Strict wife orgasm denial story


Richard Gets Denied


I paused as I heard the front door open and shut. What timing my Mistress had as

usual. I was just completeing my household chores as she arrived home. I quickly

finished scrubbing the toilet and rushed to the living room to see her. She was

reclined in what used to be my big easy chair but was now her chair. As a matter

of fact it was rare that I got to use any of the furniture anymore as I was

usually on the floor at her feet.

I noticed there were quite a few packages dropped alongside the chair. Obviously

a fruitful shopping trip. I knelt on the floor by the chair, clad only in my

chastity belt and a pair of pink frilly panties and lacy apron, and kissed her

hand and said: "How did your day go Mistress?"


"Oh it was great but I am tired and my feet need your attention."

That was my signal to get busy and I did. I slipped her shoes off and began to

massage her beautiful but sweaty feet. After a few minutes of hand massage I

started with my tongue to clean them thouroghly. While licking and sucking on a

pair of sweaty feet is not fun, I know what is expected of me. And after being

locked up in my chastity belt for 73 days without release I was doing anything I

could to make sure my lovely wife/mistress was happy. I thought back to my last

time out of my belt:


Mistress had me strapped to the X frame in our playroom. Initially she had me

bound with my back available for a session with her cat 'o' nine tails. Then she

had turned me around and after some attention with the whip to my chest she had

attached some alligator clips to my nipples and put the gag in my mouth. Then

she had unlocked my belt for what had been the first time in 61 days. My cock

became almost instantly erect. When Mistress saw this she grabbed a ruler off a

nearby table and held it up to my cock.

"Look at this, it is not even 5 inches. I hope you realize now why you will

never be putting that puny thing in me again. Why you are lucky that I even

bother to let it loose at all. But you have been doing well servicing me with

your tongue and with all your other household duties so I am going to allow you

some relief. You took your whipping well and so now is the moment you have been

waiting 61 days for."


With that she brought out something I had never seen before. She unrolled what

looked like a condom onto my cock but there was a clear plastic tube attached to

the tip.

After unrolling the rubber down the legnth of my cock she grabbed the clear tube

and attached it to the breathing hole in my penis gag. Then she reached down and

started to stroke me.

"You only have 5 minutes to cum and make sure you suck it all up the tube."

Well after 61 days I didn't need 5 minutes and let loose after about 2. I sucked

on the rubber penis in my mouth and watched as my cum went up the tube and felt

it go down my throat. Mistress stopped stroking as soon as I started to let

loose and so I found myself sucking for all I was worth to try to milk as much

out as I could. When I was done my Mistress looked carefully at the tube and

pointed out where there was a slight coating of cum still in the tube and she



"Well the tube is not clean and until it is it doesn't come off. I am tired and

am going to bed now. I hope when I return in the morning the tube is clean or

you will be whipped again. Don't wait to long to piss or it may dry and then you

get the whipping for sure. Good nite." And with that she left the room and I

heard her going up the stairs to bed.

What a long nite that was. But when she came down and checked on me the next

morning the tube was free of cum. I had pissed 3 times over the nite to make

sure. She had then released me after of course my chastity belt was locked back

 on. Which brings me back to the present.

After I was done with my Mistress's feet and we had dinner and I had put away

all of the clothes she had purchased I found myself tied spread eagle on the

guest bed. She unlocked my belt and started to play with me. When I found myself

getting close she could sense it and would stop and let me cool off. While doing

this she sat on my face and enjoyed the pleasures of my tongue to the tune of 4

orgasms. Then she climbed off me and showed me what would become her favorite


A riding crop! She promtly started to whap my erection with it till I went limp.


She repeated this twice more and then while I was limp again I felt my belt

being put back on. I cried out in frustration:

"Please Mistress-I beg you please let me cum. 73 days I have been in agony for

you. Please I beg you Mistress, let me have some relief!"

I heard the lock click shut!



"No relief this time. Remember when you got a little whiny last week begging me

to be let out? Well I decided at that time that you would have to go 90 days

without relief and it has only been 73. I really enjoyed using my new toy though

so you can expect this treatment often until your 90 day sentence is up. Look at

it this way at least now you know how I am going to get you limp enough to go

into your belt."

I cried out in frustration. My balls felt so swollen with the need to let loose

and the never ending frustration of my penis trying to get hard in its confining

metal tube was just too much.

Mistress stradled my head again and said:


"Get busy I want another orgasm before I go to bed. Just remember your cock is

mine and I am the one that decides when you get to cum. And that time is not


I had no choice but to start licking and try to ignore the pain of being denied

release again. Who knew when I was accepted by my wife as her slave that it

would be so difficult!

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