Female Domination

Owned by Mistress Wife, chapter 6

by Malibu Man




Thankfully Mistress allowed me a few days to recover from my ordeal before making any strenuous demands of me. In fact she was unusually charitable, allowing me to lick her pussy and ass every day for the next few days. I was, of course, deliriously happy with this arrangement and wished that it could always be this way, but of course it couldn't.


In the meantime, Mistress had surprised me one morning by calling me out to the garage.


"I was just wondering, we've got a lot of space out here, why don't we make it into a permanent dungeon?"


My cock pulsed at the thought and I looked around at the garage. It was one of those garages that are very long but only one car wide, rendering them pretty useless for storing cars, but excellent for storing junk. We had plenty of parking out front anyway (and plenty of junk).


"Yeah, that could be good." I said. "We could divide it about here, put up a stud wall with a door and then we could build a really good room."


I spent the rest of the morning moving junk so that we could properly see the space and then the afternoon planning what we would want in there. We decided on the flooring and what we would do with the walls and then went online to pick out some 'furniture', including a stool with a dildo embedded in it and my favourite: a Queening stool.


By the end of the day we had a proper idea of the work required and a pretty comprehensive list of what needed to be bought, including everything from flooring to light fittings to bondage rings for the walls and floor. As I was obviously going to be very busy for the foreseeable future. Mistress decided that she needed a distraction and decided that she would join a nearby gym.


- - -


Building the dungeon took longer than expected, much longer in fact, but it was shaping up to look good. And while I worked hard in the garage, my wife was working very hard in the gym and getting some stunning results. She was always beautifully curvy before and I wouldn't have changed her for anything, but now she was starting to look extremely fit and attracting a lot of attention (unwanted attention as far as I was concerned!). Of course I wasn't complaining because at the end of the day it was me that took her home and me who got to fuck her and me who got to lick her clean. Not to mention the other things we did!


So everything was going great and I was happy as Larry until one day when I was unceremoniously shaken awake by my wife.


"Who is Andrea?" She demanded.


"Eh....what." I said, somewhat confused.


"Who is she?" She insisted.


"Who's who?"




"I don't know any Andrea." I said, genuinely flummoxed.


"So why do you keep saying her name in your sleep?"




"Why do you keep saying her name in your sleep?"


"I don't ....do I?"


"Yes. Now tell me who she is before I get mad!"


"I have no idea. I don't know anyone called Andrea...."


"Really?" She said sarcastically. "Well is she one of your little porn star whores then?"




"You know, those fucking whores in stiletto's and fishnets you like watching so much. The ones you beat off to while they take it up the ass and choke on cocks!"


"No, I....I have no fucking idea, I swear! And you know I haven't watched anything like that for ages."


My wife turned over and flung her head down on the pillow, clutching the duvet around her shoulder.


"Look, I swear I don't know anyone called Andrea. You don't think I would cheat on you do you?"




"No I wouldn't! You know how I feel about you....surely you don't think I'd give up what I've got with you for someone else?"


"Whatever.. ....go back to sleep."


"No, I'm not putting up with this shit....I haven't done anything but worship you for years and now you come up with this bullshit, what the fuck is this?"


"Okay. Go to sleep."


I turned over and threw my head into the pillow, seething with rage at the accusation that I was cheating on her.


When I awoke later that morning I was more than a little surprised to feel my cock inside the warm mouth of my wife. I looked down to see the top of her head bobbing up and down on my engorged shaft and wondered if I had dreamed what had happened earlier. I was sure I hadn't, but this was a bit odd and it didn't add up.


"Are you okay." I said softly.


She mumbled a yes and continued to suck my cock so I closed my eyes and enjoyed the rare sensation of her lips around my cock. She held my cock at the base and then climbed over my body, rubbing her dripping wet cunt around and over my stalk. Then I was inside her and she really went for it, pounding onto my cock until I couldn't take anymore and filled her hole full of my hot creamy fluid.


She lifted herself off me and I moved down the bed slightly, fully expecting her to take her usual position astride my face. But not today. Instead she knelt on the bed and put her hand between her legs, allowing my cum to drip into her cupped palm. Satisfied she had caught the majority of it, she extended her hand to my mouth.


cum eating  


"Lick it clean slave."


I looked up at the mess on her hand and wondered why she was doing this. She knew I much preferred to lick it out of her and I hesitated to comply with her instructions.


"Do it now!" She said sternly.


I stuck my tongue out and felt the bitter taste of my cum on the tip.


"Don't make that face." She hissed. "Do I need to remind you who is in charge here?"


"No Mistress." I said, lapping enthusiastically at her palm.




She turned her hand slightly to reveal more cum which had dripped down the edge of her little finger. I licked it all away and she removed her hand to inspect it.


"That'll do." She said. "You don't seem very keen today slave, have you forgotten that you are supposed to be my cumslut?"


"No Mistress."


"So what is it then, don't you like licking your spunk off my hand?"


"I.... just prefer to lick it out of your beautiful pussy Mistress."


"You prefer....since when does what you prefer mean anything?"


"Never Mistress, I'm sorry Mistress."


"You will be slave...." She was getting off the bed now. "You get that dungeon finished and then perhaps you will be allowed to lick me clean again."


"Yes Mistress."


"Otherwise I might have to find an alternative place for you to lick spunk from, would you like that slave."


Though barely awake I was sharp enough to notice that she didn't say my spunk and realised that this could well be a trick question. Even so I had to think before I answered, but as she was unlikely to let me fuck her in the ass I thought I knew what to say.


"No Mistress." I offered.


"No slave? Are you sure, because I always thought you had a thing about licking cum out of my ass, but perhaps not...."


Again she had not specified whose cum we were talking about which made me very suspicious. I mulled her answer over for a few seconds before replying very specifically.


"I would love to lick my cum out of your ass Mistress, if you should allow me the honour, or anywhere on your gorgeous body that you should chose."


Mistress chuckled at my cunning and very exact answer and turned for the door.


"Enjoy your work slave, I want that dungeon finished sooner rather than later."


- - -


I spent all the next day working in the dungeon. But something was playing on my mind. About half past ten a delivery driver arrived with a small parcel. It was simply addressed to 'R' and our address. I signed for the parcel and took it into the house. I looked at it, wondering if it was for me or my wife, being as we share the same initial. It looked a lot to me like chocolates, although it was wrapped up in foil paper and had no obvious markings. I picked it up and shook it. Definitely chocolates. So who would be sending my wife chocolates? I went back out to the garage to continue my work, but all afternoon it was playing on my mind.


Imagination is a terrible thing, especially when you are on your own and by the time I heard my wife arrive home I was ready to accuse her of a million things. All afternoon I had gone over it in my mind, she was looking amazing now and of course other men would be interested in her. She never seemed to mind them looking at her when we were out together, so how difficult would it be to get one really interested? I strode into the house and met her at the front door, holding out the box of chocolates like a piece of evidence.


"Oh hello." She said, surprised to see me standing by the door.


"There's a parcel for you." I spat.


She was somewhat taken aback by my mood, but took the box gratiously and walked past me into the lounge.


"Aren't you going to open it?" I said, desperately trying to keep my voice from cracking.


"No, I don't have time at the moment, I have to get to the gym, it's closing early tonight."


Yes, I thought, you can't wait to get off to the gym to meet your boyfriend can you. I bet he's built like a brick shithouse isn't he, while I'm just your stupid husband.


"Open it." I said.


"I don't have time." She said heading away to the kitchen door.


"Fine. I'll open it then."


I snatched up the parcel and ripped open the paper. Inside was a box of expensive truffles and a card made out to me and signed '...with love Andrea.'. I dropped the box and the truffles scattered across the lounge floor and under the coffee table. I stared at the card, confused and shaking.


"Who's it from?" Asked my wife as she came towards me, not noticing that I had dropped the box. She took the card from my fingers and read it before throwing it in my face and storming up the stairs.


I looked at the door through which my wife had just disappeared and tried to call after her but no words came. I collapsed into a chair and put my head in my hands, wondering what in hell was going on.


Of course, looking back on it now I can see that it was all a setup. Of course my wife had sent the chocolates and the card, but at the time I couldn't see that because I was too stressed out. More than anything else in the world I didn't want to lose my wife and she was playing on that to get me in a position where I would do anything to keep her.


And so it was that after a week of hell, with me begging and pleading for her to believe me that I wasn't lying and I wasn't having an affair, that she left me this note.




Slave. I don't yet know if I believe what you say, but I am willing to give you a chance to prove your devotion to me. Wait for me in the bedroom at six tonight, prepare the room, be naked, with your balls tied tightly and be ready.


Mistress R.




On the one hand I was overjoyed, but on the other I was more than a little nervous. I knew I hadn't done anything wrong, but at the time I didn't know that she didn't. And as much as the prospect of submitting to her after a week without any action at all was tempting, I was still a little cautious. But as six came round, so did I. And spurred on by the heaviness of my balls I decided to go along with Mistress' plan. After all, what's the worst that could happen? (Well, don't even think about that!).


So by a quarter to six I had changed the sheets on the bed and was sitting there waiting for her to arrive. I had heard her come up the stairs about 5:30 and disappear into her dressing room to get ready, but when she opened the door at six to find me kneeling on the floor with my balls tightly tied as instructed, she was still wearing jeans and a t-shirt.


"Are you ready to submit to me slave?" She asked.


"Yes Mistress."


"Are you ready to obey my every word without question?"


"Yes Mistress."


"Are you ready to eat cum from wherever I chose?"


Again, that vagueness in the question troubled me, but what choice did I have?


"Yes Mistress."


"Good slave, I promise you won't be disappointed."


Then Mistress took my arm and guided me to where she wanted me. She tied an extra lace around my balls and tied them fast to the bottom brace bar at the end of the bed and secured my wrists to the bedposts leaving me kneeling on the floor with my face pressed against the iron bars that made up the bottom end of the bed. Then she disappeared out of the door and for a moment I panicked and wondered if she was just going to leave me here. But then I heard her turn the light on over her dressing table and start to get ready. I couldn't quite understand why she had chosen not to get ready before the session started, but it soon became clear when she walked back into the room some fifteen minutes later.


Where she had left in jeans and a T-shirt, she returned looking every inch a porn star slut, with red lipstick, black eyeliner, a black fishnet top (through which I could see her gorgeous tits), black fishnet stockings and a pair of those ludicrous Perspex stilleto shoes. She climbed onto the bed and spread her legs, giving me a perfect view of her smooth skinned cunt. She reached over to the bedside table and picked up her favourite 8 inch dildo and started to play it around between her legs.


As I watched, my cock hardened quickly and I heard myself breathing loudly in the quiet room. She really put on a show and I had to keep reminding myself that this was my wife of fifteen years and not some porn starlet. She removed the dildo from her wet pussy and sucked it clean before crawling down the bed to where my face peered from between the bars. She moved closer and stuck out her tongue, I could smell her cunt on her breath and wanted so much to kiss her mouth and taste it, but she quickly pulled away when I tried.


"Wait." She said.


Then she turned over onto all fours, her ridiculous heels pointing back towards me as I watched the dildo disappear inside her again. My cock felt like steel, I couldn't believe she was doing this and I couldn't for the life of me figure out why. Then she pulled the didlo out of her luscious hole and offered it to me, I opened my mouth and she pushed it in, further and further until I thought I would choke, the beautiful taste of her arousal filling my mouth.


"That's it, do it like a proper slut." She said, as she deeply fucked my mouth through the bars with the rigid plastic cock.


Then she flipped herself onto her back and pushed herself up against the bars, hooking her knees over the top so that her pussy was right by my face and her heels rested just behind my shoulders. She looked at the clock on the bedside table and said.


"You have twelve minutes to make me cum."


I pressed my face against the bars to get closer and stretched out my tongue, I could barely reach her clit but I knew I had to make her cum if I wanted this to work out well, failure was simply not an option. She helpfully pressed herself closer to the bars and I found her clit with my tongue. Thankfully years of training were invaluable to me now as I worked her clit like never before. My face was sore from being pressed against the bars, my tongue was aching like hell, but I never faltered and with over a minute to spare Mistress bucked against me and came really hard. I carried on licking at her pussy until she could take no more and pulled herself away.


"Well done slave...that was very good." She said as she wiped her fingers in the pussy juice that had gathered on the PVC sheet before pushing them into my mouth.


I gratefully licked them clean and then froze as I heard a knock at the door.


"Ah, visitors." Said Mistress sweetly.


"What?." I said, breaking out of my submissive role for the first time ever.


"Visitors." She repeated calmly.


"What the hell do you mean 'visitors'?"


"Oh dear, I thought you might react like this....."


"What....what the hell are you talking about?"


I was worried now, for fifteen years this had been a private game between a man and his wife and now she was inviting people in?


Mistress sighed heavily and walked around the bed to fetch the ball gag and my blindfold.


"Please don't do this." I begged, but she wasn't listening. Again there was a knock at the door.


Mistress quickly fitted the ballgag and the blindfold and then scampered down the stairs to greet her guests. I heard her take them into the lounge and they stayed in there talking for a few minutes before I heard them climbing the stairs. When they entered the room I instinctively looked towards the door, but could see nothing. Then I heard them climb on the bed and soon the sounds of sucking caught my ear. Again I tried to peek out from my blindfold but could see nothing. Then I heard a man's voice.


"Yeah, suck it bitch......deeper."


My heart pounded in my chest as I heard my wife's mouth sucking a strangers cock deep into her throat. I felt betrayed and yet my cock was like a steel bar. My jaw was shaking as I listened intently, half of me wanting to hear, half not.


Then I heard another man's voice and my wife gasping for air as the cock was pulled out of her mouth. The bed shook and I wondered what was happening but as long as I could hear my wife sucking I figured she was okay. She'd invited these men here after all so she must feel safe with them, whatever safe meant to her? Then I heard her voice.


"I love your big cock, I wanna feel it inside me." She said, her voice full of lust.


Then I heard her gagging as he shoved his cock back in her mouth and behind her the other guy spanking her ass.


"That's it slut, suck that fucking cock like a good little whore."


Mistress groaned through her mouthful of cock and then there was another movement on the bed as the guy behind her moved in closer. Then her voice again, short of breath and desperate for cock.


"Yeah, rub it against my fucking wet cunt and shove it in."


Then she was gagging again as her mouth fell on the guy with the big cock.


This continued for some time, her mouth getting fouler as she got more and more turned on, the guys getting rougher as she begged them to fuck her harder, to treat her like a porn star slut. Then I heard ripping as the guys stripped her of her fishnet top and tights. She squealed in ecstasy as she felt the material being torn away from her body and then the bed was shaking again as they pounded her mercilessly, taking it in turns to abuse her mouth and cunt.


Then the bed was still and Mistress crawled over to me. She put her face down near mine and lifted the blindfold a little, just enough so I could see her face. Her eyeliner was smudged down her face, as was her lipstick, her hair was a matted mess and her face was shiny with spit and God knows what else. I was quite shocked at how bad she looked and almost wanted to ask her if she was okay, but the wide smile and the look in her eyes told me that she was in heaven.


She peeled the blindfold off my head and tossed it aside before moving back down the bed and then I could see them, the two guys that had been gleefully fucking my wife. I didn't recognise either of them, but I guessed they must have come from her gym judging by their impressive builds. They stood up on the bed, either side of my kneeling wife, their cocks jutting straight out and waiting for her to suck them. She took it in turns, sucking first one and then the other and then back again, playing the Pornstar slut role to perfection. Strings of saliva hung from her mouth as she sucked them and she made me wince as she forced her head down further than I thought possible, so that their cocks must have been in the entrance to her throat.


cuckold's wife  


Then she asked them if they were ready and the two guys started jacking off fast and furious. She stayed kneeling between them, her mouth wide open, imploring them to fill her mouth with cum, all the while rubbing her wet cunt and licking her fingers.


"C'mon, give it to me, fill my mouth.....cum in my dirty fucking mouth."


The guys weren't going to last long with her behaving like that and sure enough the guy on the right grunted loudly and blasted a thick stream of cum straight into her open mouth. She pounced on his cock, sucking every last drop, but not swallowing and then opened her mouth wide for the other one to empty his balls into. He lasted just another ten or fifteen seconds and then he too was groaning as his cock pulsed in his hand, thick streams of white spunk splashing against her cheek until she moved her head to catch his creamy fluid.


Then she pushed them aside and moved down the bed towards me. She reached through the bars and pulled my gag down before tilting my head up and prising my mouth open with her thumbs. She leaned over the top of the bars above me and opened her mouth allowing the contents of her mouth to stream down into mine.

cuckold - cum swap  

She was shaking as she did this and as soon as she was satisfied that I wouldn't shut my mouth she let one side of my head go and started rubbing her clit furiously. She came almost instantly, her other hand letting me go and clutching the bars in front of me as she grunted and groaned her way through a massive orgasm.


As she lay, collapsed on the sheet in front of me, her eyes opened and she peered at me through her mess of hair.


"Swallow it." She whispered.


When I didn't respond immediately she repeated her command, adding.


"...Remember, you're my cumslut."


She stared at me through the bars, daring me to defy her. But I couldn't. I meekly swallowed the double load and opened my mouth to show her that I had done so. Her smile returned and she sat up on the bed, one leg raised and bent at the knee, her fingers gently stroking her pussy again.


The two guys jumped off the bed and she thanked them for coming. They bustled out of the room and bounded downstairs to retrieve their clothes before leaving. As they dressed Mistress just stared into my eyes, slowly rubbing her cunt and licking her lips.The front door slammed shut before she finally spoke.


"Is that what you wanted to see slave, does it turn you on to see me act like a fucking slut?"


"If it pleases you Mistress." I said, hoping to avoid the question.


"Oh, it did please me slave, as I think you could tell...."


"Yes Mistress."


"I found watching your DVD's very liberating slave. It made me realise that it's okay to act slutty, in fact men love it. And the sluttier you act the more they love it. Did you like it when you heard me gagging on his big cock?"


I lowered my eyes with the shame of my admission.


"Yes Mistress."


"I thought so. Tell me......"


I looked up to see her waiting expectantly.


"I loved hearing you gagging on his big cock Mistress."




"I loved hearing you gagging on his big cock Mistress."




She slid off the bed and walked around behind me, kneeling down and reaching between my legs. My knees were red raw from kneeling for so long, unable to move with my balls tied fast to the bed. Mistress stroked my balls and then used a small pair of scissors hidden under the bed to cut me loose. Next she undid one of my cuffs and turned me away from the bed and bent down between my legs to take my still hard cock into her mouth. As she sucked me she scratched my poor balls with her nails and then lifted my cock up to lick them.


Then she used her nails to undo the binding around my balls before releasing my other wrist and telling me to lay down on my back. I lay down gladly after being in one position for so long and Mistress stepped over me in her ridiculous stiletto's and pulled my cock box out from under the bed. She placed it over my groin and then reached underneath to feed my cock and balls through, it would have been easier had they been fully soft but she forced them through eventually. Then she retied my balls and secured them via a lace to a hook she had added on one side.


Then she stood up and I realised what she was about to do. She climbed onto the box and smiled down at me.


"Do you remember your birthday card slave."


"Yes Mistress."


"I bet you do....are you ready slave?"


"If it pleases you Mistress." I managed to croak as I felt the Perspex sole of her shoe begin pressing down on my rapidly hardening cock. She pressed harder and harder, mashing my cock into the extra studs I had fitted at her request, applying as much weght as she dared, over and over again. I looked down at my poor cock trapped under her foot and bit my lip as I saw my meat squashed almost flat. Thankfully she chose not to apply her heels this time, but later said that she might next time.

feet domination  


Satisfied that my cock had been tortured enough she stepped off the box and moved so that her body was above my head. She squatted down so that her pussy was right over my face, she was still dripping wet, I'd never seen anything like it.


"Lick me." She said, grasping my cock in her hand and pumping it hard.


"You can taste the cock can't you slave?"


"Yes Mistress." I replied between licks.


Then she tilted her body so that her ass was directly over my mouth.


"That's what you really crave isn't it slave, my gorgeous ass?"


"Yes Mistress." I sighed, fighting the need to cum as she squeezed ever harder on my aching stalk.


"Go on then, lick my ass and cum for me."


I thrust my tongue as deep as I could into Mistress' ass as I felt her hand pounding my cock, the side of her fist thumping my balls as they lay trapped against the top of the box. I lasted about ten-fifteen seconds and then I felt the first string of cum shoot from my cock. How I lasted that long I will never know and I tongue fucked my Mistress' tight asshole for all that I was worth knowing that as soon as I stopped coming she would move it away.


She did indeed lift her ass off my face the second I was finished, quickly replacing it with her freshly spunked fingers for me to lick clean. When I had cleaned them she made a point of rubbing them on my stomach to collect the rest and then making me start all over again.


"That's right." She said smiling. "You are such a good little cumslut."




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