Under The Mistress

Cuckolding by Mistress Wife - Devoted Husband, part 9





Thursday, October 26 2000 10:23 p.m.

Same day, more details...


Well, my mistress came home around 8:30 tonight. I got her a glass of soda, and I sat at her feet while she kicked up the footstool on the recliner and relayed some of the details of her afternoon with William.


I was wrong in my earlier post - she didn't have three orgasms, she had FOUR!! I'm hoping she'll allow me to worship her tonight, but I doubt it after having four orgasms. I didn't want to ask her if she "wanted me" tonight, though; I was afraid she'd say no.


Basically, he fucked her twice, but only came once. She said they spent a lot of the time cuddling and talking about everything under the sun, from football to day care.


Cassie said she did talk a little about me. She told him, "I love him, and he's a good husband, but he's my slave. That's how I've come to see him, and I can't change that after all these years."


William said when I first sent my response to his ad, explaining our marital situation, he didn't believe it. He said he's received a bunch of responses to his ad that turned out to be guys just looking for cyberporn, and he thought my letter was more of the same.


He also said he was VERY happy that he finally found a real couple in a mistress/slave relationship. As he told me during our first correspondence, he's very much turned on by this whole thing.


I guess I was moping around a little when my mistress first got home, because she got angry with me. "Why are you sulking around, acting like, 'poor me,' when you should be happy that I just had a wonderful time?!!?" she yelled. Of course, she's right. But I couldn't help feeling a little sorry for myself...


She looked so radiant...so IN CHARGE, in a way only a confident woman can be. She had this blase' look on her face, like a queen or something...a female lion, complete with mussed hair (it wasn't a total mess, but you could tell her 'do had been messed up). She KNOWS she is totally in charge of our household. She sees all this as her due.


Anyway, she's in the bedroom watching TV right now...I think she's going to want me to do her feet tonight, at least, because she said she lost a stocking in the hotel room, so she walked around the mall with only bare feet inside a fairly new pair of shoes. She said her feet hurt. (BTW, while at the mall, she bought two red pairs of panties, a green pair, and a black bra.)


Well, wish me luck! Maybe my mistress will want me to worship her tonight. If not, I'm still a happy slave.





* * *


Friday, October 27, 2000 1:18 a.m.

Of course, I had to thank my wife's lover...


Sir, I would just like to say thank you for pleasing my mistress today. She was very happy when she got home tonight, as she deserves to be.


I hope you enjoyed your afternoon with my mistress, sir. Last night, before I went to bed, I ironed her clothes extra carefully, so she would look good for you. I don't know if you noticed, but my mistress's creases were SHARP!!!


My mistress didn't allow me to worship her tonight, because she said she was too woren out from being with you. However, she did allow me to give her a foot massage, and she even let me kiss her pussy. I hadn't seen how she'd shaved it for you; she shaved last night, and my mistress didn't want me last night. But, when I saw her pussy tonight, it looked utterly beautiful, and I was grateful she allowed me to kiss her there.


Then, Mistress told me I could play with myself while I looked at her pussy. She said I could cum, but I would have to say, "thank you, Mistress," while I was cumming. She put her foot on my head, which she often does while I play with myself. I made sure to thank my mistress while I was having my orgasm. Then, when I was finished, she rolled over and went to sleep.


Thank you very much once again....









Sunday, October 29 2000 12:50 a.m.

Another report to William...



Well, sir, I can tell winter is near, because ‘tis the season when my mistress has me worship her with my head under the covers.


That's what she did tonight. She had two orgasms, and I was very happy to be allowed to spend so much time between my mistress's legs. I haven't worshipped her in four or five days, and her beautiful pussy tasted divine, sir.


While I worshipped her, my mistress watched an interracial gang-bang movie. She had two very powerful orgasms tonight. Then, she rolled over and went to sleep. She did allow me to kiss her butt while I played with myself, for which I was very thankful.


Sir, my mistress looked very beautiful tonight. Earlier, we went to a Halloween party, and my mistress dressed up as a witch. She put on heavy, heavy makeup to go with the costume, and she looked very sexy. When we got home, she wore a black Harley Davidson tee-shirt to bed, with her red lace panties. The combination of heavy makeup, a black motorcycle tee-shirt and red panties gave her sort of a slutty look (I hope my mistress will forgive me for saying that, but I must tell the truth!).


Also, Mistress spent some time last night whipping me with both the crop and the new cat we got at the last party. The cat makes a lot of noise, but the crop hurts twice as much! She really hit me hard tonight, sir...I still have a few welts as a reminder. As far as being able to take it...well, I did pretty good, except once when she hit me really hard and I whined for a second.


That's tonight's report, sir. I hope it pleases you...




* * *


Sunday, October 29, 2000 4:15 p.m.

Cuckold thoughts on a Sunday afternoon, as shared with the group...



Hello, all. I'm sitting home alone, with only my thoughts and my old flea-bitten dog to keep me company.


No, Cassie isn't holed up in a hotel room somewhere, getting her brains fucked out - she's out grocery shopping. Yes, dominant, cuckolding wives DO go grocery shopping. I handle most of the chores around the house; in fact, I do ALL the cleaning and ironing. But she does more than her share of the chores - the stuff she LIKES to do, like grocery shopping, cooking and doing the laundry. (How anyone can enjoy laundry is beyond me, but she doesn't mind. If she didn't want to do it, she'd simply add that to my list of chores, believe me!!)


Anyway, I signed onto the 'Net, hoping I'd find a response from William to a report I sent him last night. As usual, though, there was nothing. Cassie says he shouldn't have to be bothered with responding to me, and I guess I understand.


I tell you, having to write these reports every time I spend time with my wife is very, very humbling. If you remember, it was William who ordered me to email a report to him every time I licked my mistress's pussy.


I can just see him now, reading these emails and chuckling to himself...then deleting the file and going on to other things. As I said earlier, he almost never responds to my reports, although he told Cassie he does enjoy them. He told her, "it's like I'm right there in the room with you." I feel the same way; I can't even worship my mistress without having to make mental notes about what I should report. And Cassie said she also thinks about the fact that I'm going to be reporting our activities...so, my wife's lover is permeating even our private time together.


It was a stroke of genius on his part; it makes us all think of each other, even when we're not together.


On another front...it's strange, but feel I'm slowly losing my ego. It's what Buddhist monks and others train themselves to do - lose their sense of self - and it's something that's happening to me, at least on a sexual plane.


Most men pride themselves on their sexual prowess...but, in a culture where sex is King, I have no sexual prowess. I might as well not even have a penis, as far as my wife is concerned. She's even said a few times, it's like I've been castrated.


Last night when I was under the covers worshipping my mistress, I was thinking about something Cassie said to William when we were in a hotel room together a few months back. I was licking her then, too, and she joked to William, "this is the only sex he ever gets - if you want to call this sex."


To which William replied, "Well, Bill Clinton says it isn't."


It was a good, off-the-cuff joke, but the statement is still true: I don't think you could call what I do "sex."


Perhaps it's a matter of semantics, and six months ago, I would've probably said so. However, since William came into the picture, I now know what REAL sex can be - the fluctuation from animal aggressiveness to tender kissing, hugging, and stroking; the subtle power exchanges, the give and take; the enjoyment of both body and soul; the striving by both partners to please the other...THAT'S what sex is.


What I do is a far cry from that. I'm like a human vibrator or something. My mistress snaps her fingers, and I unobtrusively crawl between her legs and lick her pussy, and she forgets about me. Hell, I don't even get the pleasure of licking her pussy to orgasm; 99 percent of the time, she'll let me lick her pussy for awhile, then she'll move her hand down and push my head out of the way - the signal for me to twist my neck around sideways and put my tongue in her asshole. She cums that way: by playing with herself while I give her a rim job. It's a rare treat for me to be able to worship her pussy until she reaches orgasm. So, even that basic pleasure is denied.


Throughout the entire process, not a word is said to me, unless my mistress orders me to change the movie, or get her another drink. Although she doesn't like me staring at her while I'm licking her pussy, I do sneak a peek up at my mistress from time to time...I'm so jealous of her, lying back with one arm comfortably resting on the pillow above her head, while she holds the remote control in the other hand...that totally superior, blase' look on her face. I often find myself wishing I'd have been born on the yin side of the universe, instead of constantly toiling under the yang. How must it feel?


It's been so long, I've forgotten what "normal" sex feels like. I've forgotten what it feels like to be in bed with a woman who wishes to please me. The tender, feminine touch of a lover is now a foreign concept.


And, of course, as the old joke goes, a blow job is out of the question. When I was young, I dated women who would give me oral sex...but it's been so long, I've totally forgotten what it feels like. And it's maddening, of course, to watch how much Cassie ENJOYS pleasing William that way. If I wasn't such a wimp, I'd be receiving that kind of sensual pleasure from my wife. Instead, I have to watch as another man enjoys what she won't give me.


It really makes me feel embarrassed to hear William describe how good my mistress sucks his dick. From my vantage point at the foot of their bed, I CAN SEE HOW GOOD SHE IS WITH MY OWN EYES!! God, I've never seen a more beautiful sight in my life: My wife with a big, black dick in her mouth...her alabaster hands resting on his dark torso...her long, silky, light-brown hair cascading across his thighs....damn, I'm getting horny!


Let me shut up now, before I have an accident.... : )







* * *





Monday, October 30, 2000 3:02 a.m.

Another report to William...


Sir, here's my report from Sunday night. First of all, my mistress was in a bad mood. I don't know why, but whatever I did seemed to annoy her. I tried to serve her as best I could, but nothing seemed to work. My mistress was very hard to appease tonight, sir, and she slapped me hard across the face a couple times when I did something to displease her. Mistress told me she knew she was being hard on me...but that's her right, so I just kept my mouth shut and tried to accommodate her.


I think she was happy with the way I worshipped her tonight, though - in fact, I know she was, because she said so. She came twice, watching yet another gangbang movie. She wore a burgandy shirt she'd worn during the day, and light green panties.


My mistress was kind enough to show me some attention tonight, too. After she had her orgasms, she teased me, sticking out her tongue and pretending to give a blow job. "Can you imagine that?" she asked with a wicked smile on her face. "Can you even imagine what that feels like? Of course you can't."


Just watching my mistress got me all excited and I guess that pissed her off, too, because she slapped me hard across the face. "You ARE imagining it!" she said. "How dare you imagine your mistress sucking your little dick!!!"


As I said, she was in a petulent mood tonight, sir!!!!


Then, when my mistress was tired of teasing me, she rolled over on her side, with her legs tucked under her, and told me to give her a rim job. She grabbed my hair and pushed my face deep into her ass, and I tried my best to give her a good rim job, while she kept pushing my nose deeper and deeper.


She told me to hurry up and cum, because she didn't want to be bothered with me. So, with my nose and my tongue buried in my mistress's ass, I played with myself and came. Then Cassie went to sleep.


That's tonight's report, sir. I hope it pleases you...




p.s. Mistress and I were talking earlier tonight, and I told her if you can possibly get away for one night within the next couple weeks (on the weekend), I would be happy to set up a surprise evening for the two of you. I never did give you guys the "birthday present" I said I would, and I would be honored to really go all-out to make the evening special, with little surprises you might enjoy, like candles, champagne, and anything else I can think of that would please you.


You two can go out and have a nice dinner, and when you get back, I can have lots of things ready that will make your lovemaking a more erotic experience. I don't know...it's just an idea. Cassie told me to run it by you, and see what you said, sir...







Saturday, November 4, 2000 3:26 a.m.


Good morning, sir...I worked very hard to please my mistress today. Earlier in the day, I scrubbed the bathroom until it was spic and span. I then cleaned my mistress's bedroom. (Mistress is such a SLOB!!! : ) She just throws things everywhere and counts on me to come clean up after her - which, of course, I always do.


Anyway, Mistress was very happy when she got home from work and saw much I'd done around the house. I always feel so proud when I get praise from her!!!


My heart jumped for joy when she called me into the bedroom at around midnight. I gave my mistress her usual foot massage, then I worshipped her while she read a Variations.


Mistress had a HUGE orgasm, sir, then she told me to kiss her ass while I played with myself. Well, after just a few minutes of that, my mistress had a second orgasm, and this one was bigger than the first. My mistress came - without even touching herself - while I gently kissed her butt. Then she gave me permission to play with my "little dick," as she calls it. I had my orgasm while my mistress went to sleep.


That's my report for tonight, sir. I hope it pleases you.






* * *


Sunday, Nov. 5 2000 9:00 a.m.


Good morning, sir. Today I have two reports for you - one from last night, and another encounter this morning.


Last night, my mistress called me into the bedroom at around 1 a.m. She was feeling particularly mean for some reason, sir. She put her red panties on my face and teased me. She even put her mouth near my dick - so close, I could feel her breath!!! She likes to tease me like that, and tell me how she'll never put her mouth on my dick - but how she LOVES giving you oral pleasure.


Then she told me to stand at the foot of the bed and she whipped me with the black riding crop. She really hit me hard a couple times. Afterward, she said, "you can tell William in your report that I got that ass good."


Then, my mistress started playing with her pussy with the handle of the crop. It looked very erotic, sir, with the black leather and silver-tipped handle moving in and around her beautiful pussy.


Finally, she told me to put in her favorite movie and lick her. I stayed down there for a very long time, and my mistress had two of the biggest orgasms I've ever seen. My neck is still very sore, because of how violently she was bouncing up and down. But I have to keep my tongue in her ass while she's having her orgasm, no matter what. Early on in my training, I moved my head and my mistress was furious! Let me tell you - I've never made that mistake again!!!


After Mistress came down from her orgasm, she told me she was going to sleep, and that I could cum if I wanted to. But I was tired, so I fell right asleep.


Then, this morning, we woke up around 8:00, and my mistress asked me if I came last night. I said no, and she told me I could touch myself. She started playing with herself, too, and the next thing you know, my face was again between my mistress's legs.


Well, her orgasm this morning was probably bigger than the ones last night! I don't know why, but for the past week or so, my mistress's orgasms have been stronger than usual.


My mistress told me later that while I was licking her, she was fantasizing about you and her in the Schvitz or at the swingers' dance. She said the idea of doing nasty things in front of other people really makes her hot!!! So does the prospect of watching others in action.


Anyway, after my mistress came, she rolled over and told me to give her a rim job while I played with myself. I did as I was told. Finally, I asked if I could cum, too. She said yes.


Within seconds, I ejaculated. Then I thanked my mistress for allowing me to worship her.


She said, "you're welcome, c.w. - now go get me a glass of pop."



Well, sir, that's my report for the day. I hope it pleases you.






* * *


Tuesday, November 7, 2000 2:08 p.m.


Hello, sir...Sorry I'm a little late reporting my encounter with my mistress last night. My sleeping schedule is out of whack, because I have to work all night tonight. I probably won't get off work until 4 or 5 in the morning.


Anyway, my mistress had me worship her last night while she read a Variations mag. I don't know what's gotten into her lately, but she has been having really big orgasms over the past few weeks. She had another big one tonight.


Last night she wore my favorite nightgown, a pink silk teddy. She looked so sexy, sir...as you would say: "DAYUM!" : )


After she had her orgasm, Mistress hit me in the leg with the wood back-scratcher a number of times. I think I'm definitely getting better at taking pain, sir, because I hardly winced. My mistress told me she was proud of me.


She's probably going to start her period in the next day or so, so I won't have anything to report.


But, this is my belated report from Monday night, sir. I hope it pleases you...




* * *


Wednesday, November 15 2000 9:12 a.m.


Good morning, sir. I only have a few minutes before I go to work, but I wanted to report that Cassie is off her period, and I got to worship her last night. She was wearing a red silky nightie, and she looked pretty as usual. She was a little angry with me, because I was lying on the couch when she got home, and I hadn't cleaned the house. Consequently, she told me I couldn't play with myself, and after she had her orgasm, she went to sleep. So I'm very horny as I'm writing this! Hopefully, she'll let me cum tonight...I'll make sure I get the house cleaned when I come home from work.





* * *


Thursday, November 16, 2000 2:25 a.m.


Hello, sir. Tonight, my mistress allowed me to worship her again. She had two orgasms, and the second one was amazing...she kept cumming and cumming for probably a full minute. I couldn't believe how long her orgasm was!


I was good, and I cleaned the house today when I got home from work, so she allowed me to cum after she was satisfied.


I hope she'll allow me to worship her again tomorrow.




* * *


Saturday, November 18, 2000 3:38 a.m.


Good morning, sir...earlier tonight, I worshipped my mistress, and her pussy tasted wonderful as usual. She was feeling a little chilly, so she had me go under the covers while I pleasured her with my tongue.


My mistress gave me a big treat tonight - she put my dick right up against her pussy! Of course, she was just teasing me, and she didn't allow me to put it inside her...but, still, it was the closest I've come to fucking my wife in nearly a year!


Sir, I must confess...sometimes, I want so badly to be able to fuck my mistress - but she says I'll get spoiled if she lets me. She maintains that she doesn't want me as a lover; she continues to hammer home the point that she just doesn't see me sexually the way she sees other men. After all these years, she says she couldn't take me seriously if I tried to take control and fuck her. She'd probably laugh at me.


And, as I've said before, the last few times she DID let me try to fuck her, I kept going soft, anyway. I guess after all this time of being subservient to her in the bedroom, I've become intimidated by her sexuality.


Oh, well...as you know, being denied like this turns me on - although sometimes I wish it didn't. I will always envy guys like you, who know how to give a woman a good fucking.


Well, sir, that's my report. I hope it pleases you...



* * *


cuckold's humiliation




Thursday, November 23, 2000 1:00 a.m.


Good evening, sir. My mistress was very horny tonight. She said she enjoyed your conversation earlier today, and she was clearly excited about the possibility of getting together with you soon.


Tonight, I gave Cassie her usual foot massage, then she had me put in a movie (the one with the black-and-white couples on the beach). She laid on her side and watched the movie for about 15 minutes, while I gave her a soft rim-job.


Before she had me worship her pussy, my mistress told me to get her crop. Then she whipped me for awhile, but, thankfully, not too hard. I think she was just enjoying her power, without wanting to exert herself too much.


Finally, she had me worship her, and she had a very, VERY intense orgasm. Before she went to sleep, she told me I had to wait until tomorrow before I could have an orgasm. So, here I am, ready to bust.


That's my report for tonight, sir. I hope it pleases you.








Friday, November 24, 2000 1:25 a.m.


Hello, friends. Well, like most people in the United States, I am sitting here stuffed to the gills, having ate way too much turkey, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie. Cassie and I had a nice Thanksgiving dinner with our family, and all is right with the world.


Perhaps it's a bit corny in this era of cynicism to say thanks on Thanksgiving...but I'm feeling a tad corny anyway, so what the hell. I DO have a lot to be thankful for. All my fantasies have come true, sexual and otherwise. I have a family that loves me. I have a good job.


Oh, and there's one more thing to be thankful for: Cassie and William are planning to meet next week.


Let me tell you how easy it is to forget how lucky I am. Just last night, when Cassie came home from work, she informed me that she'd talked to William on the phone earlier in the day. She further informed me that they'd made plans for one of their "long lunches"; they'll both leave work around 3:00 and spend the remainder of the afternoon together in a hotel room fucking their brains out.


Well, I had been hoping that I could be included the next time they got together. Things have been hectic for everyone lately, and it's been more than a month since we last hooked up. So, when my mistress told me that they'd made plans to meet without me, I got a bit upset.


Of course, Cassie picked up on it immediately, and she wasted no time setting me straight. She explained that this now-steady affair with William was for HER, not for me, and that my little attitude was intruding on her happiness. She was right, of course; I should've been happy that my mistress was going to see her lover again.


Instead, I was too busy focusing on the negative, when I should've been thankful for my numerous blessings. My wife has a lover, and she wants to spend time with him alone. That's not a negative; not when viewed from the vantage point of a submissive who has dedicated his life to making his mistress happy.


I realize that my situation is a lifelong fantasy for thousands of other men. A lot of guys would kill to be in the position I'm in. So, what was I upset about?


Upon further reflection, I've decided that I'm not upset any more. I'm glad my mistress will have the opportunity to spend time with William next week. Sure, I had hoped I could be there, too...but I can't. My mistress has spoken, and that's that. So, instead of being despondent, I'm going to turn this into a positive. I'm going to work extra hard to make my mistress happy in the days ahead, so she can go to her lover relaxed and content.


And, as usual, when she gets home from an afternoon of hot sex, she will find her house spic and span, and her devoted husband waiting for her with a drink in his hand.


After she gets home, and we settle back into our normal routine, I promise I will take time out and say thanks for having such a beautiful, sexy and wonderful mistress.


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!





* * *


Wednesday, November 29, 2000 2:13 a.m.


Good morning, sir. My mistress allowed me to worship her twice tonight, while she watched one of her movies. Tonight, she had on a red teddy, and she looked beautiful in the candlelight. After my mistress had her second orgasm, she rolled over and went to sleep. I am happy to report that my mistress seemed satisfied with my service.



* * *




Tuesday, December 5, 2000 6:52 p.m.


Hello, sir. Last night was the first time in nearly a week my mistress has allowed me to worship her. I've been down with a massive flu that had me on my ass for almost the entire week, and she didn't want to catch it. So, even after I got better, Cassie made me wait a few days before she'd let me anywhere near her.


Therefore, I was quite happy when she told me she wanted me last night! The "clock is ticking" so to speak, because she's due to start her period any day now, so I was relieved that she allowed me to worship her.


I tried my very best to please her, and I think I did. I worshipped my mistress in the usual way, except, instead of giving her a rim job, she told me to put my finger in her ass while she played with herself. That drives her crazy, sir! She had a very, very powerful orgasm. She even paid a little attention to me (stroking my hair, and things like that; nothing really sexual). Then she went to sleep. I didn't get permission to cum last night, so I am writing this in a VERY horny state!


That's my report from last night, sir. I hope it pleases you,






* * *


Sunday, December 17 2000 11:39 a.m.


Hello, sir. Well, my mistress and I haven't been able to get together much lately, due to a number of reasons. But last night, she finally told me to "get my ass into the bedroom," to put it in her words.


She told me she wanted a long foot massage. She wants me to use a special lotion on her heels, so the rough skin wouldn't scratch you when you two get together this week. She said she wants me to put the lotion on her heels every night until your meeting, so her feet will be nice and soft for you. "I don't want my rough heels scratching William's back," she said. Mistress told me remind her every night this week about her foot massage, so she doesn't forget. "If you forget to remind me, you're going to be in serious trouble," she told me. Somehow, I get the feeling she's not kidding!!!


Last night, when I finished giving her foot massage, Mistress had me worship her while she read a book and watched a movie. Then she whipped me with her crop. She said I'm out of practice and she needs to toughen me up.


Then, after she whipped me, she had me give her a second orgasm. This time, she told me to put my finger in her ass while she played with her pussy.


Before she went to sleep, she told me to tell you she can't wait to get together with you this week. She also told me to report to you that I did a good job serving her, and that I didn't whine when she whipped me.


I hope I'll be able to join you and my mistress this week, although I don't know if I can. We're kind of short-handed at work, and I just took a few days off when I had the flu. I'll probably be able to get off a little early, but I don't know for sure. In any case, I really appreciate the two of you allowing me to serve you while you enjoy each other. I hope I can make it...


Well, that's my report from last night, sir. I hope it pleases you. There'll probably be another report forthcoming, since my mistress said she wanted me to serve her tonight.


I'll keep my fingers crossed...





* * *


Tuesday, December 19, 2000 4:36 p.m.


I look forward to your reports c.w.. Keep up your special treatment of your mistress[I know she is very horny!! because I am!!!!] . I will call and talk to her. I just jumped online to quickly check my Email. I will be in touch.



* * *


Saturday, December 23, 2000 12:17 p.m.


Hello, sir. My mistress allowed me to serve her last night, and she worked me pretty hard.

I was very tired last night, but I tried not to let her notice. She gets mad if I'm unable to serve her properly, and being tired is not a valid excuse.


Cassie was really mean to me last night. Once, she slapped me hard across the face because I forgot to thank her after she touched my dick. She says I must thank her for that honor, which doesn't come very often.


Mistress had me give her a long foot massage while she watched her "Black Studs" movie. Then, she had me worship her beautiful pussy. I licked my mistress to two orgasms. Then, as usual, she allowed me to play with myself for awhile until she got bored and went to sleep.


I sometimes wish my mistress would pay attention to me the way she does with you. But she's a completely different woman when she is with you, sir. I guess after all these years, she's just used to having me serve her, so she takes me totally for granted. She hardly even touches me any more, and when she does, it's only for a few seconds. Other than those brief few seconds, that's the only sexual attention I get. She always teases me and tells me my hand is my best friend.


I haven't had intercourse with my mistress once since she met you, and I don't see it happening any time in the near future. Now that she's been with you, it would probably be useless for me to try to have sex with her. I know she wouldn't enjoy it as much, and she'd be fantasizing about you anyway. Sir, I can't even tell you how long it's been since I've had sex with my wife...it had been months before we even met you. So it's probably been about a year, maybe even more.


In the old days, she used to pay more attention to me, but the longer we stay together, the more she treats me like I'm not even in the room. I know you don't know anything about this, sir, but sometimes it can be tough being a submissive. However, I'm not complaining...for whatever reason, this is who I am, and I know I couldn't live without it. I'm very thankful that I have such a wonderful mistress, who allows me to serve her.


Still, it can be difficult to realize that my wife doesn't have any respect for me sexually. Mistress has a lot of lust inside her...it's just that she doesn't feel that way toward me. As far as she's concerned, I might as well be a eunuch.


I can't wait for the day I will be allowed to see my mistress and you together again...although it makes me feel somewhat jealous to see my own wife doing things with you that she'd never dream of doing with me, it also turns me on very much, obviously.


Well, enough rambling. I won't bore you any longer. This wraps up my report from last night, sir. I hope it pleases you...








Thursday, December 28, 2000 7:25 p.m.


Hello, sir. Here's my report from last night...


My mistress was very sexy last night in her red silk teddy. She skipped her usual foot massage because she was horny and wanted to "get right to it." She watched a movie with two lesbians while I worshipped her, and it took only a few minutes for her to have her first orgasm. She had me continue licking her without a break, and I worshipped her for about a half hour before she told me to stop. She said she wasn't up to another orgasm, but I felt like it was my fault; that I hadn't worshipped her good enough or something.


Then, my mistress told me I would have to wait before I could touch myself. I had a hard time getting to sleep last night because I was so horny! I still haven't been given permission to play with myself, so as I type this, I'm frustrated out of my mind!


That's my report, sir...I hope it pleases you...






* * *


Friday, December 29, 2000 2:49 a.m.



Good morning, sir. Here's my report from earlier tonight...


While I was giving my mistress a foot massage, she said she'd like to try having me do her feet while you licked her. She said that would feel good.


I worshipped my mistress to a strong orgasm tonight, sir. Then she said I could cum, which I did in about four strokes!!! She went to sleep, and I slinked off to surf the net...


I hope this report pleases you...




* * *


Sunday, December 31, 2000 2:26 p.m.


Hello, sir. My mistress allowed me to worship her last night, and hopefully we'll ring in the New Year with more time spent together tonight. Cassie said she might allow me to spend time with her again tonight, but she said I would have to clean the house first.


Nothing really out of the ordinary happened last night...she read her magazine while I worshipped her, and, as per usual, she totally ignored me while I pleasured her with my mouth. Then, after she had her orgasm, she let me play with myself while she laughed at me for being such a wimp. Just about par for the course, as far as our sex life goes.


Sir, my mistress is getting SO HORNY!!! It's been so long since she's been fucked, and I know she is aching to feel you inside her once again.


Lately, Cassie has been teasing me about being unable to fuck her. She likes to spread her legs and tell me, "look, c.w., don't you think my pussy would look good with a dick in it?" Of course, she knows I can't do that, because, even when she did let me fuck her, I would always go soft. It can be very frustrating to see my wife kicked back on the bed with her legs wide open, with a cocky look on her face, telling me what a wimp I am because I can't fuck her. Sometimes when she gets like that, part of me wishes I could be a real man and fuck that cocky look right off her face. But, of course, I cannot.


I hope we can all get together sometime soon...I know circumstances haven't been good for either of us, but perhaps we can swing something in the near future.


That's my report from last night, sir. I hope it pleases you...


Happy New Year!







* * *


Tuesday, January 2, 2001 4:29 p.m.

A letter from William, bearing good tidings - he wants to get together!!


I want you to call the club and get details on how your Mistress and I can attend this weekend. What are the details? Do we need a reservation number or what? Send me the details on what you find. Cassie told me that you have a website?! I would also want information on how I can access it. I plan on working Cassie over BIG TIME!!! this weekend. I hope you can serve us both. I plan on giving her what she deserves...over and over....! I also have a nasty surprise for her that I'm sure you will enjoy.




* * *




Wednesday, January 1, 2001 10:38 p.m.

An email to "A"...


Well, buddy, it looks like everything's set. We're gonna all hook up Saturday.

Cassie has an appointment at the beauty salon, and I have my orders from my wife's lover: I am to bring the VCR - and the VIDEO CAMERA!!!


I'll go get the hotel room ready. I don't know if he'll meet us there or what...but around 7, Cassie and William are going to go to the swinger's club, that place I told you about.

Meanwhile, I'll be cooling my heels in the hotel room. I'm going go out of my mind waiting for them, I know!!!

Then, when they get back, I imagine they'll engage in one of their all-night fuckfests. It's been sooooo long, and they're both quite horny. In email he sent, he told me he was going to fuck my mistress "over and over."

And, this time....he wants me to film it!!!!

Well, that's the plan, anyway. I'm hoping it works out as good as I anticipate...

Take care,




* * *


Friday, January 5, 2001 12:35 a.m.

We make our plans for the upcoming weekend...


Good evening, sir! My mistress told me she spoke with you on the phone today, and that you wanted directions to the club. Here are some of the details you wanted:


* Phone number: XXX-XXXX


* Address: XXXX


* Open for couples on Fridays and Saturdays, 7 p.m. - 2 a.m.


* Cost: $60 per couple


* Directions: Take XXXXX to XXXXX and turn right. Go three stop signs to XXXXX and turn left. It's on the left hand side.


I don't know if you're going to be coming from your house or what, so I'm sorry I don't have directions from the north. It sounds like it should be easy to find, though.


Sir, I look forward to serving you and my mistress Saturday, and I will do my best to make you comfortable in any way I can.







* * *




Friday, January 5, 2001 12:20 a.m.

Letter to the group


Well, friends, it looks like a go: Cassie, William and I are planning to get together Saturday!!! It's been a looonnnnggg time coming, and they are both hot for each other.


And - get this - William wants me to bring our VIDEO CAMERA!!! I can't believe it!!! Even more unbelievable, Cassie agreed to it without batting an eyelash!!! So, we'll have a tape of my mistress

getting fucked!!! I hope my hand doesn't shake too much - I'm assuming it's going to be my job to do the filming!!! : )


The plan is, we'll all get together around 5. Then, they're going to a public swinger's club. Meanwhile, my job is to get the hotel room ready for them...and wait. My mistress had given me permission to join them at the swinger's place, but the club has a couples-only rule. Isn't that kind of ironic? Because of the couples-only rule, I can't attend with my wife!


But, we all know the real deal. I don't deserve to go, not if it means my mistress' lover can't go. That goes without saying!


Then, when they get back to the hotel...well, here's William's version of what he sees happening. He sent me this email the other day:


<< ....I also have a nasty surprise for her that I'm sure you will enjoy.>>



I'm going out of my mind, wondering what this surprise could be!!! But, Cassie is blase' about the whole thing. I'm more excited than she is!! But I know she's looking forward to it. She's just being her normal, mistress self. Well, she won't be that way when she gets around him, I can assure you!!!











Saturday, January 6, 2001 11:17 p.m.

Halfway into our adventure: A quicky entry into my diary....


I only have time to post a quick note. I just ran home from the hotel, which is only about five miles from our house. Before William and Cassie left for the swingers’ club, William mentioned that he was going to have to stop at the store to get something to drink. I reminded him that there was a bunch of his vodka still at our house left over from the last time we got together, and I asked if he’d like for me to run home and get it for him while he and Cassie were gone. He said yes, and told me to pick him up some cranberry juice while I was at it..

Right now, they’re at the club...I don’t know when they’ll be getting back. But I’ve got to go, so I can get the hotel room cleaned up for them by the time they get back. Just wanted to drop a quick note while I was at home getting his vodka.

As they were leaving, I told them, “have fun.” William said, “oh, we will.” Plus, I’m going to be punished tonight, because I accidentally broke my mistress’ wooden cane. They should be back around 1 or so...it’s after 11 now...gotta go...



* * *

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