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My wife and I were going out with a friend of my wife's and her mates. This friend was excited about a new boyfriend who worked in a club as a DJ.


We went in to this club after a few drinks at a local pub and we were all a bit merry.

It was my round so I went to the bar with my wife and while she held the place at the crouded bar I turned round to check on what one girl wanted to drink, when I turned round my wife had this guys hands sliding over her butt and she was swaying with it, gyrating to the music against his hands, then I spoke over her shoulder and she spun round to see that it was not me and embaressed she said to the guy "get your f***ing hands off me you asshole". I smiled (to myself) as she turned round again embaressed and angry as the guy turned to his mates laughing.


She told me what happened and (as if I didn't see) said "well you have got a nice ass" and smiled - the guy (now standing next to me) smile back. "That wiggle, man, she was up for it ... you're a lucky man". I didn't know whether to hit him or try harder to hide the erection I had discovered.


We got some drinks and she turned round to face me with a drink in each hand and the guy did it again only, of course, she was facing him so he had his hand flat on her lump (pussy (a visible lump under the tight skirt).

I realised she didn't know it wasn't me so she smiled and kissed me and winked.


I got the other drinks as this guy said "and you don't mind ??" ... "she's her own woman" I said back and shrugged - again hiding my steaming erection.


After an hour or so my wife had been to the loo a few times and this time I followed on about a minute afterwards only to find her and this guy "bickering" in the corridor to the loo. "Look why not just kiss and make up" I said ... the look on her face cut me in two  so, out of spite, she did kiss him .... a long passionate kiss ... very passionate - not hiding tongues and pulling his head towards her. He let his right hand slip down to her leg (sliding up his) and pulled her skirt up enough to slip his fingers up her thigh and between her legs.


She gave me a dirty look and then started kissing me (might have noticed my bulge). We moved further down the corridor into a door opening with this guy and as she and I kissed, I so deliberately pulled her skirt up at the back and pulled her left knee up to expose her thigh all the way up to her small-panty covered butt.


This guy stopped rubbing himslef and slid his hands over her thigh, butt and slid up and down them and I felt (on my bulging erection through my trousers) his fingers between her labia.


She stood and stared at me as I eased her a foot away from me still kissing now and again but allowing him to fondle her better.


Which he did ... he wrapped his arms around her one round her top (sliding his hand down her blouse and groping her tits) while the other slid down to her panties which he eased aside to let me see him fingering my wife.

Her eyes shut a few times as I saw the flush around her cheeks and her arms stretch up and over her head as she slid her feet apart to allow him access.


He was all over her groping and snogging and grabbing bits and she was engulfed in it all. Not particularly liking the way he touched her but loving the situation.


We slid inside the door we were next to and it was a "private bar" area where she leaned against a table in there and slid her panties down over her ankles, stepped out of them, slid them up her thigh exposing her short-haired (not shaved) pussy to this young userper and sniffing them before stepping forward to him and putting them in his jacket pocket.


He pulled his jacket off as she sleezily wiggled for him (looking over to me with a "are you sure" look" - I wasn't sure but I nodded). The lad then pulled open her top as he let his trousers slip to his knees and laid her over a table.


She was clearly uncomfortable but was too in the moment and she let him lick, kiss and nibble round her neck and boobs - he was snorting like a dog on heat.


With little other foreeplay she then gasped with a look of discomfort on her face as he had slipped his erection into her. They froze for a moment and she licked her fingers and masturbated herself to ease it.


She cums a lot when she is turned on and she came around 3/4 times in a what seemed a few minutes.

He stepped back and encouraged my wife to turn around and she laid over the table - again clearly not enjoying the position and most uncomfortable - and it was then I noticed this lad was huge ... it must have been around 9" long and a wide girth too.


When he now slipped into her and she said more clearly "fuck me deep ... deep ... deep..." I thought he's going to stretch her?!


He wasn't at it too long before he said "I'm gonna cum". "Cum in me ... please "she said but he refused. Instead he kept himself hard as he slid her off the table made her kneel.


I know / hoped I knew what was next and it was true.


She knelt with her tits out and her reddened legs apart kneeling before this well hung youth she was ready to slap earlier in the evening.


She had both hands on his cock as she wanked him with his wet cock in or around her mouth and not very long afterwards it was just him. holding her hair in one hand and wanking at her face with the other.


He looked up at the ceiling then down at her, then the ceiling again then at her and then it happened ... a long strong burst of cum over her hair, face and in her open mouth.

He fucked her open mouth as he was finishing and I couldn't believe it --- I was so hard ... it was so horny.

She gagged a little as this hug cock unloaded into my wifes mouth.


It took a few minutes then he just stepped back, did up his flies and straightened his shirt and put on his jacket saying "fuck she was easy but nice and tight ... all yours pal" and walked out.


She was still straightening herself out as he left and she said to me "you want to let someone else grope me again now?". She wiped her forehead and hair as she reminded me (with a long salty kiss) that this stranger with a huge cock had just fucked my wife bareback ... and she could be pregnant for all she knew.


She grabbed my hand and put it to her wet pussy and rubbed against me. I could feel her hot labia and thighs and feel the ooze.




She left me and my erection to it and we met back at the table before leaving for home shortly afterwards.

That night we talked about it and she got wet as we talked then when it was my turn to fuck her I realised she really was stretched and she just wanted another fuck.


"You let him treat me like a slut so I will let someone do that again okay?!"


She was still angry then and we calmed down but we have done something similar a few more times since.

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