by Akasha







Matthew had nothing but a close-up view of the shining steel heel of my stiletto. He was on the ground, chin to the floor, hoping for a token lick or maybe even the chance to start worshipping up my taut legs, now in fishnets. He was yearning, I know, to lick slowly up the back of my calves, following the seam, inching closer and closer up toward my thigh and eventually finding his head under my rubber skirt.

Nope, it wasn't going to happen. I left him there, not releasing him from that position, as I finished my hair and makeup. My favorite music was playing in the background, my girlfriends were soon to arrive, and Matthew had no idea what kind of a night I had planned for him.


All he knew was that I had spent 2 hours getting ready, was dressed in my tightest, sexiest fetish outfit and he was wearing nothing but a skin tight black latex pair of briefs. He probably knew that meant I was taking him to some sort of a fetish event, because he knew I liked to show off his body.


I was quite proud of Matthew, and all the other femdoms would stare at him. The male subs, often not nearly in the shape he was, would acknowledge him with a sense of envy and jealousy – not only for his own charisma, but for being on the end of my leash. 

Matthew knew that if I had him dressed like a piece of slut property that meant I was going to take him somewhere on the edge, and the fact that I had a select group of friends meant he might be “shared” as the evening went on.


In addition, I had shaved his cock and balls freshly and had him in chastity for two weeks leading up to the evening of note. He was desperately hard in his CB-3000, especially after having to service me orally twice a day at the snap of my fingers. Matthew was suffering, indeed, and the mere sight of his pleading blue eyes served to make me even more wet.

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When I heard the car in the driveway I leaned down with a gloved hand and fastened the leash onto Matthew's collar, prompting him to stand up. He towered over me, easily, most of the time, but this time I was in 6 inch heels and we were closer in height. I loved to see him this way; all the masculinity, all the machoness, all the cockiness, all the self-assured easy-goingness was gone from him.

He was like a nervous teenager all over again.

I tugged on his leash, smiled, and said, “The ladies are waiting. I must tell you, a good man is hard to find.”





I let those words resonate with him for the entire drive to the secret party. I knew he would analyze them, wondering if there was some hidden meaning. Or, maybe, it was just a simple compliment.


Matthew was in his assigned position in the backseat – sprawled across the floor over our feet to keep our legs warm. It was uncomfortable for him because of his size, and we'd take turns slipping off our shoes and tickling him with our toes. I was positioned so that my feet were under his crotch, and I had long before mastered the ability to get him rock hard by masturbating him with my toes and feet. I could curl my soft, dainty soles around his cock and stroke up and down better than most women could give a hand job. It drove him crazy.

Carrie was sitting next to me, giggling, amused at him. She idly at times put her toes in his mouth and made him suck.

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Often she did this while we were in deep conversation. The two friends of mine in the front seat were chatting away with us also, and it was like four close girlfriends doing what they do best while Matthew was a side note, an object, just like a pet sprawled at the bottom of the car.

Except, he was being forced to suck toes and being masturbated by my feet. He knew his role, though, and that was to keep quiet.

The ladies and I talked as if he wasn't there. We talked about shopping, about shoes, about our latest office gossip, about our latest orgasms, about various sexual events. We didn't mind talking about our pussies in front of Matthew, our fantasies in front of Matthew, or even Matthew in front of Matthew. Quite often we talked all about Matthew.

Carrie would just shove her toes deeper into his mouth and say, “Don't you love it when we talk about it? It's almost as if you're relevant!”

Matthew could only moan a little, and keep on sucking.





Unlike most fetish parties, the private party we went to was full of more women than men, and the participants were of the most upscale, fashionable and gorgeous in-crowd. It was a very exclusive event, and I knew the hostess very well as she was a fan of my site and put some of my stories into a sort of “menu” for clients to choose from, so she could more accurately roleplay their deepest fantasies.

Her name was Alexia, and she was also very smitten with my Matthew. She didn't hide it either. As soon as she saw him trailing behind us, his hands politely behind his back, she leaned in to greet me with a kiss on the cheek and said, “Akasha, WHEN are you going to bring this piece of meat to my dungeon so I can have some play time with him.” I should say, she purred it.

Matthew blushed. Even though he seemed the type to never blush, he always did when complimented that way; it was another one of his endearing quality. As was his clearly visible large bulge in the front of his tight, tight black latex briefs.

We exchanged various greetings, and I was eager to get to the main event. We watched various fetish acts going on, mingled with some of the regulars. I had Matthew fetching drinks and at one point kneeling at my feet so I could tease him with finger food, but this was all idle play, and almost boring. I wanted to get to the reason I had planned that night.

Matthew did look nervous, I'll admit, when all eyes were on him and our hostess asked me if he was ready. “Of course,” I said. “He's always ready. He is, after all, a good man.”

The tug on his leash this time was a little harder, and he knew I meant business. I took him to a corner of the large main room and made him lay down on what looked like a slightly modified work out bench. Considering the way he was built, it looked as if he was simply about to start lifting weights.

But if you say the look on his face, you'd realize he knew it was going to be something far different. He was right.





Matthew had long had this fantasy, and I know he thought I would never get close to acting out on it. That's the beauty of it all, the fact that you can surprise someone, randomly, one day, with something they thought was only going to remain a fantasy. I didn't even tell him it was going to happen, because I didn't want him to spend every waking moment fantasizing about it. I wanted the reality to surpass it all.

And, it turned me on like nothing else. It was going to be the ultimate objectification and fed so nicely into my nastiest cum drinking fantasies, my smothering fantasies, my cuckold fantasies, my group sex fantasies. Matthew was indeed a good man, and I wanted everyone in that room to know just how good he was.

Matthew was tied down on his back to the workout bench, his arms down and wrists in a spreader bar underneath. His feet were on the floor and ankles tied tightly to the legs of the workout bench. I am a big fan of leather straps, so I had my girlfriends add two of them across his chest, just to hold him still and make his chest feel slightly constricted. Of course, I wanted him to be nervous, vulnerable, slightly scared, and incredibly turned on.


Based on the huge erection in his briefs that revealed everything, he was indeed turned on.

After he was restrained, everyone went about their normal business; that is, making love. Or having sex. Or, simply, fucking. Everyone, of course, but Matthew. When I walked over to him and sat on his chest, crossing my legs casually, letting him peek up my skirt to reveal my wet pussy, he looked confused.

“What's going on?” he asked me softly, shifting a little, probably more turned on by the feeling of my warm ass cheeks on his chest.

I lifted a leg over and straddled him, sliding my wet pussy down his chest and over his belly, then slowly up again, smiling down at him. He looked desperately confused, completely helpless, and painfully turned on. I could feel the bulge in his tight briefs against my ass as I backed up.

“You're going to be of use tonight, in any way, at any time, in any manner, ANYONE sees fit. You're just our sex toy. You're a fuck-beast. You're a cock to use, a mouth to use, and an ass to use. You're in for a long night.”

Matthew was breathing hard, as much as he could under the tight leather straps. I observed his expression for a moment as I reached behind me and slid my fingers under the waist band of his briefs, peeling back the latex which was now wet, hot and sticky. 

I teased his hard cock with the back of my ass crack for a moment, smiling at him, then lifted up and with ease slid down on top of him, feeling him at once fill me, tight, firm, hot. I knew he would not last long; he had not cum in weeks, and it was rare that I allowed him the pleasure of being in side me. It took a few soft moves of my hips, lifting my body off him just slightly at first, and a slow, rhythmic fucking that left him gasping, aching to move, desperate to be free to grab onto me.

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He got nothing. He did, however, cum loads into me. He was cumming hard for what seemed like a very long time; I just kept pumping, shoving my fingers into his mouth with amusement to muffle his groans, licking his taste off of me, reaching down and rubbing my pussy. Matthew was completely in another place, he could not believe what was happening to him.

Without hesitation I dismounted and slid up his chest slowly, inching up as he gasped to catch his breath, and when he opened his eyes he only had a brief second to see me smile as I stood with a thigh on either side of his head, leaving him to stare up at my cum soaked pussy.

“Lick,” I ordered. He was familiar with this, although it was a treat I had denied him for some time, so he was eager. I lowered myself down onto his face with a moan of satisfaction and pleasure, allowing him to do his job. He knew what I wanted; he knew I wanted him to first suck as much of the cum out as he could, then slowly clean up the inside of my pussy first, then all around my shaved crotch until there was not a drop left. He took his time; Matthew was talented with his tongue, and knew from experience that I expected perfection.


When he was finished, I lifted off of his face and again straddled his chest. I smiled, leaning down to slide my fingers over traces of cum around his lips, under his nose. I made him lick those bits off my fingers, also.


He was breathing hard, his cheeks flushed. I could feel his cock behind me, already hard again.

One of my girlfriends approached behind me. I saw Matthew look up at her. She was a gorgeous dark haired woman, tall, exotic. She had the hand of a lover who was a man with a huge cock – probably more than 9 inches, rock hard, dripping with pre cum. My girlfriend asked politely, “I want him to suck this cock for me, to get it ready.”

I turned to Matthew and raised my eyebrows. “Already a line for your services. You have quite a reputation.”

Matthew looked behind me at the man, and saw three other couples also standing close by.


I leaned down and whispered to him, my fingers intermingling with his hair. “You're going to drink cum out of any pussy presented to you. You are going to suck the cock of any man that a woman commands you to. You are going to be fucked in the ass, first by me, then by my three girlfriends. Including, at some point, two cocks in your ass at once. And that's just for starters.”

Matthew swallowed. When I sat up straight again he looked at me. I think he was at a loss for words, but I knew he was incredibly turned on. His cock didn't lie.

As I lifted a leg up and over his chest to dismount him, I smiled. “A good man is hard to find.”




As the evening went on, I realized a lot of things. First, while Matthew had talked a lot in the past about this gang-bang type fantasy, I realized early on that it was a much more overwhelming reality for him. In fact, there was a point that he was not sure it was what he wanted. It was a pivotal point for us.


Still strapped down on the bench, after I had made him clean out my pussy, he whispered my name and reached out to touch my stockings with two of his fingers. I leaned down to listen to his whispers.

“I…I don't know about this…” he said softly, his voice shaking just a bit.

I turned to look at him, at the conflict in his eyes. Groups of people were behind me, some eying the situation, obviously waiting for their change to get their hands on my boy. Others were off in various stages of sexual and sadomasochistic bliss. I also saw something else when I peered around; Matthew's cock was once again rock hard, standing straight up, pre-cum dripping down the shaft and creating a glistening pool on his briefs, which were pulled down slightly.

Matthew was nervous, but he was incredibly turned on. So was I. This was a bit of a shock to me; I had no idea that turning him into a fucktoy for a group of people would be so incredibly hot. But I couldn't deny it; I was soaking wet, and the heat between my thighs was impossible to ignore. After seeing his cock erect again, I could have gone another round right then and there.


All I wanted, though, was to see him used like a whore for everyone else's pleasure. I wanted to have them line up for a piece of my man; I wanted to see his mouth and ass used at the same time. I wanted him to feel objectified and exhausted, and for the evening to end without an ounce of him gone to waste. I want him to be stretched at every orifice, and prove that he could handle it, and could continue to be of service.


So I made the decision. I said, “Matthew, let me make something clear to you,” as I moved again toward him, standing next to his helpless, bound frame on the workout bench. I again lifted a leg up, this time sitting on his face so that he was covered with my soaking wet pussy. “This should tell you what *I* think of this situation.”

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I think the message was clear, evidenced by his deep moan and eagerness to lick my pussy, now fully soaked with my own juices and some light traces of his own cum. Yes, I was incredibly turned on, and I knew that nothing motivated Matthew more than getting me wet. “You want to get me off, slut?” I asked him.

His response was a muffled whimper into my pussy, an attempt to inhale.

That set it all into motion in no time.




I can't pinpoint what the best point of the evening was. I spent a great deal of time in a leisure chair just next to the workout bench where my slave was kept bound and helpless. It was a large, comfortable chair where I could have a perfect view of the action while leaving my legs open leisurely, toying with my vibrator, giving occasional commands or comments, or even take pictures and videos. I did a lot of everything.

Watching my Matthew suck the first huge cock from a large, well built man was astounding. I was impressed (but, not shocked) at Matthew's ability to take all 8 inches of the man's cock deep, and do such a fantastic job at sucking him off. Watching another man thrust his hips toward Matthew's face wasn't just another turn on. It put me on another planet. My Matthew was sucking dick right in front of me.


For the first show, I could not help but put in my request as I watched the man fuck Matthew's face, holding him by the hair ruthlessly to ram his cock all the way down.

“Cum all over his face,” I insisted, toying with my vibrator at the very edge of my pussy. I knew I would have to be sparing with the vibrator or else I would cum too quickly, and not fully appreciate the long evening ahead.

The man moaned with pleasure and looked over his shoulder at me, “You want to see a big load of cum on his face?” he asked me breathlessly.

“I do,” I responded. “Matthew looks hot with a face full of cum. Don't you, Matthew?”

There was a moan of approval from Matthew, who was so busy slurping and sucking, it was as if he was a fine oiled machine.

The man pulled his cock out with a grunt of pleasure, stroking himself off at the same time, and in second shot an entire load of cum all over Matthew's face. It was everywhere; in his eyes, in his hair, all over his chin and lips.

It drew a great round of applause from the crowd, who now were all watching the show, not just some of them.

No one stepped up immediately to clean up Matthew, who was breathing hard and licking his lips to get what bits of cum were on his face in reach. He was panting hard, his chest pushing up against the leather straps. He looked incredible in his nearly naked bondage, I couldn't resist taking pictures of him with cum all over his face.

A couple behind me called my attention. The woman was a tall blonde with large breasts who looked like a model. The man was reserved in appearance, conservative looking. She was obviously in charge. “I want to use a strapon on him,” she said, “while he sucks my lover's dick.”

I beamed. “That sounds perfect. Let me just flip the bitch over.”




Turning over Matthew was an erotic experience itself. First I let him use a hand mirror to scoop up whatever cum he could from his face onto his fingers and lick it all off, little by little. I wanted to make sure he was sufficiently “cleaned up” before his next performance.

The bench was equipped with a special pull-away hole in the middle at crotch level, so that even face down, Matthew's cock was exposed on the other side pointed toward the ground. Immediately I had more ideas for that, including weights on his balls or a variety of cock torture (which never really came to be; there was a line of up women who had their men on a leash ready to suck off my Matthew, the ladies eager to see a man suck cock just as I was).

We strapped Matthew down face down, his cock through the hole, and his ankles spread and down so his ass was in perfect position to be fucked. This left both his mouth and ass completely exposed and ready to be violated. He was such a sight!

The first couple were ready at once. I went around to greet Matthew first, to check on him, to see that he was still well aware of what was about to happen. And, to remind him of how turned on I was. This time, I turned around and pressed my fine ass against his face, making him search with his tongue for my pussy and also worship my ass for a bit. I think it was very clear to him how much this was making me wet, and he agreed eagerly to continue.

The tall blonde was wearing a fine leather harness and sporting a 9 inch pink dildo. It looked stunning. Her lover was massaging his half-limp cock to erection, and both of them looked more than ready.

Watching Matthew take it both ways was a crowd stopped. You could hear a pin drop, because everyone was so entranced by the act they were witnessing. The woman's huge pink dildo look incredibly hot sliding in and out of Matthew's tight butt cheeks, and he did not seem that phased by it as he kept his mouth open to suck the second cock of the night. He slurped it all down, his entire body rocking with the motion of the woman's precise thrusts. She apparently was not new to using the strapon, and it was obvious to everyone watching.

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She had great precision with her hips, and was giving him long, deep, rotating thrusts. I was worried he might cum, because he was sensitive enough that way that I had made him cum from ass fucking many times. Peering under the table, I could see he was indeed dripping precum like mad.

I walked over and reached down, scooping lots of the precum up on my fingers and licking it off in Matthew's line of vision. He wasn't so busy focusing on cocksucking to not give me a glance, watching me eat his taste off my fingers in approval. He could tell once more from the look in my eyes and my body language that I was very aroused by this, and approved of his performance.

Without warning, the man exploded in Matthew's mouth and he swallowed it all, gagging slightly on it but still managing to get very drop. This was all much to the delight of the blonde, who was ready to cum herself just by watching the entire act unfold in front of her as she pumped her big latex beast into his ass.

My girlfriends, meanwhile, were taking turns peeking down under the table to comment on Matthew's erection, each reaching under now and then to give him a few strokes of encouragement, or to announce to the people who did not have a good view just how hard the party slut was. He got a round of applause.

Her lover spent, the blonde removed her cock from Matthew's ass to give someone else a chance. There were two other women waiting, each strapping on their own member. Once had an 8 inch realistic flesh dildo, and the other had a 9 inch black cock. Two men also wanted their chance at Matthew's mouth, and they were negotiating who would go first.

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I was the one that suggested they take him at the same time; I knew how much cock he could suck; after all, on more than one occasion I had shoved two huge dildos into Matthew's mouth. He could take it.

The guys were impressed by this, and agreed to dual-fuck my slut's mouth. I wanted a good view of this, so I made his ass off limits and instead I took time to finger him myself, knowing just how to do it to make him insane with lust. It also gave me a chance to spank him, another thing I loved to do while watching him perform.

He was sweating all over, and that was incredibly erotic to me. His entire body was covered with glistening moisture, and his hair was starting to drip a little. A pool of saliva was on the floor under his head because he had been slurping and sucking so eagerly. He had to keep shifting his body weight to get comfortable in the variety of restraints, but he did so eagerly, wanting only to continue for me. All he required was that I told him I was still enjoying it. He said, “Then, keep it coming…”

Indeed, we did. Soon he had two cocks in his mouth, which was logistically challenging and most of the time he could only take one at a time. One of the guys liked to slap him in the face though, and that was pretty hot to watch as well. I was masturbating with one hand and fingering him with the other, pumping two fingers, then three, all the way into his ass. If I knew I had the time, I would have fisted him right there. But I was eager to see more cocks in his ass, and the partygoers behind me were eager for their turn.

One of the men came into Matthew's mouth and the other came all over his face at the same time. More applause. What a mess! I had to laugh a bit when I took a picture that time, and when I went to help clean up my helpless slut, I whispered to him, “Are you still ok?”

He looked up at me, straining his neck a little. “The position is a little tiring,” he said, his voice scratchy. His lips were red and strained, his eyes watering a little – he looked like such a tramp! “But I want to keep going if this pleases you,” he said.

I felt such a rush inside of me. I was enamored and drowning in lust all at the same time, thinking that he was so willing to keep going at it, to continue until every single guest at the party had a chance at him. All for me.

I smiled and slid my fingers through his hair. “Let me get you some water,” I suggested. “And then we'll continue.”

“As you wish,” he responded quietly.

Turning to go fetch the water, I heard a woman a few paces away ask out loud, “Does anyone know where there's a bathroom!?”

I turned and looked at Matthew. He was staring at me inquisitively.


”I do,” I said to her.


Matthew had never been forced to drink piss from anyone but me, and I was unsure how he would handle it. It was as if he was in a trance at this point, though; he was so turned on, so objectified, I think he would have done anything at that point.

Releasing Matthew from his bonds gave him an opportunity to stretch his taut muscles, and seeing him stand upright, much taller than many of those milling around, surveying the room, was a sight in itself.

Matthew did indeed look wrecked. Extremely exhausted, weary, but his eyes still held that sparkle of confidence and resolve. A girlfriend and I were fussing with the restraints on the innovative and adjustable bench-type device, and the impatient female partygoer was standing a few feet away bouncing eagerly like a schoolgirl with bladder problems.

She had a youngish look to her, probably helped by her Catholic School Girl outfit – with thigh high fishnets. Her brown hair was in pigtails. She was holding both hands over her crotch saying, “Gotta pee, gotta pee!”

Soon we had Matthew fastened down once again. This time, on his back again, his arms outstretched over his head and his legs, though, this time were up in stirrup-type lifts. This added to his humiliation. I'd quickly fastened a cock and ball harness over his dick, which was glistening from pre-cum and rock hard. It was obvious he was enjoying his ultimate servitude to me.

The young woman happily and eagerly assumed her position above my slut, pulling down her panties and standing with a thigh on either side of his head, looking down to aim as best she could with precision. Meanwhile, I stroked his cock through the harness to keep him even harder, telling him out loud in front of the entire group that he was indeed my cocksucking toilet whore, and that he'd continue to take whatever I wanted up his ass, in his mouth and elsewhere that evening.

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Watching the young woman piss into his mouth was hot; but it hotter noticing how many men around me were jacking off at will. I wondered if they were turned on by the young woman. I realized they were more turned on by what I was doing to Matthew. They all wanted to be him. Little did their female partners know (and some of them, sadly, would never know) that they were not watching him in shock; they were watching him in envy.

They all wanted to be used in such a degrading way! Why? Because they saw how it was turning me on. They were enamored with my ease in masturbating right there, watching my slave endure it all. They watched me sit on his face once more and have him lick me to my satisfaction, wanting a mid-evening orgasm. They watched me make him lick my ass as I bent over casually, having him turn his head all the way. I was having a casual conversation with my girlfriend asking her where she got the stockings she was wearing as he ran his tongue up and down my ass crack eagerly. Meanwhile, the line up became great.

At this point, it became obvious that I could choose any man, any woman, any couple to have my Matthew. Those that had been hesitant at first were now so aroused, they wanted a piece of the action.

One woman approached me with what was the largest dildo I had ever seen. She said, “We have a bet whether or not your slave can take this up his ass.” It was black, about fourteen inches long and eight mean inches in circumference. I saw Matthew lifted his head to see what we were talking about. He groaned, and his cock pulsed. To me, that meant he did think he could take it; or at least he'd try it.

Having his legs up, knees bent, ankles strapped in stirrups was even more objectifying and hot. The position was such that his legs were pulled back and up far enough that his ass was pointed up and his hole was visible and accessible to all. Still tight and willing, it sat there as an invitation to all that wanted to violate him – by finger, by tongue, by dildo, or by cock.

This one was going to be a challenge. I took a huge tub of lubricant and began slathering it all over his belly to tease him, then up his cock and started stroking it there. Up and down his cock, smearing all over the leather cock and ball harness, making a huge mess, I told him about what was going to happen to him.

“I'm going to lube up your ass so you can take the biggest cock you ever have,” I warned him. “You are going to be stretched so wide you'll feel like you are going to be split in half. You're going to be impaled with more than two inches of cock width. This is going to prove to everyone just what a fuckwhore you are.”

I made Matthew look again at the cock. I had the woman take it and shove it into his face as I fully lubed his asshole, sliding two, three and four fingers into his ass, the slick mess squishing loudly. “Stick it in his mouth,” I encouraged her.

He could barely take more than the head of this huge beast; it was enormous! There was a bit of a murmur from the spectators. I think some whispers from those who believed no man could handle a cock this size. Surely, the monster cock must have been a party decoration, not a functioning dildo!

The lovely blonde woman brought the huge cock to me, which was slightly red at the tip from Matthew's failed attempts to suck it down. It didn't matter; it was about to go into him anyway.

His tight hole resisted the cock at first. He was tense, his muscles tight, his legs all stiff and his butt cheeks squeezed together. “Loosen up, whore!” I ordered, slapping his ass to make him open his eyes and pay attention. He was gritting his teeth, clenching his fists and hissing breath what he could. Just the head barely disappeared into his asshole, spreading his two ass cheeks far. And that was just the tip!

The gigantic dildo was a challenge for Matthew. He let out his breath, sweating like man, writhed a little and groaned. I pushed more. The dildo slid in just a slight bit, and the crowd ooh'd. That appeared to distract him as he tightened up once more, pushing the dildo back out and eliminating the progress we had made. I frowned.

Impatient as I was, I pushed harder, pushed at the base of the huge cock, its balls like two giant bulbs in my line of vision. I pushed with the weight of my body a bit, pressing my breasts into the backside of the dildo. It went in a couple of inches, and Matthew let out a gasp in pain. But it was going in, it was spreading his ass cheeks apart so far, it was inhuman. But his ass could take it. I was dripping wet, simply aroused behind belief.

Someone started taking pictures. I couldn't take it anymore; I wanted to watch, wanted to take the best seat in the house. I turned to my best friend and said, “You take over,” and let her step into my place.


There was an audible “mmph” as I took my seat – on Matthew's face – watching from there as my girlfriend continued to push the enormous black beast into his asshole. He was so stretched, it nearly ruined his concentration to lick me. But once he got started, he fell right into his routine, licking me eagerly.

The monster cock soon entered him more, and people were awed. I slid up and down and sideways on Matthew's face, completely aroused and ready to cum. I had never seen such a display in my life. I couldn't believe Matthew's ass could accommodate a cock of that side. I must say, I was proud of him, even as I was focusing on my pleasure.

There was a limit as to just how far in the dildo would go, but it seemed humanly impossible that it went in as far as it did. I instructed my beautiful friend to keep pumping at a steady rhythm, faster and faster, imagining how much pressure he must feel inside, how he must feel like he was going to explode from it, how stretched his asshole was. He just kept moaning, kept licking my pussy, moving his hips slightly to accommodate the monster dildo.

For awhile, I had her leave it there hanging out of his ass. It fell slightly from such huge weight. He groaned.

It must have been in his ass for a good 20 minutes before I dismounted his face, went around and started to pull it out. I wanted to watch up close how his ass resumed its normal shape, imagining I may see a huge hole upon its release. His asshole, though, slid tight as the dildo was removed, his ass cheeks coming back together. He groaned loudly, and panted with exhaustion. More applause from the horny onlookers.

As the dildo was taken away by the woman who had brought the challenge, apparently the bet-looser as she looked dejected, I realized that the room was still full of dozens of horny guys jerking off. I wondered how my Matthew could satisfy all of them in time for us to go home and for me to get pleasure of my own!

Being the crowd pleaser I am, though, I came up with a compromise that satisfied the most important person of all. Me.


I went to my toy back and shuffled through the dildos, plugs, vibrators and other toys, until I found the item I was looking for. A leather O-ring gag and shallow funnel.

Matthew hated the gag, of course, but he didn't have a choice. What I had in mind was going to be the night topper, and there was nothing he could do to talk me out of it.

I told the dozen or so men of various ages and builds that they, too, would have a chance to use Matthew in good time. The idea was one I had toyed with in several dark fantasies, but never in a million years thought I would have the opportunity.

Matthew grimaced when I took him by the hair and put the O-ring gag into his mouth. He gave me a disgruntled look and shifted in his bonds. In his eyes I could tell he was wondering what else I could possibly put him through; I am sure his ass was still throbbing in its attempt to return to its normal shape, and he was vividly remembering the sting of the beastly cock pounding him from behind.

With the gag in place, I took the shallow funnel, which had a wide opening, and fastened it over the gag. It became all too apparent to Matthew, and to those around us, what was about to happen. He was about to be forced to drink cum – gobs of it – from whoever wanted to add his seed to the pot.

And the men were horny, ready to jerk off, with lots of women who were so intrigued by the process they were happy to help prime their partners for ejaculation. Matthew could do nothing but wait, the sounds and sights of mass self pleasure around him as men approached with stiff cocks in hand, ready to empty their load.

I wanted to make sure that the cum guzzling was consistent, though. I insisted that the men get right on the edge, because I wanted Matthew to have no break as the loads and loads of creamy white fluid was poured down his throat. I wanted it to be an endless stream with no breaks, and seemingly no end. To say my pussy was soaked is an understatement.

The men obliged, and in the first round, four cocks were ejaculating into the opening of the funnel at once. The cum started to back up, as Matthew could only swallow so much at a time. As soon as they backed off, three more men replaced them, all on the edge, pumping their throbbing dicks until they squirted almost in unison into the pool of cum that was already there. The funnel was actually filling up! 

Matthew guzzled. That was all he could do. He swallowed and swallowed but more kept cumming. His eyes were shut tight as I am sure he was concentrating. I wondered if the loads tasted different, if the consistency of each load mixed with the other, if he could perceive just how much of the liquid he was swallowing down.

One man couldn't hold his load and came all over Matthew's face, but that was ok – it was in his eyes, his hair, and dripping down his nose. I doubt he knew, he was too busy swallowing three more loads of cum. I couldn't resist reaching into the funnel with my finger to stir up the fluid, mixing together more cum than I had ever seen in one place. To think he was going to keep swallowing until it was all gone.


More men came forward, and I even recognized some from before. Certainly the display was a big enough turn on, they could not resist coming back for seconds. Matthew was gagging on it all, but I figured it was more from the O-ring than the actual cum. He was a cum drinker to the core, he just hated being gagged.

The last man approached. He was a large man with a football player's build, and he had the biggest cock I had ever seen. I wondered how I had missed him from before. He was stroking his eleven inch dick and looking at Matthew. He said to me, “I want to stick my cock in his mouth.”

“Sure,” I said. I couldn't help but reach over and stroke the man's huge cock. I had never seen or felt anything like it, and I wanted to know if it was real. My hand could barely close around it. It was amazing. Veins were popping out everywhere. Precum was forming in a nice white blob at the end of his dick.

My girlfriend removed the funnel and gag, and for good measure turned the funnel so Matthew could lick out the insides and all through the plastic. He cleaned out every drop. He turned his head to the huge cock in front of him, swallowed, looked at me, then opened his mouth wide. As wide as he could.

With his head turned painfully to the side, an awkward position at best, he choked a little when the huge cock was slid into his mouth. At first he could not take it all. Then, he relaxed, and soon the man was pumping his hips fully, getting the length of his huge dick all the way into Matthew's mouth.

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What a sight it was, seeing that huge dick in Matthew's mouth, watching my slut's spit glisten up and down the massive length of the huge shaft. The guy obviously was impressed; in no time he was morning and saying, “Oh yeah baby, suck it baby, take it all man, suck my dick!”

Matthew did as told, and soon the man was pumping his hips into Matthew's face with a fury, and when he came, Matthew's entire body tensed as he sucked and sucked, managing to not lose a drop or fail to accommodate the entire length of the man's enormous shaft. He swallowed again and again, and when the man pulled his cock out with a groan of pleasure, he let his tongue slide along the bottom of the shaft.

I was speechless; just watching Matthew, whose face was still flushed, sweat dripping off of him. I could do little more than that. His eyes were weary and his lips were swollen. I did not even want to think what his ass felt like.

“You are such a whore for me,” I told him.

When I turned, I saw that his cock was still rock hard. His erection was fierce.

Turning back to him, I said, “Good thing you left some for me. You have more in store when we get home.”

From behind me, a woman leaned over and whispered, “You aren't leaving now, are you? A good man is hard to find, you know.”




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