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Cuckolding by Mistress Wife - Submissive Sex Slave, part 3





Saturday, August 5, 2000, 5:58 p.m.



Dear "A",



Well, buddy....it looks like this is it!!! I've already booked the hotel room; Cassie had me go out and buy condoms and the kind of vodka he wanted. We'll leave in about an hour.


She's going to have a few drinks with him at the same restaurant they went to the other night, while I get their room ready. Cassie has a long list she wrote out, of things she wants me to do to get their room ready (candles lit, all the S&M "toys" laid out on the other bed, etc.) She even had me go out and buy a couple jazz CDs for their enjoyment.


William sent me this email last night:



<< I want you to provide me Finlandia Vodka and

Ocean Spray cranberry juice. I want the limes cut into slices.


-William- >>



I've already bought the vodka and juice, but I still have to get the limes. Also, Cassie said I have to get more condoms; I didn't have enough cash on me, so I only bought one, and she said she plans on having to use more than one condom!!!


She's so excited! It's all she's been thinking about for the last couple days! They had a long lunch date yesterday, about two hours, and they even went into a leather shop and bought some leather wrist restraints for me. They looked at a pair of thigh-high leather boots, and he said he wants to see my wife in them; he plans to get himself a pair of leather pants, to wear to the next B&D party. Cassie says if I'm good, she might let me accompany them on their kinky shopping trip, so I can carry their bags, etc.


I am so scared! What makes this even more scary is, they were already sort of friends before in college, and now they've been developing this relationship for a few days, without me. Cassie told me last night, "this is cool, because I'll have somebody on my side," meaning, him and her against me. I already feel like the outsider in their relationship, but I will do my best to remain unobtrusive tonight. I know if I do anything to make him feel uncomfortable, it'll be the last time I get to be with them when they get together.


So, I guess this is it. I feel exactly how you'd expect me to feel. I'm very embarrassed that I had to go find another man to give my wife something that I can't. And, the way Cassie has been so damned happy about all this also has me a little embarrassed. There's no question that this is what she's wanted all along; it just took her awhile to get herself comfortable with the situation. Right now, as I'm typing this, Cassie is talking to her sister on the phone. I can hear her laughing, so I'm sure she's telling her all about her date tonight. Her sister knows all about us, and she thinks this is all really cool.



See you later...








Sunday, August 6, 2000 11:57 a.m.






Dear "A",


It is done. I speak to you now as a certified cuckold husband.


You know how it is in your fantasies? Well, it was all that, and much, much, MUCH more. Simply put, last night was the most erotic night I've ever spent in my entire life. Cassie, too!!!


Last night I spent an entire evening as a submissive sex slave to my wife and her lover. I was kept hopping, refilling drinks, changing the CDs, etc. But, most of the time, I was ignored as they discovered each other’s bodies all night long. I’m dog tired right now, but I’ve simply got to get this all down!


Last night, I watched with my face about a foot from William's ass as he fucked my wife like she’s never been fucked before. When he was finished, I got on my knees and said, “thank you, sir, for pleasing my wife in a way I never could.” His answer: “No problem. It was my pleasure.”


Then, when William woke up this morning, he fucked my wife once again.


Last night, my mistress’ lover whipped me, while my wife laid on the bed and played with herself, her eyes half-closed as she took in what must’ve been the erotic sight of her handsome, powerful lover disciplining her prostrate husband. I started whimpering after the first few blows of the crop. William says I’m too much of a wimp; he wants to whip me much harder than what I can take. I promised him I would try to toughen up.


“I’ve been with female subs who can take a hell of a lot more than that,” he said. “Grow some balls.”


Then, Cassie took a small cat o’nine tails and told me to hold up my dick. I did, and she began whipping my balls. I started whimpering, and William said, “that doesn’t hurt. Whip those balls!” Cassie started whipping my balls with more force. “Harder!” William said, and Cassie whipped my balls even harder.




At one point, while they were cuddling, Cassie looked down at me, on my knees at the foot of their bed. She smiled and told her lover, “he’s a good c.w..”


William agreed: “It’s nice to have a slave around. Everybody should have a c.w..,” he said as he caressed my wife’s white body with his dark hand.


Last night, Cassie was every woman I’ve ever written or fantasized about. So was her lover. At one point, while William was fucking my wife, he turned to me and said, “you're the man, c.w..”


He said that a number of times, both to me and to Cassie. One time, she was mewing in her lover’s ear, asking him if he liked having a slave around, and William said, “oh, yes. He’s the man!”


And, then he turned to me again and said, “you the man, c.w.. You are definitely the man.” And Cassie giggled at her lover’s ridicule of me.


The fact that Cassie was finally with a man who had equal status to her seemed to bring out her cruel nature. At one point, it was cold in the room, because the air conditioning was on high, and I had wrapped myself up in their discarded comforter. While they lay on the bed embracing, Cassie looked down on me and whispered in her lover’s ear: “Look at him. He looks so pathetic down there. It must be cold on the floor, with nobody to cuddle up to. But we’ve got body heat to keep us going.”


“I’m not worrying about him right now,” William grunted, as he turned back to kiss my wife.


Man, my mind’s reeling at 1,000 rpm. How do I tell you everything that happened? It’s all just flowing out. We just got home about a half-hour ago. Cassie is feeling very tired and well-fucked, and she’s in the bedroom resting right now. On the car ride home, I asked her what was wrong, and she said, “I’ve been abused. He fucked the shit out of me. What do you think?”


Cassie even gave William a blowjob; she actually did it twice!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes - she NEVER did that for me! NEVER!!!


The first time she did it, I had asked permission to go into the bathroom for a cigarette, and they said I could. When I was finished with my smoke, I started to return, but William told me to stay in the bathroom. I heard them giggle, then they returned to their kissing, and I could hear the smacking sounds of wet kisses all the way in the bathroom. I stayed in the bathroom for about 20 minutes...then I heard Cassie say, “I never do this for him,” and William snorted. Cassie then called to me, “come here. I want you to see this.”


I left the bathroom, and there she was, giving William the most erotic blow job I’ve ever seen in my life! She did it slowly, sensuously, looking me in the eyes with the most dominant look you can imagine! It was clear she was enjoying sucking her lover’s dick. She looked like a pro; William even told her while she was doing it, “damn, girl, you should be in the movies!”


Throughout the evening, he kept calling her, “girl,” which was turning me on like crazy.


There’s just so much to tell, so let me back up and start at the beginning. We got to the hotel - a Holiday Inn - at around 9 p.m. last night. William was waiting in the parking lot. After I checked in, I told them what room we had (Room 135 - I’ll never forget it as long as I live!!! I even saved the “do not disturb” sign as a memento of my cuckoldry!!!!)


Cassie and William went to have a few drinks in the hotel bar, while I took the bags into the room and frantically started performing the tasks Mistress had assigned. She wanted all the whips, toys, etc. laid out on one of the beds, and she wanted the pillows transferred to the other bed - their bed for the evening. She also wanted the “bar” set up on the dresser, candles lit, and jazz playing in the CD player we brought. Earlier that day, I went shopping and bought two sultry CDs - Winton Marseilles and Grover Washington - for the occasion.


When we were driving to the hotel, Cassie remembered that we’d forgotten the milk for her drink, so the first order of business after the bags were in the room was to run out to a nearby store and get a half-gallon of milk. While I was at the store, they had these cute little bottles of Finlandia vodka and cranberry juice, already mixed, at the front counter. I’d went out earlier in the day and bought William a fifth of his favorite vodka, along with limes and a couple jugs of Ocean Spray cranberry juice, as he’d specified. But, I thought he might be pleased if I got him a couple bottles of the pre-mix, so I picked up two.


I got back to the room and after a few minutes, my mistress called me on the phone. “We’ll be about a half-hour,” she said.


I had everything laid out per my mistress’s instructions, so I changed into the gray shorts my mistress wanted me to wear. I figured I had a few minutes to relax, so I put on ESPN, and had a cigarette and a shot of Jack Daniels. While I was sitting there, my mistress and William suddenly came into the room. The original plan was for Cassie to call me right before they came to the room, but they surprised me by just showing up out of the blue!! I panicked - the candles weren’t lit yet, and the music wasn’t playing!! Plus, I had a cigarette burning (I’d planned to use air freshener, because Cassie and William both hate the smell of cigarette smoke!!)


They walked into the room, all smiles, and I immediately began profusely apologizing for not having everything ready. They sat on the bed and got comfy while I hurriedly lit all the candles and pushed play on the CD player. Winton was already fired up, and the music was perfect to set the mood.


I mixed their drinks and served them. Mistress’s drink was perfect, as usual, but William said his had too much vodka. “You’re killing me!” he said, as he handed me his glass. Cassie giggled.


William jumped right into the swing of things, as far as dominating me, but he was moving really slow with Cassie. He didn’t even touch her for the first half-hour or so. While I knelt on the carpet, he inspected all the whips I’d laid out on the bed, and they discussed at length what goes on at the B&D parties. Then, they sat down on the bed again and started talking about college friends and old times, while I knelt there and submissively listened to their conversation.


Eventually, William wanted his shoes off - so he stuck out his feet and ordered me to take off his shoes!!! I fumbled with the shoelaces on his black dress shoes (he was dressed all in black: A black denim shirt and black jeans). I felt so natural doing this, but my heart was pounding like crazy. “Hope my feet don’t stink too bad!” he said, causing my wife to laugh and give him a sloppy wet kiss.


Then they laid down and started making out. As they kissed, touched and felt, William kept saying, “Damn, girl, you are FINE!!!” And, Cassie would return the compliment: Over and over she kept saying, “I’ve wanted to tear your clothes off since I first met you!”


At one point, William turned to me and said, “you’re a lucky man. You have a very beautiful wife.”


And I said, “thank you, sir. I know.”


They made out for hours and hours. It must’ve been a good six-hour makeout session, with a few breaks in between, before they actually made love. They were both going slow, enjoying every single moment. After they’d made out for about an hour, Cassie changed into a black pseudo-leather outfit she’d bought for him last week. William went ga-ga!!! “Damn, girl, you’re KILLING me with that outfit!!” he said again and again.



As the night wore on, they slowly stripped until they were both totally naked. William kept teasing her with his dick (which was about 7” soft - quite a lot bigger than mine). He’d slowly put his cock near her pussy, and she would moan like a wild woman.


Finally, after hours of foreplay, they did it - without the rubber! I don’t know why Cassie let him do that - I’d bought a pack of Trojans earlier in the day - but she did. That wasn’t the smartest thing in the world, but I guess she was caught up in the passion.


I knelt there at the foot of the bed and watched in wonder as William pounded into my wife like his life depended on it. Cassie was making sounds I’ve never heard her make before!!! While he was fucking her, she made sure to tell me, “William’s dick is hitting places you’ve never even dreamed of!!” But, mostly, she wasn’t concerned with me! The only other time she paid attention to me was when the CD had finished playing. “More music!” was her curt order, and I hopped to comply.


After a good 20 minutes, William finally pulled out and came all over her tits, moaning like an animal! They cuddled for a few minutes, then Cassie said to me, “Darling, we SO need a towel over here!” So I ran to the bathroom and handed them their towel.


After they relaxed for a few minutes, Cassie told me I could cum. I laid down on the floor and started jacking off, while they both propped up on their elbows and watched me with evil smiles on their faces. Cassie then threw their discarded towel at me and said, “here, don’t make a mess!”


But I couldn’t cum. They eventually lost interest in my pathetic efforts, and resumed their conversation while I laid there and tried to jack off. I told them that I was sorry, but I couldn’t cum, which made them both laugh.


Then, we fell asleep; she in his arms on their comfortable bed, and me on the floor, at the foot of the bed. Earlier, I’d asked if I could have a pillow; Cassie said, “I don’t know, baby - can we spare a pillow?”


Thankfully, William said I could have a pillow. There was a pillow that had got knocked onto the floor during their passion, and Cassie said, “here, he can have this one. We won’t miss it.”


So at least I had a pillow to sleep with, along with the comforter from their bed.


Then, when they woke up in the morning, William fucked her again to within an inch of her life! When he was finished, he said he had to go.


As my wife’s lover was dressing, Cassie told me to thank him, “for the most wonderful evening of my life, and for giving me something you never can.” I knelt before him, looking at his socks, and said, “thank you, sir, for pleasing my wife in a way I never could.”


“No problem,” he said. “It was my pleasure.”


Well, I’ve got to go for now. There are still a million details I’ve left out, but I’ve got a long day ahead of me. I’m dog-tired - I only got a few hours’ sleep - and my knees are aching from hours of kneeling on the coarse hotel carpet. But my soul is very satisfied.


I am now a cuckold! Can you believe it?


More later.


Your friend,




* * *






Sunday, August 6, 2000 1:28 p.m.

"A" responds with a few questions...


Subj: Re: It is done

Date: 8/6/00 1:28:24 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: A

To: Cwcobblest


Holy cow. That is unreal. JUST as you wanted.


How do you FEEL? Will there BE a next time.


Your details are too fucking much.


Tell me her reaction today. THAT is vital.






* * *


Sunday, August 6, 2000 7:37 p.m.



Subj: Re: It is done

Date: 8/6/00 7:37:29 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: Cwcobblest

To: A



How do I feel? TIRED!!! I hardly got a wink of sleep last night. Emotionally, I feel...fulfilled; embarrassed; naughty; and totally drained. I also feel like a total wimp. Last night, he was laughing at me. I forgot SO many details; for instance, he said to me, "Your mistress needs this. I am going to WORK that pussy. I'm going to work it hard!"


All I could do was meekly say, "yes, sir...thank you, sir," while Cassie laid back and smiled.


Well, he certainly kept his promise!!!


Another thing: During the early part of the night, I kept giggling and covering my face because I was embarrassed. Cassie and William thought it was cute; Cassie said I was acting like a little girl. I just felt so full of emotion, that's how I react in those situations. This was a lifelong fantasy come true, and I feel incredibly lucky to have gotten the chance to fulfill it.


It looks like there will be other chances, too. Last night, Cassie told him, "I like how he's calling you sir. That's what I told him to call you." He said, "I like it too. It's working." He really, REALLY enjoyed having a submissive around to serve him while he and his lady friend enjoyed themselves. So did Cassie - she was like all the heroines in my stories, I swear!!! She absolutely LOVED the scene of having a lover and a slave!!!


<<Will there BE a next time.>>


Are you kidding??!? He didn't want to leave this morning!!! You should've heard them both last night, telling each other over and over how "fine" they thought the other one was, and how great this is, and how it's a perfect fit, and how they can't believe they've gotten together after all these years since college. I patiently sat there and listened to them ogle each other, and, from my submissive position, I found it kind of cute that my superiors were so much in lust with each other.


<<Your details are too fucking much.>>


As I said, there are a whole bunch of details I've not told you. There's just too many things to relate, and it's all like one long blur. I'm having a harder time remembering now than in my earlier email, because I'd just gotten home when I wrote you earlier. Now, last night is all one long submissive blur.



<<Tell me her reaction today. THAT is vital.>>



She's happier than a pig in slop! Seriously, I've never seen my wife so happy and fulfilled!!! She has this calm air about her; the air of a satisfied, well-fucked woman! But she's very, very worn out. She's also treating me how you'd expect her to treat me: Like the wimp I am!


Talk to you later...









Monday, August 7, 2000 9:09 a.m.



Subj: Monday morning, coming down...

Date: 8/7/00 9:09:34 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From: cwcobblest

To: A



Dear "A",


I got a hefty night's sleep last night, and I still feel beat up! Oh my God - did Saturday night really happen???


Cassie just left for work about a half-hour ago. She woke me up to iron her clothes, because I forgot to do them last night. She was a little bitchy about it, telling me that she WANTS her clothes ironed the night before work. I apologized, saying I was very tired, because I hadn't gotten any sleep. She was lenient about it; she only bitched a little bit.


Before we went to sleep last night, I was allowed to worship Cassie, and let me tell you something: I could still taste him. The taste was different; more tangy. And, my wife's pussy was looser than usual. No wonder!!!


It took her only a few minutes to have her orgasm. Luckily, I'd done her feet earlier in the night, so she went ahead and went to sleep. Before crashing, she gave me permission to cum. So, after she rolled over, I laid on the bed and watched my beautiful wife fall into a fitful sleep. Then, after only a few strokes, I came. It was my first orgasm since everything happened, and it was a big one! I kept thinking about my wife sucking her lover's dick! I can't BELIEVE she did that! It looked so fucking erotic to see the mother of my child with a big black dick in her mouth!!! And, she told me she LOVED doing it, which makes me kind of jealous, because she never did that for me. Even before the D/s aspect took over our sex lives, Cassie always told me that she didn't like giving blowjobs. I guess the real story is: She didn't like giving blowjobs to ME.


Boy, if that doesn't hit the crux of the submissive cuckold fantasy! She won't do this for me - but she does it for her lover, with mucho pleasure.


Cassie was teasing me last night, because I saved a bunch of stuff from the hotel. I saved the "Do not disturb" sign; I saved the little envelope the room key comes in; and I saved a printout of the hotel's layout. Cassie says she's going to tell William how I saved everything. She said he'll probably get a good laugh out of it.


I was telling Cassie last night: When she and her lover were together, I felt like a little child. We've talked about this aspect before. I really did feel like I'd regressed into a nine-year-old slaveboy. I guess maybe it has something to do with the Oedipus complex, he being the father figure, Cassie the mother. As a submissive, you have feelings of jealousy toward the male dom (father), because he's cuddling with your wife (mother), while you kneel on a scratchy, hard carpet. But, whatever. We all have our ways of working out these issues. Some people beat their kids; some become alcoholics. I serve.


Even if nothing ever happens again - which I sincerely doubt - I feel like I've fulfilled something deep within myself. I guess now I realize that I am bisexual, at least in the submissive realm. That's kind of strange to come out and say, but it's true. I don't know if I could serve a man alone, but I certainly had no reservations about kissing William's feet, and Cassie was hinting last night that my service to her lover might go even further in the future.


I don't know what our next move is; it's all been very intense the last few days, and I suspect all parties involved might want to take a few days off! After all, they've seen each other four days in a row (Thursday, at the restaurant, when I sat in the car; lunch date Friday; the hotel Saturday and Sunday morn.)


The last thing William said before he left Sunday morning was, "I want to do this many times again." Cassie feels the same way - and you know where I stand!! So, I'm hoping this develops into a steady relationship, where they can meet once a week or so, then I can get together with them once a month.


There's a B&D party coming up on the last Saturday night of this month, and William wants to go. So we'll probably all hook up there, then we'll get a room afterward.


Here's hoping, anyway!!!


Your friend,



* * *




Monday, August 7, 2000 10:37 p.m.


Subj: He called...

Date: 8/7/00 10:37:17 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: cwcobblest

To: A



Dear "A",



Hi. Well, guess who called today?


You should've seen the big smile on Cassie's face when the caller ID showed it was him calling. She took the cordless phone upstairs into her bedroom, and I followed her. She berated me while she was talking to him: "Don't be coming in here - I'm on the damn phone!!" Then, William must've said something, because she laughed and said, "I know. He's pathetic!"


I must admit: I was a bad slave. I left her bedroom, but I stayed out in the hall and eavesdropped. Cassie heard me sneaking around, and she let me have it after she hung up!!!


Anyway, the next party is the 26th of August, and he's planning to go. Also, in September, he's going to try to get away for an entire weekend, so he and Cassie can go to their old college town and hang around. They're planning to let me tag along as well.


There's a gay bar there that used to be considered "hip" among the kids when they were in college. They plan on going there for kicks; Cassie said it might be fun to make me go there alone, with a sign on my back that says, "for sale." I hope to GOD she was joking!


But, otherwise, the idea sounds incredibly hot - an entire weekend as their servant!!! I hope it comes off, because that would be an adventure that might even top last Saturday!!!


William told Cassie that he had a great time Saturday. According to her, he thought I was "cute," the way I kept giggling and covering my face in embarrassment.


He also told Cassie that he had too much to drink, and that he hadn't finished sexing her yet! Cassie said to me, "hadn't finished?!!? My GOD - if he'd have done anything more, I wouldn't be able to walk!"


So, it looks like there's more in store. He said he'd call her tomorrow, so they can get together again.


Well, that's it for now. Once again, it sure was nice talking on the phone today. Hope to do it again soon.


Your friend...





* * *

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