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Cuckolding by Mistress Wife, part 7






Sunday, September 23, 2000 6:15 p.m.

Another night in cuckold paradise...



As anticipated, Cassie, William and I hooked up again last night. The evening went pretty much as I expected: William fucked my wife's brains out while I submissively watched.


My job was to change CDs, refill drinks, and stay the hell out of their way.


The evening started around 9:30, when we all met up at a local pub for dinner and drinks. Of course, Cassie sat next to William in the booth,while I sat across from them. They sat shoulder-to-shoulder throughout the meal, and, to anyone who was watching, there was no mistaking who the two lovers in this threesome were!


We finished our food, then took off for the hotel. They left in William's truck; I walked to my car alone and followed them there. First, I stopped off at a store and got beer for Cassie and some Gator-Aid for William.


I met them in the hotel parking lot, and followed them as they walked hand-in-hand to the hotel. Of course, I was burdened with all the bags.


We stayed in a different hotel than the one we went to in our first two encounters - Room 115 this time - but it didn't make much difference about the room. We weren't there for the atmosphere or the pool! The beds worked just fine, and that's all that mattered to my wife and her lover.


My mistress was absolutely in heat last night! So was he! After checking in, Cassie immediately went into the bathroom and changed into a leather mini-skirt, with fishnet stockings, and a leather halter-top. After I made sure they had their drinks, I knelt at the foot of the bed and watched as my wife fell back on the bed with William and started making out.


After they kissed for a spell, Cassie told me to bend over; it was time to show William the strides I'd made toward taking more pain. She really lit me up with the handle of a plastic spoon - painful as hell - but I kept my mouth shut. I hardly whined at all, and, after about 10 minutes, Cassie ceased the whipping and commended me.


William was impressed. "See? You took it like a man this time. I'm proud of you."


That was about all the attention I got last night.


In no time, William had ripped the crotch out of my wife's fishnets, and was licking her pussy. He's been saying he wants to "taste her" for weeks now, and he made the most of his opportunity!


At one point, Cassie took off her shirt and handed it to me to fold. I don't know how to explain it, but the look in her eye was so damn erotic.w...totally dismissive and dominant, as if to say, "here, fold my clothes while I continue having fun with my lover." It shot a jolt through me, although no actual words were spoken.


Then, Cassie started sucking her lover's dick, like a little girl in a candy shop. I can't explain it - she always told me she HATED doing that - but, with William, she absolutely LOVES sucking him. She even deep-throated his big dick!! I looked at William with envy. He had his head back on the pillows, and his eyes were shut. His fingers were clutching at the bedsheets, and he kept moaning. He was obviously in the throes of passion.


He glanced at me a few times while my Mistress blew him, and each time he gave me a sneer. He knows Cassie never does that for me, and I think he enjoys her oral service all the more because of my deprivation.


Once, he said to me, "damn, your wife knows how to suck a dick." I just hung my head and said nothing.


Cassie finally lifted her mouth off William's cock.


"It's time," William said.


It was time for my mistress and her lover to fuck. But one thing had to be done first.


Cassie gave me a smouldering look and spread her legs. "Come here and get me nice and wet for him," she said. Of course, I submissively licked my mistress' pussy, as ordered. After a few minutes, Cassie nudged me away.


Finally, Cassie was going to get what she so badly wanted!


When he first entered her, my wife grunted throatily, "unnggh...I haven't been fucked since the last time you did it." The way she said the word "fucked" really did something to me. I can still hear it now!!!


They reminded me of a pair of animals as they went at it in full force. She put her feet on his shoulders as he hit the back of her pussy time and again. I unobtrusively shifted my position so I could watch Cassie's face while she was getting fucked. She looked so sexy, let me tell you!!! Sexy...and HUNGRY!


I must admit - they look absolutely beautiful together! William's dark skin against Cassie's milky complexion is such an awesome, animal sight! And, the way their bodies move when they make love...it's like they're perfectly in tune with each other. I could only watch, and wish...


As William fucked my wife, he kept saying things like, "damn, that pussy feels good and tight." He was directing his comments toward me. At one point, he looked over his shoulder at me and said, "your dick just can't fill Cassie's pussy like mine does, can it?"


And, I had to truthfully acknowledge: "No, sir."


William's orgasm was very intense. He grunted like a wounded beast and collapsed on top of my wife, his dick still inside her.


After I refreshed the drinks, they laid back on the bed and talked. Their conversation was mostly private, but a couple times, they broke from their pillow talk to mess with me.


One time, they were talking about my so-called sex life. "Licking my pussy is the only kind of sex he ever gets," Cassie told William. "That is, if you can count that as having sex."


William chuckled. "According to Bill Clinton, it isn't," he said, referring to the president's declaration that oral sex isn't actual sex. Cassie laughed, and I even smiled a bit. It was a pretty good joke, even if it was at my expense.


After awhile, Cassie asked William if he was ready for his foot massage. "Oh, yes!" he said.


"Go get the lotion," Cassie ordered as she scooted up on the bed toward her lover, "and make my man's feet feel good."


I started working the lotion into William's rough feet while he cuddled with my wife. Doing his feet was strange, because they're much bigger than Cassie's, and they're shaped differently. I'm used to massaging her feet, and it was a very different experience doing it for William. But he enjoyed it very much, calling it the best foot massage he'd ever had in his life. I felt proud.


While I knelt at the foot of the bed, submissively massaging William's feet, they drifted off to sleep, wrapped in each other's arms. I kept working his feet until I was sure he was asleep; then I went to the other bed and laid there for a few minutes, watching them all cudded up together, sawing logs. Eventually, I drifted off to sleep myself.


This was only a quick catnap, though, because in no time, we were all awake again, and William had my wife on all fours, fucking her doggy-style. As he mounted her, William looked at me and said, "doggy-style!" And Cassie went, "ruff-ruff!"


Cassie grunted and groaned and pushed her ass back to meet his thrusts. This time, since I was still laying on the adjoining bed, I had a side view of the action: Her long, brown hair was swaying with each stroke, and her tits bounced in time with their lovemaking. Cassie says William really hits the back of her pussy when they do it doggy-style, and, from the look on her face, I believe it.


I don't think William had an orgasm the second time he fucked her. He did it for awhile, then they fell down and rested again. It was late, and everyone once again drifted off to sleep.


For them, it was just another catnap. But I crashed through the night. Bummer, because I slept completely through Round Three. William fucked my wife a third time, and Cassie said he had another orgasm that time, as did she, while I laid on the other bed, snoozing.


The next thing I knew, it was morning.


As I laid alone in my bed, I was feeling very sorry for myself. William and Cassie hadn't paid me a whole lot of attention, other than whipping me and a few quips here and there. I felt very lonely...and sort of useless.


I even asked them this morning, "am I in the way?" because I felt like they would've had just as good a time without me being there. But they both insisted that they enjoyed having me around to fetch things for them. "Besides, how else am I going to get a foot massage like last night?" William asked.


I don't know why I was feeling like that, but I really felt lonely being over there in a bed by myself. At least I got to sleep on a bed last night - the first time, I had to sleep on the floor! But, for some reason, I really was feeling used and abused last night, and especially when I woke up this morning.


But, it was a horny "used and abused" feeling! : )


We each had places to be, so we quickly got dressed and said our good-byes. Before we parted, though, I made sure to tell William, "thank you, sir, for pleasing my mistress."


He gave his usual answer: "No problem."


And that was our latest adventure! Hope you enjoyed reading about it...






* * *


Wednesday, October 3, 2000 2:32 p.m

(Another letter to the egroup)


Hello, friends, cuckolds, bulls, slaves, sluts, mistresses and masters. Your Fearful Leader here. I figured you all would be interested to hear the latest.


William has now added a whole new dimension into our three-way relationship. I received this email from him yesterday morning:


<<I have a new task for you! I want you to document in writing or electronically when your Mistress is pleasured by you orally or with your fingers and how many orgasms you have given her. After all these years you must be aware of her body and how she cums. I want complete documentation[time,date,room, etc] so make a note of that!


That is all





Of course, I immediately showed the message to my mistress, and, predictably, she thought the idea was great.


Last night, I filed my first report:



<<Subj: Report from tonight

Date: 10/3/00 1:16:41 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From: Cwcobblest

To: (William)


Sir, I just finished worshipping my mistress, about 10 minutes ago. She had two orgasms while she watched her favorite interracial video on the bedroom TV.


She got mad at me, because I wasn’t positioned straight while I was worshipping her, so she kicked me until I was at the desired angle. Let me explain: My mistress likes my body to be aligned perfectly with hers while I’m worshipping her. If I’m crooked, even by a few inches, she notices and gets annoyed. I have to be perfectly straight.


Earlier today, I cleaned the entire house, which surprised my mistress when she got home from work. She had only told me to clean the kitchen, but I decided to go all-out to try to please her. It worked; the house was spic and span, and my mistress was very pleased.


Then tonight, just before I worshipped her, she had me give her a foot massage while she laid back on the bed and forgot about the worries of the day. It’s been a whole three days since I last gave her a foot massage, and she said it felt good.


I have to tell you, sir - tonight, both my mistress and I were aware that I was going to report everything we did to you. And, just knowing that made it seem like you had a presence in the bedroom. I think my mistress thought so, too - she certainly talked a lot about you tonight, even more than usual.


After she had her two orgasms, she allowed me to play with myself. As usual, she hardly paid any attention to me...but she did tease me a little. While I was playing with myself, she told me to look at her pussy. Then, she said, “just think - who was the last man to put his dick in this pussy?”


Of course, sir, you know the answer to that question as well as I do.


Well, that’s all I have to report for tonight. I hope my mistress will let me spend some

time with her tomorrow as well, and I can send you another update.







As I said in my report to William, just knowing that I was going to have to tell him all the details of our activities made things a little different between my wife and me. William had a tangible presence in the bedroom. It was kind of humiliating, to have to keep making mental notes of what we were doing, so I could write it all down later.


Last night, I kept thinking: Now, I can't even enjoy worshipping my mistress without being encumbered with the task of mentally documenting every move for William's perusal.


This is the kind of stuff that stokes the fire of a submissive cuckold's belly!


By the way, Cassie met with William for lunch last week. It was by and large an uneventful liason, so I didn't report it to the group at the time. They simply met for a quiet lunch, and, because it was so crowded, they didn't talk about much sexual stuff. They didn't even kiss - my mistress said it was too crowded out in the parking lot, and they ate at a restaurant located just a few blocks from where she works, so they had to be cool. If an acquaintance had seen them together, my wife was prepared to tell them William was an old college friend; but if they had seen my mistress kissing her lover, she would have some 'erious 'splaining to do.


I was talking to my friend "A" on the phone yesterday morning, and I asked him: I wonder how many people on this group actually believe what I'm saying? I guess I couldn't blame folks if they thought I was full of shit - hell, if I were reading all this, I'd have a hard time believing it. It all seems too...I don't know...perfect.


Well, let me tell you: Even though this is happening to ME, I'm still having a hard time believing it. The most amazing thing to me is, after a few months of cuckoldry, this has become the norm in our lives. It's a disruption, to be sure, but it isn't like my entire life has changed. I still go to work; I still talk to my wife about bills, our jobs, our hopes and our dreams.


But, while my day-to-day activities haven't been altered much, there has been a significant change in my relationship with my wife. She's changed...she's become much more confident. It's not like she was a wallflower before William came along - far from it - but, since she's taken a lover, she has this air about her...an air that says to me, "you'd better do your best to please me, because I now know I have someone I can go to who will do a far better job of pleasing me."


And, as I've said before, I now find myself constantly brown-nosing my mistress, trying to gain her favor.


This is an incredible, sexually charged ride we've undertaken. I don't know where it will ultimately lead, but I'm sure as hell enjoying the view from the cuckold's seat.






* * *



Monday, October 9, 2000 1:45 a.m.

Another report to William...


Sir, last night, my mistress allowed me to worship her. At around midnight, she lit candles in the bedroom and called for me. She was wearing nothing but a dark blue bra - one of the bras she recently bought for you, by the way. My mistress looked incredibly sexy last night, sir.


She read a Variations magazine while I worshipped her. Earlier last night, I'd taken some Sudafed cold medicine, which kind of dried my mouth out. I had to keep asking my mistress if I could get a drink, which annoyed her greatly. She doesn't like me to interrupt her when I'm worshipping her - she pretty much forgets about me while she reads or watches a movie, and if I need a drink, or if I have to stop to remove one of her pubic hairs from my mouth, she gets very perturbed. My mistress has become quite spoiled after 13 years of being worshipped!!! She wants everything just so!


She had one orgasm last night. It wasn't a particularly intense orgasm, but my mistress did seem satisfied. Then, she let me look at her pussy while I played with myself.


Well, that's about it from last night. My mistress told me I might get to spend time with her again tonight, so I have my fingers crossed. In the meantime, I'm looking forward to serving you and my wife again to the best of my ability, while you enjoy each others' company...






* * *


Tuesday, October 11, 2000

Yet another report to my wife's lover...


Sir, my mistress let me worship her again last night! She read a Variations magazine, and she had a really big orgasm! Then, after she was satisfied, she even paid attention to me. She whipped the inside of my right thigh with a wooden back-scratcher. It's still hurting this morning. She says she wants to really toughen me up for the upcoming party. My mistress also teased me, because my dick is so much smaller than yours. She said there was no way I could ever satisfy her the way you do, which is why she never lets me fuck her at all anymore. I think it's been more than a year now!


Then, my mistress gave me a great treat - she sat on my face while I played with myself. She doesn't do things like that for me very often, so I was in Seventh Heaven! Usually, she just lays back and watches me while I play with myself, or else she just goes to sleep. But last night, my mistress paid a lot of attention to me, and I am very grateful.


Well, that's about it from last night. I hope to have more to report to you soon.











Thursday, October 19, 2000 7:44 p.m.

Even yet - another report to William...



Good evening, sir. I have a report on my Mistress's pleasure last night.


Cassie has been on her period, and last night was her first night off. Although I continued to iron her clothes, etc., during the week, we hadn't had any actual physical contact. So I was hoping she'd want me to serve her last night.


Fortunately, she did. Around midnight, she called me into the bedroom. She'd already lit the candles, and was waiting for me on the bed, wearing a pink, silky nightie.


I gave my mistress her usual foot massage while she watched a rerun of Saturday Night Live on Comedy Central. Then I softly kissed her pussy for a long time, while she laid back on the bed and flicked through the TV stations, looking for a T&A movie. Eventually, she told me to get one of her Variations magazines from the nightstand. She leafed through the pages of the book for a few minutes, then told me to lick her.


Which I did. I tried my absolute best to make my mistress feel good, sir. But, as usual, she didn't pay me a bit of attention. She didn't even yell at me. She usually doesn't have to - after all these years, she's pretty much taught me exactly how she wants me to worship her.


But sometimes, I wish she would yell at me, or slap me on the head. She used to do that a lot years ago, but now she just totally ignores me while I worship her.


Sometimes, I even think about doing something wrong on purpose, so she'll pay attention to me - even if I know that attention would come in the form of a hard slap. But, that never gets past the thinking stage; I know it would be wrong for me to give my mistress anything less than my best efforts.


She had me lick her ass while she brought herself to orgasm with her fingers. Her hips bucked up and down quite hard while she rode the wave of her orgasm.


After she'd settled down, Cassie then got out the wood back-scratcher and started hitting me on the inside of my legs. She even touched my balls for a while, which was a much-appreciated treat. Then she slapped them hard. She can't understand why that hurts so much.


Last night, Mistress told me I could have an orgasm, and she told me she'd allow me to have another one tonight. But, after tonight, I'm forbidden to cum, because she wants me to be horny for Saturday night. She's very much looking forward to getting together with you again, sir, and so am I.


I really hope I can learn the different things you like, so that I can be a better submissive when the two of you get together. It takes time, I know - it took years for me to learn Cassie's preferences and quirks. For instance, she likes three ice cubes in her pop. She likes mayonnaise on both sides of the bread when I make her a sandwich. When you serve someone as long as I've served my mistress, you get to know these things.


So eventually, I hope I can learn your preferences as well. I really am dedicated to being the best sub I can be - and if I serve you well, I know it will please my mistress.


I don't know why I get into my role so much, or why I'm so intense about it. I'm certainly not submissive in the "outside" world. In fact, it's just the opposite. But, for some reason, I feel happiest when I am being submissive. The best way I can describe it would be, it's a spiritual trip.


But a Dominant like you isn't interested in hearing my ramblings, so I'll shut up. I'll close by saying if there's anything I can do for you that might make your upcoming evening with my mistress more enjoyable, I would be happy to take care of it for you, sir.








* * *


Friday, October 20, 2000 2:16 a.m.

The reports just keep on comin'....



Good evening, sir...well, I guess it's morning now. My mistress allowed me to worship her earlier tonight. As always, I felt lucky to be allowed to serve such a beautiful and sexy woman.


The night started as it usually does: I gave my mistress a foot massage while she did some work. Then she told me to light the candles and put an interracial movie into the VCR. This one showed couples fucking on a public beach. People were standing around and watching, which makes my mistress very hot. It's one of her favorite movies.


While she kicked back and watched her porno movie, I worshipped my mistress's beautiful pussy. Then, as always, she had me lick her ass while she played with herself. Within minutes, she had a violent orgasm. Her climax didn't last very long - maybe 15 seconds - but it was quite intense, judging by the way she slammed her hips against the bed.


My mistress then rolled over and told me to softly kiss her ass while she relaxed. She often likes me to do that after she's had an orgasm.


Then she went to sleep.


I'm not allowed to have an orgasm until Saturday night, so I blew out the candles and quietly left the room, satisfied, yet frustrated.


That's tonight's report, sir. I hope it pleases you.







* * *


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