Female Domination

Owned by Mistress Wife, chapter 3

by Malibu Man




The next day my wife presented me with the picture she had been talking about. In it there was a guy laying on his back with his cock and balls pushed through a hole in a box that stood over his hips. On top of it stood a woman who was pressing her stiletto heel into his balls while another woman knelt beside the box seemingly plucking his ball hairs out with tweezers!


"There, that's what I want you to make for me." She said. "Then I can really abuse your cock properly, just like you've always wanted."


I forced a smile and nodded. I wanted to ask for some reassurance that she wasn't intending to buy any tweezers anytime soon, but I thought better of it. At the end of the day she'd already seen the picture and me bringing it up would only put it into her head. So I left it and picked up my car keys to go and buy some wood. I also decided to get some other parts for it and two days later I presented it to her in it's finished form.


I had actually gone to rather a lot of trouble in making the box. Not only had I built the thing, but I had decided that it would be much better if it was covered in something that was attractive and practical so I had bought some deep red faux-leather sheet and glued it to the outside of the box and then I had bought some studs to line the edges. It really did look the business, even if I do say so myself.


My wife was very pleased and was full of admiration for my handiwork.


"It's beautiful, have you tried it to see if it fits?"


"Yeah, it was a bit of a hassle to be honest, because you have to get the height just right otherwise if the legs are too tall you end up lifting your hips because your balls are being pulled up...and then you have to get the size of the hole right, but I got there in the end."


"I'm impressed slave, get undressed and show me..."


"Er, can I just go and...."


She glared at me.


"I said SLAVE, show me..."


"Yes Mistress. I'm sorry Mistress."


I put the box down on the cold kitchen floor and stripped off my clothes. I lay down and then placed the box over my groin, feeding my semi-hard cock and balls through the hole. Mistress bent down and started to rub my cock so that it was nice and hard.


"It looks fantastic slave, just what I wanted. Is it definitely strong enough to stand on?"


"Yes Mistress. Definitely."


"Good slave....now you just wait here I need to go and fetch a few things."


"Yes Mistress."


I lay on the cold tiles waiting patiently for my Mistress to return, wondering what exactly it was that she needed to fetch. After a few minutes I heard her coming down the stairs and then the tell tale click of her long black high heeled boots on the tiles.


I shuddered as I looked over at her. Her t-shirt and jeans had been discarded and she wore nothing save for the boots and her leather strap-bra, which wasn't so much a bra as a frame for her gorgeous tits. In one hand she held the hairbrush she sometimes used on me in our Femdom sessions and in the other she held the small leather cock-whip.


My cock pulsed in expectation as she came nearer. She placed the items on the kitchen side and then cautiously stepped onto the box. She reached out to steady herself by holding on to the sideboard and placed the sole of her right boot against the underside of my meat. She gritted her teeth dramatically as she pressed her foot slowly down against my cock, squashing the topside of it against the box beneath. She continued doing this a few times until my cock was rock hard and then stepped off the box.


"Those balls look very untidy." She said, rummaging in a drawer. "Ah, this will do."


Mistress knelt down beside my groin and scooped up my nuts in her hand, before encircling them with a binbag tie. She pulled it tight and then twisted it several times to keep it secure, in the process pulling my balls together into a tight package.


"There that's better." She said. "I don't want them getting in the way today."


Then she reached up and retrieved the small cock-whip and the hairbrush and set about tormenting my cock with them. First she would slap my length a few times with the whip and then rub the points of the hairbrush along my cock, taking care to press it really hard to make sure I could feel every single one. Then she would return to the whip, adding one extra stroke for each set until she got to 20. Then she put the brush and the whip down and climbed back onto the box to press on my cock with her boots again, each time pressing harder than the last and sometimes scaring me by placing the point of her heel against the tip of my cock and applying a little pressure before starting all over again.


I must have laid there for at least twenty five minutes while she tortured my cock and when she finished it was bright red and quite sore, but also harder than I'd ever known it.


"There." She said putting down her tools. "That looks better."


"Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress." I groaned, relieved that it seemed to be over.


Though it was disturbingly pleasurable, I was grateful she was finished because I really needed to cum. But Mistress had other ideas...and she hadn't finished. She bent down and took the tip of my burning cock into her warm, wet mouth, gently caressing the head with her tongue.


For a moment I thought my luck was in as she sucked me beautifully, but then I felt her teeth slide down either side of the length of my cock and then up again, before closing together to torment my glans still more. She delighted in digging her teeth in and then sliding them across the head of my cock. Just when I thought I couldn't take any more her tongue snaked out and she lovingly teased my cum-hole before swirling the tip around the base of my cock-head.


"Do you want to cum slave?" She asked, sitting up and opening her legs wide to show me her beautiful and freshly shaven pussy.


"Oh God, yes please Mistress."


Mistress smiled at the desperation in my voice.


"And where do you want to come slave?" Her fingers parted her lips, exposing the slippery pink flesh of her cunt


"Inside your beautiful pussy Mistress....?"


"Really slave....isn't that a little presumptious?"


"Yes Mistress." I sighed, thinking I had really dropped myself in it.


"Well slave, as it happens....I could just use some cock in me right now, because tormenting your cock has made me very wet and I need to cum."


My face must have visibly brightened, because Mistress raised an eyebrow and gave me a thin smile that told me I hadn't better get my hopes up. She got up off the floor and stood over me, before grasping my cock and holding it upright, slid her sopping wet pussy down over it in one long, slow movement until she was sitting on the box with my cock inside her, my balls crushed beneath her ass cheeks.


She let out a little murmur as she squeezed my cock with her cunt muscles and allowed her hand to fall between her legs, quickly finding her clit and massaging it as she looked down at me.


"Tell me how you feel about me slave, tell me how much you adore your Mistress...."


"I adore you Mistress, I can't even tell you how much....I spend all day thinking about you, half the time I can't even concentrate because all I can think about is the next time you are going to dominate me."


Mistress' pussy rippled around my cock, her fingers expertly manipulating her clit to bring her closer and closer to orgasm. Instinctively I tried to push my cock upwards, deeper into my Mistress pussy and it was only then that I realised that I was held firm by the box and Mistress' weight. Even if I was strong enough to lift her with my hips it was futile as my cock was held in place in the hole by my ball sack. The only way my cock could be stimulated was by the movements my Mistress made. My head dropped back to the floor for a moment in frustration.


"Look at me." she commanded. "....and do you like that...." she panted.


"...Yes Mistress, I love it...it drives me crazy sometimes, because my cock is always twitching, waiting for you to touch it, waiting for you to let me taste your gorgeous pussy or lick your wonderful ass...."


Mistress was getting close to cumming now, her fingers moving faster as she spoke, her breathing becoming rapid.


"And would you do anything for me?" She asked.


"Yes Mistress." I replied.




"Yes Mistress?"


"Would you let me shave your balls?"


"If it pleased you Mistress."


Mistress was very close to cumming now.


"Would you spend hours worshiping my ass?"


"Gladly Mistress."


Mistress sighed contentedly at my response and then pushed further.


"Would you drink from me?" She gasped as she came right to the edge.


I faltered a little, having never considered the possibility before.


"If you wished it Mistress."


Mistress voice was becoming hoarse and a little aggressive.


"Would you suck cock for me slave?"


I hesitated slightly and felt my face redden.


"Answer me slave.....answer me now!"


"....Yes Mistress."


Mistress bucked wildly on my cock, her cunt convulsing strongly around my meat as she came and groaning loudly as her orgasm shook through her body. I don't think I'd ever seen her cum so long and hard, but it still wasn't enough to grant me my own release and after several colossal spasms she slumped backwards with her hands on my knees, her head thrown back and her eyes closed.


When she got her breath back she allowed her head to fall forward to look at me.


"Right answer, slave...eventually."


Mistress slid backwards off the box so that she was sitting on the floor between my legs, her legs up on the box, either side of my sticky and still very red looking cock.


"What shall I do with you now...." She mused, dragging the heel of her boot up and down my sore length. "Mmm...I know."


She pulled her feet off the box, unzipped her boots and pulled them off, revealing her lovely naked feet. Then she got up and walked into the dining room to get a chair. She placed the chair's legs either side of mine and then sat down, placing her feet on the box next to my cock and balls.


"Have you ever had a foot job slave?"


"No Mistress."


"Not even before you knew me?"


"No Mistress, never."


"Would you like one now slave?"


"If it pleases you Mistress." I said calmly, really wanting to beg her to do so!


"I see...so you're not that bothered then slave?"


"No, I am Mistress, honestly I am!"


"Hmm, but you know what that means don't you slave?"


"No Mistress." I wasn't about to suppose anything and I didn't want to say anything that would fuck this up, especially not after the previous debacle.


"Can't you guess slave?"


"Will I have to lick my cum off your beautiful feet Mistress?"


Mistress bent down and picked up the cock-whip again, then slapped it extremely hard against my cock seven or eight six times.


"Did I say I was going to let you cum slave....did I?"


"No Mistress..." I hissed as the leather strafed my cock once more.


Mistress placed the small whip on the top of the box for a moment and grasped my balls, squeezing progressively harder as she spoke.


"Just remind me who own's your balls slave."


"You do Mistress."


"And who own's your cock, your mouth and your ass?"


"You do Mistress."


"And who get's decide if you cum or not slave?"


"You do Mistress."


She released her grip on my nuts but couldn't resist giving the wire tie another twist, tightening it round my sack.


"That's right. Now slave, where were we? Ah yes...."


She sat back on the chair and her feet grasped my slippery cock on either side and she started to pull my skin back and forth. My mouth opened as I revelled in the sensation.


"Ooh slave likes that, doesn't he?"


"Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress."


Mistress' feet moved faster, her toes wiggling around my cock head and then she forced my stalk into the gap between her big toe and the other toes. I hissed as the sensation around my cock became tight and she tugged it up and down with a firm steady rhythm.


"Are you ready to cum yet slave?"


I was more than ready, I was fighting it...


"If it pleases you Mistress." I managed to gasp.


"Good slave........but I think you should wait a while."


I knew her legs must be getting tired, but she was as determined as I was and I wasn't sure if I could hold out or not. While my cock was squeezed between the toes of her right foot, her left fell to my balls and she started to grind her toenails into them.


"Sure you're not ready to cum yet slave?"


"If it pleases you Mistress."


Her nails dug deeper causing me to wince and her foot moved still faster on my cock, she was definitely struggling now.




"Yes Mistress."


"You may cum."


"Aaaaaaaaaaaaah....thank you Mistress."


My hips bucked as much as they could beneath the box and streams of cum flowed from my cock, drenching Mistress' feet with my sticky juices. She continued to pump my meat and scratch my balls until she was satisfied that I was completely empty and then she slid her feet up and down my cock, ensuring that she had as much of my cum smeared on them as she could.


"You know what you have to do now slave, don't you?"


"Yes Mistress."


"Sit up."


I struggled to pull myself up to a sitting position and Mistress extended her cum covered feet. I grasped her ankles to support her legs and leaned forward and began to lick my spunk from her feet.

She made me continue until she was satisfied that every single drop of my juice had gone into my mouth, even making me lick between her toes to ensure that I didn't miss any. (I didn't really mind, I loved licking her feet, but I wasn't going to tell her that!) Finally she lowered her feet to my chest and pushed me back down onto the tiled floor. She leaned forward and looked down between her legs at the box I had made.


"Well done slave. I am very impressed with your handywork....but I think I would like to see some more studs.....I think they would look very good around the hole in the middle don't you...and of course that would give me something to grind your cock against wouldn't it?"


"Yes Mistress." I groaned, dreading the thought of my cock being trapped between her boots and rows of metal studs.


Mistress got up off the chair and hauled it back to dining room, returning with a mischievous look on her face. She walked around me a couple of times with her hands on her hips, looking down at my shrunken cock which was still poking through the hole in the cum smeared box. Then she positioned herself over my face and I looked up hopefully, anticipating a chance to use my eager tongue on her gorgeous asshole. But it was not to be.


"Open your mouth slave." She laughed. "It's time for that drink we talked about...."


I gulped loudly as Mistress crouched nearer and watched as she slowly allowed a trickle of her warm golden piss to fall into my open waiting mouth.







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