Female Domination

Owned by Mistress Wife, chapter 4

by Malibu Man





After my experience with the box, things tailed off a little bit. Over the next three weeks Mistress R granted me a couple of sessions of ass-licking (one of which, I'm pleased to say, went on for a very long time indeed!) and she tied my cock and balls up really tight once before fiting a parachute over my balls and hanging weights from it. Actually I never knew we had that many weights, I think Mistress R must have been and bought some more herself!


We did have quite a lot of normal sex though, but Mistress R never let me forget that I had to clean her up afterwards. To be honest I got used to it fairly quickly and Mistress R was kind enough to let me do it the way she knows I like it best (her sitting on or crouching over my face, letting the cum drip out of her slippery hole and into my mouth and then tonguing her clean) so I didn't really have too much to complain about.

What's more, as a treat, Mistress sometimes turned the other way around afterwards and let me lick her gorgeous ass for a short while as a reward.


Mistress R also bought me a present, which I wasn't expecting. She gave it to me a few days ago and I've had to wear it 8 hours a day ever since. It's a metal ball stretching collar, which she ordered for my birthday but which was late arriving. Basically it goes around the skin between your cock and balls and weighs down your nuts, the idea being that the skin will stretch leaving your sack hanging freer than it did before. In my case this wasn't a bad idea anyway as my doctor had already told me that I ride rather 'high' so to speak, so I was rather chuffed with it. Apparently there is also a wider one, which Mistress is keeping in reserve until I am ready for it.


But to get back to the story....


Though I was enjoying myself and getting a fair amount of action, it has to be said that old habits die hard and it was inevitable that one day I would feel the urge to jerk off (which you'll remember was one of the things the contract said I wasn't allowed to do).


We hadn't had any kind of sex for a few days and while part of me should have realised that maybe Mistress R was building me up for something, all I knew at the time was that my balls were full to bursting and I fancied revisiting some of my old, familiar porn. So that day I slipped off work early and dashed home for a bit of hand relief. I dug out my porn DVD's from their hiding place and put my very favourite film in the player.


I undid my jeans and pushed them down around my ankles, before settling on the sofa with my cock in one hand and the remote in the other. I flicked through the chapters until I found my favourite scene and began to slowly stroke my meat. Every so often I would stick my fingers in my mouth and then rub my saliva onto my cockhead to lubricate my foreskin. It aroused me to taste my cock on my fingers and soon I realised that I wasn't going to last the fifteen minutes or so and flicked the disc on to the climax of the scene. As the woman on the screen climbed off the enormous cock that had been filling her arse and knelt before the guy with her eyes closed and her mouth open wide I felt that churning in my balls (despite my submissive tendencies, seeing a woman getting seriously assfucked, choking on a big cock or getting a face full of cum has never lost it's appeal!),my hand moved faster and faster around my cock until finally I groaned and erupted wave after wave of cum across my thigh and the tops of my fingers. I could barely keep my eyes open to watch the end of the scene, but I knew it well and could easily imagine the girl struggling to get her mouth around the cock before her, the remnants of his spunk hanging off her face...


But as soon as I opened my eyes I realised that something was wrong. That sound, I knew that sound....it was my wife's car. I froze for a few seconds and then snatched the remote to eject the DVD. I hobbled to the kitchen, wiped the cum from my hands and quickly pulled my jeans up, smearing the rest of my cream over my leg.




I ran back to the DVD player and plucked the disc out, frantically searching for the box.




I heard her key in the front door as I pressed the disc into the box and slid it under the sofa, sitting down quickly and desperately trying to look casual.


The door to the lounge opened.


"Hi." She said. "What are you doing home early?"


"Oh, I erm, I had to er....". Could I think of a reason?


"What about you?" I countered, desperately trying to distract her.


"I was just bored....so I flexed off." She said, her eyes narrowing.


She looked across the room to see the DVD drawer was still open.


"Why is the DVD drawer open?" She asked.


"I was, I was going to watch something....but then I....."


My wife's eyes were tiny slits now and she dropped her handbag on the chair to her right as she came towards me. She climbed onto the sofa, knelt over my lap and bent down to kiss me on the lips.


"What have you been doing?" She asked calmly. "Tell me."


"I haven't, er, I haven't been doing anything.....really. Just waiting for you to come home, you know...."


She grabbed my hair and pulled my head back before kissing me deeply, her tongue sliding into my mouth, could she taste the feint taste of my cock on my breath - I didn't know. As she kissed me her hands worked my zip downwards and her hand disappeared into my jeans, I willed my cock to get hard but it had been barely two minutes since I had spurted four days of spunk and it just wasn't going to happen.


My wife squeezed my cock hard a few more times and then looked me straight in the eye.


"Is there something you want to tell me?"


I gulped quietly as I felt her fingernails start to dig into my shaft. I shook my head and she repeated the question.


"Is there something you want to tell me, slave?"


I was starting to shake now, wondering just how seriously she took the contract and wondering what my punishment would be, or if I could I talk my way out of this?


Mistress R slid off my lap and stood up on the floor.


"Stand up." She ordered. "Drop your trousers....I want to see your cock hard."


I slowly stood up and started to tell her that I wasn't really feeling so good and that I didn't think I would be able to.


"Bullshit. You haven't cum for four days...or at least, you're not supposed to have."


She reached down and roughly shoved my jeans down. My boxer shorts were damp at the front where my cock had leaked cum onto them and my thigh was still coated with my ball cream.


She didn't say a word to me, she simply turned around, picked up her bag and walked out of the room. I pulled my jeans back up and tried to follow her but as I reached the top of the stairs I found the door to her dressing room slammed shut and locked.


I stood outside her door wondering what to do, should I try and apologise or should I leave her alone? She was obviously mad as hell, but I figured she would calm down eventually and it would be okay. Doubtless there would be some kind of punishment but it would be okay. I walked into the bathroom and tried to clean myself up, cursing my stupidity and wishing I could put everything back the way it was.


But that was only the start of it....


For four more days my wife hardly spoke to me and every time I tried to speak to her she ignored me or gave me some sarcastic comment about how I had disappointed her because I couldn't keep my hands off my sorry little cock. I tried to explain, tried to apologise, but she just wasn't interested. As far as she was concerned, I had been unfaithful to her and disrespected her authority.


This was harder for me than you can imagine. Since we'd met, my wife and I had hardly spent a night apart, we'd got engaged within six months and married within 18. I loved her to bits and worshipped her lovely body. We never rowed. We never didn't talk. It was unbearable. I would do anything to make it right, I didn't care what it was, but she wasn't interested in anything other than making me suffer.


And I suffered alright.


On the sixth day she told me she was ready to forgive me, but that she had to make sure that I wasn't going to waste her time anymore. She told me how much effort she put into dominating me and how hurt she had been that I had disobeyed her, especially when I had given her my word that I wouldn't. I felt even more awful than before and begged her to forgive me. It wasn't until she explained it to me that I understood why she was so upset about what I initially considered a 'little slip up'.


She told me that she would allow me to continue as her slave, but that I had to give her total control over my cock, balls, ass and my mouth. Otherwise we would have to revert to vanilla sex permanently and that she would never, ever allow me to lick her ass again. I said that I would do whatever she wanted if I could continue to be her slave and even consented to the idea that she could introduce some kind of chastity device if she decided it was necessary for her peace of mind.


I was so happy when she agreed and kissed me for the first time in days. I had been thoroughly miserable for a week and now everything was perfect again.


Or so I thought....





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