Duties of Submissive Husband

Cuckolding by Mistress Wife - Abused Husband, part 8





Sunday, October 22, 2000 5:52 p.m.


The evening started out shaky, when my mistress received a phone call at around 6 p.m. It was William, bearing bad news: Because of a family situation, he said there was a possibility he wouldn't be able to make it. He said he was going to try like hell to get to the party, but, because of this unforseen situation, he didn't know if he'd be able to.


We were bummed - the hotel had already been booked, and the everything lined up. But, more than that, both my mistress and I were eagerly anticipating getting together with him again.


We figured we'd make the best of a potential bummer, so we decided to go ahead with our plans. Last night was to be our first time attending a new B/d club (our old club went out of business last month), so we decided to go to the party anyway.


The party was cool. It was held in the conference room of a hotel, and we had a room booked upstairs. The people at this new club were all very nice, and it was more than generous for the president of the club to honor our memberships in the now-defunct club. In other words, our dues are paid up until the end of the year. Is that cool, or what?


A lot of transvestites belong to this club, and, since this was a Halloween party, they were out in full regalia, dressed as nuns, hookers, and one he/she in a fantastic Batgirl costume. Of course, there were also a bunch of femdom couples, as well as male-dom couples. It was a nice mix of freaks.


There was also another cuckold couple! I'm not sure if the slave was married to the mistress, but they did come in together. Later, another guy, a master, came in, and I saw the bull stroking the woman's hair and kissing her, while the slave knelt on the floor in front of them with his head bowed. Needless to say, the sight made my blood run cold!!! You don't see that kind of situation very often.


We were sitting at our table, enjoying the buffet and the view, when Mistress's cell phone rang.


Guess who?


My mistress's smile told me - William was going to make it, after all! He was only a few blocks away, so Cassie went out to the lobby to meet him.


After a few minutes, they walked in together. We made small talk for a moment, then we went upstairs to our room to change clothes.


We weren't in the room five minutes before William handed me his boots. "If you would," he said, tossing me the small satchel which contains the shoe polish and cloth. I dropped to my knees and began polishing his boots while he put his arm around my wife and chatted with her.


"Damn!" he said, holding my wife's hands and taking in her beauty. "I need this! It isn't a want - it's a need!"


Mistress changed into a leather miniskirt and halter top. She also put on a pair of seamed stockings - William's favorite. Then she put a leather coat over the ensemble, and we went back downstairs to the party.


As we were walking toward the elevator, William stopped and put his hands on my wife's ass. "Hmmmm....damn, that looks good!" he said. I furtively glanced around to see if anyone saw him; there was nobody else in the hall. Then we took the elevator downstairs to the conference room.


We really didn't play much this time...basically, my mistress and her lover stood around and watched as other people played. I held my mistress's coat and stood respectfully a few feet behind them while they casually held each other and watched the other scenes. Whenever either of them needed a drink (she was drinking Bud Light, and he drank Honey Brown), I would fetch it for them.


There was a woman there who had set up a stand with whips she'd hand-made. Absolutely beautiful work. My mistress had me use my credit card to purchase an exquisite purple cat o' nine tails (actually, it has more like 20 tails!) William promised me it would get broken in before the night was over.


During a cigarette break (Cassie and William were in a no-smoking area, and I had to ask permission to go across the room to smoke), I struck up a conversation with the woman who made the whips. I asked if she was dominant or submissive, and she said she was a switch. Then, she asked me what our situation was. I told her: the woman was my wife; the man was her lover; and I served both of them.


She smiled and said, "wow! That sounds delicious!"


Tell me about it!!!


Anyway, after awhile, Mistress and William were starting to get horny, so they decided to head back upstairs. Cassie put her new whip underneath her coat so the other guests wouldn't see it, and we took the elevator to our room.


They started making out, and I stood there for a minute, watching submissively. My mistress ordered me to go to the ice machine, so I scampered out of the room. But the ice machine was broken, so I went back to the room to tell them.


The following "scene" is the one thing that's most etched into my mind from last night:


Mistress and William were standing there kissing when I got back to the room.


"Mistress," I said timidly. I was trying not to disturb their kiss too much, but I had to report that the ice machine was empty.


She turned away from William, annoyed. "What?!!!?" William still had his hands on her hips, and he looked at me with a bemused expression on his face.


"Um...the ice machine is empty," I stammered.


"Then, go to another floor!" she snarled. William chuckled as I retreated and started walking down the stairs.


As I trudged through the hotel in search of ice, I felt so utterly subjegated, it's hard to put into words. It was a lonely walk, as I went from floor to floor in search of an ice machine. It soon became clear that the machine on our floor was the only one in the hotel, so I went back to our room.


By that time, William and my mistress were on one of the queen-sized beds, making out. I reported that there were no other ice machines, but by then, they were too involved in their passions to care. I was ordered to get drinks, sans ice, then I took my place at the foot of the bed and hung my head submissively while my wife made out with her lover.


At one point, he reached down and tore the crotch right out of my mistress's hose! Then, he went down on her, and she loved it.


My mistress later gave me the torn pantyhose as a memento of the evening.


They took a break, and decided to try out the new whip. They took turns hitting me with the new cat, which hurt like hell. But I was able to take it without too much whimpering, and William complimented me on my progress. I'm still learning to take more pain, but I'm getting better.


After they whipped me, they returned to their bed. William told Cassie he wanted to see how I licked her ass when I worship her (as I've reported here before, William wants me to email him and give him the details whenever I'm allowed to worship my mistress. Cassie likes me to give her a rim job while she plays with herself, and William wanted to see how this physically was done).


After he was satisfied with my rim job, he ordered me to lick my mistress's pussy. "Get it good and wet," he said. "Because I'm going to fill that pussy up. She needs it. She needs to be filled up. Not by your dick - she wants mine."


I moistened my mistress's pussy, while William knelt on the bed just a foot or so away, watching me with his hands on his hips. It was kind of intimidating, seeing him out of the corner of my eye, so obviously in charge.


After a few minutes, I was told to get the condoms. I went to the bag and handed my wife's lover a Trojan. "Thank you, sir!" he said flippantly as I handed him the rubber.


Then I retreated to the foot of the bed, and William began fucking my wife.


After the first few strokes, Cassie snapped at me, "turn that damn light off! It's shining right in my eyes!" She was referring to the lamp on the nightstand, which I immediately shut off.


Have you ever looked into your wife's face as she snarls an order at you, at the same time she's being fucked? Can you imagine what it's like? Yep, it's just like that!


After the light was shut off, I returned to the foot of the bed and watched William fuck my wife into next week. She kept crying, "oh, baby...oh, baby!" and he was moaning her name in her ear. Finally, with a loud groan, William came. Then he collapsed on top of my wife and they held each other close. They laid there for quite awhile, his dick still buried in Cassie's pussy.


Unfortunately, William had to take off. He'd wanted to spend the night, but it turned out he couldn't. But, before he left, they made plans to get a hotel room next week. They'll both leave work early and enjoy a leisurely afternoon making love. I wish I could be there, but I realize there are going to be times when they want to be alone. This doesn't bother me too much, though - I now realize that they both really enjoy having me on hand to serve them when they're making love. At first, I was a little apprehensive about it, because I felt like a third wheel. But those fears have been allayed; like I said, I know they like having me there to serve them.


My mistress was sad - and horny - that her lover had to leave after only one fuck. So she allowed me to worship her.


Here's an email I sent to William, reporting to him everything that happened after he left:


Good afternoon, sir! I hope you enjoyed yourself last night - my mistress and I sure did! The only complaint Cassie had was that you had to leave too early. I think you've spoiled her, sir - being fucked one time isn't enough! : )


As always, my breath was taken away to see my mistress engulfed in the fires of passion, and I thank you once again for bringing those emotions to the forefront. She is indeed a very sexy woman, and she deserves to be sexually pleased by a man like you. I love to watch you make love to my mistress, sir, and last night, I felt honored to be present.


I hope I was able to serve you good last night; I am trying my very best. I was very happy when you complimented me on being able to take more pain, and I hope both you and my mistress will train me so I can take whatever you wish to dish out.


I got into a conversation with the woman who sold us the whip last night, and I asked her if she was dom or sub. She said she was a switch. Then she asked what the deal was with us. I told her that Cassie is my wife and my mistress; you're her lover; and I serve both of you. Her face broke into a wide smile and she said, "Wow! That sounds delicious!" She told me I was lucky - well, shit, I already knew that!!! I'm the luckiest slave in the world!!!


Anyway, after you left, my mistress said she felt cold, so I got the blanket and comforter from the other bed and covered her with them. Then, she told me to worship her, because she hadn't yet had an orgasm. So I had to go underneath two blankets, a sheet and two comforters to worship my mistress. I could hardly breathe underneath all those covers. Usually, during the cold months, my mistress will put me underneath the covers when I worship her. It's difficult to breathe when my mistress is covered by just the one comforter at home. With all those covers last night, it was nearly impossible!


But, you don't want to hear me whining about my discomfort, so I'll shut up.


I worshipped my mistress for a long, long time last night. It must've been at least 45 minutes to an hour. My neck is still very sore (there I go again, complaining!!!! Sorry). While I was licking her, my mistress teased me, telling me to think about how you'd filled her pussy earlier. She also asked me if she tasted different, and I said yes; she always does after you've fucked her. Her pussy is looser, too. I wonder why!!!!


My mistress had a funny kind of orgasm...it wasn't a particularly big one, but it did seem intense. She didn't bounce around as much as she usually does, though. I think she was still craving a different kind of attention!! : )


After my mistress came down from her orgasm, she told me to kiss her butt while she went to sleep. I was nearly in tears, because I hadn't been allowed to cum for days and days. But, before I got a chance to ask my mistress for permission to cum, she fell asleep. I tried to get to sleep myself, but I was too frustrated. I got in a few minutes of shuteye here and there, but mostly, I tossed and turned all night, with my lips caressing my mistress's ass.


Cassie woke up at around 6 a.m., and I finally asked her if I could cum. She said yes, and it took me only about five seconds! My mistress didn't pay any attention to me that time; she was still drowsy, and didn't even look my way. When I was finished, we fell asleep again.


We woke up again around 10, and my mistress told me that I had been a good slave the night before. I begged her to give me a treat by sitting on my face, and, to my great happiness, she did! That's one of my favorite things in the world!


My mistress is really looking forward to getting together with you later in the week for your "long lunch" together. As you said last night, it's not just a want - it's a need!!!


Well, sir, that's my report from last night. I'm hoping my mistress will allow me to worship her again tonight. As you know, that's the only kind of sex I'm allowed to have, so I look forward to each and every opportunity to serve her in that manner.


Thanks again for making my mistress so happy, sir...





Well, friends, that about explains everything that happened last night. Hope you enjoyed my account of the proceedings!













Monday, October 23, 2000 7:59 p.m.

The sometimes-sad feelings of an abused husband....



I'm finding there are some serious issues that have to be dealt with when you're in a submissive cuckold situation.


Sure, it's a turn-on to think about a wife who totally takes her husband for granted, yet falls all over herself to please her lover. That's the name of this whole game - HE gets things the slave husband would NEVER get.


But, when it happens in real life, it can be a tough pill to swallow sometimes.


During most of my 13 years with Cassie, I've been a second-class citizen. Now, since she's found a lover, I've become a third-class citizen. My time spent worshipping my mistress sexually has diminished since William came into the picture. On top of that, she barely pays attention to me any more. She used to do things like tease me, or even pee in my mouth. But, as the years have passed - and, especially since she took a lover - any kind of activity on her part is rare. Usually, I worship her, she cums, I ask if I can cum, and she says, "I don't care." Then I jack off while she relaxes on the bed, barely looking my way.


I'm getting horny just writing this, so it's obviously something that turns me on a great deal. But sometimes it can be hard to take - especially now that I've seen how utterly sensual my wife can be with another man. It's a stark contrast to the cool indifference she shows me.


Maybe I'm just feeling sorry for myself. I tend to do that sometimes. It's not as bad as I may be making it; lately, she has paid some attention to me. Since William said he wants me to toughen up, she's been whipping me more than usual. And, sometimes she will still reach down and play with my dick - although, as has always been the case, it's never for more than a few seconds.


The reason for my somber mood is an argument I had earlier today with my mistress. I had the day off, so I spent the afternoon shampooing our carpets. I figured Cassie would be surprised. Instead, she got mad because I'd moved something she wanted to keep in the living room.


Well, rather than just bow my head like I usually do, I got angry. I worked my ass off to surprise her, and when she got home, all she did was complain about one little thing.


A lot of people, hearing what I've just described, might say Cassie is a bitch. I couldn't argue with them - she does act very bitchy with me, and it's not just when we're in the bedroom.


But, isn't that the fantasy? Isn't that what I told her all along I wanted?


The answer is, yes. But, I'm also human. As I said, sometimes, it can be hard to swallow. Probably 90 percent of the time, I do just bow my head and remain silent. But, every once in awhile, I get upset when she treats me like a dog.


That'll probably disappear. It's a long road toward total submission, but I'm getting there. And, now that she has another man in her life, my submission has accelerated to hyper-speed. The same goes for her dominance.


If you're wondering who won the argument tonight, I'll give you three guesses. Of course, she won. Whenever I do get mad over her treatment of me, I always end up apologizing. She tells me, "you're the one who wanted things to be this way," and how can I argue with her? It's absolutely true.


When we first got together, I didn't tell her this was a bedroom game I'd like to play; I told her this was a complete, all-encompassing lifestyle. I told her I wanted to be her slave - for real.


I told her she need not respect my rights as a husband - or even my rights as a person. I told her not to worry about taking advantage of me. I told her it was what I needed.


Now that the fantasy has become reality, I have no right to complain to her about it. She's right - I did ask for it.


And, as I've said before, 90 percent of the time I'm very happy with how things have turned out. In fact, I feel incredibly lucky. I have a lot to be thankful for. I have a mistress who loves me as a treasured slave. I know she wants me to remain her faithful servant for as long as we live, and that fills me with a happy feeling.


But, every once in a little while, I'll think about the way my wife is dumping on me, and, instead of thinking submissive thoughts, I'll get angry.


Which means I've still got a ways to go to become the person I want to be. I know that total submission to my mistress is my goal, and I hope I can someday acheive that.


Sorry to spend so much time whining, but the best way I know of to work these things out is to put them into words.


At any rate...thanks for being a shoulder to cry on!






* * *




Tuesday, October 24, 2000 1:33 a.m.

Another report to William. So, after all that bitching, later that night, I got the chance to tell him about more fun with my mistress...



Good evening, sir! My mistress was kind enough to allow me to worship her earlier tonight, and this is my report.


My mistress had two orgasms - one with my tongue, as usual, and one all by herself.


Mistress looked very beautiful tonight. She wore her pink nightgown, which shows off her cleavage nicely. While I worshiped her, my mistress watched a movie with a lesbian scene, which is probably her second-biggest turn-on (you know the first : ). Cassie loves to watch two girls making love, although she says she probably couldn't do it in real life.


Also, my mistress gave me an incredible treat tonight! She rubbed her pussy near my penis!!!! That's the closest I've gotten to actually being inside my mistress for months and months! She also sat on my face again, and I was flooded with gratitude.


My mistress is very much looking forward to your next rendezvous together, so if there's anything you might need me to do that will make it a more pleasant experience for both of you, I will be happy to do it.







* * *


Wednesday, October 25 2000 2:25 a.m.

Wednesday's report to William...



Sir, I am so very lucky - I have yet another wonderful evening with my mistress to report!


I guess Cassie is pleased with the way I've been serving her, because she's allowed me to worship her almost every night this week! I have been trying very hard to make her happy; yesterday, I shampooed all the carpets, and today, I cleaned the kitchen before she got home from work. I could tell she was pleased, which made me very happy.


At around 11:30 tonight, my mistress told me to put in the movie she was watching last night, the one with the lesbian scene. Later in the movie, a group of men come into the room and gang-bang one of the women (my mistress LOVES watching gang-bang scenes!!!).


Cassie must've felt particularly horny tonight, because she didn't even bother with a foot massage. She immediately told me to worship her - and then she had me lick her three times!


Sir, my mistress's first orgasm was HUGE! I thought she was going to break my neck, the way she was bouncing up and down! I hardly had a chance to rest before she told me to start licking her again. She had a second orgasm, but this one wasn't quite as intense.


Then she took a break and whipped me with the crop. She was really laying it on heavy tonight, sir, on both my ass and my leg, and I'm proud to report that I took it without whining. Mistress told me she is going to whip me even harder tomorrow night. She tells me I'm getting better at accepting pain.


When Cassie was finished whipping me, she told me to lick her for a third time. Instead of having me give her a rim job on the third try, my mistress told me to put my finger in her ass. She played with herself for quite awhile while I held my finger in place, but she couldn't reach orgasm. I felt guilty, like I had failed to please my mistress, but she didn't seem too upset.


Finally, my mistress told me I could play with myself. While I touched myself, she put her hand possessively on my forehead, and I felt extremely happy and fulfilled to be in her power.


Then, before she dismissed me, Cassie said, "you can report to William that you pleased me very good tonight."


So, in compliance with my mistress's wishes: I am happy to report to you that I pleased her very good tonight.


I hope my report pleases you, sir...




* * *


Thursday, October 26 2000 6:55 p.m.

My mistress has an afternoon with her lover, as I describe to the group...



Hi, all. I just got a page a few minutes ago, as soon as I got home from work. It was Cassie.


Earlier today, she told me she would be leaving work early, so she and William could get a hotel room together, as planned. They only got to fuck one time Saturday night, and they were dying to get together again.


So, when I looked on my pager this evening and saw it was my wife, I knew what to expect.


Turns out, they tried to call me earlier when they were together in the hotel, but I hadn't gotten home yet. Cassie was brief when she just talked to me - she said they fucked, and that she'd had three orgasms. She said she was stopping off at the mall to get something to eat, and to go shopping for some sexy new lingerie, and that she would be home in a few hours.


My mind is in a whirl right now, so I don't know exactly what I'm thinking. I am very turned on, as you might expect...but I just had a hell of a tough day at work, so I haven't had the opportunity to really think about what my wife was doing too much. It did pop into my head a few times, to be sure, and I felt that now-familiar twinge shoot through my gut.


Well, I'd better get going. I want to have the house nice and clean by the time my wife gets home from a hard day of being fucked.





* * *

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