The Mistresses' Party

Cuckolding by Mistress Wife - Submissive Paradise, part 5






Sunday, August 27, 2000 12:59 p.m.

(another letter to the onelist, reporting the previous evening's festivities...)



Well, here it is, another morning after. I've got carpet burns on my knees. My nipples are killing me. My ass is still warm. Every joint in my body aches.


Just another night in submissive paradise!


I can assure you, my wife is aching as well. She had seven - SEVEN - orgasms last night. William came three times himself. He fucked her harder than I've ever seen a man fuck a woman. Porno actors don't do it that good! They even let me play with myself, and I had an orgasm.


Needless to say, a good time was had by all.


Cassie and I left for the hotel at around 7:30 last night. William wasn't going to meet us there until after 9:00, but we wanted to get to the room and relax for awhile before he showed up. We got to the hotel around 8:00, and I set everything up. Cassie had me bring along our VCR, because she and William wanted to watch some interracial movies.


After I unpacked everything and hooked up the VCR to the TV, I was allowed to relax for awhile. Cassie and I laid back on the two queen-sized beds and watched television. But we really couldn't concentrate on the TV. The anticipation was boiling like an impatient teapot.


Finally, at around 9:20, the phone rang. Cassie broke out into a big grin.


She answered it; it was William. He was in the lobby. She told him the room number (117), and she jumped out of bed and began primping in the mirror, making sure she looked perfect. Believe me, she did.


When the knock came, Cassie literally skipped to the door, wearing a huge smile. I was sitting on the bed, and I couldn't see the door, but I heard the door open and close - then I heard the wet sound of a kiss. William then walked into the room carrying a big bag, and I wondered what in the hell he was packing in there!


He nodded at me; I said, "hello, sir." Cassie came up behind him and kissed the back of his neck.


He said, "I left more stuff out in the car, and it's pouring rain outside." I offered to go outside in the rain and get the rest of his gear, but he declined, and headed back out.


He was back in a flash, carrying another bag. He opened both bags and began unpacking, while he talked to Cassie about various things. I sat submissively on the floor nearby.


They ignored me while William took his stuff out of the bags. He'd bought a pair of leather chaps especially for the party, and a small cat. After going through his stuff, Cassie and William started making out for a minute. Then Cassie broke the kiss and turned to me.


"Look, honey, my friend William is here again," she said, beaming like a little girl.


"He-llooo," William said to me. I looked up from my vantage point on the floor at my two masters. They were smiling down at me.


"Hello, sir," I said, barely able to find my voice.


"He's so shy," William said to my wife. "He's cute."


"Isn't he?" Cassie retorted. I couldn't look up from the carpet.


William reached in his bag again and produced a pair of black leather boots, along with a small bag. "Here, I've got a task for you," he said, setting the boots down on the carpet in front of me.


I opened the small bag and found a cannister of black shoe polish, along with a buffing brush and a couple rags. I immediately got the message and started shining his boots.


While I was busy putting a shine on William's boots, he and Cassie took a seat on the bed. They kissed a little; talked a little; then kissed some more.


About 10 minutes later, I presented the pair of boots to my wife's lover. Cassie told William, "now inspect them real good, and make sure he didn't miss any spots."


William studied the boots for a minute, then handed one of them back to me. "Right there," he said, pointing to a spot near the laces. "Get that a little better."


The spot he'd pointed to seemed fine, but I think he just wanted to assert his authority. Of course, I simply apologized, took the boot from him, and started vigorously buffing the area he'd indicated.


After I finished, it was time to go to the party. I sat in the back seat of his sport-utility vehicle, while Cassie sat up front. My wife was wearing a short denim skirt, and throughout the 20-minute ride, William kept playing with her thighs. Cassie later told me he'd reached under her skirt and played with her pussy, but I hadn't seen that.


We got to the party around 10:15. It was a light turnout, probably because of the rain, but there were a few hot scenes going on when we got there. A woman was dominating another woman in a loft upstairs, while downstairs, two masters were playing with their slavegirls.


Cassie introduced William to a few friends, and they stood near the bar talking for about a half hour, ignoring me. Being left out of the conversation for so long really made me feel submissive. I stood there, watching William put his hand on the small of my wife's back while they talked. His hand roamed freely over her ass, and even under the hem of her skirt.


It was obvious to everyone what was going on. Cassie and I have been going to these parties for more than 10 years, and everybody knows we're married. So, when this handsome black guy shows up and starts rubbing my wife's ass, I'm sure they figured out right away that we were a "cuckold threesome."


Finally, my mistress told me to go upstairs and reserve one of the playrooms (she wanted the big room at the front of the loft, because there are lots of neat toys there, including a doctor's exam table, and an X-frame). Since there were so few people there, the room my mistress wanted was unoccupied, so I sat on one of the chairs and waited for them.


I sat alone in the loft for a good 15 minutes. I must admit: I was a bad slave. I was touching myself without permission while I waited. I knew it was wrong - but I couldn't help it!


Finally, I heard their footsteps coming up the stairs. They appeared arm-in-arm, and sauntered over to me.


"Hello," Cassie said in that sing-song voice of hers. "Poor little thing, you've been sitting up here alone for all this time!"


William chuckled. "Yeah, poor little thing."


Cassie told me to get her bag and go into the changing room to help her get dressed. She then put on her favorite fetish outfit, a leather one-piece suit that has chains going across her cleavage area, leading up to a thin collar. She also donned a pair of thigh-high black stockings, and black high heels. As usual, she looked absolutely stunning!


She put on her black vinyl jacket over her ensemble, zipped it all the way up, and told me to follow her.


William was sitting in the play room, waiting for us, and his eyes lit up when he saw my mistress. "Damn, girl, you've definitely got it working!" he said as he stood up and embraced my beautiful wife.


She opened her arms and said, "unzip my jacket. You've been a good boy, so open up your present."


William slowly unzipped her jacket, unwrapping his "present" for the evening. When he saw the leather outfit she had on under the jacket, he flipped. "Damn - I have been a good boy, haven't I?" he said.


They made out some more, then Cassie told me to strip naked and go to the X-Frame. This particular frame is a sit-down version; you sit on two wooden beams, and your arms go up behind you to be attached to the wooden beams. Cassie told me she was going to leave my arms free - but she said if I acted like too much of a wimp, she'd fasten my arms.


Then, the torture started. Mistress put nipple clamps on me, then began attaching clothes pins all over my legs. William watched for a minute, then he joined in, attaching clothes pins to my other leg and my balls.


Then, they both began whipping the pins off me. This hurts like hell, especially when the pin gets hit by the whip, but doesn't fall all the way off! But I was trying my hardest not to cry out too much, because both William and Cassie want me to "toughen up," so I bit my lip and took it.


Although I didn't scream too much, my face was contorted into a mask of fear and pain. Cassie and William thought this was hilarious, and they teased me again and again about the expression on my face.


"Look at him - he's so dramatic," Cassie said. "He's such an actor!"


"Yeah, he's faking," William said. "That doesn't hurt!"


They finished whipping all the clips off me. Then, William started attaching weights to the chain on my nipple clamps. When he was done, Cassie lifted the weights and let them drop several times. Twice, the nipple clamps yanked off my nipples, causing me to scream. Cassie simply replaced the clamps and started again.


Finally, Cassie tired of this game and she told me to get on the floor, on my hands and knees. My heart was pounding - I knew I was about to get my ass whipped!!!


They both started whipping me, going slow at first, then picking up the pace. Pretty soon, they had me jumping around like a fish on a hook. That's where I got the carpet burns, I think - once, when they both hit me at the same time, I howled and collapsed onto the floor. In doing so, I dragged my knees hard against the rough carpet. They did this several times, hitting me on each cheek of my ass at the same time with a hard leather paddle, and each time, I collapsed.


As I've said, I am absolutely not into pain. I'm into being submissive. But I was trying my best not to scream too much, because I so badly want to please my mistress.


At one point, Cassie told me I was being a good slave, because I was taking my punishment in silence. I was too petrified to answer, which earned me a hard slap across the face. She really slapped the shit out of me, causing my head to snap hard sideways. Through the bells, I heard William chuckle.


Cassie grabbed my hair and forced me to look at her.


"I give you a compliment, and you say nothing?" she said.


William chimed in: "You'd better thank your mistress when she gives you a compliment!"


"Thank you mistress," I said.


After they'd whipped me to their satisfaction (which was about 45 minutes), we all went downstairs and chatted some more with our friends. I felt totally humiliated, because everyone knew I had just submitted to my wife and her lover. I think they were kind of getting off on the idea a little themselves!


Then, around 1 a.m., we said good-bye and headed back to the hotel.


I again rode in the back seat, while they chatted up front. When we got to the hotel, William dropped us off at the front door. I got the bags out of the back, then Cassie and I waited outside the hotel while he parked his truck.


While we were waiting on the curb, Cassie leaned in close to me and said, "I can't wait to feel that big dick inside me again!"


It didn't take long. They were both worked up from the party, and we were only back in the room for a few minutes before they started making out heavily. When they came up for breath, Cassie went into the bathroom and changed into a blue negligie.


Cassie then told me to put one of my Jan B. movies into the VCR. I begged her not to make me take those movies, becuase they're embarrassing. They show a wimpy white husband serving his wife and her black lovers, and I really didn't want William to see them. But, as always, Cassie's wishes were obeyed.


William cracked up at the movie - especially one part, where Al, the wimp hubby, puts on an apron. He thought that was a riot.


I begged them to let me put another movie in, and my mistress finally said okay. I put in a conventional interracial movie, and they settled back on the bed to stroke each other and watch.


The petting got heavier and heavier, and soon it metamorphasized into making love. (At least this time my mistress used her head and asked him to put on a condom. Luckily, he had no problem with it, because, if he had, I'm sure my mistress would've let him fuck her anyway!)


William soon had my wife's legs in the air, burying his big dick to the hilt in her pussy. And, that's pretty much how the rest of the night went: He fucked her, they took a break, they started petting again, then he'd fuck her again. I swear, I've never seen a man fuck a woman so violently in my entire life!


And, her screams! Oh, her screams! Believe me when I tell you: There's nothing in the world that'll make you feel more submissive than to hear your wife moaning and begging her lover to fuck her!


During one of the breaks, I asked my mistress if she would like a foot massage. She said yes, so I worked on my wife's feet while she and her lover relaxed on the bed. I half-expected Cassie to tell me to do William's feet, too, but she didn't. She was too wrapped up in her exhausted, sexual haze to think about anything other than her lover. I don't even think she noticed me down there massaging her feet!


During another break, Cassie told me to lick her pussy. Even though William had been using condoms all night, it was still humiliating to be licking where another man's dick had been only minutes earlier.


While I was licking her pussy, William started sucking her tits. Cassie was in heaven! I think that episode was orgasm number three.


I swear to God, she had seven orgasms last night! The previous record was five. That was about 9 years ago, when she was feeling particularly horny one night, and she kept my head under the covers for hours.


But this was totally different. She works so hard to please her lover! She gave him another long, slow blowjob last night, and it made me quiver inside to see how sensual and erotic my wife really is. It also made me feel very humiliated that it took another man to bring that side of her to the forefront.


With me, she's always so cold...so curt. "Lick my pussy." "Lick my ass." "Go get me another drink."


With William, however, she gives in. Even when he was licking her pussy (orgasm number two, I believe), she was acting like...well, like a woman having her pussy eaten. When I do it, she hardly reacts at all, unless I'm doing something that displeases her, in which case she slaps the shit out of me.


It's such a turn-on to see my wife of nearly 12 years turn into a WOMAN at the touch of her powerful lover. All this time, to me, she's been a MISTRESS. Beautiful, to be sure. But so unattainable. Now I can see her softer, feminine side...and I like it.


They didn't pay as much attention to me as they did the first time. There wasn't as much teasing last night -they were there to fuck, not tease the slave. They did keep me on my toes by occasionally ordering me to get them another drink, to change the movie, to change the cds, etc. But, mostly, they were into each other.


As the night wore on, I began to feel more and more like a third wheel. I was invisible as I sat at the foot of the bed while they petted, kissed, stroked, and mewed in each others' ear. They hardly acknowledged my presence at all.


There were moments, however. Once, William was taking my wife's stocking off her, and she asked him, "do you like these?"


"Oh, yes!" he said.


When William got the stocking off, she took it from him and handed it to me.


"Here, you can go play with that," she giggled. "Aren't I nice? Thank me."


"Yes, Mistress. Thank you, Mistress."


Then, William took her other stocking off and threw it at me. I caught eye-contact with him when he did that, and he had the most dominant look imaginable in his eyes. I cowered, took my mistress's precious stockings in my hands, and scooted to the foot of the bed.


But most of the night, I was just an afterthought. I'm sure it'll be like that from now on. The newness of having a slave at their disposal will wear off, and they'll just casually order me around, without conciously trying to tease me. That is, if I'm allowed to be present at all.


Oh, well. At least, I was able to cum last night. The first time we all got together, Cassie told me I could cum, but I couldn't, because I was too embarrassed. But, last night, they weren't paying attention to me anyway, so I was able to bring myself off with my hand while they fucked.


And, Cassie allowed me to sleep on the other bed last night. The first time, she had me sleep on the floor. But she was so well-fucked last night, I guess she was in a good mood.


Well, that's pretty much the story of last night's adventure. Sorry I've been so long-winded - you'll please forgive me for being a little excited. This has been my fantasy for so many years, and now it's real.


The reality of all this hit home hard this morning. William had gotten up at around 7 a.m. and took off. Cassie gave him a big parting hug and kiss, and we went back to sleep.


Anyway, we finally stirred around 9. When I woke up, there was a sperm-filled condom sitting on the chair by the bed. Three empty condom wrappers were sitting there as well.


For some reason, seeing the condom and the three wrappers sitting there made the reality of all this really sink in.


More reality: They have a date for either Tuesday or Wednesday. Cassie is going to take the day off work, and they're going to spend the afternoon in a hotel. I wish I could be there to serve them, but they want to be alone this time.


I'll have the house spotless by the time she gets home!



With peace in my submissive breast,





p.s. (Told you I was long-winded!!)


One thing that I find interesting about the reality of all this is: William is a PERSON. In the stories, the bull lover is always this mindless fuck machine, who only fucks the wife and gives humiliating orders to the wimp hubby. But life isn't all fantasy. William has turned out to be a really nice, interesting guy. When he, Cassie and I are together, we aren't always in "Master/Mistress/slave" mode. We've had some interesting conversations about various topics, such as music, computers, mindless laws against S&M, etc. But...the underlying theme is always there. I almost always feel submissive when we're all together, no matter what we're talking about. We can be discussing anything, but when one of my masters says "go get me another drink," I hop to it.


Anyway, I'll shut up now!








Monday, August 28, 2000 9:17 a.m.

A letter to "A"



Subj: Hi

Date: 8/28/00 9:17:29 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From: Cwcobblest

To: A


Hey, buddy. Just thought I'd drop you a line, since you're my official "sounding post." I've been kind of using you as an outlet to write most of my daily entries about developments between my wife, William and me. You've said in the past that you don't mind my doing so, and I hope I'm not innudating you with these emails.


Yesterday was a hazy day, and I forgot to include a few details. The main one is: Cassie made me wear her panties on my head while they fucked Saturday night! I don't know HOW in the hell I forgot to tell you about that! She told William to help her take her panties off, then she put them over my head. They both cracked up; William called them my "goggles," because of the way the leg-holes were open around my eyes.


Cassie read the post I sent out to the group, and she wanted to make a few editorial changes. Just minor stuff - little details I either omitted or screwed up - but she wants it to be factually right, for prosperity's sake. She usually doesn't take much of an interest in what I write, but she enjoys reading my accounts of our get-togethers with William.


By the way, he called her last night, and they chatted for awhile. He told Cassie once again that he had a great time Saturday, and they're hammering out the details about their rendezvous later this week.


Also: Yesterday, Cassie went to a baby shower, and she told her friend Laura about Saturday night. Laura was reportedly jealous that Cassie had seven orgasms! Cassie also called her sister and told her. Her sister knows all about our mistress/slave relationship, and Cassie made sure to call her after the first time she and William got together.


Well, I'll close for now. Just wanted to let you know what was up. I hope I'm not getting on your nerves with these emails...it's just nice to have a friend to "talk" to.






* * *





Thursday, August 31, 2000 7:01 p.m.

A letter to my wife's lover...



Subj: Sorry...

Date: 8/31/00 7:01:43 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: Cwcobblest

To: William


Hello, sir. Cassie told me you were wondering why I didn't write to properly thank you after last Saturday's adventure. I'm terribly sorry...I didn't mean any disrespect at all. The only reason I didn't write was, I didn't want to bug you. I thought you might get annoyed if I wrote you every single time we all got together.


Of course, I was very - VERY - happy to be allowed to serve you and my mistress on Saturday, and I hope you both will allow me to serve you in the future. I promise I will work as hard as I can to make you both comfortable.


Cassie said you two had a good time at the hotel yesterday. I'm glad you liked the stockings my mistress bought for you! I wish I could've been there, but she said there are going to be times when you two want to be alone. Although I certainly wish I could be present all the time, I realize you guys don't want me hanging around every time. So, I'll take what I can get, and be happy with it.


Cassie also told me that you discussed our relationship in detail yesterday. Specifically, she told you that I don't get to fuck her very often, maybe 4 or 5 times a year, sometimes less than that. Sir, I hope you don't think I'm weird or anything...it's just that I'm a true submissive. It's something I can't help. Most men get aggressive when they get horny, and they want to fuck a woman hard, like you do. For some reason, when I'm aroused, I get very submissive, and I want to serve.


Sir, by the way, did you know that you've made love to my wife more times in the past few days than I have in an entire year? It's true.


My mistress is very, VERY happy these days! You've opened up a whole new part of her. I am very happy this seems to be working out for everyone.


I would like to thank you again, sir, for making my mistress happy. If there's anything I can ever do for you, sir, please let me know.







p.s. I am working on being able to take more pain without whimpering. I'm sorry that I can't take much pain now, but I promise I will try my best to take it from now on, because I know it would please you both.



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