Female Domination

Owned by Mistress Wife, chapter 5

by Malibu Man




The next few days were weird. We seemed to be getting along great but there was no sex at all and I didn't dare ask if there was going to be any! On top of that it was now 9 days since I had cum and while I didn't dare jack myself off again it was getting so that all that I could think about was the fullness of my balls (kind of understandable don't you think?).


On the night of the ninth day we settled into bed and my wife moved close to me, she snaked her arm across my stomach and down between my legs. I smiled at her as she gently caressed my balls before softly squeezing my cock.


"Is it working." She asked.


"Yeah I think so, definitely seems to have stretched a bit." I said trying to concentrate on her conversation.


"Your balls feel nice and heavy."


"They should do." I said, maybe a little to sarcastically.


"They'd better be." She countered, removing her hand and turning over, before adding "We'll find out tomorrow, won't we slave." Needless to say it took me a long time to get to sleep that night, wondering what was in store for me the next day.


- - -


I awoke next morning to a drizzly day and a note left on the bedside table.


Slave, I have gone to town and I will be back later. This afternoon you will be tested, if you fail me you will regret it. If I allow you to cum I expect to see an enormous load, anything less will result in your permanent dismissal. This will not be an easy day for you slave, it will be very, very long and very, very hard!


I shivered, put down the note and wondered some more about what the day would bring. I got up and had a shower, just about avoiding pulling myself off as I daydreamed about perhaps being permitted to lick Mistress' gorgeous asshole again. I climbed out of the shower, dried myself and then got dressed and went downstairs to wait for my wife to come back from town.


Just after eleven she came back and I went to greet her at the door. She kissed me and asked if I got the note. I said that I did and that I would do anything she wanted me to. She smiled and said that she hoped I would still feel that way later.


She told me that I should go and prepare the bedroom as for a normal Femdom session and that she would meet me in there at midday.


I hurried up the stairs and stripped the bed, replacing the cream cotton sheets with the black PVC one and then arranged all the toys we had in the drawers on top of the bedside tables. I tied all the usual restraints to the bedposts and then pulled the cock-torture box from under the bed. Finally I fitted my wrist and ankle cuffs and knelt on the floor at the bottom of the bed.


At 12 precisely the door opened and Mistress entered the room, though I was sorely tempted to I had long since learned not to look up and could only see her black fishnet stockings, her black leather gloves and the very bottom of her crotchless PVC knickers.


"Very good slave, I hope you have followed all my instructions correctly?"


"Yes Mistress." I responded weakly.


She walked closer to me and stood with her feet about 18 inches apart, her pussy right in front of my face.


"Can you smell my gorgeous pussy slave?" She asked.


"Yes Mistress."


"I bet you can, I'm so fucking wet thinking about what I'm going to do to you today....you have no idea."


I looked up just enough to see the moisture on her clean shaven cunt lips and wished I could reach my tongue out and taste her right there. She turned and walked away to fetch the crop and returned to where I was kneeling on the carpet before flicking the tip of the whip against my balls.


"If I don't see a full ten days worth of spunk come out of your worthless cock slave, then you are finished. You cheated me once and I forgave you, if you do it again your days of servitude will be well and truly over. Do you understand me?"


"Yes Mistress, you will Mistress."


"Will I?"


"Yes Mistress."


The crop came up between my legs.


"I think that will rather depend slave, on whether or not I let you cum."


"As you wish Mistress." I coughed as the leather caught my aching balls again.


"Follow me, on your knees."


I crawled round the bed on my knees, my face just inches behind Mistress R's inviting backside. She turned and sat on the bed, lifting her right leg to my face.


"Kiss my foot slave and don't stop until I tell you."


I supported Mistress' leg with my hand and she leaned back on the bed as I started to kiss her fishnet clad foot. I glanced sideways to see that her legs were spread and her fingers were pressed between the split in her crotchless knickers, softly rubbing her dripping pussy. She kept me there for well over ten minutes, till my lips were dry and my knees protesting. Then she withdrew her leg and offered me the other one. Another ten minutes passed and my knees were aching like hell and still she lay there brazenly rubbing herself as she watched me suffer.


"Hmm....slave, I want you to take my stockings off."


I gently removed both of her stockings, folded them up and put them on the floor by the bed. She extended her leg again and told me to suck her toes, which I did for a while until she was satisfied and then she turned around and got on her knees facing away from me with her feet right on the edge of the bed, her pussy and ass right in my face. She looked back at me through her legs for a moment and then her hand appeared between her legs and three of her gloved fingers delved into her sopping twat.


"Mmmm, look at it slave, isn't that the most beautiful thing you've ever seen?"


"Yes Mistress." I said, trying not to let her hear the tremor in my voice.


Her wriggling fingers reached back towards me, sticky with her juices.


"Lick my fingers slave."


I didn't need telling twice and instantly opened my mouth to lick the beautiful juices from her outstretched digits. It tasted so good that I didn't want to stop, but Mistress soon pulled them away again and returned them to her glistening pink slit. Then she pulled them out and pulled her arm out from between her legs and laid it down her back, her first and third fingers prizing her ass cheeks apart leaving the middle one free to press into her tight hole. I watched in awe as for the fist time ever I saw my Mistress' ass being intruded. Slowly she fed her finger inside and then just as slowly she pulled it out again, before holding it out towards me.


"Suck it."


My pulse raced and all thoughts of my aching knees deserted me as I took her finger between my lips, my tongue swirled around her finger and I felt my cock rise until it was rubbing against my stomach. She started to fuck my mouth with her finger and I let out a deep groan of pleasure. Instantly her finger was pulled away and I felt her hand slap lightly across my face.


"Don't get excited." She said sternly. "You have too much else on your plate."


Then she turned over again and moved closer to the edge of the bed, wrapping her calves around my shoulders and pulling me close into her groin. She raised herself up on her arms and pushed her beautiful wet cunt into my face. With all her weight on my shoulders I struggled to keep still, but she didn't seem to care.


"Stick out your tongue." She said as she raised her body slowly upwards until my tongue slid off the back of her pussy and between her asscheeks. My cock pulsed again as I felt her forbidden hole and then she was lowering herself again and my tongue was between her wet lips once more. She did this three times before finally lowering herself back onto the bed.


"There, that was a nice little treat for you wasn't it slave?"


"Yes, thank you Mistress."


Mistress pulled herself away from me and climbed off the far side of the bed.


"Get up here." She said impatiently. "On all fours, facing the head of the bed."


"Yes Mistress."


I clambered onto the bed and assumed the position she had commanded. I saw her bend down to pick something up and then move around behind me.


"Today slave, you are going to learn what it means to be humbled."


She reached between my legs and grabbed my balls, pulling them backwards between my legs as she pressed them into the hole between the two lengths of wood that were now wedged behind my thighs.


"Perfect. Can you move slave?"


"Hardly Mistress."


It was true, even though my ball sack had stretched a little it was still pulled tight when I was put into this hellish contraption. She laughed as she flicked a nail into my balls and I first flinched and then winced as the humbler pulled on my nuts.


"Now you see how it gets it's name slave, I bet you feel pretty humble right now don't you?"


"Yes Mistress."


"Good. You've brought all this on yourself and you deserve to feel humbled."

femdom humbler  


Then she walked back up the side of the bed and picked up the hairbrush and the cock whip, before drifting back down to the end of the bed and my tightly held balls. She started to whip my nuts, gradually hitting harder and harder and then stopping abruptly to change tack, the hairbrush coming up to torment my taught skin. This went on for maybe ten minutes until Mistress was satisfied with the colour of my tormented balls. Then she told me that she was going to remove the humbler, but that if I misbehaved in any way she would not hesitate to replace it.


"Thank you Mistress." I said hoarsely as I felt my balls being set free from between the two pieces of wood.


"Don't think the worst is over slave, because I've only just begun."


"Yes Mistress, I understand Mistress."


She dropped the humbler onto the floor and then I saw her grab her smallest strap on from the table and heard her securing the straps around her waist. Then she got on the bed and stood in front of me, her 'cock' jutting out towards my mouth.


"You know what to do slave, so do it."


I opened my mouth and slowly took the plastic cock between my lips, breathing heavily as I felt the shape slide across my tongue. I sucked on it for a couple of minutes but Mistress was not impressed.


"No, do it properly, suck it like those sluts in your DVD's."


I glanced up at her when she said this and she pushed her strap-on harder into my mouth.


"Yes slave, I found them and I watched them and now I know how you really like to see women treated......so you're going to learn how it feels."


Mistress grasped my head tightly and began fucking my face with her plastic cock.


"Feels good does it slave, having your face fucked?"


I couldn't have answered if I'd wanted to, but Mistress wasn't waiting for answers.


"Well slave, just imagine how it's going to feel when I pound your ass. Because that's what you really crave isn't it slave, to have your ass pummelled and stretched, well that's what's going to happen to you today slave. But not just with this nice little dildo, oh no, that would be far too easy for you."


Mistress pulled the small fake cock out of my mouth and moved round behind me, I felt the tip of her finger between my cheeks and what felt like a small glob of Vaseline applied before she pressed the tip of the strap-on into my asshole. I clenched my fists as she forced it into me, barely giving me time to adjust before forcing it deeper and deeper. Once she had it all in, she wasted little time in getting into the rhythm and thrusting the cock in and out of me as fast as she could. This continued until she was exhausted and suddenly stopped dead, the full length of the dildo as deep as it would go.


"How...does it feel....slave?" She asked between gulps of breath.


I didn't know how to answer, did she want me to say it hurt or did she want me to say I loved it? I really didn't know and before I could speak she had pulled the dildo out of me and stepped off the bed. She walked up beside me and plucked the inflatable butt plug from the bedside table and then clambered back onto the bed, quickly feeding the tip of the plug into my arse.


She pushed it in as far as it would go and then began squeezing the bulb at the base, watching enthralled as the plug grew in size inside my ass. I clenched my teeth as I felt my asshole stretched to new levels and hissed as the plug was deflated and then shoved deeper inside. Mistress continued this was for some minutes until she was satisfied that I was ready for the next dildo up.


My arse felt empty as the plug was removed for the final time and then I saw her lift the next strap-on from the bedside table. There were four in all and the largest was a terrifying looking thing, at least 10 inches long and large enough that I wondered if I could even get in my mouth, never mind my arse!


But Mistress was not going to accept failure and she spent the entire afternoon forcing those strap-ons into my ass one after the other. She used a whole pot of Vaseline to get the last one in and she had to gag me in the end because I was making such a fuss. As she fucked me hard with the final strap-on she reached around and grasped my cock with her gloved hand, she squeezed it until it was rock hard and told me that I had passed her test and was now permitted to cum.


I had been on my hands and knees for at least three and a half hours and had been waiting for this moment for ten days. But as she pumped my ass with that giant cock I couldn't make it happen, I had gone so far past it I just couldn't cum.


"Do it now slave, if you ever want to lick my ass again."


I focussed hard on the thought of tonguing Mistress' gorgeous ass and I felt movement in my balls, a tightening that told me I was just seconds away.


"10, 9, 8, 7........." Mistress voice called insistently.


I screwed my eyes shut and concentrated like never before, willing my cum to fly from my cock.


"....5, 4, 3, 2."


At two I bucked back against Mistress' cock, forcing it deeper still into my ravaged ass. But I no longer cared, as all I felt was Mistress' fingers pumping me hard and the heavenly sensation of my spunk erupting brutally from my shaft and pooling on the PVC sheet below.


When I finished coming, Mistress pulled her monster dildo out of my ass and stepped off the bed. She shoved me onto my side and then kneeled up on the side of the bed, rubbing the head of the huge strap-on in the copious mess I had made on the sheet. Satisfied, she crawled forward and tore the ball gag away from my mouth before forcing the rubber cock into me, holding my head still as she fucked my face, air coming out of my nose and the edges of my mouth as she filled my head with her huge 'cock'.


I swallowed my cum from the strap-on and looked up at her, she looked so beautiful as she brutalized my mouth and I knew then that whatever she wanted to do to me, I could never live without her.





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