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Dressing Goddess Nicole - humiliation, chastity


My beautiful Goddess Nicole was about to get ready to go out tonight, again. This should be ok, right? It would be if she was going out with me and going to fuck me tonight and pleasure me in many ways. But nope, again, I will be left at home to clean the house and do chores and be waiting for her when she either brings her lover home or just comes home late with more chores for me to do.


But, that is for later and now it is time for me to get Goddess Nicole ready for her hot date, according to her. We both walk into the bathroom together with me naked, as usual, except for my chastity belt. She commands me to undress her so I take off her shirt and bra first revealing her massive double D chest. Her blond hair is so beautiful and just compliments her body. Goddess Nicole is not skinny but not fat by any means, she is just a thicker woman with huge breasts and nows how to flaunt it as well. Next, I took her socks off and then her jeans, revealing her red thong. She told me to go around to the back of her and take off her thong with my mouth, which she always finds amusing.


After struggling to get her thong off of her beautiful round ass, she informs me that since I am wearing my chastity belt and all, that I should just kneel outside the shower while she takes a shower. I mean, the key is around her neck, dangling between her luscious breasts, but she couldn’t be bothered to let me join her in the shower whatsoever. I haven’t helped give her a bath since the very first time she let me get her ready, and she told me I got too excited and that I would never be allowed to help again. Who could blame me though? Being allowed to wash her beautiful body while water was flowing all over it, it was just an amazing site.


She is finally done her long shower and she gets out looking stunning as usual. I quickly hand her the towel and she starts to dry herself off, another chore that I am banned from unfortunately. She told me to leave the room and go get the clothes ready that we bought today when we were out shopping. Again, as usual, she just had to go get a new outfit for her date, right down to new underwear and all!


I go downstairs and grab the clothes that she bought on our shopping trip. She bought this hot tan skirt with a slit up the side and a tight, very low cut red top that showed more than just a little bit of her massive cleavage, at least when she bent over a tad bit. Her underwear was just so sexy, the tiny red lacy thong complimented her new red bra perfectly, and I couldn’t wait to help her into it and later on, help take it off of her after her long night out. I was sure the thong would be soiled in no time as well. It seemed like a waste of money to buy all these new clothes that will hardly be worn at all.


I went back upstairs with her new clothing in my arms and found her waiting in the bedroom with her makeup in hand. Her hair was already done and she scolded me for taking so long getting her clothes ready. She told me to bring the clothes over to the bed and lay them there and then crawl over to her. She then led me over to the full length mirror in the bedroom and get on all fours. She proceeded to place her makeup on my back and sat on my back while doing her makeup.


Goddess Nicole started to talk about her date tonight with Tyrone. She told me she didn’t really know much about him other than he was a black guy and she couldn’t wait to see how huge his cock is. She told me all about how she is going to give him blowjobs and how she is going to fuck him like crazy. She did tell me that she will bring home a present, maybe a condom or two full of cum even. She did promise a cum soaked thong though and that I could suck on it when she came home. She also said she doubts she will bring him here on the first date but she may bring him around in the future if all goes well. She told me that she expected the entire house cleaned while she was out and she was not letting me out of my chastity belt, of course.


She finally finished up with her makeup and now was the time to get Goddess Nicole dressed, the most humiliating chore but very erotic. She told me to grab her thong first and come to the front of her. I grabbed her thong of the bed quickly and crawled back to her and kneel, my face right at her pussy. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled it into her pussy and told me to not even dare lick her. She wanted me to get a good smell of a clean pussy before it was filled with black cum. She also wanted me to just be tortured by the fact that this was her beautiful pussy and I will never, ever get to have sex with it. She then turned around and did the same thing with her ass, digging it into my face and just laughing at me. It was purely humiliating. She then sat down briefly and told me to put the thong on. I started out by putting both her gorgeous feet through and pulled it up to around her knees. She stood up and I pulled the thong the rest of the way up, covering her pussy and ass, barely. I was then told to lay down on the ground right beside her bed. She proceeded to grab her skirt and put that on herself while standing directly over me. She then grabbed her bra and shirt and then sat on top of my face. She told me say goodbye to her breasts for the rest of the night, because when she comes up, they will be covered. I couldn’t see a thing, as the skirt covered my eyes. I was very disappointed, as I wouldn’t be putting her bra or shirt on for her. She then told me why I was being punished. I forgot to grab her favorite boots and now she had to go get them. She got off my face, now completely dressed and got her boots out of her closet. She brought them over to me and told me to stick my tongue out. She wiped the soles across my tongue a few times and told me to get up.


She allowed me to place both boots on her feet, luckily. She was now all ready to go so she told me to go get my wallet. She knew I had taken money out earlier so she told me to hand it all over. She took my wallet and cash and told me she did not trust me and didn’t want me to spend any of her money. She also told me to go over to the hamper and get her purple thong she wore yesterday. I searched in the laundry and grabbed it out and handed it to her. She told me to open my mouth and she shoved it in, making me taste her scent. She grabbed the locking ball gag and placed it over my mouth and locked it with a key, which she proceedd to place in her bra for safekeeping. She made me follow her to the door on my knees and at the door, she shoved her ass in my face one last time and told me to wait up for her so we can have some real fun.




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