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by David Jacobs




I suppose it was inevitable that I would end up addicted to big black cocks;


My mother made my father's life a misery due to her continual infidelity with black men, making him suffer the humiliation of her going out dressed like a slut and coming home in the early hours, or not at all! He worked very long hours, while she didn't lift a finger, so he was probably unaware of all her escapades, but numerous times I came home from school to find her in her room with a black man. I'd hear her begging for his cock and then having screaming orgasm after screaming orgasm, alongside the now familiar sounds of bodies slapping against each other, then a loud groan as her latest lover emptied himself into her.


I was 11 or 12 and very mature for my age, so I already knew quite a lot about sex. I'd had a few encounters with older boys at school, but what my mother was experiencing was clearly in another league!


As time went on, my mother made my father's life complete hell, but I never felt much symapathy for him, believing that if he was a real man he'd stand up to her. He never did though, he just accepted it when she gave him a list of chores before she swept out of the door in her micro skirt, high heels clacking as they hit the ground. I finally figured some of it out when she came home in the early hours one night and I heard her talking to my father in their bedroom:


"Kiss my feet wimp" I heard. Wanting to find out more, I crept to their door and listened from the landing.


"Right, clean all that wonderful black man's cum out of me, and don't stop licking until I order you to, you fucking pathetic excuse for a man".


cum eating cuckold  


"Yes mistress"


I had to know what was going on and I reckoned they were both distracted, so I gently eased the door open and looked in. There was my mother naked but for a pair of slutty high heels, lying back in comfort while my father knelt on the floor with his head between her thighs, lapping away vigorously. My pussy tingled at the sight before me as I realised that it was true - my father was actually being ordered to lick her lover's cum out of her!


Suddenly mother noticed me, but she just winked, smiled, then closed her eyes and carried on with her pleasure.


To cut a long story short, a couple of years later, she eventually got into a serious relationship with a well built black man called Derek. I got used to him being around the house when father was at work and it never bothered me that he was being made such a fool of. After what I'd seen I decided he deserved all he got!


One day when I was 14 my mother sat me down as she had something important to tell me:

"You know that your dad and me have not had a conventional relationship for a very long time sweetheart, and since I met Derek I've realised that I want to spend my life with a real man, not a weak pathetic wimp. So I've told your dad that he has to move out while I decide for sure if I want to settle down with Derek. He's going to rent a room in a hostel as cheaply as possible so that he still has plenty of money for the bills here and stuff like that. I've told him that the costs will go up because Derek has 2 sons who'll be moving in as well, and of course there will be 5 of us going on holiday instead of 3, so he'll have to put in a lot more hours."


I was amazed that my father had apparently accepted all this and was going to work himself to death to pay for his wife and lover to have an easy life!


I told mum that I get on fine with Derek but wasn't so sure about his sons moving in.


"Oh you'll be fine, trust me! they are a couple of years older than you so they can take you out and show you a good time".


"Won't they be untidy and messy mum? all the lads I know are"


"That won't be a problem because I've made your dad pay for a daily cleaner to keep the place spotless. Since he used to do all the chores it was the least he could do".


My father's willingness to abase himself for my mother just amazed me, but I figured she'd got the right idea - A good role model for me!


Derek's sons were called Earl and Darius, and when I met them I was very impressed! They were tall, black, good looking, well built, with athletic bodies, and they were very very confident.


I moved into the spare room so they could share my larger bedroom, but lots of my stuff was still in there so I was forever popping in and out.


Frequently I'd be in the middle of getting ready when I needed something, so I'd just be in my underwear, as they would too, and their bodies were a sight to behold!


I'd lie in bed every night playing with myself and  fantasising about having sex with them - really filthy rough sex that a 14 year old shouldn't even know exists, let alone be fantasising about!


I began to take any opportunity to let them see me half dressed or to catch them getting dressed.


One night I deliberately went in their room straight from the shower with just a short towel round me "to get something", and "accidentally" let it slip off in front of them.


Darius picked it up and held it over his head, laughing and saying to his brother:


"Whoa bro! look what a hot little body our new baby sister got!"


They then passed the towel to each other, laughing at my predicament, but not taking their eyes off my naked body for a second!


After a couple of minutes I noticed both of them had enormous bulges in their boxer shorts!

Shit! none of the boys I fooled around with had cocks even half that size!


Darius saw me ogling him, and with a big smirk on his face, he said:


"Wanna see what a big black cock looks like sweetypie?"


I just nodded, so he said:


"Well come and have a look"


With that he flipped his boxers off and his massive member stood straight out in front of him.


"Wassup babe, none of your whitey boyfriends got a real dick?"


I shook my head and walked slowly towards him. He grabbed my hand and placed it on his cock.


"That's right honeybun, stroke it like that for a while"


Both my hands just reached round it as I gently wanked him off. I'd done it loads of times with dicks that fitted in one hand, but never with a monster like this!


"Now then you sexy lil minx why don't you kneel down and see how it tastes"


I didn't need asking twice and was soon forcing my mouth as wide open as possible to get the end in!


I began sucking it and stroking his balls as he groaned in pleasure above me.


Next I felt Earl kneel down behind me and start kissing my neck and stroking my nipples. I was going wild and sucked Darius off like an expert. Earl then reached round under my bum and started playing with my clit, sending me into raptures!


Suddenly Darius's cock started pulsating and next thing my mouth was filling up with gallons of thick cum. I carried on until he'd finished and then gulped and gulped until it was all gone. At this point Earl picked me up and laid me on his bed, then climbed on top of me as I willingly parted my thighs.


His cock felt way too big and I didn't expect it to fit, but I was so wet and horny that he gradually managed to get inside me, as I screamed in ecstasy beneath him. He started slowly then speeded up, driving me absolutely wild!


Just as a massive orgasm begin to tear through me I felt Earl's cock pumping me full of his cum. this just made my orgasm even more intense and I screamed the house down!

(Fortunately mum and Derek were staying over with some friends)


Earl collapsed beside me and wrapped his big arms around me, telling me what a fantastic fuck I was. Darius laid down on the other side and stroked my leg, telling me they were really going to enjoy spending time with their new sister.


Here I was, a 14 year old girl recovering from a threesome with a 17 and a 19 year old and god it felt gooood! Darius said I was amazing and that since we were under the same roof we should just do that whenever we felt like it.


Like a true slut in the making I smiled and said: "So would twice a day be OK then boys?"


They both laughed and began expertly warming me up for another session. we went at it all night, with them both cumming four more times each. It was fanfuckingtastic!


Next day I got the morning after pill and then told mum that I had started having sex and I thought it was time I went on the birth control pill. She didn't look remotely shocked but just smirked and said:

"Getting on well with Earl & Darius then sweetheart?"


I burst out laughing and told her they are fantastic and I wanted them to stay forever.


"Fine with me" she said. "I plan on Derek staying for good too. I'll give your dad the good news that he should plan on getting a second job to keep us all long term"


From then on me and the boys had sex morning noon and night. Mum and Derek were at it too so they didn't bother us.


The lads introduced me to anal sex, spit roasts and loads of other wonderful stuff that I couldn't get enough of.


They started taking me out with them to parties with their black friends and encouraged me to fuck as many men as I wanted. I still wasn't 15 but I was addicted to black cock and took every chance to get pumped full of thick black cum in all 3 holes.


My school work suffered because I preferred to stay at home in bed with my black studs. Dad was paying all the bills so nobody worked. We just had sex, went to the gym, had sex, went out for lunch, had sex, came home and had sex, then more sex. The lads loved doing me in my school uniform so I frequently got ready for school and was then dragged into their room for a good seeing to - could life get any better?!


As the months passed and my reputation spread, I was getting fucked by different black men every day. We'd go to black clubs where there was a special room at the back for couples to get it on. But when I was there it was me on all fours being done in all 3 holes, with a queue lined up watching and waiting for their turn - addicted to black cocks? Yep, totally!!


One day Darius asked me if I fancied becoming a porn star and I was really up for it!


"Does that just mean carrying on like I do but getting filmed?"


"That's about it sis" he laughed. "You can make a fortune"


"Sounds great to me big bro" I replied as I rode his massive cock and he expertly stroked and pinched my nipples.


The boys set up the business, with a website, a rented studio, and a big bed!


Over the following months my bank balance swelled considerably and my films were all over the net on interracial cuckold sites.

We got a submissive white man involved who played my husband, and boy did he suffer some abuse! He must have drunk gallons of cum and piss over the time we used him.


We even fitted a locked chastity cage to his little cock, leaving it on permanently. Then I suggested getting a  large dog cage in the corner of the studio and locking him in it when he wasn't being used. We could leave a webcam on it 24/7 and charge for watching him.

This developed further when I bought a cattle prod and started poking him through the bars, then all the men started having a go too.

I said we should have a drain fitted in the corner of his cage and then everyone could piss on him, again on webcam. So we did, and all the men who fucked me took great delight in making him open his mouth wide while they were pissing all over him!


When he was being used in a film we'd make him shower and then play his part - sucking cocks, licking cum out of my pussy and ass, licking cum off the floor, kicking him around, whipping him, making him lick the toilet floor while I rested my high heel shoe on his back and got fucked standing up.

I decided we could increase our audience if we made some gay porn, so we advertised for dominant gays to abuse him on camera and were inundated with replies!

Soon he was being used 24/7 either in my interracial cuckold stuff or BDSM gay films. And he just accepted all of it!


I decided that since he clearly got off on all the abuse and humiliation he might as well pay for it. So one day when I had him on his knees in front of me, being filmed sucking cum from a used condom that we'd sent him to pick up in a back alley behind the studio, I told him that we didn't need him anymore and he should pack up and fuck off.


He begged and begged to be allowed to stay and star in more films, so as he begged I pretended to gradually be won over and told him he could carry on as long as he paid for the privelige. He readily agreed and so I began charging him £200 and hour, not just for his acting time but for every hour he spent at the studio, even the nights when he was simply locked away with a bottle of my piss to drink.


He was quite wealthy when he started out, but within a few months he was broke, so we just sold him on to a gay brothel and then very easily found a replacement - obviously wimpy white men who get off on being abused are very common!


As time went on I started noticing older white men giving me a second look, as if they recognised me. I loved the feeling of power that it gave me, knowing that if they knew me from my films they were pathetic wimps who paid to watch me fuck black men and abuse whiteys - my favourite occupation!


It was a fantastic few years with a wonderful lifestyle, but eventually I decided that I needed my own wimp husband to keep me in the manner to which I was accustomed.


I knew this meant marrying a rich white man, but that was fine, because I'd still be spending my days full of black cocks once I put him in his place.


I sampled a few wimpy white men until I met one who fitted the bill.




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