the best part yet slave....because while your balls are going to be pulling you down to the floor, your ass is going to be stretched deeper and deeper onto this lovely big dildo."


Her arm came round from behind me and in her hand was the biggest dildo we had. She put her other arm around my head to hold it still and tried to push the tip of the rubber cock into my mouth. I got about three inches of it in my mouth before Mistress realised that it just wouldn't go in any further.


"Oh dear slave, it won't even go in your mouth....just imagine how that's going to feel when it's in your ass! You're going to be wide open by the time I've finished with you."


I started to shake a little, but my cock was rock hard and Mistress was all too aware of it.


"Look at your cock slave, it's rock hard...if I didn't know better I'd think you wanted this huge fucking cock up your ass."


"Whatever pleases you Mistress." I muttered, wondering just how much ice was in that bucket.


"Still if you can't take it, I guess all you have to do is lock your knees and take the punishment on your balls."


"Yes Mistress."


"Do you think you can take it slave?"


"I don't know Mistress."


Mistress reached around and grabbed hold of my engorged cock and pumped it a few times.


"You know what slave, I don't know either...that's what's making me so fucking wet. That and the thought of punishing your lovely hard cock.?"


She moved around in front of me and produced her cock whip. She started to attack my cock with the short strands of leather, smiling to herself as the skin of my cock took on a pinkish hue.




"Those ball weights were a good investment don't you think slave, your balls hang much lower now....so much easier to get at.


She brought the cock whip up into my balls a couple of times, causing me to jerk against the rope and shake the bucket.


"Don't do that slave, you don't want to be spilling any of that water...."


"No Mistress."


"Because if I see any spilled water then I will show - you - no - mercy, do you understand me slave?"


"Yes Mistress."


"Now, we need to get this lovely big dildo in your ass before the ice melts too much."


She walked behind me again and I heard her coating the head with Vaseline.


"I'm going to be kind to you and allow you a lot of lubricant, because frankly slave, I think you're gonna need it..."


She crouched down behind me and wedged the rubber cock between my ass and the floor, forcing the very tip into my asshole. I was more than glad of the preparation that I had had with the butt plug and for the copious amount of Vaseline that Mistress had applied, but it still felt impossibly big.


"Push down slave, you need to get a couple of inches inside you to hold it steady."


I slowly pushed down on the monster cock, hissing as I felt my ass stretching around it's girth. I stopped, breathing heavily, but Mistress wasn't satisfied.


"Just a little more slave, I don't want to come back to find your asshole empty."


I pushed down a few millimetres more, clenching my teeth as I felt the massive girth opening me.


"That'll have to do." She said. "Now it's time for me to go and for you to get blindfolded."


She slipped my blindfold around my head and checked it was eefective and then I heard her footsteps as she walked towards the door.


"Think about me slave, think about my gorgeous ass and think about what you'd be prepared to do to be able to keep on licking it."


And then she was gone.


I couldn't see the ice bucket, but I could hear the slow drip as drop after drop splashed into the bucket below. Slowly my ass got used to the intrusion of the huge dildo and as the weight in the bucket increased and as my legs got more and more tired I felt myself sliding ever further onto it. I don't know how long I was there for, but when I heard the dungeon door open I almost wept with relief.


"Very good slave." Said Mistress R. "No spillage...what a shame. Still your balls look nice and stretched, does it hurt slave?"


"A little Mistress...."


"Really slave, I would have thought it was more than a little...."


"....Yes Mistress." I conceded.


"So you were just being brave for me, how sweet."


I felt a sudden tug on the rope as Mistress plucked it with her finger, then relief as Mistress cut the rope and the bucket of water crashed to the floor splashing us both. My balls were free of the weight (although still tied) and I desperately wanted to push myself up off the dildo that filled my ass.


"Don't move slave....I will tell you when you can move."


"Yes Mistress."


She moved to my side and then I felt her whip strike across my ass cheeks.


"Somebody forgot to thank me for something, didn't they slave?"


"Yes Mistress, I'm sorry Mistress....thank you for freeing my balls Mistress."


The whip cut across my ass again.


"And slave forgot to count those two so we have to start again."


"Yes Mistress."


I counted and thanked her for each of the next twelve strokes she gave me and then she threw the whip down and moved in front of me once more. I could smell her delicious wet pussy just inches from my face, but she pulled my head closer still.


"Smell it slave, smell that gorgeous cunt...but don't you dare lick it, just breath it in and revel in it, revel in your Mistress' scent."


I didn't need to be told and sucked in great lungfuls of the musky aroma, felling my cock bouncing against Mistress' leg as I did so.


"Oh yes, you like that don't you slave...you love the smell of my sopping wet pussy don't you?"


"Yes Mistress."


She pulled away and bent down to tie the loose string around my balls to the hook in the floor that it had previously passed through on it's way to the pulley above. This left me effectively rooted to the spot, still on my knees with my arms still tied behind me and the dildo still inside my ass.


I heard another sound now, inside the room but not from near me where Mistress was standing and I slowly realized that we weren't alone in the dungeon. I tensed as I wondered if it was the same guys as before, and if so why were they here now.


"Now slave, remember what I told you before...you do everything I say, or all this will be a memory. No more whips, dildos and dungeons and certainly no more asslicking...I know you can't live without that. So you do what I say and everything will be okay, right?"


"Yes Mistress."


She smiled and called her friends over to join her.


"You remember my friends from before don't you slave?"


"Yes Mistress."


"Well, they've very kindly agreed to help me realise a fantasy of mine."


I heard her kiss both of them before she continued.


"Do you know what that is slave?"


"No Mistress." I replied, genuinely unsure as to her intentions and unwilling to give her any fresh ideas of my own.


"Oh come on slave, I think you know what I'm talking about....." She bent down and grasped my cock in her hand, mauling it back and forth while digging her nails into my flesh.


"....what have I been training you to do?"


"To... suck cock Mistress."


"That's right slave, I told you this would be a day to remember."


My jaw was trembling now as I heard them move closer. Mistress sucked them in turn, noisily slurping on their stalks so that I knew exactly what she was doing. Then she leaned towards me and kissed me deeply, pushing her cock flavoured tongue into my mouth.


"That's what you want isn't it slave, you want a cock in your mouth."


"If it pleases you Mistress." I croaked.


"No slave, I don't think you are going to do it to please me... I think you wanted it all along, you just didn't know it."


I felt her move aside and then I felt one of the men move in front of me. Mistress grabbed his cock and pressed it against my lips, which I just couldn't bring myself to open.


"Open your mouth slave." She said as she slapped her hand down against my cock. "NOW!".


I opened my mouth and quickly felt the cock slide inside. It was weird at first, but I knew I had to do what my Mistress wanted so I persevered.

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"That's it slave, suck that lovely cock. I've waited so long to see you do this...." Her voice was shaky, breathless and I realised that she was rubbing herself furiously as she watched. Then I heard the guy above us moan as she moved behind him and leant backwards through his legs to lick first his balls and then his ass, the tip of her nose brushing the underside of my chin. I felt the cock pulled from my mouth and the guy moved away only for his friend to move into his place and once more my mouth was stuffed full of cock.


On the floor below Mistress was getting her pussy filled by the first guy as she looked up at me sucking on the second guy's meat. Mistress was moaning and grunting as she got well and truly fucked and then the guys changed places again, Mistress taking the second (bigger) cock inside her as I cleaned the first one's cock of pussy juice.


Despite my inhibitions, my cock was painfully hard and as I tasted Mistress juices on the thick meat that filled my mouth I felt my balls churning as though I were about to cum. I had to think of something else as I sucked that cock, anything that would stop me from cumming and showing my Mistress that I truly was a cock hungry cum-slut. It was a tremendous effort, but I made it as eventually the guys lost interest in me and took control of the situation, teaming up on my Mistress and forcing her to take them in all her holes.  


Again they were rough and unrestrained with her (as they had been before) and she seemed to be loving it, imploring them to shove their cocks further up her cunt and ass and wilfully taking them deep into her throat afterwards. I heard her ass being spanked over and over until she was begging them to cum in her, to fill her up with their spunk. This they gladly did as she lay between them, sandwiched, with one cock in her pussy and one stretching her once-tight asshole. The men roared as they filled her full of cream, pumping her until they were sure they had no more to give. Then she was on her feet, their spunk dripping from her holes as she backed up to my face and ordered me to lick her clean.


She reached behind her and pulled the blindfold from my eyes, leaving me to look straight at her cum drenched holes. I licked every drop from her, pushing my tongue deep into her pussy and ass to make sure I had every drop, not wanting to give her any excuses for punishment. Then she moved away and slipped behind me, grabbing my hair and pulling my head back.


"You know what you have to do now slave...."


She looked at the two men and then pointed to my open mouth. Within seconds I was sucking their cocks again, this time without the blindfold to hide behind, only this time they were wilting, dripping cum and tasted of Mistress cunt and ass. It was unbelievably humiliating and yet my cock throbbed ever harder.


Mistress watched intently over my shoulder, occasionally wanking the guys cocks into my mouth, pumping every last remaining drop of spunk out of their exhausted shafts.

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Satisfied that I had done my duty, she undid the rope that held my balls and pushed me forward. With my hands still tied behind my back I fell onto my left shoulder, my face turned sideways, my cheek pressed into the floor. Behind me Mistress took hold of the base of the dildo that had been inside me for so long now and started to fuck me with it.


I gritted my teeth as I felt the intense sensation inside my ass and then her hand moved down between my legs and started to scratch my balls.


"It's your turn to cum now slave....you have to cum before they get hard again, or I'm going to let them fuck your ass."


Her fingers scratched harder as she spoke, clawing my balls relentlessly as she built up her pace with the rubber cock.


"Come on slave, you don't want a real cock up your ass do you?"


"No Mistress." I blurted out.


"No slave....that's for next time."


The dildo was pulled fully out of my ass, leaving me feeling momentarily empty before she rammed it straight back in.again. Then Mistress' fist curled around my cock and she pumped me with venom, until finally I felt my cock pulse in her hand and what felt like a pint of cum erupt from my cock and into her waiting palm below.


She continued to milk my meat for ages, until she was utterly satisfied that my balls were empty. She reached forward and grabbed my shoulder, pulling me back into a kneeling position before grabbing a handful of my hair and pushing her palm against my mouth.


"Lick up your mess slave, you know that's what you always have to do."


As I licked the cum from her outstretched hand I realised that we were alone again, and sighed a huge sigh of relief. Realising that I had noticed the men's departure Mistress said. "Yes, they've gone....for now. Sorry to disappoint you. Maybe next time....depends how well you look after your Mistress."


I concentrated on cleaning Mistress hand properly, unwilling and barely able to take any more punishment today.


"The thing is slave, now that I've seen you suck a real cock....I really want to see one crammed into your ass and filling you full of spunk."


"As you wish Mistress."


She laughed again...


"But we don't want to rush into it do we slave....so in the meantime, do you know what I'm going to do?."


"No Mistress."


"I'm going to get on the phone and see if the girls are all free next weekend....."





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