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Cuckolding by Mistress Wife, part 6





Thursday, August 31, 2000 9:16 p.m.



Subj: More from Cuckold Central...

Date: 8/31/00 9:16:31 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: Cwcobblest

To: A


Dear A,


Cassie just told me tonight she's thinking about making me write daily emails to William: "What I did to please my mistress today." She asked me what I would write today, and I told her, "I cooled off your bedroom for you." (I started the air conditioner about a half-hour before she got home, so she could go upstairs and relax in the cool room. It was fucking HOT today!).


That sounds like an interesting proposition! She said she's going to run the idea by William, and see what he thinks.




Last night, William gave Cassie the chaps he bought for the party. He says he'd have a tough time explaining them to his wife, so she's going to keep them. Tonight, she had me hang them up neatly - she even had me put a damn hand towel between the chaps and the hanger, so they wouldn't get too wrinkled!!!!! It really hits home, having an article of his clothing hanging in our bedroom. The fact that the chaps are leather adds an element of power to the whole trip, as well.


Well, take it easy!






* * *


Sunday, September 3, 2000 7:21 a.m.

A friend is concerned about me...



Subj: [cwcobblestone] Re: Latest adventure-Worrisome

Date: 9/3/00 7:21:26 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (Stephen )

Reply-to: cwcobblestone@egroups.com

To: cwcobblestone@egroups.com



> Because I wasn't there, I felt more "cuckolded" than I have at any


> throughout this whole thing. Cassie assures me that I won't be "cut

out" of

> the picture





I was delighted when you finally entered a Cuckold relationship, but your description of its unfolding thus far is most worrisome. That Cassie can't trouble herself to acknowledge that she appreciates all you do for her strikes me as cold and selfish. And if she no longer wants even submissive sexual contact from you, I would conclude that she no longer considers you to be her husband. On the plus side is that you are the father of her child and that bond between you and she will endure, but its not enough to sustain your marriage. Good also that William is married. If he were single he would already be planning to take her from you and if he is more interested in Cassie than he is in his current wife, he may still do this. You must

prepare yourself for the very real possibility that she will leave you once she finds an unattached lover that engages her emotionally. And you deserve so much more from your marriage than mere servant status.

Things like love and sexual intimacy. I don't think you,ill derive true cuckold pleasure from a relationship devoid of love and intimacy.



* * *



Sunday, September 3, 2000 4:46 p.m.

No worries, mate!



Subj: Re: [cwcobblestone] Re: Latest adventure-Worrisome

Date: 9/3/00 4:46:36 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: Cwcobblest

To: cwcobblestone@egroups.com



Stephen, I appreciate your concern, but I truly don't think my marriage is in any kind of trouble.


You have to remember: I'm the one who asked for this. Check that - I BEGGED for it! I have no doubt Cassie still loves me very much. She respects me. But she loves me as her lifelong servant, and she respects me for the gift I've given her - the gift of my undying devotion and submission.


This may sound strange, and it may be a little premature, but I really don't care if William and Cassie fall in love. In fact, I'm hoping that happens. I'm not of the Judeo-Christian belief that people can only love one person. My wife feels the same way. Who says, just because she loves someone else, she's going to stop loving me?


We've talked about this, and Cassie says she isn't interested in leaving me for a "better lover." She loves having me around as her friend and servant.


I hope William turns out to be Cassie's steady lover for years. I hope we all develop a lasting relationship as man, woman and submissive gopher.


I'm sure an arrangement like Cassie and I have set up would be disastrous to many marriages. And, I've been around the block enough times to know you can never say never, but I honestly don't think Cassie's taking a lover is going to jeopardize what we already have. We have probably the strongest marriage of anyone I know. It's just a different kind of marriage than what you see on the Brady Bunch. We've made our own rules. (Well, actually, SHE's made most of the rules!!! : )


As far as William trying to take Cassie away from me...well, I just don't see it happening. He enjoys having me around to serve them. Remember, we responded to HIS ad. He was looking for a kinky couple - why would he want to break up the situation he was looking for in the first place? If he'd wanted a single woman for a serious, one-on-one relationship, he'd have placed and ad looking for that.


Again, I know you can never say never. But, my feeling is that Cassie will stay with me, precisely because she's living her sexual fantasy.


Cassie likes black guys. Dark-skinned men turn her on like nothing else. While having me serve as her slave has become an essential part of her life, it just doesn't do the trick for her sexually.


So, in my mind, her taking a lover is actually beneficial to our marriage. She's getting EXACTLY what she wants (a friend; a slave to clean the toilets; and the leeway to satisfy her carnal needs). I'm getting EXACTLY what I want ( a friend; and a mistress who laughingly tells me my dick is only about half the size of her lover's). And, William is getting EXACTLY what he wants (a couple with whom he can walk on the wild side; a woman with whom he has a lot in common; and a beautiful, classy brunette who gives great head and has a tight pussy!).


Sounds like a pretty good setup if you ask me! As William himself said: It's a win-win situation for everybody.


Sure, I get to whining sometimes about how my mistress takes me for granted. She does take me for granted, no question. Sometimes, I start feeling sorry for myself, and that self-pity is reflected in the things I say and write.


But, most of that self-pity is self-inflicted. In short, it turns me on to feel like I'm being oppressed. Whenever I think about the abuse I'm subjected to, my dick gets hard. That's part of the whole submissive mentality, isn't it?


These are the roles we've both willingly agreed to adopt, and we've been wearing the hats of servant and Mistress for more than a decade. By now, it's become second nature - she snaps her fingers, and I jump. But, while Cassie has no doubt about her superiority, I wouldn't describe her as "cold." Far from it.


You know what she did last Wednesday afternoon, before she left for her tryst with William? She drew a big heart on our bathroom mirror with her lipstick. When I saw it, a huge smile crossed my lips. To be sure, I felt submissively sad that my mistress had been off with her lover without me. But I also felt very much loved.


We spend a good part of each day talking to each other like any "normal" married couple. She doesn't treat me with haughty disdain all the time, although her position in our marriage is almost always intact. Her unquestioned authority keeps us from yelling and screaming at each other. There are very few arguments.


So, which marriage would you say is healthier - one in which there are constant, violent battles, or a relationship where the husband happily does whatever his wife tells him to do?


Now, everybody sing along:


"I love you; you love me; we're a happy cuckold fam-i-ly..."


Take it easy Stephen. Hope to hear more from you in the near future...






* * *


Sunday, September 9, 2000 3:10 p.m.

Another letter to the egroup



William went out of town over the holiday weekend, and things have been kind of slow on the cuckold front. Cassie did talk to her lover once last week on the phone, and they made plans to meet for lunch - just lunch - some time next week.


Our B/d club holds a party once a month, and William said he's definitely going to try to make it. That's in about 3 weeks. At the upcoming party, Cassie and her lover are going to tie me up and whip me in the main room, where everyone can see us, as opposed to last time, when they did it in one of the private rooms.


Let me tell you, it'll be very embarrassing to be whipped by my wife and her lover right in front of everybody. Even if it is a B/d club, and everyone there is like-minded, it's still very humiliating to have everyone witness your punishment. Hell, it was humiliating when Cassie did it alone in the main room - imagine how it's going to feel with her lover whipping me as well!!! I'm scared to death!


Until the party, though, everything's up in the air. Cassie and William (and, hopefully, me!) will try to get together if we can.


In a way it's frustrating, because he's married, and we can't get together as often as we'd like. He has to come up with excuses for leaving the house. But that also helps to keep things fresh - as they say, "absence makes the heart grow fonder." The anticipation is excruciating, both for my wife and myself.


As far as the home front is concerned, Cassie has gotten a LOT more dominant since she took William as a lover. She has this haughty air about her, like she knows she has me by the balls (as if she didn't know already!)


While Cassie promises that she has no interest in ever leaving me, she has told me my role in her life will change, now that she's taken the plunge. As I've said before, my service to her is appreciated, but it doesn't turn her on sexually. William, on the other hand, turns her on immensely, and Cassie has told me to expect my "personal time" with her to go down. In other words, I won't get to lick her pussy as often as I used to.


That makes me very sad - but, at the same time, it also turns me on. We submissives have some strange thought processes, don't we? : )


Well, that's about it from the cobblestone household. I promise I'll keep everyone up to speed as any new developments unfold.



* * *


Saturday, September 16, 2000 2:54 a.m.

Late night musings about their developing relationship...



Subj: They talked for an hour tonight...

Date: 9/16/00 2:54:06 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From: Cwcobblest

To: A


Well, Cassie talked to William for more than an hour on the telephone tonight. If you knew how much she hates to talk on the phone for any length of time, you'd know how significant that is!!


When I got home from work, she greeted me with a big smile. "I talked to my boyfriend tonight," she said.


"My boyfriend." That sent a shock wave through me, you bet it did!


He called her tonight after he had a fight with his wife. He was on his cell phone as he drove around the city talking to Cassie. They chatted about many things, and she relayed them to me when I got home. I'll just list a few that come to mind...


1. Cassie talked to William about having me "check in" with him once a week or so. A few weeks ago, she came up with the idea of having me write a weekly report to her lover, explaining what I did that week to make my mistress happy. William thinks it's a great idea - so I guess that rule will soon be implemented.


Cassie told me she pitched this idea to him because she wants me to feel included in their affair. She and William talked tonight about how it was important to try to include me somehow, since I won't be seeing him nearly as much as she will.


2. Cassie asked him point-blank how often he wants to get together. Things are absolutely crazy for him at work right now, and he's having problems at home, so he hasn't been able to get away recently. That's got Cassie all antsy inside. She wants to see him more than once a month - much more.


Fortunately, so does he. He said he'd like to get together with her every other week or so - not counting having lunch together a few times a month, plus the parties, where we'd all get together. That's how I see this thing settling - they'll see each other alone two or three times a month; then, on the nights of the parties, I'll get to spend time serving them.


Man, he's so excited about all this! He even went out and bought a pair of leather pants - that's after spending a bunch of money on a pair of leather chaps a few weeks ago!! And, I told you how I'm going to be whipped in front of everybody at the next party...well, that was HIS idea!!! He's definitely into this whole thing!


He's also very much into my wife. He told her tonight he couldn't wait to taste her again!


3. Today, for the first time since we all got together last time, William wore the boots I shined for him. He told Cassie he was sitting at work, and when he noticed how shiny they were, he smiled...


4. He said his heels are callused, and he's looking forward to a nice foot massage from me.


Well, it's late, and I've got to work in the morn. There's a lot more I'd like to chat about, but I'm beat!



Take it easy, buddy...








Thursday, September 21, 2000 10:08 p.m.

It's on!!!


Subj: Friday Nite!

Date: 9/21/00 10:08:56 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: William

To: Cwcobblestone


Tell your Mistress immediately!!!!! I have all Friday nite open!!! I am unable to go on Saturday nite but I have all night Friday and Saturday morn open!!! Ask your Mistress if she is familar

with (a swinger's club) downtown? Are you familar with it? If not research it in the (local paper). I also have a task for you. I want you to compose me an erotic story featuring Your mistress, myself and you. The situation is that we are at a bondage club!! Indulge me in a fantasy of yours. Be creative!




Thursday, September 21, 2000 10:50 p.m.

My answer...


Subj: Re: Friday Nite!

Date: 9/21/00 10:50:08 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: Cwcobblest

To: William


Sir...I just gave your message to my mistress, and she said Friday night sounds great. The only glitch is that we both have to be somewhere early Saturday afternoon. She's going somewhere with her parents, and she has to meet them at 11:30. And I have to be at work Saturday, around 10 or 11. So we'd have to take off around 9 a.m.


Other than that, Mistress said it sounds great, and she's looking forward to it.


My mistress said she's going to be bouncing from one place to the other tomorrow, so she'll call you at work so you two can hammer out the details.


As far as the (swingers' club) goes, we've both heard of it, although we've never been there.


Finally, regarding the story: I will get cracking on it as soon as possible, per your orders.


Thank you...





* * *

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