Female Domination

Owned by Mistress Wife, chapter 7

by Malibu Man




After that, things did return to normal a bit. She stopped banging on about the mysterious Andrea and even though I realised that it was obviously her who was behind the whole thing I didn't want to upset the applecart by accusing her. Instead I concentrated on finishing the dungeon and enjoying some amazing sex with my wife. Something changed in her after that evening though, she was definitely different, like she'd opened up a part of herself that she never realised was there and now she couldn't lock it away again. Occasionally she seemed to struggle more with the idea of being dominant. She still did a good job of it, but sometimes I could tell she really wanted to be the one being submissive. Not submissive in the same way I was, but like she was with her two gym buddies.

Eventually the dungeon was complete. It was a triumph of perv-engineering! There was hooks in the walls, hooks in the floors, a whipping bench, the stool with the dildo in it, a cross, the Queening stool (well more of a chair really, very comfy for Mistress R of course!) I even installed a TV and DVD player at Mistress' request and actually built a false wall so that it could be recessed so as not to spoil the look of the place.

When I had finished I called Mistress R' in to have a look. She was very impressed and we went up to the bedroom to fetch all the whips, cuffs, dildo's and other paraphernalia. When we had hung everything around the walls it looked amazing. I was dog tired after doing all that work, but even so I couldn't wait to get started.

Mistress had other ideas though, she said she wanted to make our first time there something special and told me that she would think of something soon. I was a bit disappointed to say the least, but Mistress kept me sweet by allowing me to lick her ass every night until the big day. I noticed that Mistress ass didn't seem quite as tight as it used to be and wondered why that was, not that it was a permanent gape or anything, but when I was first allowed to worship her gorgeous asshole it was so tight I could barely get my tongue inside. I wondered if maybe she had started training her ass for something or someone?

The big day came and Mistress took me out to the dungeon. Obviously I had to get undressed in the dungeon as I couldn't very well troop out to the garage naked, but because Mistress R needed a little more comfort to get ready, she decided that she would tie me up and then go back to the house to get ready, then put on a long coat to make the short walk back to the dungeon. I didn't quite see why she couldn't get ready first, but I wasn't going to argue, besides I figured she would probably want to rub heat gel on my balls to get me going while she changed into her Domme clothes. So I followed her instructions like a good slave.

I had been instructed to fit the studded sheath to my cock before we started, making sure it was fitted when I was soft so that it would be a nice tight fit. I had done as I was told and once again wore my shorts for comfort until I got inside the garage. Once I was undressed Mistress inspected the sheath and then fitted another leather bag over my cock and balls. She told me to lean over the whipping bench and fastened my ankles and wrists down leaving my ass open to attack from any whip or dildo. Instead of returning to the house, Mistress perused the walls of the dungeon and selected a nice cat-whip, the original one we had bought when we first started this game. She stood behind me and started to whip my ass, while I counted out the strokes and thanked her for each one.


Mistress having fun  


When it went beyond twenty, I knew something different was going on,. She had never given me that many strokes before and my ass was burning hot and pinking nicely. She continued and eventually the pain dissipated, the strokes getting lighter as her arm got more and more tired, until all that remained was the heat which seemed to spread through my body and harden my cock inside the sheath.

Then I heard her replace the whip and pick up a butt plug and a jar of lube. She parted my cheeks and applied a generous amount of lube before slowly but firmly pushing the butt plug into my glowing ass. She walked round in front of me and crouched down on the floor so that she was at my eye level. I hadn't noticed before but she was wearing a skirt, which was very unusual for her and as she crouched down her skirt bunched up and I noticed that she was wearing some very expensive looking underwear. She reached up and slid my blindfold over my head before asking if it was effective. I told her it was and then she leaned closer to me and whispered.

"I hope you're ready for this slave."

"Yes Mistress, always..."

She giggled to herself.

"Well I hope so slave, I've given you plenty of lube.....did I mention that I'd invited my friends over again."

My head jerked up.

"Obviously not.....hmm, actually I'm going out now, but they should be here soon. But don't worry I've told them not to touch your cock and balls....I think they just want your ass and your mouth anyway."

I started to protest as Mistress stood up, when that didn't work I tried begging but nothing would change Mistress' mind. The last thing she said before she closed the door behind her was:

"I love seeing you so helpless, it makes me soooo horny...."

The door closed and I was left alone. Sure enough a few minutes later I heard her car pulling out of the drive. I waited a few minutes and then I heard two cars pull up in the close, but not on the drive.....was it them? I waited and waited, three quarters terrified, but a quarter turned on, my cock pressed firmly against the studs inside the sheath as it hardened as I thought of being used and abused by the two men I had seen her with before.

I waited and waited but no one came, I had never fitted a clock in the dungeon and even if I had I wouldn't have been able to see it, but even so, I knew that at least an hour had passed and probably more. At least I was reasonably comfortable, but the apprehension I felt when I finally heard the outer door of the garage open made me forget about that. The door to the dungeon slowly opened and I heard soft steps across the rubber flooring.

I was holding my breath and scared to death but then I felt a hand on my back, it felt small, a woman's hand, Mistress R's hand....I sighed a huge sigh of relief, but my head was still swimming. She gripped the base of the butt plug and pulled it half out, stretching my asshole so that I gritted my teeth.

"Ah, poor slave....are you disappointed?"

"....if it pleases you Mistress." Truth was, I wasn't, but what was the correct answer?

"Really.....so your cock hasn't been hard at all for the last hour and a half then?"

"A little Mistress."

"A little? I bet it's been a lot more than that slave."

She shoved the butt plug back inside my ass and walked around to crouch down near my head again and leaned close to my ear.

"You know I said that seeing you helpless made me horny."

"Yes Mistress."

"Well....when I drove away, I saw the boys coming up the road....so I decided, to hell with you getting ass-fucked. So I turned round and followed them back up here and told them there had been a change of plan."

She slowly lifted the blindfold off my eyes and I squinted at her while my pupils dilated.

"I've had a lovely time." She whispered.

As my eyes adjusted to the light in the dungeon I saw her lovely smile again, her hair was a mess, her make-up was all over her face but she was glowing. She leaned closer and kissed me, her tongue flicking into my mouth and filling it with the taste of cock. I felt my own cock twitch inside the sheath and shifted my hips pointlessly, hopelessly trying to make space for my cock as the studs began to bite once more.

Then she straightened up and turned around, her skirt was gone and she was naked except for her knickers and a T-shirt she had thrown on after she had kissed the guys goodbye. She bent forward and I saw that her knickers were soaked through. Then she hooked her thumbs inside the sides and slowly peeled them down, she pulled her cheeks apart and I almost choked as I saw her well stretched ass leaking cum. She backed up towards me and pressed her ass into my face.

"I saved it just for you." She said. "Lick it up, cumslut."


cuckold licking cum  


Totally humiliated but insane with lust with I pushed out my tongue and eagerly licked her ass until it was completely clean, my tongue sliding so easily inside her gaping asshole. Then she pulled her knickers up again and untied me from the bench. I was more than a little stiff having been tied up for so long and she gave me a few moments to stretch out before telling me to lay on the floor under the Queening chair. Before I did that, she removed the leather bag and the sheath from around my cock, gently wanking me a few times before weighing my nuts in her hand. Then she pointed to the rubber floor and I laid down and slid myself into position.

As I manoeuvred myself under the chair, Mistress picked up a selection of clothes pegs and knelt down on the floor to attach them to my cock and balls. She must have put at least fifteen pegs on me and my skin was pulled agonisingly tight. She added one each to my nipples too and then got up and walked over to the DVD player and inserted a disc.

She turned the TV on and returned to the Queening chair clutching the remote in one hand and her trusty 8" dildo in the other. She slipped her knickers off and sat down in the chair, holding her cheeks apart as she did so. As I lay there I looked up through the hole in the chair to see her gorgeous ass coming nearer and nearer, cheeks spread, her open pink hole waiting for my tongue.

She ordered me to tongue her ass and I willingly obeyed. One of the pegs snapped itself off my cock and I winced as the blood rushed back into that part of my skin.

"Oh dear slave, you'll have to be punished for that later....."

Then she settled down in the chair while I continued licking her gorgeous ass. She pushed the dildo into her slippery cunt and almost immediately a fresh river of spunk dripped down between her legs and into my mouth. I eagerly swallowed the mixture, my cock bouncing against my stomach as I did so, not caring anymore that my wife had given her anal virginity to another man, but just happy to be her slave and allowed to lick her ass, to worship her as I needed.

I heard the DVD start and recognised the disc she was watching. She had really got into my porn of late (which I never, ever expected) and her appetite for brutality was incredible. She loved to watch women getting face-fucked hard, especially when they acted really slutty and she always got really turned on when she saw a woman going 'airtight'. The DVD played on and I continued to worship my Mistress' ass, while she fucked herself with the dildo and rubbed her clit between her slender fingers. About 15 minutes into the film she suddenly let out a huge groan and her ass bucked away from my aching tongue. She bucked wildly above me, finally slumping back into the chair and laying still for some time, watching the film through half closed eyes.

I continued tonguing her ass, pushing my tongue deeper and deeper until she finally told me to stop. Then I lay still, waiting to see what would happen next. I waited and waited, until I felt her feet brush against my cock, causing a few more of the pegs to work loose and snap off. Laughing at my pain, she got up out of the chair and walked over to the wall of the dungeon to retrieve an item. Watching the direction she went I had an idea what it might be but hoped and prayed I was wrong.

We had been in a hardware store some weeks before, when she had spotted an unusually shaped brush. It was basically a handle with a nylon bristled wire shaped in a circle and Mistress had brought it up to me in the shop and asked how I fancied having my cock inside it. I had assumed she was joking, but she insisted on buying it 'just in case' and took great pleasure in hanging it on the dungeon wall alongside all the other, more conventional equipment.

Then she was kneeling at my side and I felt her roughly pulling the pegs off my poor shaft one by one, she didn't open them to minimise my discomfort she just tugged them off causing me to hiss every time. Then I felt my cock being fed into the centre of the brush. I balled my hands into fists as she began to wank me with the harsh bristles and I felt my cock becoming redder and redder as she increased the pace. Mistress was loving it and delighted in telling me how sore my poor cock looked, but her arm soon got tired and she threw the brush aside before grasping my red-raw meat in her hand and wanking me furiously. She told me to tell her when I was about to cum and every time I did she stopped for a while and then built the speed up again until I told her I was close again. She did this three times and then told me her arm was tired and that if I wanted to cum I would have to push my cock up inside her hand while she held it still. It was infuriatingly difficult and every time I felt like I was making progress her grip would loosen and the feeling would go.

Then she reached up and snapped the two pegs off my nipples and told me that now she would allow me to cum. She tightened her grip around my poor cock and pumped it hard and fast so that within seconds I arched my back as I fired a stream of cum into the air, followed by another and another. Mistress pumped me hard until I begged her to stop, but even then she continued and I had to grab her hand and force her to hold still, I knew I would be punished for it later but I simply couldn't take any more.

Then, to my surprise she tenderly bent down and licked my cock, clean before pushing the chair out of the way so that she could lay next to me and kiss me. I tasted my cum on her tongue and wondered what was going on now. We lay there for ages, both completely and utterly spent and exhausted. It was a fitting way to open the dungeon...




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